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The Official Videobooks are a series of motion comic style videos by Chris to counter Vivian Gee's Audiobooks series. Originally, these were also called "Audiobooks" but when pressed on the fact that they did not describe the action going in the comic in such a way that a person not watching the video could understand, Chris copped out by redubbing them "Videobooks."

Voice acting

Chris, as he suggested in The Sonichu Chronicles, perfoms all the male voices. Since he has no sweetheart or gal-pal to play the female voices, he also does them himself. Chris's voice acting gives light to how he envisions Sonichu and company sound.

  • Sonichu - Chris with slightly lighter voice
  • Rosechu - Chris with girly voice
  • Kel - Chris with different tone girly voice
  • Naitsirhc - Chris, normally, but slightly frustrated
  • Comic!Chris - himself.

Chris also does all the sound effects, in a juvenile "BOOM!," "PEW PEW PEW!," etc. fashion.


Thankfully for us, Chris frequently gives comments on the comics as he reads them, letting us know how he currently feels about past events or that he loves vaginas. You can also ascertain his feelings towards certain events by his agitated reading, hinting that he hasn't quite gotten over them.


As opposed to the competing Audiobooks, where Vivian would get images of the comic and have the action focus on the panel as it happens while a narrator describes the action going on in the comic, Chris sloppily holds his shitty low res PSEye above his Scrapbook of Fail, hastily reading the text, adding sound effects, while the camera is frequently off the page and we have no idea what is going on. Oftentimes the PSEye is aimed at a completely different scene than the one that Chris is reading and it only leaves that location when it is time to switch to the next page. Couple that with the constant dialogue changes that he makes (some of which you can see, some of which you can't because the poorly written word bubbles are out of the shot) and the outbursts of commentary on the real-life events inspiring the scene and you're left in a state of complete and utter confusion. Chris is also prone to humming music during some scenes, but seeing as how he has no sense of tone or rhythm, along with laughing hysterically at jokes that make sense only to Chris himself, it merely makes the scene more perplexing and chaotic.

One would think that an authoritative retelling by the author would clear up the numerous layout clusterfucks in the comic (one of the main and most difficult challenges for the narrator of the Audiobooks was trying to decipher the action and dialogue sequence), but due to the aforementioned presentation problems, the reader only remains as perplexed as ever.


Main article: Retroactive continuity in Sonichu

The videobooks reflect Chris's retcon version of the comics, though the original names are typically visible. Most of the name changes that Chris has had since January 2009 are in the videobooks, but a few new ones have arisen such as the Sonichu Balls becoming the Sonichu Crystals. Typically though, Chris will screw up his own retconned names (like he'll say "Mary" instead of "Slaweel"). In the case of Blake, he still uses the name "Black Sonichu" and explains that he later became "Blake" which defeats the purpose of the retcon name (to make Black Sonichu sound less racist). Chris will also retcon his stories to paint himself in a more positive light: For example, in the KCWC Special one of his characters interviewed Robert Simmons V because he considered him to be his number one fan at the time, but by the time the videobooks were recorded Chris discovered that Robert was a troll and retconned the story to have the CWCville police called on him after the interview. Another instance where Chris retcons the story to paint himself in a positive light is in Episode 17, Part 4 where he adds that the child labor laws are "not so dumb."


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