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Sonichu 8

Sonichu 8 Official Videobook is a series of videos made by Chris, in which he reads out the comics from Sonichu #8. He started uploading these videos on 19 September 2009.

  • In Episode 17, Sonichu and Rosechu have sex, and then Rosechu facerapes Jason Kendrick Howell for putting dickgirl drawings of her on his website.
  • In Episode 18, the characters go to the beach for Spring Break to develop forced relationships, Bubbles finds the seventh Sonichu Ball, and the characters meet the villainous intersex, shapeshifting Rosechu Silvana.

Episode 17

Episode 17: "Rage Against the Garbage" Part 1
Stardate 19 September 2008
Episode 17
Other Featuring the voices of Chris, Rosechu, Sonichu, Wild, Mr. and Mrs. Howell, and Beel
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
KCWC Special
Episode 17 Part 2


And now for the, uh, OK version... of... Book Number Eight. And by OK version I mean the OK version of-ab-bu of the, episode. Anyway, all Sonichu material is copyright March 17, 2009, to Christian Weston Chandler. Any names or persons illustrated in any of the Sonichu comic books except that of myself that may seem similar to anyone in real life or fiction are purely coincidental or otherwise parodic. And to note, some of the following comic pages contain scenes of censored Honest Content that may not be suitable to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Anyway, here's the cover.

(falsetto) Woohoo, it's Spring Break! Yayyyy!! Everybody runnin' 'round on the beach yaayy!!

(normal voice) And we're featuring a spring break launch concert featuring-

(terrifying, inhuman squeak) JIGGLIAMIII. Hihighgihdghidhidiiiii.

(normal voice) Prologue of Episode 17. Continued from an hour after Sonichu and Rosechu's date, 10 p.m., November 3rd 2007. For your inform- For your information, Sonichu turned 19, March 17th 2000, and Rosechu turned 18 September 22nd 2006.

Sonichu and Rosechu have been living together in a cozy single story...fully paid...fully paid house. (From CWCville funds.) This is a map locating their house and the city...limits. Yeah. Mm. Basically their house is located midpoint between the mall, and a metropolis within that subdivision. At Humble 14 Branchville Lane, CWCville, Virginia, 02024, 1982. Thank god I took Computer Aided Draft and Design (CADD) classes to make these accurate measurements. Plus also, they have been married since 2006. March 2006. Getting on with the story.

Inside the Master Bedroom that night after their fun date.

(falsetto) Here Sweet Bolt, we're both nice and clean. Ready to get dirty agaiiin.

(normal voice) You bet ya sweet bawd, gurl. Good thing we stopped for a pack of condoms. It's too bad the regular ones break easily on It's more like...s...more like "Size 5 or Less" to measure those wimps.

(falsetto) Well, maybe the double extra length'll stay long- stay stronger and longer on your healthy girth!

(mistakenly in falsetto) Well I'm- (normal voice) Well I'm into a little missionary, cowgirl. You think you can handle it?

(falsetto) I think I can, HOT SHOTTT. I think I can hot shot. Insert Rod A into Slot B!

(normal voice) Mmm. Let's pause for a moment, um, never mind we'll skip that part, uh, I had to cut that part out. Anyway.

Anyway, Episode 17. Rage Against The Garbage.

The next morning at 10am, November 3rd 2007 in the master bedroom, Rosechu's lookin' on the computer and Sonichu's just gettin' up to greet her. She got up earlier.

Good mornin', too-cute-to-bolt! Last night was awesome! I had a dream that we double-date with Bionic and Mejajy- Megagi. How'd you like to SING?!

Rosechu replies,

(falsetto) Cool ya cuddlin, Sonichu. I was just checkin' out this webpage Kellie told me about yesterday. It seriously drags Chris's and our names through major MUCK!

(normal voice) Whoa, really?

(falsetto) Hecks yeah! Take a look at.

(normal voice) Huh. Some major 4-cent garbage.

(falsetto) Dot com, yes. But it gets worse beyond the texsxst.

(normal) WHAT?! When was that photo taken? Did someone sneak through our neighborhood watch and intrude in our house just to put a camera in here and take a peek shots of you and me? Not only that but Bubbles and BLAKE? And since when did Angelica did THAT? And when did Slaweel Ryam sell herself out? And when did Christian and Meg-chan-

(falsetto) SONICHU! Those are hand drawings. Not photographs.

(normal) Oh. Still, they look so lifelike.

(falsetto) Ugh. And this, to my most distressed distaste is the apex of the page.


(whoosh sound effect)

He rushes to the bathroom.

(falsetto) Hmm. Well, I certainly feel like crying that game as well. Thank god for blessing me with a healthy set of woman parts. How dare they portray me otherwise, those monsters?! Cursssse every last idiot behind this garbage!


He crawls back in.

(normal voice) I can't believe those...those...monsters! Ugh, last time I checked you're an all-true, full-fledged WOMAN, and you were the main woman in this month's Pokayboy magazine! If the centerfolds of this magazine is not proof that you're a woman, then you'd have to go down there and prove them. OHHH.

(coughing) Ugh.

(falsetto) Oh my god Sonichu! Oh my sweetbolt, you got stressed out from the shock!

(normal) I'm sawry.

(falsetto) Here, rest your weary head and recover your strength. We'll go to their main building later and try to reason with them.

(falsetto) Egh, I'm so mad at them! HNNG. Lousy dickhead idiots! They think they can get away with putting a sh...strap-on all over mah glorious beautiful pussy? Their behinds are gonna get SPANKED HARD! Mm. Well, I'll start by replacing their slanderous mockeries with an equal number of my own self-centerfolds!

(sound effects) Prf. Beep beep! Doin' this in the bathroom...TIKWERR! KWIKWERR! KWIKWERR! KLIKWERR! CLICK WHIRR! CLICK WHIRR. CLICK WHIRR. CLICK WHIRR.

(normal voice) Thirty minutes later, she comes out of the bathroom with on the memory card.

(tuneful sound effects) Beep-beep, beep-beep beep-beep-beep beep-beep beep.

(falsetto)Hmmm...Shoot! That's 10 more or so o' those dang images there were...than there were earlier. (unintelligible) showed up. Hmm... Uh! I should ask Bubbles and Angelica for their assistance! They'll be glad to rally for the cause!

LATER THAT DAY, at 1:45pm, at 4-cent_garbage building, in Clarksville, Tennessee. Sssssseventy-two stories.

(normal voice) Wow, that's tall, exclaims Sonichu.

(falsetto) Sonichu, stay focused. We're here to meet the head of this company and reason with him.

(normal voice) Yes, my blossoming zapbud. That's why we are here. Hey, it was good of Magi-chan to teleport us here. By the way, you called earlier to make our appointment, what was the name of who we're meetin' again?

(falsetto) Well, he did not give his last name, but he only introduced us, as "Jason".

(sudden horrible accent) Oh, Lovey! If I've told you once, I've told you a million times, not to leave your purse at our mansion!

(falsetto) I'm sorry, Thurston. But we were on that island for so long, I've gotten used to strolling without it!

(accent) Indeed!

Heh heh.

(normal voice) Well, while y'all are wheelin' and dealin' wi', I'll search for the sixth So- Sonichu... Ball Chaotic Crystal. That Magi-chan detected in the building.

