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"Exposing Jeff" (officially "CWC - Exposing Jeff"), uploaded 4 August 2009, is a video where Solid Chris "exposes" Liquid Chris by stating that he has discovered the impostor's name is "Jeff." Actually, he seems willing to believe the impostor's name is also "Christian Weston Chandler," which suggests he hadn't discovered anything.

The majority of this video has the song "Lift Up Your Eyes" playing in the background, continuing the theme from the shaving video. Chris's tone and delivery of his statement are extremely reminiscent of the invitational at the end of an evangelical sermon, and his intent may be to make Liquid have a "come-to-Jesus" moment and abandon his ruse. It's possible he got the idea for this video in church.

Just to be sure, Chris announces that Liquid must perform "Lift Up Your Eyes" as his fifth song in the SingStar Challenge, no doubt expecting the meaning of the song to really hit "Jeff" upon singing it. In fact, Chris seems open to the idea that Liquid will simply drop out of the challenge altogether after hearing this video.

The crux of this strategy seems to rest in Chris's belief that the song "Lift Up Your Eyes" refers to being "with the one who loves your name;" i.e., GodJesus loves your real name, not the one you use to pretend to be the original creator of Sonichu. However, the actual lyric is describing how angels are in heaven filling the clouds "with the wonder of your name," i.e., God's name. Chris seems totally unaware of this fact.

Of particular importance in this video is the fact that Chris has realized the only way to prove his own identity is not by showing off his talents, but by admitting his faults. He frankly states that if Liquid really wanted to impersonate him, he would have to be more mediocre. Chris also states that he is "sometimes" retarded, suggesting that he has no idea what the word "retarded" really means, which in turn implies that he is always retarded.

The Kacey calls shed further light on this - an unknown person, perhaps wearing a nametag with "Dan" on it, had told Ian that Liquid's real name was Jeff.[1]


Exposing Jeff
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Stardate 04 August 2009
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Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Chris
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Hand Drawn Original

Original description

At least with Kacie, I did what was my sole design and course in communicating with her, WARN Her Heavily about her going out with the Name-Stealing, Document-Counterfeiting Thieving Impostor. In all fairness, if I went right in and forwarded then explained right at the start, she would not have listened to me. She called me ugly, distasteful and other hurtful adjectives in loose talk with me while I was in disguise.


Well... Mr. Brown-Stripe, I want to get a few things off my, uh, mind while I'm thinkin' about it. I know the truth. Your real name is Jeff. You've been talking to this guy named Dan Topultis... at yahoo.com. About sex, money, and whatever. And thinkin' bout', "Oh yeah, we're gonna troll me some more, the real me." And also...I've been talkin' to Kacey.

I didn't have really know—, I did not really have inten—, any intentions at all, except for to let her know tha—, about who you, about you been lying through your teeth and that you stole my name, my identity, counterfeited those documents, the driver's license...

[jump cut]

And yet even after all that she still cares about you, man, but...I'm g—, I will bless you and her with the eternal happiness of being together. All I would ask you to do is just come cl—, come clean. No false documents. Your real name. Your real name. You're not the original creator of Sonichu. I am. So give it up already. I know. And more importantly, Kacey knows. And just to go ahead and get it out of the way. Let's see, this is song number four for me, I'mma go ahead and give you a sample of what I would like you to play for song number five.

This was a song that was—, I was turned on to...by my Australian gal pal PandaHalo. Did the best Chris-Chan Sonichu art ever among other fanarts, got a cover #10 for the real books. The real books available on the real CWCipedia, the official Sonichu and Rosechu site of 2009...and beyond.

Anyway, I want you to think about this song that I'm about to tell you about. It's called "Lift Up Your Eyes" from The Planetshakers.

[jump cut]

And you have to pay a dollar for this song 'cause it's not available for free download. And it's a wonderful song.

[jump cut to Chris listening to "Lift Up Your Eyes" and grimacing]

I also wanted to let you know..."Jeff," real, whether that is your real name or if you are actually another Christian Weston Chandler in name only...that I have been labeled a number of times before by my past, real or not rea—, by my past not real Internet gal-pals, even though I've associated with real ones, and their names still hold a place in my heart. Proven troll, Blanca Weiss. Real woman, Sarah Jackson, died in an automobile accident...with a truck. Her sister Rita, who was also high functionally autistic. I know I often use that as a crutch. And I have the papers to back it up. But that is not the case. I don't need, I should not need to prove that, although I can prove that. I have the legal documents.

The only thing I am guilty of that just makes me feel, that just makes me give off the wrong impression is that I'm sometimes actually slow in the head. I can't think of everything so quickly. I admit it. I'll even say the word; I'M RETARDED. But am I perfect? No. Nobody's perfect. But God and Jesus love those who are proud of their own name.

Is that really your name, Christian Weston Chandler? Or is your real name Jeff Something? Because God will not love you very much, or ha-, will have less respect for you if you steal other people's names and take credit for their own work.

I actually have police people investigating you, and detectives. The Greene County sheriff and his group. My father voted for him. He met him at the fruit stand. When he was being elec—, when he was, when he was running. I forgot his name, though. But I shook his hand. I shook his hand and he accepted a job to go against you. I can lift up the charges easily. All I ask you to do is just take away your claim for being the original creator of Sonichu, because you are not. If I wanted paper, that you made your medallion from, I would go to Wal-Mart and get 500 sheets for five bucks, or even Sam's Club, get 750 sheets for seven dollars. But, my hand drawing, the real hand drawing—

[draws Sonichu's head in the air, with copyright symbol]

Copyright, Christian Weston Chandler, of Ruckersville, Virginia, who went to Manchester High School, in Chesterfield County, Virginia. And in the state of Midlothi—, around the city of, around Midlothian. Not sure if I heard that right. But it is definitely par-, part of the retardedness that I sometimes feel in my head. I have moments of quick speed thoughts when I'm actually on a roll, but I know, I'm not perfect.

I-, if you real-, If you really wanted to pretend to be me, you would not one-up me. You play real, you play real guitar, good for you. You speak French and German, in addition to Spanish, good for you. But the real fact is that the real Christian Weston Chandler, which is me, can be so much better. Yes. But all I ask, is that you just give it up. Let it go. God loves you by your real name, so quit assuming the one that you stole. Please. And also...please. Give Kacey... continue to give her the kindness and respect that you have been giving her as she has told me in confidence. And I h-, and I hope that you two will be happy together. Please. Just stop this game.

Although the SingStar contest will continue just for fun. Just for fun. I just wanted to let you know about the song, the fifth song I want you to sing. You can tell me what you want me to sing, next, after your next track if you decide to upload one. But in, in the meantime, I'm just gonna say...I wish you luck in your love, that you have found successfully. I'll find mine one day, I know it. Nobody's gonna keep me down. It feels like it's been forever, but I stumble out of the darkness and into the light. Fighting for the things I know are right. Even though I make mistakes, I say the wrong choice of words, I'm man enough to admit it. Nobody's perfect.

[stops to wait for the music to get to the line "With the wonder of your name"]

But with the one who loves your name [sings along] one who loves your name...

[acts like he's deep in prayer for several seconds as the music plays, then jump cut into silence]

—But I'll just have you know, I am being a winner. I actually have friends in real life, and they are helping me branch out to make the official Sonichu merchandise. So please, also stop with your fake, shoddy...[something beeps] stuff. Because it's not worth it. And quit saying that you go to church. My church. Because you are not. You live near Detroit. That's up in Michigan. You don't drive over seven hours just to come to my church on Sundays. S- s- s- stop it. Stop pretending. Please. Jeff. And please, continue to keep Kacey happy. Your play.

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