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Note on Credibility:

Naught has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reasons:
Naught is a habitual liar and gives contradictory statements.[note 1]
Naught will often put his own spin on events that happened or embellish them, sometimes leaving out important context.[note 2]
Naught appears to take advantage of his presumed allies, encourages infighting between them, and throws them under the bus when it is most convenient for him.[note 3]
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.

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Note on Sockpuppets:

Naught has been known to use sockpuppet accounts. Since it is difficult to discern their sock accounts, it is best to avoid speculating an account belongs to Naught unless fully verified.

i curb weens and alogs
Naught on his duties as a Watchman, [1]
I mean that we're some impossibly retarded surrogate family.

Bis is the cool uncle.

Kyle on the Watchmen.[2]

Name Naught
Also known as Bismuth
CPU Bismuth Heart
death of chans
WCT Hate[3]
Gender Male
Known for *Being the original Lainchu
*Being the second leader of the Watchmen
*Inviting Chris into the Discord Server for the CWCki
*Spreading rumors about various Chris orbiters, including members in his own group
Occupation Leader of the Watchmen (former)
Administrator of the Onion Farms
Organization Watchmen (former leader)
Saga Secret Shipfic, Watchmen, Praetor

Naught, also known as Bismuth, and plenty of other pseudonyms, was the second leader of the Watchmen, taking over the group after Owls left,[6] and in June 2021 was succeeded by The WCT. Chris cut contact with Naught in June 2021 citing Naught's toxic behavior in doxing fellow Watchman The WCT[7][8] which Naught would eventually publicly admit he had done because WCT had declined to share his Kiwi Farms account with him.[9]

As a Watchman, Naught monitored and doxed potential weens or outside enablers. He went by many usernames - he used "Bismuth" to Chris and used multiple aliases in public postings. While he was in the CWCki Discord server, he often used an emoticon of a heart. For the Kiwi Farms, he went by names/accounts including "anameisaname", "death of chans"[note 4], and "Nightmare"[10] - he was eventually banned from the forum for use of multiple sockpuppet accounts, advertising, and liking his own posts with sock accounts.[11][public source needed]

Online Prescence

Interactions with Chris

Avatar of CPU Bismuth Heart.

Chris stated that Naught began interacting with him during the Sockness saga in late 2019.[12] He would roleplay to Chris as the CPU Goddess, CPU Bismuth Heart.

Naught claimed to having been the original player of the Lainchu character.[13]

Naught would also encourage Chris to go onto the Official CWCki Discord server in August 2020, roughly a month after the server's creation.

Chris used Tarot readings to divine Naught's future in April 2021.[14]

Conflicts with Praetor

Conflicts with other Watchmen

I doxed Sean since he asked me to use his Logan account on kiwi farms, and I said no.

Yet, when I was banned from kiwi farms he said no, so i doxed him it didn't help he kept blaming me for striking his video's as he worked with to make a thread on me.

An actual edit from Naught, admitting to have doxed The WCT.[9]

In June 2021, conflict arose between Naught and fellow Watchman The WCT, stemming from an allegation Naught had doxed the latter.[10] Following a thread on the ex-member of the group, an audio voice clip of Chris saying “Fuck Bismuth!”[15] suggested that Chris sided against Naught in the dispute.

On 20 July 2021, The WCT collaborated with Bella in an attempt to dox Naught back.[16]

Involvement with Halal Server

Yeah, we dont want people to know we have Naught and MKR here
Halal Server member Sakura Blossom on concealing Naught's involvement in the server.[17]

Naught was invited to the Halal Server, a Discord group for speculating about Bella and others who orbited Chris. He used the pseudonym W.T.snacks while in the server.[5]

Involvement with Onion Farms

During the Jail Saga, Naught frequented Kenneth Engelhardt's website, Onion Farms, and eventually become an admin of the website. He primarily responded to some of Kenneth's posts regarding letters he received from Chris while he was in jail and posted on threads about Chris's orbiters.

On 29 January 2022, Naught indicated some degree of willingness to regain contact with Chris, asking Kenneth to "Tell CWC I said hi" and adding that "CWC knows me as bismuth," to which Kengle gave an okay.[18] Whether Naught or Kenneth moved ahead with the contact is unknown as Kenneth and Chris temporarily cut ties shortly afterwards.



Guard Dog Marvin disagrees with a claim made by Naught.

The following is a conversation between a Christorian and Naught via Discord; the users are color-coded red and green, respectively. The interview was originally placed on the Watchmen CWCki page but was later removed due to uncorroborated statements made by Naught[19] and is now archived on this page.