(TL;DL) A day doesn't go by when I can't help but appreciate the stealth teachings of my father. He was leader of his cut-sharp clan of Scyther and Scizor Sizzor. One day on a mission to- for swi- swift revenge on the Charmeleon cult for burning down the jungle dojo, he was captured by poachers. I was close behind his trail when it happened. I wept as I saw him being put into their van. I tried to release my fahurrr, but he told me, to stop. He said there was no way I could cut through that steel. They drove off, and the last thing I saw of him was a passing...of-the-torch look in his eyes. Since then, I swore revenge on those...monsters.

(falsetto) Just be safe, Wild. Don't get yourself caught.

(normal voice) Yeah, we support ya, man. If you get caught, we'll come to your rescue.

And then S- Wild Sonichu goes into his...Conversion attack to blend in with all surroundings. (I learned it from a passing Porygon.) Then Wild Sonichu dashes into the building, in his camouflage. And Sonichu comments, Wow. When Wild blends in, he dun' fool around! Now let's go clean the mud off our good names. And then Sonichu and Rosechu walk into the building themselves. Wild-eh pretty much, deh, Wild dashed in quickly, ah, mm, yeah he dashed in right behind 'em. Anyway.

They walk in, 'n'de'like, wooooooow. Yeah.


(falsetto) Wow, it really sets the mood.

(normal voice) Yeah. If you live in a volcano.

Sonichu and Rosechu approach the nearby receptionist desk. (Ah, excuse me, my lady friend and I have a 2 o'clock appointment with the head of your company.) And he's just sittin' there, watching his o- watching his own, watching the own s- stuff that's, uh, goin' up an' down on the, uh, ED site, on the, 4-cent_garbage site. Anyway, he replies,

(retarded deep voice) Yer, sure, go- Go the opposite side o' column, and take de elevator to floor sitsty sits PLUS sits. (clearing throat) EGH-HEM.

(normal voice) Ah, excuse me, but that math equation, wouldn't it be the seventy-second floor?


(normal voice) ...Gee...thanks.

(video abruptly ends)

Part 2

Episode 17: "Rage Against the Garbage" Part 2
Stardate 19 September 2008
Episode 17
Other Featuring the voices of Chris, Sonichu, Rosechu, and Jason
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 17 Part 1
Episode 17 Part 3


So they go around to the other side of the column and Rosechu pushes the elevator button. ENGH! Can you belive how rude that guy was? He wouldn't even turn around for simple eye contact!

(falsetto) Sonichu, I understand that he offended you, but remember the story of-Joseph's story? Forgiveness.

(normal voice) Dunnnnnnnnn.

(falsetto)We are all blessed with the light of god. Just take your time and enjoy and pray.

(normal Voice) Yeah. Mm-kay. Jesus did die for us. Thank you Rosey. You are my best voice of reason alongside Jesus. Huh. Hmmm. But it makes me wonder, if there's a jerk like that on this floor, I can only imagine what else can be on the other floors here.

Meanwhile, oh yeah, while there is the exit in the back of the building. Pfft. He's in the camouflage. And he has the crystal... the chaotic crystal in his hand. And he senses d-d-senses that the uh he has to go up to find the next one. And so he shoots his vine whip. (assorted wooshing sounds) He latches on to the-uh four hook ceiling piece, and then winds himself upwards. Going up and up and up and up until... Until the uh crystal in his hand lets him know that he's on the right floor to uh, to where the next crystal is.

Meanwhile Sonichu and Rosechu are getting a view of what's on the other floors. Like on the second floor these two guys are working on the uh 4-cent_garbage site. They clock in and out in sync. "Hey dude! You get over your hangover yet? You ready to work?" "Yeah, I think so" "Great I'm gonna check out my shift." All the other guys are Conked out...passed out, cuz it's not their shift yet. Then he glugs his reeb, heh-heh, and then he conks out. "OK well it's my shift then, Heheheheh, everybody else get drunk and I'm going online now it's my turn." That's their response they just disgusted over it.

And then they go to the next floor and they see this tho-they see this little thing happening. "I don't understand what's the deal with that. A bear?" I dunno. And then this person's saying "I hate SRMS whatever that is." (falsetto) I don't get this either. I don't even get it myself. Seriously. As the author, I do not get it. I really don't understand that. Anyways, continuing on.

7th Floor, they notice that somebody is putting another wrong thing on Rosechu. She dashes out of the elevator, and clobbers the guy and lets him know.

(falsetto) I have a vagina, uterus, and ovaries, ya freak!

And then on the next floor, sonichu notices that, uh another wrongful image and homes attacks the guy behind that and "Ahh that just really ticks me off!"

And then on the next floor they both see something that really offends the both of them and they just give this guy a thunderbolt. "Ahh!"

And then on the next floor it's like you know I had to warp in and take a shot at it. I mean,that's a soda cup! That's a beverage cup from a *Cough* target or get-tar cafe. And what did I say against that sour vegetable? (More whooshing noises with mouth) Yayyy! Bravo! (More weird mouth breathing) Good show! They applaud me. OK! See ya in the next book!

On the 11th floor we've got this silly comic.

(Creepy falsetto) Nyaa! 2d! It's easy to change the nappy! You like all men just don't have the courage. You have courage only to watch these useless zombies movies! Kekukekukeku.

(weird voice) I could name many things that would show you my courage! But I'm thinking we need to remember to do we got memory. We got married.

(Normal voice) Eh. Now that's just plain sad.

(Falsetto) Yeah.

And then on this floor, "Huh. Since when did Knuckles become so popular?"

Whaat!? Geeze, it's that bear again. What is up with that bear.

(Abrupt Cut to next page) Then on the 69th floor. Hmmm. From the director, which is me, I wish to take a moment to inform you that-the reader, that even though this image of an Xbox 360 was drawn in the form of an anime girl android, it does not reflect in any shape or form my idea of women so the following act I will do unto a hand-drawing recreation of the console only reflects my hatred towards the hex-box in general. Not any feelings towards women, anime or real. Ladies, I care about y'all. Although y'all will be... although only one will be my true sweetheart. Surely will not be this girl. Because she's fake.

Anyway Pfft sound effect On the next floor.

(falsetto) "Yeahh! Kill that Hex-box!"

(Normal voice) We have a new trophy! Killed the Hex-Box! Now you can play your PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii in peace! Hooray!

(Cut to next Page)But on one of the earlier floors as they passed by, Wild jumps on the Floor. (Chris preforms a poor a capella of the pink panther theme) And then Sonichu comments on one of the floors that's omitted, "Eh, What card game is that from?" (More off-key a capella) Locked (Still more a capella, sudden drop in voice volume) And he shoots out a couple... shoots out a razor leaf. Uses it as a lockpick (More fucking a capella) He senses it... He sees a safe but, you know what the crystal's not in the safe it's on the dresser nearby. So he picks it up. Peeeeeoooww! And then he suddenly becomes visible again! "Shoot! The crystal's powers have overridden my conversion! Magi-chan, do you read me, Magi-chan, respond over!" He tries to get in touch with him telepathically. "Dang. This must be-this must some kind of force field blocking psychic links! I gotta get out of here without being spotted! Hmm. Legendary Crystals! Rest your power in my arms and remain dormant!" Vun Voom! And then the crystals disappear from in his hands and into his arms.

