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On 14 January 2024, Chris announced on Twitter that he was to appear on a stream with Keffals.[1] Chris had reached out to Keffals at an unknown time beforehand.[2] The resulting interview, which took place two days later on 16 January, was not conducted live, and Keffals uploaded it onto YouTube later in the day.[3]

Chris's Greeting

On an unknown date, Chris had reached out to Keffals over Discord. When Keffals was skeptical it was the true and honest Chris, he recorded a brief video clip and sent it to Keffals to prove it was really him speaking.[2]

Chris Chan Greeting Keffals
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Keffals: I didn't -- okay, so, like, I did not believe her when she first reached out to me and I was like, "Please show me proof that you're real. There's no fucking way this isn't a troll." Cuz it was just in my Discord message box, right? Like you would think this was a troll.

[Keffals plays back video of Chris.]

Chris: [Sound muted for the first 4 seconds of the video.] -ine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime. [Keffals replays the video of Chris with sound unmuted.] Well, good day to you, Keffals. This is Jesús Christ-een Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime, confirming to you that I am indeed the one and only. And that you need not doubt whatsoever.

The Chris Chan Interview

On 16 January 2024, Keffals interviewed Chris and posted the video online the same day. Notably, this is the first video in which Chris has worn The Classic (or rather, a close replica) since his breakdown at TooManyGames in June 2018.[4] Chris also refers to having notes on hand that he read from at least twice, in particular when he was lying about his affair with his mother. Some time in March 2024, Keffals set the video to private.

The Chris Chan Interview
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Focused, Divine Guidances - 01142024
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  • When asked if he has any regrets, Chris replied about having fallen for theoretical exes and singled out BlueSpike.
  • Chris says he is going to be expanding his collab and getting his posse together with the help of his friend.
  • Chris alludes to the Big Island house he appears to be residing at, by saying that he is renting the place he's in.
  • Chris lies that his Affair with Mother was not real and that Bella had presented him with perverted ideas and that he had went along with it to test her, and finally that she failed the test by splicing together their video calls to report him to police. Chris's claims conflict with chat leaks which show that Chris had initiated discussion of incest with Bella.[5][6]
  • Chris spreads misinformation that Bella had wanted to record Chris and Fiona having sex and then claim Fiona to be underage.
  • Chris claims it had been his choice to let himself be jailed.
  • Chris says Russia is the modern-day Babylon and that Putin will fall by his own sword.



Keffals: If they were to write a book about the history of the internet, Christine Weston Chandler, better known online under the name "Chris-Chan," would probably have several chapters dedicated to them. Known as the most documented person online, there's no shortage of information about her. Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History is now at part 82, extensively documenting her entire life.

The reasons for this obsession with Christine are far too complex for me to address here. But let's just say she's not known primarily for positive reasons. People are in fact so obsessed with her that before I could even upload this video, I was given my own entry on the Sonichu wiki - which I have printed off and hung on my wall to show off like a trophy.

If you want to know more about Christine and the controversy surrounding her, I would recommend a two-part podcast series done by Behind The Bastards entitled "A Terrible Story About The Internet."

On August 2nd 2021 Christine was released from Central Virginia Regional Jail after charges were pressed against her for raping her mother. The charges were dropped on March 27th, 2023, and Christine has remained relatively low-profile since. During her time in jail, a campaign I organized to get CloudFlare to drop Kiwi Farms as a customer succeeded, and this caught the attention of Christine - who was aware that many years ago, Kiwi Farms would go by another name: the CWCki forums.

A few months ago, Christine reached out to me asking to come onto my channel and have a conversation with me. I do not believe Christine is a completely innocent victim, nor do I believe she is an entirely evil and reprehensible person. She has done terrible things and has had terrible things done to her. My interest in this conversation came from a place of wanting to understand her, and not mock or belittle her, as that is already overabundant on this platform.

The following video is the conversation that took place.

Keffals: So I know when I put this interview up, like a lot of the people who were going to watch this already know who you are.

Chris: Yeah.

Keffals: But I guess what I wanted to ask like starting this off is--

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Keffals: --for the people who aren't familiar with who you are, how would you describe yourself?