Naught claimed that some members of the Watchmen had been operating since 2018, as the spiritual successor to the Guard Dogs – the latter having disbanded around the same time frame. However, Naught's account was disputed by a member of the Guard Dogs.

Naught also claimed that Watchmen members MKRNightVee and Aqua were picked by Null. However, MKRNightVee got into contact with Chris through a friend looking up his phone number for her[20] and Aqua joined during the Sockness saga by which time Null had been distant from Chris.

Discord conversation on the Watchmen origins
I had a question in my head, if its fine for me to ask, could you tell me how exactly you guys met CWC and when you formed the group

Naught quoted a now-deleted section from the Guard Dogs CWCki article:

Following the incidents at TooManyGames, in which Chris was thrown out of the con for being too handsy with other attendees, Null and several other members of the Guard Dogs began investigating Justin Silverman's account of the situation, intending to find out if Justin had overreacted towards Chris's behaviour. Ultimately, this investigation petered out with no real progress having been made, save for the fact that the Guard Dogs elected people to supervise Chris at any conventions he visited from then on.
Oh, so you guys were picked by Null
Yeah that's why Marvin is there since the captain couldn't stick around but the plan is still the same
Ah, so the captain was in there too but left after a while
Yeah mkr helped get the cwc protect squad out of the way with the fan art for cwc


On 4 September 2020, a Christorian interviewed Naught through Discord, asking questions about the Watchmen. The interviewer's questions are color-coded red, with Naught's responses color-coded green.

Discord conversation on the Watchmen history
The first four questions appear to be referring to the Arbitarch CWC Alliance server.
Who started it and why?
Owls the guy who set-up mkr and Joseph Draft got aqua and mkr to draw some art to lure cwc in.
How did Chris join there?
I was told it was going to be for Chris's patrons.
Why was it killed?
It was killed because owls and Joseph didn't know how to wrangle tards. Mkr aqua were being blamed for making it so I asked for a mod role kept asking for more perms and deleted all the channel's. I posted the rolling and trolling vid.
Who killed it?
I killed it, Joseph and Smokey Chris TheSperge were using the server to gather content, they convinced Joseph I was Johan.

After a 4 hour conversation I got Joseph draft to face dox himself once he destroyed his drive with chris vs the internet.

The last two appear to refer to the Watchmen as a group.

Why did Aqua leave?
Stress and people @ her on Twitter

Her and mkr are still frens

Will this group be around forever?
As long as Chris is in need or willing yes

Follow-up on Origins

Naught was asked to clarify the Watchmen's origins. In a prior interview, Naught had claimed the Watchmen to have been working with the Guard Dogs to supervise Chris at conventions, however a Guard Dog disagreed with the claim. Naught blamed Watchmen founder Owls, claiming the story was what he had been told by Owls.

Discord conversation on follow-up to Watchmen origins
Are you the one the CWCki calls Naught?

Wanted to ask something clarifying the Watchmen origins if so. There's conflicting statements.

So you quoted the Guard Dogs article to explain the group origins - a section that said the Dogs elected people to supervise Chris at cons after the TMG disaster. But the editor who put that in since retracted it for lack of source and Marvin said there were no babysitters and that Chris was on his own.
Yeah that's what owls/Ryan told me

He's no longer around he's ghostbird on the farm's

Hmm. Interesting.
That's why I'm around he wasn't reporting back to Marvin

There was something about the footage smokey chris and theSperge

Owl's was the original person behind the group?
He started the place server and was telling mkr and Marvin he was doing x y and z but wasn't
Alright if I quote you on on the CWCki? Gonna try to fix up the Origins section.

There was even a panel where he insisted his owl avatar in the comic

Yeah owls was the one making it canon mkr draws
Alright, thanks for the info.

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  1. Falsely claimed Watchmen members were appointed by the Guard Dogs group. Initially denied, then admitted to, doxing The WCT.
  2. Omitted key context from his leak of Taser Discussion. He also used a cropped out "you may also like" portion of an Etsy sale for a Sonichu medallion, claiming it to be on the Praetor etsy page.
  3. Has attempted to use at least two of his associate's Kiwi Farms accounts, and doxed the WCT after they declined him using it. The dox would lead to significant infighting between him and Naught.
  4. The Watchmen member Spunky claims that the Kiwi Farms account under this name used to belong to her under the name "thetarotreader96", to which she granted Naught's permission to use. Afterwards, Naught would use the account for his own purposes, having it renamed to "death of chans".


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