Meanwhile, Sonichu and Rosechu get off on the 72nd Floor and approach... Jason!

(Garbled Voice) "Visitors! Welcome to my heck! I am Jason! A 20-year-old troll who offers only slanderous mockeries! And this is my Accomplice, Kathleen! You two are here to talk about the Chris-chan page on my 4-cent_garbage Website!"

And then Sonichu glances at Rose-and then Sonichu and Rosechu glance at each other and they're like "Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, yeah." Hmm. And then Sonichu goes "Yes Sir! My loving caring sweetheart and I have come to discuss the web page in question. We humbly request that it be removed from the internet for good!" (Some sort of Patriotic a capella Freestyle) "For you are not just dragging Christian Weston Chandler's name in the mud. You also drag the American homes and dreams and ideas of the majority of these great humble United States of America among-along with him! You've had your laughs, but ask yourself: is it really worth it to continue on with these slanders, that drags the name of good people, within this country that was founded with love and peace within it, that those before us have fought valiantly to withhold... that was-that I was born and raised under the old gory that is the red white and blue. (still more a capella) For the free and the home of the braaaave! "In my answer I say nay! What is your answer Mr. Howell?"

(Garbled voice) I say you are a sap!" (shouting) I am a troll, with no such beliefs! I know that we are born, then we die! I intend to make the most of my pitiful life tormenting every person within my grasp... until they all die from the shame and dis-and the distress of their existence! The page will stay up! This meeting is over!"

(Normal voice) What you say?! I will not let you stand up to me and talk to me like that!

(Video abruptly ends)

Part 3

Episode 17: "Rage Against the Garbage" Part 3
Stardate 19 September 2008
Episode 17
Other Featuring the voices of Chris, Sonichu, Rosechu/Vamprosa, Jason, and Wild
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 17 Part 2
Episode 17 Part 4


HAAAAAAA And then Sonichu launches a thunderbolt attack against his-against Jason Howell. And then he made (?) defensive with a dark force shield *pwfooo Woosh!* Then Sonichu laun-does a figure 8, and launches towards Jason throwing one heck of a punch! "HAAAAYYYYYYAAA!!" "Uff!" But uh to be frozen-to be frozen in mid air by his dark force. "Errrngh!" (inhales sharply) And Rosechu watches in shock! And then Mr. Jason flings Sonichu away from the force. "Waaaaaah!"

And Soni-Rosechu is just ready to catch him and she catches him "uff!" (Falsetto) "Sonichu, Sonichu! Are you alright? Wake Up!" (Incoherent mumbling) I'm sorry what'd you say?

(Normal Voice) My angle was right on time to catch my home run.

(Falsetto) Awwwwwwwww I love you too sweet bolt.

And then getting up with Rosechu's Support, the Rosechu supporting Sonichu with her body she... she says (Falsetto) "Sonichu let's go. There's no reasoning with that jerk."

(Normal voice) But...

(Falsetto) Forgiveness. Just like Joseph taught us and Jesus.

Erngh. And then Sonichu just looks a back at Jason with a mean grimace. Erngh.

Meanwhile Wild Sonichu is ah, decided to... he jumps up to the ceiling from the inside room and then he crawls out through the... through the door's entrance on the ceiling. And then he launches a vine whip (more stupid blowing noises) and he clings to the-to the middle column. And then he... wait and then using the sticky...appendages he cli-he cli- he climbs around the column. Do-do-do-do-do-do. And then he makes a viant leap down.

But back in the-uh 72nd floor Sonichu and Rosechu make their way out Jason comes (Garbled Voice) That's right Rosechu! Go! Go and play with your pickle!

And he throws a- he throws a real pickle-a vegetable pickle and hits Rosey on the head! Pook!

And she ma-and then she looks down and then she gets offended a little bit... and then she looks down upon it. And then she picks it up. Erngh and she gets really angry! And then she... KRCH! Breaks it in half with one fist! Eeeeeeeennnnnngh! And then she gets up and starts to get really really angry and she's got fire in her eyes! And then she just takes ah-and then she takes a look back at that jerk with a straight tail! Errrrgh! But in the last sane moment before she really gets angry, she warns, she asks Sonichu to fetch her clothes. And he says "Uhh... Sure." And she unzips her boots and then she uh she jumps out of her boots. And she jumps very high and in midair she derobes herself and Sonichu catches her clothes and he's like "oh".

She lands midway between Sonichu and Jason in her-in her bra and panties and shouts (Falsetto) I've got three shocking bits for you, jerk!

And during a short time she thinks to herself (falsetto) "I am the power! I am the warrior! I am the almighty women! True to all my gender, I will overthrow... overpower any evil and good-or good man who defies us! I ma-I make him succumb to our will! I have the almighty uterus... that makes me strong and super-powerful enough to protect the loved ones within me until they emerge in their glorious birth! But my ferocious will... I shall punish he who has defiled my people with the worst unnatural addition ever by this one's heinous hand! I am woman! Hear me roar!

And after a transformation, she lunges right at him! (Falsetto) Aaaaaarrrrrr!

And she sits on-and she sits on his sh-on his shoulders with her front to his face! And then she digs into his head... leaves a whol-leaves a whol-makes a whole bunch of scratches. Kttch! And then she leans-leans down to chomp him on his... chomp his head! And then she lets out a mighty thunderbolt! (bunch of whooshing sound effects) And Sonichu is like "Whoa!"

And then she pounces away-and then she-after she's done she makes him fall-lets him fall to the ground and then she pounces back towards Sonichu. (Deep Breathing) And yet uh the Jason is still alive. Just uh hanging on-hanging on a thread he say "I should be dead. But dark forces keep me alive! Wow! What a show that was!"

In her emotional recovery, Rosechu transforms back to her naked self. Which is a good reason for Sonichu to have her clothes on hand. "Rosechu are you okay?"

(Deep breathing, then in falsetto) "I'll be okay. I just need to recover." (More deep breathing)

"Anyways here are your clothes I'll wait for you."

And a couple of minutes later in the elevator. And Sonichu's like "Wow! Rosie, I never thought you could be so strong!"

(Falsetto) "Yeah."

(Normal voice) "You even had me going! Wow!"

(Falsetto) "Great thank you-eh thank you sweet bolt."

(Normal voice) "No worries. We'll get you home and you can rest for awhile. You were awesome!"

(Falsetto) "Yeah. Hmm. What happened? I became so angry and then I transformed into some... monster! It took over me like some primal instincts! I couldn't control it! I hope this thing doesn't emerge again!"

Anyways the elevator comes down quickly. But anyway Wild... it lands on the ground right in front of the elevator entrance in the back... on the uh south side of the column. And then he makes a vine whip (Barely audible whooshing noise) Clings to the ceiling and he launches himself to the ceiling and then he crawls above the front entrance to wait for Sonichu and Rosechu's return. And then a couple of minutes later Sonichu and Rosechu approach the exit-approach the entrance as it and Wild leaps down from the ceiling in front of them to greet them.

"Wild. Glad to see you're safe! Did you find the crystal?"

"Yes, I got it. I had-I had to hide the power within my arms. I'll release them when I get-when I get them to Patti-chan."

