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  • Chris had a job interview at Target today. He claims to not remember most of it, despite it happening just hours ago. Though not evident at the time, this would turn out to be the last time Chris would apply for a job for over a decade.
  • Chris uses his time spent playing at the Pokemon League as job experience in his interview.
  • Kacey asks about his "photographic and audio memory," and Chris claims that doesn't work when he tries to remember things "spur of the moment," as if he didn't expect to be asked about the interview that happened that day.
  • Chris claims to have not worn his medallion to the job interview. He also admits that he complimented the female interviewers on their appearance. Kacey points out that you aren't supposed to hit on your interviewer - Chris disregards this and says it's fine because the compliment was "informal."
  • Despite claiming his memory doesn't work "spur of the moment," he is able to immediately remember word for word what he said to troll phone calls. He was called gay by trolls.
  • Kacey suggests simply ignoring troll phone calls - this goes completely over his head, and he immediately changes the subject.
  • Kacey asks if he thinks he got the job. Chris says yes because "they smiled at me."
  • Chris's logic kicks in full force. After failing to remember what his password was several times, he is locked out of his copyright management account for "multiple failed login attempts." Rather than figuring that his own failed log in attempts caused this, he believes it is the work of a troll.
  • Chris believes that not only is it possible to steal the Sonichu copyright, but that all you need to do is have the copyright mailed to you and it's legally yours, disregarding the legal name on it. This further proves that Chris has no idea what the copyright actually is.
  • Kacey asks Chris to film himself jogging so she can make sure he is doing it right. He says he "will consider it."
  • Chris says that he will get to work on putting essays on CWCipedia.


Kacey Call 21
Stardate September 2009 (day unknown)
Featuring Chris; Kacey
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Saga
Audio Recordings
Kacey Call 20
Kacey Call 22

Chris: [high pitched, worried sounding] Hello?

Kacey: Hey Chris, it's Kacey! What's up?

Chris: Hey Kacey. I'm doin' OK, how are you?

Kacey: I'm good! So... how did the interview go today? I want to hear everything about it.

Chris: Yeah... I'll say as much as I can remember, anyway. It was, it went good. I had, uh... two supervising fema-, two supervisor women interview me over there. And, uh... and they, you know, I kept my voice at a pleasant tone and I, uh, I ca-, I was, ah, I kept good on the friendly smile and uh, and I maintained eye contact and, uh... answered the questions honestly and uh...

Kacey: [interrupting] What kind of questions did they ask you?

Chris: Yeah, you know, like, uh... questions about my, about my past job, yeah, we took kind of length[?] to talk about my, it's, they talked about my past job at Wendy's, and also about brought in, like, you know, uh, also like, find some, find some I, uh, experience at the, over a-, when I volunteered for the Pokemon League. [pause] Yeah, um... and they also gave me a lot of hypothetical situations so I can't remember those, can't remember that right of the ba-, remember that right off the top of my head right now.

Kacey: Oh, but it just happened today, how could you not remember? I mean, was it like, angry customers or was iiiit... like were you having a problem with another employee? [pause] I mean, I thought you had this photographic and audio memory.

Chris: [sigh, pause] I guess I, uh... I guess I, I, I guess it's something I c-, yeah. I wo-, I mean, yeah, I used to-

Kacey: [interrupting] Are you sure you're OK? You sound distressed.

Chris: [pause, sigh]

Kacey: What happened? What's wrong?

Chris: I... when I have to remember something and then I, when I'm pressed trying to remember, as much detail, it's just, I get frustrated when I can't remember, can't remem-, can't recall it. I mean, you can't just like... spur of the moment.

Kacey: Well...it sounded like you were stressed when you picked up, so are you sure there's not something that happened today?

Chris: I, yeah, well, I did, I mean, while I was waiting for you I did pick up, uh, did pick up a few, uh, calls from some trolls, and...[pause, sigh] There's another rumor going around and... I got calls with claims from people, um call me, like, you know, saying like, yeah, [mockingly] "Oooh, yeah, I'm glad you finally came out of the closet and you're such a homo," and then like I told them, like, told them, "I'm straight." I told them I'm straight and then hung up on them. [sigh] I just had to deal with, had to deal with a bunch of those.