Chris: Well, my full name uh which I'm looking to legally update soon enough is I am Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime, and I am the prime of all my self counterparts throughout the multiverse. But essentially who and what I am - I am actually the one avatar of all existence but I'm also the artist and creator and chronicler of the Sonichu and Rosechu species, especially in particular that of the specials, which are the ones that have more abilities in them as opposed to the regulars, cause the Sonichus and Rosechus they are species of Pokémon, electric hedgehogs, along with their evolved form Metonics and Vamprosas, and their pre-evolved form Sonees and Rosees, the baby Pokémon, you know? Heh. But anyway I've written and drawn multiple books and I'm looking to get back into that much more. I'm going to be expanding my collab a bit, just essentially getting my posse together in a way with the help of my friend who's helping me out here, which I'm renting the place I'm in right now. Putting that out there, in case anyone's asking because I'm breaking the fourth wall; you're asking! You're asking! All you weens out there, you don't know better!

Keffals: It must have been a long journey for you.

Chris: Oh epically.

Keffals: People have been fascinated with you for more than two decades, like I've heard people call you the most documented person in history. There have been content creators who have made entire careers just out of talking about you. And I guess I just wanted to ask, what does it feel like to be like the closest equivalent of a real world Truman Show?

Chris: Ha! Ha! Oh that's actually a decent comparison, but yeah uh it has its blessings and then it also has its drawbacks, I mean, shoot- I want to respond to somebody on Twitter especially on something I feel very passionate about? And then it's like you know I'll put, it's like y'know I'll make a comment on like Twitter like I did recently, and then the weens, the toxic ones, those darkest sinners among the minority - they're only [audio glitch] 1% of the whole worldwide population, that level, irredeemable, but anyway they get on me like that, they badgered the person that originally posted that tweet, and the person that posted the tweet that I commented on just blocks me - when that's not the answer because they're still going to attack them regardless, so the thing to do is just obviously just identify those that made those comments just talking about me building onto the drama of it all, as opposed to just answering the question which the individual was talking about, and just blocking them who made the comments. But anyway shoot [sigh] it's a real mess, so on the one hand it's just a good way to get ahead, get away, meditate, reconnect and just move forward.

Keffals: How do you move forward?

Chris: [Sigh]]] I try to clear my head as best I can, I don't always have the ability to do that but when I take my deep breath and get into my meditative mindset... and it's obvious that I connect with everything, heh, but it allows me to get myself grounded and then I just feel better. Still have a problem mastering it though, I mean just between my body and brain here just having difficulty mastering my powers and abilities and getting a better understanding of it all. At least we're making good progress along the way.

Keffals: I guess that's - it's a skill. It takes a long time, I know I still struggle with that.

Chris: Yeah certainly day with me, even in my past lives and iterations of myself.

[Jump cut]]

Keffals: So one thing I did want to ask is - while I was preparing for this interview, I was like poring over so much of what people have written about you, all of the h- "Christory", they called it. They created an entire new term just to talk about your own personal history. But the thing that's always missing and why I thought it'd be really fascinating to talk to you is how you feel about it, your own opinions on these things. How would you summarize the last two decades of your life, since you got the attention of the Internet?

Chris: Massive crazy rollercoaster. Just, I mean, as I am and as I was in my past life and everything, just, I would've attracted all this whether or not we had the Internet, but I have my mixed feelings about it. I have felt angry and upset with a lot of the downsides, and those that tried to - like they bullied me, they picked on me, they blackmailed, deceived me, and then obviously just drag my name, my good name through the worst of mud, muck and bodily fluids and just their whole twisting it around and just making me a whole bad individual, which of course I'm not, I'm very kind, I have empathy and compassion. And in my works I've managed to try to convey that but obviously it's not perfect because the influences from these individuals that just effects not only me but just our entire universe and timeline in general, and then this, phew. Enough is enough sometimes I just feel that I tolerate as much as I can and of course I keep an optimistic output and faith in the kindness and good and love of everyone in general, including yourself.

Keffals: I think like every person, even when they're an empathetic person, we all make mistakes and I guess--

Chris: Oh most definitely.

Keffals: Looking back, do you have any regrets?

Chris: [Sigh] Hmm. Well the, I'd say among, I'd say - essentially just let myself fall for the theoretical exes as I call them, and let them do me over like they did, and I'm just going to name drop this one. JULAAAAY. The Bluespike, that held my Playstation Network accountable and saw the loss of Sonichu Medallion #2. [points at backwards medallion] #3's staying longest, testing the time. But that's just a whole thing I'm not going to go into right now 'cause [stares intently, points at his face] I think this expression just says enough.