(Falsetto) "Hmm. Well I'm afraid our mission was not a success. That Jason is a real jerk! Errgh! I guess all we can do is pray for its- for the website's downfall. Hmm."

(Normal voice) "Well, let's get back to CWCville! Magi-Chan?"

And then-And then back in CWCville, Magi-Chan hears their...hears their telepathic cry and he's like "I read y'all. Sonichu, I shall teleport you three back to CWCville right now."

Later on in the Mayor's Office, Hmm... Sign-Alison is preparing-is storing-is doing some document work she says (mild falsetto) "Sign this, deny this, deny that, approve that. Hmm. I shouldn't have left Hollywood."

Then within the office in the file cabinet room where we got the... where crystal is hanging round the moment Patti-Chan the uh crystals they have out. Magi-Chan says-Wild enters and Magi-Chan says "You have the crystals?"

And he says "Yes. Legendary crystals, hear my call. Reveal your powers from my arms hallowed halls!" And then the crystals appear in his hands.

And then they put the crystals into the dome, where they will be safe.

(Falsetto) "Well with my master in possession of two of the crystals, there is only one left to collect. Come back soon master! Arf!"

The end of the episode.

Part 4

Episode 17: "Rage Against the Garbage" Part 4
Stardate 19 September 2008
Episode 17
Other Featuring the voices of Chris, Rosechu, Lolisa, Bubbles, Angelica, Simonla, and Zapina
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 17 Part 3
Episode 18


[NARRATOR]: Hmm. Lei-ih-in the epilogue. Later, in Sonichu and Rosechu's backyard, Sonichu has the camera in his hand, while the other, while the Rosechus are gathering. And Rosechu says to Lolisa:

[ROSECHU]: (falsetto) Ah, thanks for coming, again for coming over to help, Lolisa.

[LOLISA]: Eh, no problem, I'm happy to help. It really bothers me knowing that such a slander against our womanhood is goin' on right now! Ech!

[ROSECHU]: Well, once we get our s-centra'fold shots and uploaded, those bastards will see and admire our beautiful lights!

[BUBBLES]: (even higher, babyish falsetto) Yeah! And if nothing else, we can still have lots of fun trying!

[ANGELICA]: (ungodly baby voice with some weird accent) With our [???] and our peaceful protest, we can wen to sahvov.

[BUBBLES]: (in Rosechu's voice) Victory for women's lib!

[ALL][???]: (Sings "Step in Time" from the movie "Mary Poppins") "Votes for women, step in time! Votes for women, step in time! Never need a reason, never need a rhyme, votes women step in time!" [Singing stops] VOTES FOR WOMEN!

[ROSECHU][???]: VOTES FOR WOMEN! Downfall of 4-cent's-s garbage's-s garbages! Well done, sister electric hedgehogs.

[LOLISA]: Hmm. Well. My associate shoul' be back soon with the ba-drops so we can get this party started.

[NARRATOR]: And then Lolisa continues to s-s-[cuts himself off]

[LOLISA]: And I think she's here now!

[TUNNELS BEING DIGGED]: V-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-

[SIMONLA POPS UP]: Pffffffffft!

[LOLISA]: You are in the righ' pl- [Realizes that she isn't supposed to be speaking yet]

[SIMONLA]: [Sounds like a dude] Oh, I hope that -UGH!- I hope this is the right place. I hate this-I hate making mistaken turnin' the wrong place.

[LOLISA]: Oh, you're in the right place, Simonla.

[SIMONLA]: Lolisa! Excellent. Hmm.

[LOLISA]: You're right on time. Well done. Heh. Son-Sonichu, ladies, this is Simonla. Simonla let me introduce Sonichu, Rosechu, Bubbles, and Angelica.

[SIMONLA]: Hey y'all!

[EVERYONE]: Hey, Simonla!

[SIMONLA]: Well I got the backdrops! 'Ang on I reach in this back-pack and get'em. Hmm. M'ya. Here's the lot. Lolisa tol' me about your protest and I'd like to volunteer my services-s-s as a model as well. No worries abou' me, gal. I'm 19 and my shell is remomabble.

[ROSECHU]: Oh splendid! With our protest [??? space language maybe] we'll really hit those garbage sacks HARD with our glorious womanhood.


[ROSECHU]: What? 's tha?

[ZAPINA ZOOMS PAST]: Zzzzzzzip! Zzzzzzzip! Zzzzzzzip!

[ZAPINA]: (In a frequency that only dogs and dolphins can hear) OH! [Realizes that this is Rosechu's line]

[ROSECHU]: Oh. Hi. May I help you with something?

[ZAPINA]: [Alien space language maybe?] Ammagonflarfloo!

[ROSECHU]: Oh. I see. How old are you?

[ZAPINA]: My name is Zapina! [Alien space language] Annapolorfafass but wennasited shine-ah stop me! En way, aher you were loo'in fer' models wanna vol'nteer my services cue'nesses. 'M FOURTEEN YEARS CUTE! BING!


[ROSECHU]: Ah. You cert'ly are a cue' lil' thing. But listen, Zapina, I trushally appreciate your kind offer to be a model. Ahm' 'fraid th-tha' as a responsible adult I can not assept you as a model because you are still too young. Hmm.

[ZAPINA]: [???] Blat zorp! Ack er flur flur! Zyle sit in the trees use my tail as a spotlight! Anotnot anotnonur backyard!

[ROSECHU]: Uhhh... I dunno, child, whatis with all the dumb laws 'n all... [Mumbles] Undundundun... uh. No. They're not so dumb. Well anyway, still, all things considered-hmm.

[LOLISA]: EH! Couldn't but open-but overhear tha' this lil' one can shine light in the backyard says Lolisa. [No, the narrator did not say the last part- it was definitely in Lolisa's voice.]

[ROSECHU]: Hmm. Yeah. She can. N'ya she says so, but uh-

[LOLISA]: [pause] Come on, Rosechu, this is a volunteer gig! An' she's volunteer to be an impor'ant spotlight! I will personally supervise her and I will take responsis for anything go haywire.

[ROSECHU]: Hmm. Alrigh' alright. I'll leave Zapina under your watchful eye an' fully responsible care, Lolisa.

[LOLISA]: Thank you.

[ROSECHU]: Alright. In the mean-time we gotta party to here let's go, let's-s-s do this thing. [Repeats self] ALRIGH' PEOPLE! We gotta LOT of work to do! So let's-s get this party started! Simonla! Set up half the back-drops in the back porch and the rest between those two trees. Sonichu! Make sure the camera is fully charged an-an has an SD card in it and ready to work. As the posing mod-all the posing models need to be have CLEANED UP an' have make-up applied. Lolisa! Have Zapina searus up in that tree an' make sure her light can shine [struggles] upon both back-dropped areas.

[NARRATOR]: Bong-a-bon-bon! Rosechu the director! An'... the director's protest.

[ROSECHU]: For our rights as women among all people, I WILL overpower those slanderous jerks!

[Stripping music is sung. The lyrics are "dun-dun-DUN-dun~!"]

[NARRATOR]: End of the episode. Stay tuned for the nets one!