Kacey: [interrupting] That's awful! I'm so sorry that my class ran late, but it sounds like somebody needs to grow up.

Chris: Yeah, a LOT of somebodies.

Kacey: Haha, yeah. I mean, don't they have anything BETTER to do?

Chris: Yeah.

Kacey: But I mean, I guess it could be worse. I mean, it's just a phone call. You could just ignore them.

Chris: Yeah. Anyway, like I was explaining, anyways, still, I think I left a, ah, good impression at like, and I did dress nice I work like, I wor-, I wore a nice, uh, blue dress shirt that, a like, nice blue striped dress shirt that I had and uh, black slacks and uh, blazer, and I did not wear my medallion. And I sat appropriately with my hands in my lap and my shoulders straight and sitting up posture and-

Kacey: [interrupting] That's good!

Chris: I... yeah. And I, you know, I even them a good handshakes and uh, a compliment on how they looked and uh, I think they like so I'll hear b-, I'll hear, I'll find out for sure in a couple of days.

Kacey: Well, I hope you weren't too forward with the complimenting them. Normally you don't do that on an interview.

Chris: Yeah, I mean, no, no, it was like, informal, it was like, you know, while were waiting for the uh, for the, the, conference room to be free 'cause there was another interview goin' on and I complimented one of the two, one, one of the two women on how they looked. They looked good. And uh, also had uh, a jeweled hair piece and had pony tails. But it was like, you know, the jewel covered up the rubber band. And I, uh, complimented on that, you know, it looked good. It looked good on that person.

Kacey: Oh. So did they have you fill out any kind of paperwork or say if they would be setting up a second interview, or... um, basically, what did they say?

Chris: Mm... well, I did have to uh, did have to sign a form where they talked about my, you know, uh... my schedule, availability of which I filled out when I applied on the online application. Talked to me about that. Verifying that. Uh... other than that, it was a Q-and-A, uh... and they pretty much wrote that down themselves.

Kacey: Well, did they tell you that they would be calling you, or anything else?

Chris: Yeah, they said that they would call me back.

Kacey: Did they give you a time frame?

Chris: [annoyed] Yeah, in a couple of days. [pause] Or if you're talking a time frame in hours, no they did not give me that.

Kacey: Oh, no no no, just... a time frame.

Chris: Yeah, in a couple of days.

Kacey: Well, I mean... do you think you got the job?

Chris: Mm. [pause] I'm hoping I did. I'm praying I did.

Kacey: Well, I mean, did they say anything that would make you... think that?

Chris: They smiled back at me.

Kacey: That's their job, they're supposed to smile back.

Chris: Yeah, but I mean, ah...

Kacey: Did they say anything about paperwork, orientation... anything like that?

Chris: Mm... they, ahhh... they never said anything about orientations yet.


Kacey: Mmkay. Well, did anything else happen today?

Chris: Well... I didn't have much else planned, so after I got home, after I got back home, I, uh... had something to eat, then I took my tai-, walk... jog. And then after I got home I spent some time playing Final Fantasy 7.

Kacey: Oh. That's an old game! So, uh... how about your copyright papers? How's that coming along?

Chris: I think I already told you that, uh... that I re-registered...

Kacey: But, I mean, have you checked on it online to make sure it went through?

Chris: Yeah, I... Yeah, I tried checking it online, but unfortunately, uh... yeah, I hadn't changed my password and I forgot... I'm not sure what the password is. I think it's... it's suppo-, supposed to be... it's supposed to have the word "nutmeg" in it.

Kacey: [typing heard in the background]

Chris: Or, and, it's like... "gemtun" or something... which is a palindrome of nutmeg.

Kacey: Hmm.

Chris: Spelled back... spelled backward. That's what palindrome means.

Kacey: Awesome!

