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For the original creation by Nintendo/The Pokemon Company, see Pokémon.

Pokémon Go is a 2016 augmented reality (AR) mobile game developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with The Pokémon Company for iOS and Android devices. The game requires players to physically travel around to find and catch Pokémon that randomly appear on their map.

On release, the game became a massive hit, attracting players of all varieties, for example Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg.[1] Although the craze has largely faded, it maintains a significant userbase, including Chris, whose username in the game is ChrisChanSchu82.[2]

Chris and the game

An artist's impression of Chris's daily Pokemon GO activities
Once we got to the restaurant, [Chris] pulled out a duct tape wallet to be able to play Pokémon go on two phones at once, like any sane person.
extract from Noah's ex-girlfriend's describing of a lunch with Chris

Chris was a fairly early adopter of the game, joining many who downloaded the game in 2016. Chris immediately took up wandering around the Ruckersville and Charlottesville areas capturing Pokémon. He continued to play the game steadily even as the fad surrounding it died down. The game eventually was used by Chris as proof of the Dimensional Merge.

Chris would sometimes photograph his Pokémon collection at various locations both inside and outside his home, providing a partial tour of his residence in the process. These photographs provided observers a decent impression of how Chris views reality, given that he actively believes that CWCville and his characters are real.

Chris has been shown to still be very invested in the game, almost to the point of addiction. At BronyCon 2019, people travelling with Chris noted that he would be "hatching eggs on Pokemon Go.. while at stoplights."

Chris tweeted his Pokemon as part of the 2020 Go-fest, while continuing to roleplay as Sonichu.


Chris's photos of his house give Christorians the closest view of the Chandler abode and surrounding lands in years, revealing the damaged and rotting state of the property.

  • As seen in one of the Celebi photos (refer to gallery below), Bob's greenhouse is overfilled with piles of Chris and Barb's hoard. The glass is filthy and looks as if it has gone without maintenance for years.
  • The portrait of Mewtwo reveals damaged/worn-out paint on the Chandler residence, likely the aftermath of the egging incident, showing the lack of basic maintenance done to the property.
  • The gazebo has clearly been abandoned. Its timber is shown to be deteriorating, and the structure itself is surrounded by debris resembling wood tinder.


Being a mobile game in 2020, the game relies on revenue from microtransactions and special event ticket fees. Chris had previously spent $14.99 on ticket fees for the PokemonGOfest2020 event, a 2 day event on 25 and 26 July.[3] How much more of the tugboat was wasted on the game is unknown.

Relationship with the merge

Main articles: Chris and reality and Dimensional Merge
Personally, I wish Everyone of this world, in addition to those who have already have, could Feel and fully Witness the effects of the Dimension Merge Happening, as I have. Fortunately, we do have bunches of confirmed sightings of bunches of the OCs, including Inuyasha, himself
Chris, on 15 April 2019, expressing how Pokemon GO would be available after the merge

Chris appears to use Pokémon Go as a sort of coping mechanism: the augmented reality nature of the game allows virtual Pokemon to exist within the same frame as a real-life location (i.e. 14 BC), reinforcing his belief in the Dimensional Merge.

PokéStop attempts


Chris has tried to get his house accepted as a PokéStop in the game, despite residences not being allowed for consideration.

In April 2019, he recorded Sonichu Headquarters Google Intro Video to promote the idea.

In August 2020, he reached Level 40 in Pokémon Go, allowing him to nominate a location, choosing his house (calling it a temple at this point). However, his application was rejected.


Chris's game stats as of January 2024.

Since his August 2021 arrest for incest, his account was inactive for the next two years, with friends seeing that his final Pokemon caught was Litten.

On 10 August 2023, reports on r/ChrisChanSonichu came in that Chris's account was active on Pokemon GO again. In one thread, a user claimed that Chris had either unfriended everyone or deleted his account; this was disputed by another user, ZeroRhapsody, who claimed that:[4]

I added Chris years ago for fun too, and I still play the game.

I just checked and they've been online today and went up to 4.9million experience, in your screenshot they are at 4.8, so Chris must be playing again, if anyone cares. It showed the most recently caught Pokémon as Scatterbug, which you can only get from saving postcards sent by other players that you are friends with.

Not sure how I feel about being 'friends’ with an incestous rapist in a children's game... may Arceus have mercy on my soul.

Also on 10 August, user Real-Manufacturer327 reported:[5]

Chris's Pokemon Go Account Currently Active

Just checked Pokemon Go earlier today and saw my friendship level with Chris had gone up, meaning they accepted a gift that had been sat there since I sent it. Which was a year or two ago. Checking my friends list shows that they're online. Chris Chan is free?

Later that day, user MrCatalina reported that Chris sent him a Pokémon GO raid request. Screenshots were provided indicating Chris's location as being in Big Island, VA, at the post office. According to MrCatalina, he joined the event then quit, therefore wasting Chris's raid pass.[6]

On 11 August 2023, Chris apparently changed his friend code in the game. A user who was friends with Chris in the game reported being unable to find either his main or his alternate account, believing Chris to have deleted the accounts. ZeroRhapsody commented:[7]

They've not deleted their account, but their friend code has simply been changed at some point. (It's easy to change your friend code in this game). Maybe they deleted you at some point as well.

I am still friends with Chris on the game and the account was visible as 'online' earlier today. They have 5.1 million experience, up from 4.8 a day or two ago. So Chris is definitely still playing it.

On 13 August, Chris accepted some gifts in-game from a fellow player. The other player posted a screenshot of the activity in a Reddit post two days later. The Reddit post was deleted but the screenshot was saved.



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