Keffals: Understandable.

Chris: Yep. [sigh] But aside from that I do appreciate that like y'know they had to help shape and develop me mentally and emotionally so I could have that damage within me to be stronger and more ready for it in the longer run, so I can actually finally do something about it within like present tense in the recent years, especially after I managed to clear my mind over the past couple of years. [jump cut] So every blessing counts and then I do observe just, the not-so-good things which some of them can be considered blessings in disguise when you think about it.

Keffals: Absolutely. I, I guess it's just been - there's been so many controversies that you've been involved with over the years, and--

Chris: Ohhh yeah.

Keffals: If you could go back and redo any of them, is there something that you would do differently?

Chris: Well I guess if there's anything that I would do differently it's just try not to react so harshly just after I found out, found the Encyclopedia Dramatica page about me back in late 2007 I believe it was, and then finding the graphic fan art of Rosie Rosechu just being drawn with I mean, I mean yeah. Originally just like you know I thought, I mean, she was, she did end up becoming all female but it turns out she was a male Raichu before she became the very first Rosechu of all existence in general and then just obviously a physical transition for the chaos energy made her go from being a male Raichu to being a full intersex Rosechu to being a fully female Rosechu. Which is why she did end up having the pointed tail despite the fact that when I originally drew the Raichu in Book Zero I wasn't totally aware of female Raichus being different from the male Raichus just at the tail between a point to just a flat tip.

Keffals: It's interesting you bring that up, that actually leads me into a question - because I've seen this criticism be made about you repeatedly at this point - are you, do you identify as transgender? There is a rumor that is going around where apparently you are not transgender and your entire transition is a ploy to prey on women.

Chris: Oh good grief. So false, I mean, I've been on the estradiol and the spironolactone for years. I changed the marker on my driver's license from M to F. I grew out my hair for one thing. I think these [points at moobs] would also make a statement as well, but my eyes are up here! Haha. Ah, but seriously, no, authentic, I realized myself as identifying more feminine than masculine, so I literally came out as that to myself, and I realize I like it both ways so I fully identify as a bisexual trans woman. Two of the stripes on the LGBTQIA flag colors.

Keffals: I assumed that's what the answer was, because this seems pretty cut and paste transphobia that you see everywhere.

Chris: Ah yep, all the homophobia, I mean I was affected by that as well, and just the trolls and the internet bullying me and thrusting gay images on me like when I had the CWCkipedia and the individuals behind that just put them on the sides, you know these gay boy ads link to like porn sites or whatever. Hey, that's a thing, don't force sexuality on others, just let them find it out for themselves in their own enlightenments and developments period. And just essentially you find cringe in others, you'll likely find something encringing in yourself but hey, regardless of your background where you had individuals that supported who you were along the day and support others for who and what they were or not just, hey, just do not judge others for things that you are yourself.

Keffals: There were people who were telling me when this was announced that talking to you and putting this on a public platform would be irresponsible, saying that you are so mentally unwell and you're neurologically, developmentally challenged and that it would actually hurt you in order to talk to you. But I didn't go forward with any of those concerns, because - as someone who has been targeted by these hate sites and these stalking sites, I know one of the tactics that they often use is to try and alienate people from their victims.

Chris: Yep, that's right. That's just nuts in general.

Keffals: For over half your life now, people have attempted, many successfully, to manipulate you into doing things you otherwise wouldn't do. Even pretending to be your fans in some case in order to convince you that those things were good. Do you find it hard to trust people now? And what impact has it had on your mental health?

Chris: Hmm. I do not find it harder to trust others because it just depends on their intentions, which is deeply resonant, from deepest within their energy and their souls as it were so it's just my innate sense, it's just like you know if intentions are going to be like somewhere the middle of the road that fears towards the greed, the hate and whatnot, then yeah I can just sense that innately without them even being come close to me because otherwise I would have not have sensed that Trump was so - trying to think of the word here - arrogant as he was long before even the first presidential can- debate between him and Hillary Clinton. Way back in, uh, 2016, I think that was in October if I remember correctly, maybe September but anyway I would not have sensed that long before that, that guy was just so arrogant I mean you look at his pictures from even before 2016 you would just sense how evil he was beforehand and how evil he was going to be, and I'm not going to say further than that. [cut to black]

Keffals: One of the things I wanted to bring up as an example - and correct me if I'm wrong on this, I don't know all of the history of your life, I'm not like some of the more obsessed people on the internet who pick apart every little thing, but I know that there was a group of trolls who were called The Idea Guys and one of their ideas, what they wanted you to do, they were trying to manipulate you into believing that like your cartoon - your comics - were real, and that you had mystical powers and there was a dimensional merge happening where you could do to Quickyville.