Chris: Yeah. Hey, w-... yeah. I think I told you that I like to do that. You know, spell words backwards and then say them like that.

Kacey: Right!

Chris: Yeah. Anyway, uh... I also have that. I think it was like, either "02241982" but it... apparently, those weren't right. And uh, I guess... I mean, like, it also said like, I tried logging in and it gave me like... it said, like, you know, account has been deactivated because of multiple failed login attempts.

Kacey: Oooh.

Chris: So, I don't know, maybe one of the tro-... Clyde or... Gregg. Clyde, that guy, tried to log in. And tried to... psh, mess everything up there.

Kacey: Well... who knows?

Chris: [trying to interrupt] B-b-but y-yeah, but yeah...

Kacey: Because if he did, I mean, what would you do? I mean, if he did that, then HE would have the copyright, wouldn't he?

Chris: [sigh] Well, yeah, well, I mean, I don't know. Mm. It would depend on if he actually has an address for them to send the, uh, for them to send that, uh, piece of paper to or not.

Kacey: [talking over Chris] Well...you should work on it and find out.

Chris: Yeah.

Kacey: 'Cause, I mean, if you think he did, he probably did, because that sounds like him.

Chris: Yeah, I, I, well, yeah, I'm trying.

Kacey: Well, you should try harder, because I mean isn't that...important to you?

Chris: Yeah, it is important.

Kacey: So, you should...probably get on it.

Chris: Yeah, I have been on that. I was on that, I was on it earlier when I was checkin' my e-mail as well. Also, yeah, I checked my e-mail also before, uh, after I got back from my walk...and before I went to Final Fantasy 7 I checked my e-mail.

Kacey: Well, how long did you walk?

Chris: [sigh] The usual... usual, 'bout... actually, nowadays, with the way I'm walking... I'm walking, jogging a little faster. I get home in 15 to 30 minutes now.

Kacey: [interrupting] OK, so you... so you jogged for 15 minutes, or you walked for 15 minutes?

Chris: [pause] Yeah, I jogged for like... five minutes out of the total time.

Kacey: [long pause] OK. Well. [sucks teeth] Do you ever think that... maybe you should...

Chris: [tries to interrupt]

Kacey: ...try to film yourself jogging so that maybe I could see your form and give you a few pointers?

Chris: Hm. Yeah, well, I don't know if it would be that easy for me to... well, I mean, it's not like I can actually... hold the camera while I'm jogging. It's like a habit of mine, swinging my arms while I jog. If I had it in my hands while I was filming, I mean... it'd be like, constant motion.

Kacey: Well, you're not supposed to let your arms swing down when you're jogging. You're supposed to keep them right by you. You know, like, you can either have your elbows bent a little bit, or keep them by your side.

Chris: [tries to interrupt] Yeah... I-

Kacey: I mean, just to, just set it stationary and jog in front of it for a little bit.

Chris: [pause] OK, well, I'll think about... OK, I'll consider it. I'll think about it.

Kacey: [typing] OK, but don't just be saying that to blow me off.

Chris: I'm not saying that to blow you off. I will seriously consider... doing that.

Kacey: OK. Well, I just wanted to make sure that you know you're working on stuff. Um... so, um, also, I mean, you know, you haven't done a lot of things that you said you would. Like, there's no old essays on the CWCipedia, anything like that, or, um... a song. ...anything. I mean, maybe you should just do a little bit at a time. Because, I'm really trying to help you out here, but you've got to help too for you.

Chris: Yeah. Yep. Okay. Yeah. Yep. Yeah, just, I'm still...yes. So many things and...so many things. Yep. But yeah. I'll get... I'll get some old essays up on the CWCipedia.

Kacey: OK. Well, that's good, um...

Chris: I...

Kacey: Well, let me let you go ahead and get to that and I will try to talk to you tomorrow. And definitely check up on that copyright, you don't want someone to steal it right from under your nose.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah. I... I... yeah. I'll get right on that. I am right on that.

Kacey: OK. Alright. Bye.

Chris: I'll talk to you later. Stay safe. I- [cuts off]

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