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You think I DENY MY OWN MISTAKES, ERRORS and ORDEALS? YOU CAN GO COUNT YOUR OWN CURSES AND SEE HOW THEY OUTWEIGH YOUR OWN BLESSINGS. Or, here's a quote from John Kramer (fictional character with DEPTH), "Live or Die, Make Your Choice." My versions, "Peace or Worry; Fight or Flee; Strong Will or Mistaken Impulses; Draw your Fated-to-Die Sweetheart Alive or Dead; Fact or Fiction...etc., etc., etc.... Make YOUR OWN CHOICES."
"Also, Think about this, WITHIN THE TEN BOOKS At ALL, have I ever gone the way of the SAW movies; Bloody and Gorey? No. [...] I promise you that; My Comic Book Pages will NEVER have Blood and Gore in them."

Saw is a horror movie franchise that has been ongoing since 2004. It is one of the highest grossing horror film franchises of all time, while also having an infamous reputation for being "torture porn", as a prominent aspect of the entire series involves characters being forced to partake in extremely dangerous and painful scenarios, or "traps", often dying or being mutilated as a result. Given Chris's general fondness for juvenile entertainment like My Little Pony, Sailor Moon and Legos, it's somewhat jarring to learn that one of his favorite film series involves explicit scenes of sadistic torture and murder. He appears to take comfort in the fact that the violence and pain depicted are not real, just "Hollywood Magic."[2][3]


  • In Mumble 4, when Clyde Cash insisted that Chris sell or destroy most of his clutter to prove his worth to Julie, Chris compared the situation to Saw III, where a man had to burn his murdered son's toys in order to free the judge who only gave the boy's killer a year in prison.
  • In Mumble 6, Chris talks about Saw.
  • In Common Questions, he listed the Saw movies among his favorites, along with such tame fare as Mary Poppins, Transformers, Ghostbusters and The 40-Year-Old Virgin.
  • He talked to Jackie about Saw, saying "when it comes to gore, it's kinda 75-25; 3/4 I can stand, 1/4 I would feel sick after seeing."[4]
  • One of his video ideas for Jackie was "I also have an idea for pretending to be jigsaw's dummy, and addressing myself in a scenario where I was put into one of his traps. Even imagining it, hearing my name spoken by Jigsaw's voice spooks me some. "Hello, Christian Chandler, I want to play a game." Can you imagine?"[5]
  • Chris downloaded Saw and Saw II on PSN.[6]
  • Chris bought Saw V, Saw VI and Saw 3D on Blu-Ray.[7][8]
  • The gruesome executions of the Asperpedia Four depicted in Sonichu #10 were likely inspired by Saw:
    • Evan is chained to a wall where Sandy Rosechu bores holes all over his body with her drill hands (including his genitals), before she and Wild Sonichu finish him off together.
    • Sean is hung by his wrists in a room where Bill the Scientist, Allison Amber and Kel shoot him dead as "target practice."
    • Chris breaks Mao with his psychic powers, twisting his legs at unnatural angles before exploding his heart, without any remorse or justification of why, even noting that "his amends have been made" for doing so.
    • Alec's electrocution is relatively painless, but it is performed by those he has "wronged."
  • In a December 2020 chat with The Place, Naught suggested that Chris draw a "Saw style" comic featuring his perceived enemy (referring to Sonichu 10). Chris took offense to the remark.[9]


Chris and Alec had a rather bizarre discussion of Saw and the murder of fictional characters on 8 February 2010.[10] Chris had criticized Asperchu for its graphic violence.[11]

Chris: Yes, well, well, yeah, they are bad, because that's just totally fake. And plus, to do it in such a gory way is just terrifying. It's like any, it's like any of the Saw movies. It's especially like, especially like the first trap in Saw VI.

Alec: Did you like those movies?

Chris: That was horrifying.

Alec: Did you like those movies, Chris? The Saw movies?

Chris: Yeah, I liked them, I mean I enjoyed the falling, the telling...

Alec: [talking over Chris] You liked them? But there's death in it! How could you like a movie that has death in it, Chris?! Death is bad. You said death is bad.

Chris: Well, I'm not talking about...

Alec: Death is bad.

Chris: I'm not saying, I mean, yeah, I'm not talking about the death part, I did not say I liked the death parts, I liked the building of the character of John Kramer. In the movies.

Alec: But the point is, you still liked the movies overall, right? I mean, you went to see them, you'd probably see them again?

Chris: Yeah, I mean, yeah, they were hor-, yeah, I mean, I will admit they are horrifying, and they do frighten me, but think about, but think about, think about...

Alec: Hence the genre, horror, if it's horrifying it's doing its job, I guess.

Chris: Hm. Yeah, but I mean, still, that's Hollywood magic, you know, that's, you know, the people, the actors in those movies are still, are still alive and well, they just...

Alec: Oh, well, right, I forgot, because comic characters are real people and apparently I'm guilty of, of multiple homicide now? Chris, you, remember when you killed Simonla because we strong-armed you into it, because you refused to do it willingly? Are you guilty of homicide now? Because you killed Simonla?

Chris: No, actually, that would, actually, you could blame the Voltorb that was placed by the toilet, placed by the toilet that exploded. Because the Voltorb exploded, it blew up the...

Alec: Chris, you drew the Voltorb. You drew the Voltorb! Chris, you knew Simonla was going to die! You knew there was going to be a Voltorb there and you did nothing to stop it! You are an accessory to murder! Who cares if someone else placed it? You knew, of course you knew she was going to die because I've been telling you for weeks to kill her.