September 2009

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Recent Activity
On 9 September 2009, Chris explains about the origins of Simonchu.
On 15 September 2009, Chris puts two of his gitars on eBay.
On 26 September 2009, this image is leaked.

September 2009 started with a small feud between Chris and the troll Vivian Gee, who created the Sonichu audiobooks and used to pose as his friend. The argument would end within a week with Chris throwing a fit, and Vivian mock-deleting her videos. Halfway through the month, however, Chris decided to upload a long series of Sonichu Videobooks, in which he read the comics on film. This effort would take up pretty much all of Chris's time until it was finished near the 20th. The last weeks of September would be filled with Chris raging at the trolls, most notably Clyde Cash and Gregg Mays.

Events of September 2009