Episode 18

Episode 18: "Spring Break, 2008" Part 1
Stardate 19 September 2008
Episode 18
Other Featuring the voices of Chris, Sonichu, Rosechu, Bubbles, Blake, Jamsta, Lolisa, Jiggliami, Blanca, Angelica, and Megagi
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 17 Part 4
Episode 18 Part 2


Okay, before we get to episode 18, here's the prologue to it. December 22nd, 2007. It's Sonichu and Rosechu's living room. To celebrate Rosechu's 19th birthday and everybody's there. Yaaaaaaaay yaaaaaaay. Rosechu just blew out the candles, she just turned 19. And Sonichu kisses her lovingly. Yeahhh. And then Punchy's sitting on the couch saying "ROCK ONNN! YEAAHHH!"

And then February twentyssss... and then on February 2nd 2008 at the Pokémon Centre at the CWCVille Shopping Center, we celebrate the birthday of the Chaotic Combo, Wild, Bubbles, Angelica, Punchy and Magi-chan, born on the same day.Happy birthday! they're nine- they're all 19 off the 5 of them, and even the bir- and even the Flame the Sunbird showed up to the party. Yaaayy.

And then March seven-t-teenth, 2008, Sonichu and Rosechu's house.

Sonichu: "Ah Rosey, that was a nice dinner, this is the nicest birthday of mine yet"

Rosechu: "Oh hang tight, it's gonna get way better (laughs)"

But then not- but then as soon as Rosechu flickers on the light it's a big "SURPRIIIISE! Yaaay. Neither of them expected this, happy birthday, yaay! Sonichu is 20 years old today yaaay, happy birthday"

And then on March 21st 2008 at the jungle- on the jungle beach, near Bubbles' house:

Bubbles: "Hey Blake, I got this cupcake just for you, happy birthday"

Blake: "Oh. Thanks Bubbles. But I've already told you that I was cloned from Sonichu's DNA. I was not properly born from a Rosechu."

Bubbles: "Oh that doesn't matter. You still came alive today, starting straight from a 2 year old body. You're 20 now, man"

Blake: "Hmm. Well thank you Bubbles, you're awesome. Hmm."

Bubbles: "Well now blow out the candles and make a wish."

Blake: "Heh. I'll blow out the candle, but I already have my wish."

And then they kiss. Mmmmm. Blake and Bubbles kiss mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh. And then Bubbles says "You will meet me at the CWCVille beach tomorrow for the Spring Break concert yes?" And he says "Yeah. And I'll put on your act for your gal-pals. ehehehehe. Uhhh I gotta keep up the tough boy act and keep our romance a secret for a little while, at least just as long as I can, long as we can"

Bubbles: "Yeah".

Hey. How about some TV on Saturday March 22nd 2008. Pshh.

"This is Um-TV and we're rocking with Spring Break! WAHOOOOOOO!" Pshh.

"Ey, sisters and brothers this is PHI, we're rocking the world with Spring Break! YAHOOO!"

"Leaving thousands and leaving hundreds injured, for FQX news, I'm Greta Squall. [?] rocking hard, it's Spring Break! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! YAHOOO! GRETA! GRETA! GRETA SQUAAALL!"

And now, coming to you live like a high five, on the radio from the CWCVille beach, station KCWC, it's: Episode 18, Spring Break '08, yahOOOOO! mmm.

Jamsta: "ey there all you guys, gals, dudes and dudettes of all ages, we are rocking hot on the CWCVille beach for Spring Break '08! Y'all know me as Jamsta Sonichu, the DJ with da power!"

Lolisa: "and proudly [?] his hot girl Friday, I'm Lolisa Rosechu."

Jamsta: "Yeeessir. We got a lot of events and giveaways goin' on here today. Thank our mayor Mr Christian Weston Chandler that CWCVille is a clean city. Nobody has to go home drunk or smokey. WE've got [?] kegs full of our famously delicious CWC cola and Diet CWC cola, lemonade, grape and orange soda, compliments of our local CWC cola bottling company, founded and opened proudly in 1985, 3 years after CWCVille was founded by mayor's father Robert Franklin Chandler Jr. Also today, you can enter to win a 40 inch Sony HD TV from CWC circuit city! Or drive home in a shiny new '08 Chevy Camaro Concept! Also tonight, our rising star Jiggliami will be singing her debut single "War of Love" on the concerts- on the concert stage here at CWCVille Beach. So stay tuned to CWCVille, Virginia's number 1 radio station for all this and a lot more! Yeah!

Lolisa: "hehe. Awesome Jamsta! Well I'm thinking of taking a swim in our clean beach's ocean! But I'll leave y'all to party as we hear from Ricky Martin's party, with "La Vida Loca"!"

[sings] Everything, Station KCWC!

Meanwhile backstage, at the stage, on CWCVille beach:

Jiggliami: "Oh my god! It's going to be just fantastic Blanca! JIGGLY!!! Our first concert ever! Thousands of fans! I couldn't be more excited if I'd become just as famous without having to leave my house! Yaayy!"

Blanca: "I'm excited too, Jiggliami! I play my tune in noise, and you sing with the power to energize the crowd, I'm proud of you!"

Jiggliami: "yeeah! After this concert we will be superstars, meaning we can have any man we want! And with that kawaii haircut of yours, you are so cute, as cute as sailor mercury!"

Blanca: "ehh you're the flirtatious diva of this stage girl, besides, there's only one heart I'm most interested in, although he's currently in another state of mind and dimension, I'll wait for him."

Jiggliami: "Come on. You're the guitar hero of this stage will wow the hearts of this audience, so lets live wi-wild, girl! HOOOOOH! Jiggly. Jiggly."

On another part of the beach, the girls are getting a tan, and Sonichu is about to go surfin'.

Sonichu: "Hey Rosey, I'm gonna go hit some waves. You and your gal-pals have fun. Thanks again for putting the sunscreen on me. hmm."

Rosechu: "And I thank you for doing my back as well sweet bolt. Be careful not to get electrical."

Sonichu: "Of course heartsweet. I'll check in later. Yeahhh. Hmm. Yeah."

Alright so then Angelica and Bubbles are nearby. Angelica says to Bubbles:

"So. Ex-pain to me again, why do you not need sunscreen?"

Bubbles: "Hm. You see Angie, I am a water type. My body is 90% water and my fur is capable of adapting to my surroundings. As I am on land, my fur adapts itself to reflect the sunlight off my skin so my skin is not affected by sun light. No sunburn, no muss (?)."

Angelica: "AHH. Ok."

Bubbles: "My only flaw with the bodily function is that I can't really enjoy getting a tan with y'all. Huh kind of a social flush really. Oh well."

And then as time passes by, we have a bunch of other people walking by. In the background Sonichu's surfing. Right now this mysterious Rosechu walks on by. Badoom badoom badoom. Just looks at the girls. anyway Rosechu says "Hm. What a weird woman. Do you know who she is Angelica?"

Angelica: "I dyuu-no, but I get a bad vibe from her."

And then an- and then Megagi and Bionic pass by.

Megagi: "Hey gal-pals. We're just enjoying the festivities."

Bubbles: "Megagi, Bionic, what's happenin'?"

Megagi: "Yeahh. We're just enjoying. Oh. I saw this cat gal fli- cat gal flirtin' with that Bionic, so I presented my claws of ownership. Ahahahaha! Well, catch you girls later."

