Pickchu's Wish comic

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She wanted to be patted on the head, and she had asked nicely some time ago. Now, she’s earned it. 😊⚡️💙⚡️
Chris on the comic[1]

The Pickchu's Wish comic is a single-page comic Chris drew and shared to the public in a 19 March 2021 tweet. It features Chris Chan Sonichu and Pickchu, an OC created by Helena Fiorenza.[1] In the comic, Chris Chan Sonichu says he will grant a wish of Pickchu's, saying she has earned it. He then showers Pickchu with compliments, calling her a good girl, and pats her on the head. Both are surrounded by auras in the moment - Pickchu in pink and Chris Chan Sonichu in rainbow. Pickchu is elated at the compliments and thanks Chris Chan Sonichu.

Helena was happy with the comic, thanking Chris for it over Twitter.[1]