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"Brutal Legend" is a video uploaded by Chris to YouTube on 18 October 2009.

For whatever reason, the video includes no audio, no doubt thanks to a certain video uploaded 6 days before. Due to Chris's inability to convey emotion, whether verbal or non-verbal, it's virtually impossible to tell his actual opinion on the game.

On 21 October 2009, Chris uploaded a follow-up for this video, with sound, hence proving us that a) his camera is still (barely) working, and b) he doesn't really watch his videos through right away once they've been uploaded, a basic broadcasting skill frequently possessed by even the most clueless of YouTube users.

Note the plush breasts in the left bottom of the video. They appear to have been moved or used since the War Paint Video.


Brutal Legend
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Stardate 18 October 2009
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Brutal Legend Plus


0:00-0:03 - Chris uses his right hand to fondle the neck of his Guitar Hero guitar, which is strapped to his back over his right shoulder, flashes the Amnyfest Ring, and begins talking.

0:05 - Chris pushes his glasses up his nose.

0:13 - Chris adjusts his glasses some more.

0:29-0:43 - Chris holds up a copy of Brütal Legend, and appears to talk about the game. For some reason, the game is in a blu-ray case instead of the standard, clear PS3 gamecase.

0:44-0:47 - He reaches back to grab the neck of the guitar but misses, only gaining purchase on the strap. He tries again and finds his target.

0:48-0:56 - He tugs nervously at the guitar head, and flashes the game box a couple of times.

0:57-1:05 - The strap is now chafing against his left boob, so Chris tugs down on it with his right hand (the strap, that is) and flashes the game box some more.

1:06-1:20 - Chris then starts awkwardly using his left hand to keep the strap pushed down while trying to maintain a grip on the game box. He appears to lock his thumb around the strap and hold the box between it and his fingers.

1:20-1:26 - He lifts his glasses up like he's going to rest them on his forehead. He gives them an annoyed glare while he talks, then sets them back upon his nose.

1:32 - Chris holds the game box up again.

1:35-1:38 - He lowers the box, and raises his right hand, making an "Okay" gesture with his thumb and forefinger, then lowers his hand and brings his left hand holding the box back up into frame.

1:38-1:43 - He uses his left hand to fumble with the strap again, and holds it off of his boob again as he did 20 seconds earlier.

1:49-1:54 - He points at the game box with his right forefinger, then pumps his right fist in the air, then reaches back again to grab his guitar. His greasy fingers are having trouble getting a grip on it.

1:55-1:59 - Chris finally gets a good hold and pulls the guitar off of his back and holds it aloft horizontally, seemingly excited and prideful. The strap keeps drifting back into his face and he's having a very difficult time holding the heavy object up.

2:01-2:02 - Chris holds the game box up again excitedly, then uses that hand to reach up to the controls on the guitar. Video ends.

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