And then later on a couple of other women pass by as well. Anyway, uh, Bubbles gets a thought- gets an incoming trans- incoming thought from Magi-chan.

Magi-chan: "Bubbles, I've just detected a Sonichu Chaotic crystal in the ocean. Please fetch it."

Bubbles: "OK OK, I'll fetch it in a minute Magi-chan."

And then right after that, bom bom bom bom, bom bom bom (noise), "HEY!"

Magi-cha- bla-black Sonichu Blake, kicks sand at the girls' faces. "Hey."

And then Rosechu takes of her sunglasses, also Angelica spreads her wings, in a little bit anger and Rosechu says:

"Black Sonichu! What d'you do that for?"

Blake: "Hey don't blame me, the sand was in my- in the path of my foot."

Rosechu: "Oh why I oughta-"

Bubbles: "Rosey, no. Don't get up. I'll deal with this jerk" says Bubbles.

And then Bubbles grabs er, Blake's arm, and tie- and holds him behind his back like really pain- "AAAGHHHH" And then er, Bubbles whispers to Blake:

"You're doing great. Keep it up"

Blake: "Euh. Goood. Euhh. Uh. Euhhhh."

And then Bubbles walks Blake away from the girls, a distance.

Bubbles: "Alright big man. I'm gonna show you the power of a woman and it's not as gentle as you think it is."

And then the- and then off the distance, and, Rosechu knows a little bit.

Rosechu: "Heh. She thinks she can fool us, but it's so obvious that she and Blake are true lovers."

Angelica: "Ahhh yeah it is so cute yeah?"

Rosechu: "Yeahhh."

Part 2

Episode 18: "Spring Break, 2008" Part 2
Stardate 19 September 2008
Episode 18
Other Featuring the voices of Chris, Bubbles, Blake, Graduon, Silvana, Yawning Squirtle, Punchy, Angelica, and Wild
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 18 Part 1
Episode 18 Part 3


Now, during the whole time, Sonichu is still catching waves and surfing, especially as dit-, as pitayed in this Fan Art that was teriously contributed by Sonichu, Sonichu girl fan, Panda Halo. [A wistful murmur?]

A'way, continuing on with the story, Bubbles and Blake get fa- get a good distance away from the girls, and they walk pa-, they walk beyond the stage, the bay shop and the pharmacy that's nearby. Bubbles lets go of him.

Ah, Ah.

Blake is panting.

Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah.

Bubbles look back to make sure the girls weren't looking, and she turns to look at Blake and sees him panting. And then she tends to make him feel better by rubbing his shoulders.

Bubbles (in the standard grating falsetto prescribed for all female characters): Aw. Did I hurt you badly?

Blake: Only a bit, my Bubbly (pronounced here as Buburbly).

Bubbles: Oh, I'm sorry Blakie-Boo (pronounced 'blue').

Blake: How long can we keep up this charade?

Bubbles: C'mon, you're doing very well! Hey listen, I have to dive for the last crystal; after I get it, I'll text your cell from mine. You wait fifteen minutes, and I'll meet you under pier 969; I'll make it up to you then.

Blake: Oh yeah, that sounds good. I'll wait for your call then meet you under 969.

Both: Good.

And then Bu- and then Bubbles runs to the ocean away from Blake, to get the bal- to get the crystal, and then nearby, the new Rosechu suddenly transforms into– Bubbles?

[Nasal whinnying, supposedly from the dastardly Silvana]

Some sort of deception is afoot!

But to best elaborate on that character, let's introduce the character. To let's– we have to go back into the fateful rainbow that originated from episode 1. In addition to the five eggs that hatched into the Chaotic Combo, numerous other eggs of various Sonees and Roseys emerged as well. This one was projected into Space and landed on the Earth's moon. So now I introduce Silvana Rosechu.

Silvana(?): Beep, beep, beep, beep.

The hatching date, Earth Time: February 1st, 1989. And just seconds after she's hatched, she's entrapped in some– in a psychic beam from Count Graduon. He's like:

Graduon: Ah! New Life! –for me to corrupt!

Keeping the new little Rosey safe in this bubble, Count Graduon enters her– enters her mind, and communicates with her.

Graduon: Little one among many, I am Count Graduon, illustrious wizard, revered by all more powerful than most. I have taken heart of you being born alone on the Earth's moon. I'm here to take you under my wing, and rear you properly, under my careful and wise judgment. I am a well-practiced parent of a young lady much like yourself; now she is a warrior princess. My beautiful Sylvia. I miss her every day since being 'ensphered' in my wand of a prison cell. I only wanted to bring peace and order, but a Cherokian chief sealed me in.

Silvana (in the creepiest baby voice ever): Syl-vi-a-na! (realizing her mistake) Silvana!

Graduon: Perfect. And with that, which was your first word, I dub thee Silvana Rosechu, but my care for you and your training has a small price. To better you, I am going to grant you with the power to transform like a Ditto. My price is that you will have to relinquish your ability to give birth, and you will be upgraded to have both parts. So with the biological upgrade complete, your years of training can begin.

And so, under Count Graduon's guidance and training, Silvana practiced her psychic powers, 'cause she is a Psychic type alone, and then eventually, she evolved into the Silvana Rosechu of to-day. And so, from after birth, Silvana mentally and physically became a strong warrior under the wicked guidance of Count Graduon from the Earth's Moon. Without maternal guidance, and low social interactions, Silvana had never learned to truly love, yet she, or he, learned to flirt without emotions. I can only take pity for this unlucky soul.

Now, back to the present story. Bubbles is swimming under the sea to locate the next crystal, and Magic-Chan guides her.

Magic-Chan: According to my psychic link, the crystal is about five miles from the shore, and about two or five thousand fathoms deep.

Bubbles: Don't worry. I'll find it soon enough.

Woob-woob-woob-woob-woob-woob-woob. Bum dum ba dum bum a dum bum

Sebastian the Crab Corphish ('singing' with curious attempt at accent): Under the sea! Under the sea! Down here it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me! The singing corphish. Hee hee he he.

Yawning Squirtle: Ernn. Ahhh! What are you doing, Corphish! You woke me up from my nap-squirtle!

Meanwhile, Blake was coming out of the nearby pharmacy after making a wise purchase.

Blake (smuttily): Oh yes, Bubbles. You will make up for earlier! (pervy laugh)

And he's got his fist up in victory, and then Bubbles comes in from behind and grabs his fist. Actually, it's not really Bubbles, it's Silvana as Bubbles! And she say:

Blake: Oh Bubbles! You surprised me!

Silvubbles: For you, Blakie-Boo, I am full of surprises.

Blake: What happened with the crystal search?

Silvubbles: I suddenly felt more ready for you, so I came back to play.

Blake: Oh awesome! I just picked up some condoms for our insurance policy.

Silvubbles: Oh, forget those; you're not raining on my parade, and I want you.

And then suddenly, he drops the box condoms, big mistake, and then he's like 'All right then! To our 969!'

Silvubbles: Hih hih hih hih hih.

