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Rsz transtemplate.jpg Gender disclosure: This person currently identifies as transgender. Pronoun usage on this page may or may not reflect biological sex and/or gender identity.
People are in fact so obsessed with [Chris], that before I could even upload this video, I was given my own entry on the Sonichu wiki which I have printed off and hung on my wall to show off like a trophy.
Keffals in her preface to her interview with Chris.[1] Note that she incorrectly calls the CWCki the "Sonichu wiki".
Name Keffals
Date of birth (1994-03-25) March 25, 1994[2] (age 30)
Also known as Clara Sorrenti
Lucas Roberts
Gender Transwoman
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Twitch streamer
Political activist
Saga Revelations

Clara Sorrenti, better known by her online alias Keffals (which came from a former gamertag), is a male-to-female transgender Twitch streamer, political activist, and member of the Communist Party of Canada. She became known for feuding with Kiwi Farms, a site built from a previous iteration that solely focused on Chris, before she later had the bright idea of getting involved with Christory herself.

The earliest known date of Chris being aware of Keffals is 17 October 2023, when Chris joined Keffals' Catboy Ranch Discord server.[3]


Keffals and Chris have several things in common. Like Chris, Keffals became fascinated with video games at a young age. They both have a successful history of e-begging in lieu of finding real work. Chris and Keffals are both transgender, although Keffals has put considerably more work into transitioning and maintaining her appearance, including getting a gender reassignment surgery. Most importantly, like Chris, Keffals' shenanigans became fare for mockery and derision from communities like Kiwi Farms. It is possible, though unlikely, that their shared trauma inspired sympathy for Chris, despite what he's done. It is more probable that Keffals is yet another grifter using Chris for profit and clout.

Keffals professes to be a communist, and ran two unsuccessful campaigns to join Canada's government as a representative of their parliament. Chris, with his decades of gaming the system, exists as perhaps the single greatest argument against government redistribution of wealth. Keffals has also given herself an unwarranted level of self-importance comparable to Chris on multiple occasions; one example relevant to Christory was her bragging about getting an entry on this wiki (a site that formerly had the motto of "where no shit is too minor", which it lived up to and still does), as if this was some kind of accomplishment comparable to getting a trophy.

Kiwi Farms Feud and CWCki Collateral Damage

Keffals initially did not involve herself in Christory directly, but her feud with Kiwi Farms caused collateral damage. In 2022, Kiwi Farms doxed Keffals, to which she retaliated by attempting to have Kiwi Farms shut down. In August 2022, a wave of Denial of Service attacks began against Kiwi Farms and 1776 Hosting, which caused the CWCki – which also used 1776 Hosting – to go offline alongside Kiwi Farms. The CWCki was offline from 22 August to 22 October 2022, returning to the net when Marvin moved the CWCki to a new host, Sollutium cloud services.[4][5] Kiwi Farms managed to get by in an offline capacity and privately until later regaining a public online presence. The two parties remain opposed to one another to this day, but their feud no longer affects the fate of the CWCki.


Main article: Keffals videos

Early in 2024, Keffals directly placed herself into the tapestry of Christory when Chris sought an interview with her. On 14 January 2024, Chris tweeted an announcement that he would be appearing on a stream with Keffals on 16 January. After concerns about harassment were raised by Keffals' viewers, she made the decision to instead record an offline interview which would be released on YouTube at a later date. The interview was uploaded on 16 January. Keffals later removed the interview from public view in March 2024 for unknown reasons, but denizens of the internet mirrored the video.

"Christory tax"

On 17 January 2024, after an edited version of the interview was uploaded, Keffals added a new Patreon tier titled "Christory tax", offering to release the unedited interview for a hundred thousand dollars, claiming that it would remain Lost Media otherwise.[6] Whether any Christorian will be rich and foolishly dedicated enough to pay up remains to be seen, but as of right now, no one has shown initiative to pay for it up-front or attempt to crowdfund for it.

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