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Name Naught
Also known as Bismuth
death of chans
Saga Watchmen
Avatar of CPU Bismuth Heart.

Naught, also known as Bismuth was the second leader of the Watchmen, taking over the group after Owls left.[1] He monitored and doxed potential weens or outside enablers. He went by many usernames - he used "Bismuth" to Chris and used multiple aliases in public postings. While he was in the CWCki Discord server, he often used an emoticon of a heart. For the Kiwi Farms, he went by names/accounts including "Naught", "anameisaname", "death of chans", and "Nightmare"[2] - he was eventually banned from the forum for use of multiple sockpuppet accounts, advertising, and liking his own posts with sock accounts.[3][public source needed]

Conflicts with other Watchmen

I doxed Sean since he asked me to use his Logan account on kiwi farms, and I said no.

Yet, when I was banned from kiwi farms he said no, so i doxed him it didn't help he kept blaming me for striking his video's as he worked with to make a thread on me.

An actual edit from Naught, admitting to have doxxed the WCT.[4]

In June 2021, conflict arose between Naught and fellow Watchman The WCT, stemming from an allegation Naught had doxed the latter.[2] Following a thread on the ex-member of the group, an audio voice clip of Chris saying “Fuck Bismuth!”[5] suggested that Chris sided against Naught in the dispute.


On 4 September 2020, a Christorian interviewed Naught through Discord, asking questions about the Watchmen. The interviewer's questions are color-coded red, with Naught's responses color-coded white.

The first four questions appear to be referring to the Arbitarch CWC Alliance server.
Who started it and why?
Owls the guy who set-up mkr and Joseph Draft got aqua and mkr to draw some art to lure cwc in.
How did Chris join there?
I was told it was going to be for Chris's patrons.
Why was it killed?
It was killed because owls and Joseph didn't know how to wrangle tards. Mkr aqua were being blamed for making it so I asked for a mod role kept asking for more perms and deleted all the channel's. I posted the rolling and trolling vid.
Who killed it?
I killed it, Joseph and Smokey Chris TheSperge were using the server to gather content, they convinced Joseph I was Johan.

After a 4 hour conversation I got Joseph draft to face dox himself once he destroyed his drive with chris vs the internet.

The last two appear to refer to the Watchmen as a group.

Why did Aqua leave?
Stress and people @ her on Twitter

Her and mkr are still frens

Will this group be around forever?
As long as Chris is in need or willing yes[6]


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