Na, here's a note, when Silvana does it with either a Sonichu or a Rosechu, she or he secrets a paralyzing sleepful solution, rendering the unprotected victim asleep and defenseless. Just much like an STD in a couple who do intercourse. For your own safety, those of you who do it, wear a c- use a condom. I give y'all that advice. Ok, moving on with the story.

So we follow the pair to, so we walk, follow the duo to pier 969, he says:

Blake: Well, here we are.

Silvubbles: Ok, well let's do it, right here, right now!

Blake: OK!

[An array of disturbing noises follow; Chris barely differentiates between Blake and 'Bubbles' in tone] Mmm, mm! Oh, yeah, yeah! More, more! Yeah-

This goes on for about three- for about three– for about three minutes maximum. Then, [emulates the sound of splashing]

Blake is like, aw, Bubbles, you got there before I did. Oh wait a minute, I'm still feeling buzzed, yet I'm feeling kinda... [snores]

Silvubbles: Hih hih hih hih. Enjoy my sleep nectar, ya sap!

  • Poor attempt at SMS message notification tone*

Blake's phone is ringing. Buh-buh. And then Silvana picks up and reads the text message from Bubbles.

Bubbles: Blake, I had to travel a ten-mile round trip, but I found the crystal. Meet you in 15! Hugs and kisses!

And now Silvana closes the cell phone, she makes her next transformation, and yet the real Blake notices that h- Silvana's transformed.

Blake: Bubbles? It's not– Bubbles. Is that me? No, what? The real Bubbles, my Bubbles. She's in trouble– must stop that im-postor. [Resumes snoring]

I must hide the sleeper, says Silvana, and then she picks up Blake, she picks up the Real Blake as a Blake impostor, she thinks 'jeez, you're heavy,' and then they teleport to the secluded area.

Meanwhile the real Bubbles is handing Angelica the crystal.

Bubbles: Hey, Angelica! I've found the final crystal. Please take it to Patti-Chan for me!

Angelica: Sure!

Bubbles: I have to go meet up with my boyfriend– I'll talk to you later.

Angelica: Ok!

So then Angelica flies off to the CWCville Shopping Center and the Mayor's Office. Meanwhile, Punchy and Wild are talking, just conversing.

Punchy: Hey, Wild! Isn't Angelica just the cutest?

Wild: I guess so.

Punchy: You guess so? She is simply the sweetest, charming Rosechu in the world! I fell for her back on the day we s- all met, but I've been too shy to ask her out, or even talk to her. I don't know what to do or say. I'm befuddled, says Punchy. And Wild replies:

Wild: Well, I've heard that the CWCville University is offering a Dating education class; I'm going to sign up for it, because I've been feeling lonely and I need to learn the whats and hows of approaching and dating a gal.

Punchy: Ah! Perfect! I will sign up for it too; then, I'll be able to ask Angelica out. Thank you, Wild, for informing me about that class.

Wild: No problem, Punchy.

Part 3

Episode 18: "Spring Break, 2008" Part 3
Stardate 19 September 2008
Episode 18
Other Featuring the voices of Chris, Jiggliami, Blake, Silvana, Bubbles, and Magi-Chan
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 18 Part 2
Episode 18 Part 4


[NARRATOR]: Hmm. La'er on back-stage at the stage:

[JIGGLIAMI]: Jiggly jiggly jiggly. Hmm? Wha's goin' on in this closet here?


[JIGGLIAMI]: [Gasp!] Blake Sonichu? [Pause] What'cha doin' in th' closet? Oh no! I better let Bubbles know about this.

[NARRATOR]: An' back at Pier Sis-sissy-nine-sissy-nine, Silvana-as-Blake appears-waits f-for the real Bubbles.

[BUBBLES]: Oh Blakey-Boo!

[BLAKEVANA]: Eh! Bubbly! Come. On. Over. For. A. Little. Romp.

[BUBBLES]: Cool.

[TELEPATHY]: V-v-v-v...

[MAGI-CHAN]: Bubbles.

[NARRATOR]: Magi-Chan interrupts the moment. [Pause] Thoughts. Bubbles.

[BUBBLES]: What now, Magi-Cheen? I jus' gave a crystal-gave a crystal to Angelica.

[MAGI-CHAN]: That there is not [pause for dramatic effect] Black Sonichu!

[BUBBLES]: Well he sure looks like my man to me. Now let us-now leave us alone.

[MAGI-CHAN]: Your questionable-your questioning is reasonable, but you should test his electric powers to prove his true identity.

[BUBBLES]: Yeah. Like I'm gonna drop all my trust in him just like *that*?

[MAGI-CHAN]: Suit yourself, but don't say I didn't warn you.

[NARRATOR]: And then her phone rings-and then Bubbles phone rings.

[PHONE]: Ring! Ring! Ring!

[NARRATOR]: And then she picks up. It's Jiggliami. She picks up.

[JIGGLIAMI]: Bubbles! I just foun' Blake in the closet- back-stage closet!

[BUBBLES]: [Sigh] Listen. [Realizes this is Jiggliami's line]

[JIGGLIAMI]: Listen! Bubbles, listen!

[NARRATOR]: Blake. Blake. Blake is talking. Blake. Listen, Blake.

[BLAKE]: [Yawn] Bubbles? The black sonichu at the pier is a transforming impostor. [Voice dies] Stay away. From him. Ugh!

[JIGGLIAMI]: [Sounds like "he fell on tonsils again"] I'll rush him to the Pokémon Center. I'll be back!


[BUBBLES]: [Heartbroken] Blakey... Boo? [whimper] [Pause] [Suspiciously] Who is this black sonichu? Uh, I'll play it cool for now. Hmm.

[BLAKEVANA]: Ey. What keptcha?

[BUBBLES]: Eh. Nothing, Blakey. Let's do this right. Give me a thunderbolt attack. Come on! It'll turn me on! Hmm.

[NARRATOR]: In thinking-thoughts:

[SILVANA]: Thunderbolt? Oh man! I can't even make a spark! But I can-I can't say no, she'll get-she would suspe't something! I'll have to stick to a psychic attack.

[BLAKEVANA]: Eh. Yeah. Sure thing.

[PSYCHIC NEEDLES]: Vrm-vrlorm-rm-bleh.

[NARRATOR]: [Mumbles] Silvana-as-Blake launches some psychic needles.

[PSYCHIC NEEDLES]: Frm-frm-frm-frm.

[NARRATOR]: And Bubbles is kinda enjoyin' it. A lil' bit.


[NARRATOR]: But then also-but also realizes the differences, like, that is not thunderbolt. An' then Bubbles says after he stops the attack:

[BUBBLES]: That felt good, [pauses for dramatic effect] BLACK SONICHU.

[BLAKEVANA]: Black Sonichu?


[NARRATOR]: AND THEN SHE LAUNCHES A WHIRLPOOL to sw-to s-circle the two.

[WHIRLPOOL]: [Gently] Ffffff.


[NARRATOR]: Says the impostor-Blake, the Blake-impostor.

[BLAKEVANA]: Heh. Saw through my disguise, did you? Well I'll tell you that I did better than your Blakey-Boo did. He couldn't- he couldn't tell the difference between- he couldn't tell the difference himself.

[WATER]: [Gently] Fffff.

[NARRATOR]: An' then she-Silvana pulls a drape of water around over him-herself-itself and turns back into Silvana Rosechu.

