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Chris Chan Sonichu is watching over you.
Chris's messiah complex in full force, said to a woman going through a divorce.[1]
Chris's transformation flowchart featuring Chris, Night Star, Chris Chan Sonichu, and CPU Blue Heart.

CPU Blue Heart is an escapist fantasy, coping mechanism, and messiah complex consisting of Chris's belief that, in another dimension named C-197, he is a deity.


Hyperdimension Neptunia is a game parodying the video game industry; each video game console is represented by a CPU goddess. The Idea Guys introduced Chris to the franchise as a means to validate his fantasies and brainwash his beliefs, manipulating and bullying him by role-playing as Hyperdimension characters. After their removal, Chris created a new fictional land in the Hyperdimension universe - Comma, aka the Commodore land - crowning himself the CPU goddess of the Commodore 64 in an attempt to reclaim his shattered ego.

After creating the fictional land of Comma, Chris said a new Commodore 64 CPU would be chosen soon. He also stated that this new CPU is a woman and has a working Commodore 64. He created this story to stroke his ego since he thinks he's a woman and thought his C64 worked. But his scheme failed as his C64 did not function. He later made two videos asking for help to fix his C64.

Why Chris chose the Commodore 64 is still not known, it could be due to his sentimental value towards the C64, as it was his first computer which he remembers as a gaming console due to Bob buying and coding games on it for Chris.

Chris unveiled the CPU, representing the Commodore 64 in June 2018. He followed up by posting screenshots of text messages between him and another person on Facebook, which detailed notes on Scarlet[2] He also urged his followers to draw her and pray like idolatry. [3].

On 2 July, Chris liked some fanart of her and responded by posting Scarlet's backstory.[4]

In The Awakening of a CPU, Chris mentioned that he is the CPU goddess Blue Heart. So enamored was he that he changed his Twitter handle to "Chris Chan Sonichu/Blue Heart" and edited the bio to:

I am Mrs. Christine W. Chandler, Sonichu Creator/Chronicler of Sonichu & Rosechu, and CPU Goddess of the Nations of Cwcville, Comma, and the Commodore Consoles.[5]


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