[SILVANA]: And as for who I will say that I was sent by a "friend" of your mayor and that this is not totally a girl talk.


[SILVANA]: Sweetheart, [evil laugh] Ehuhuhuh, I never kiss and do tell.

[BUBBLES]: UGN! [Long and drawn out] BEE~!!

[NARRATOR]: She launches some thunderbolts within the whirlpool. Aimed at the- aimed at Silvana.

[BUBBLES]: [Sounds constipated] Ehhhhhhhhhn~!

[NARRATOR]: But then she teleports away from the path of the lightning and jus' levitates in the-in the eye of the- of the whirlpool. And she says:

[SILVANA]: How can you even think that wor'? Unlike you Bubbles, I am not woman. Bye now!

[TELEPORTS]: Fffffft.

[NARRATOR]: An' then she teleports away. An' then Bubbles stops the whirlpool. An' then-an' then she drops to her knees- drops to her knees tired.

[BUBBLES]: [Pant! Pant! Pant!]

[NARRATOR]: An' then she calls on Magi-Chan:

[BUBBLES]: Magi-Chan?

[MAGI-CHAN]: Yes, Blake? [Corrects himself] Yes, Bubbles?

[BUBBLES]: Please teleport me to Blake.

[MAGI-CHAN]: Yes, Bubbles. Righ' away.

[TELEPORTS]: Fffffft. Fffffp!

[NARRATOR]: But then at the Pokémon Center Bubbles is nearby Blake's bed. Mla-mla and then Blake wakes up to see her.

[BLAKE]: Bubbles. You're safe.

[BUBBLES]: Blakey-Bloo. Are you okay? What'd she DO to you?

[NARRATOR]: Blake an' Bubbles also thinks:

[BUBBLES]: Can I really refer it as a she? If it was not a woman, then what was it? What a world we live in where such tr- what a world we live in when such trolls in it.

Part 4

Episode 18: "Spring Break, 2008" Part 4
Stardate 19 September 2008
Episode 18
Other Featuring the voices of Chris, Jiggliami, Jamsta, Troll, Sonichu, and Rosechu
The OFFICIAL Sonichu Videobooks
Episode 18 Part 3
Episode 19


[NARRATOR]: And then that night, at the beach's stage, am-juh-Jamsta Sonichu MC's the event.

[JAMSTA]: Ladies and dudes... CWCville Shopping Center, CWC Cola, and station K-C-Dubya-C are proud to present, for her pop star debut, JIGGLIAMI!

[CROWD]: [Chris fails at attempting to make the sound of an entire crowd cheering]

[JIGGLIAMI]: [Falsetto] Thank you citizens of CWCville, Virginia! My debut song was inspired by my old pikachu boyfriend, who suddenly disappeared from out home field. [Inhales] I have missed him a lot, and yearn for his safe return. Inna mean time, I present to y'all, "War of Love"."

[CROWD]: [yet another lackluster attempt at the cheering crowd]

[MUSIC PLAYING]: Duhdadadahdahdahdah dah dah duuuuuh...

[JIGGLIAMI]: [singing] ♪ I can't hide this feeling anymore, doncha know this... the fever of love, dark clouds were hangin' low, a busy city had lost its color. Sunshine hiding away, twilight fading out, -JIGGLI!-, a shadow... me now, the world is not how it used to be...but I still want you, what could I do... what should I do, baka dana watashi, it's the war of love. ♫

[MUSIC PLAYING]: Bumbuh bum bum bah bum bah buum, dunna dunna dunna duuuh, DUUUUUUHHNN...

♪ I can't give you up, I hate to see you smile to every girl, 'cept me. I wanchoo so bad, too heavy and too deep. Please focus on me, I will show you how much you love me -JIGGLI!-, I scream out to you with a megaphone to find it broken, I try to reach up as high as I can, but cher eyes are never on meee! Now I look up to da sky, find that it has been cleared, but it was not done for me, I can't stop these feelings, they're getting out of hand. Owah could I do? Wha' should I do? I swear in this love I'll never give you up, daisuki, it's the war of looove. ♫

[MUSIC PLAYING]: DAAHnuh, dunna dunna duuh duh... lalla,luh lah lah lah lah, dung, dong, buh, bung.

[CROWD]: [Chris's attempt at the cheering crowd has gotten slightly more excited]

[NARRATOR]: After the concert, Blanca found her boyfriend and left for their homestead of Kentucky. Jiggliami stayed in Cwcville to record her albums in accordance to "Jive Records" and CWCville studios. Currently, in the time void, or rather within my heart and head, a consequential conflicting decision had to be made. At this time in my life, I had met, an' unknowingly to myself, flirted with three wimmen on the innernet, I could choose only one. But with the help of God and Jesus two paths were... light-lit up for me and realized that they were not the right paths.

[VOICES]: Christian! Christian! Christian~!

[NARRATOR]: I hadda to choose between these three women who won mah' heart, one at a time, all yet in mah' autumn goodbye. Sadly one died in an automobile accident. [Sigh] In memory of that Sarah Jackson. A true Sonichu fan and gal-pal. May she rest in peace. An' one turned out to be a troll.


[???]: Shut the dang door! [Pause] They can't take over if you keep them outta your home~!

[NARRATOR]: Hmm. But one was true, honest, and compassionate. Understanding. FUN! A true gir-a true girl. A true woman. An' a sweet singer from the [pause] flip-side of the world. My [pause] thought-to-be-true sweetheart who I would've promise my [pause] first time to and would'a remained loyal to forever. Ah. Sarah Cassandra McKenzie. She was [pause] P-Panda Halo. [Sigh] She died months-she [sigh] died a-a-at this time- in the real time she died about January, 2009 in the brushfires of Australia. [Pause] She will never be forgotten, even though I promised my heart to her before the time she did but she had not died I would'a kept my promise. But then I met other women a-s-side from that anyway. Rest in peace, Sarah.


[SONICHU]: 'Ey loyal r-loyal readers-s.

[ROSECHU]: 'Ey loyal readers. Sonichu an' I wish to take a moment to inform you that although our lil' [pause] fun moment from episode s-seventeen by popular demand we want to remind you to practice safe sets wi' condoms an' birth control prescriptions from a certified medical doctor. [Pause] Information on safe sets as well as STDs can be foun' in th' books atchur local library or on l-legi'mate medical websites on th' innernet. We, Christian Weston Chandler, and everyone in this hand-drawn series fully support safe sets and th' proper use of comdoms for vaginal-penile innercourse. Hmm.

[SONICHU]: Also, in 'ddition, while we have fully support setsual edu'ation in high school, Christian Weston Chandler also highly recommends, and would gladly support, dating education classes, because while safe set is great for the eventual well-earned intercourse after three or so dates, it is vital to learn what to do even to get to date number one! It should be well-taught on how to approach and ats one member of the opposite gender up toward the very first date. Our generation an' future generations [pause] are at [pause] great-er-great risk if we do not support dating education. Especially when th-[pause] especially when tha' when we consider the homosetsuals. [Disgusted] They're all... s-! UGH! [Cheerfully] Anyway, we thank you all for your support. Have a safe day. An' enjoy life. Peace.

[NARRATOR]: Stay tuned for the nets episode. Thank you.

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