Chris: Uh, well first of all it's pronounced CWCville, you just say CWC like it's spelled like the word "quick". Uh but secondly no, they were pretty much affirming what I already knew long before they came because you look at the multiverse, anything and everything is possible in existence and just you know I literally have been to the other half of our Earth that was divided long ago in 1389 AD by Merlin the Magician and two other sourcerers by order of King Arthur herself. Just dividing the magic and the fantastical overpowered individuals and creatures into one dimension, and then Earth that we on, the majority, only has like so much magic in it into the other. And the merge IS happening where the two Earth halves are coming back together and we're all going to be tangibly coexistence which we have been for a long time, but there's been that tangibility fail in between us but it's thinning even more so we're able to see everything and everyone more clearly. But going back to the question at hand, Idea Guys Stephen Boyd and the individuals behind it, of course I've gotta mention Joshua Wise in that, just that guy did a massive tear and wear on the C197 half of our Earth but fortunately just because they deviate into multiple different timelines between when they started in about October 2017 up to about mid April 2018 just that was a whole bunch of mess and details where I mean - if anybody listen to the events between those two dates, late October 2017 to mid April 2018 you will see just like fantastical things that would not happen otherwise, just like if they continued on as normal, just even like the most minute of things, you just recognize or sense that. But yeah essentially what they did, they worked through me, and it just kinda like manifested in many ways for everybody and everything on the 1218 half but by the end of it I was able to undo all that and clear it up and just get a better understanding and appreciation of everyone and everything in general period. Despite what they did.

Keffals: Do you ever worry, though, that people are able to convince you that you already had an idea in the first place?

Chris: Oh. I don't need convincing because it was an innate thing that I was aware of since I was born but I never realized. It's like you could say first perspective "Oh sure, everybody has that, they just can't see themselves unless they look in the mirror" but no, I mean aside from everybody just being like a typical camera just being like background individuals I'm literally the real player one [Chris makes finger goggles] my perspective is camera 0000000 but this individual is like camera one, camera two and so on

Keffals: Of course(!) I don't want to attack your beliefs and li-

Chris: It's not just the multiverse

Keffals: -like the chance of all of those things actually being real, there's no way you can say for certain that it's a 0% chance. Just like any possible thing could happen in the multiverse.

Chris: Anything is possible [jump cut] So if anything all they were doing is just affirming and helping me get a better understanding for myself which I further realized in my bare meditations after I cleared my head and everything.

Keffals: I want to ask the hard question now. This is the hardest question that I have planned for the interview and I'm just saying this ahead of time, but - from what I understand, you were an inmate at Central Virginia Regional Jail from August 2nd 2021 until your release on March 27th 2023 on charges of incest. Those charges were dropped in August of last year. Now people have seen all of the criticisms made about you, they've gone through the court documents, they've presented it all over the internet, in the news etc. but what I've never seen about this side of the story is how this all played out from your own perspective, and I was wondering if you could tell us all how that happened.

Chris: Of course [Chris puts his hand on his heart and raises his hand palm outward] With hand on heart and hand above, the truth and only the truth. So anyway, so what essentially happened to just get this out the way as I mentioned earlier video, just there never was anything like that that happened between Barbara and I. Period. Now between the months in which Barbara and I - all we did was just talk and I just got to know her a little bit better in her past, okay, just like her father had passed and died and fell off his wagon way back in the day and her brother Stanley was the one that found him and then just essentially told the rest of the family, that was just one story for example, but it's just that made Barbara feel better in her later years and everything, alright, just talking and helping her go back to her history, revitalizing her brain cells and everything. Now aside from that, so, Isabella. So she is very sexually perverted and kinky and she had the idea of just setting me up to have sexual relations with girl Fiona who ended up in a mental institution for a week, and recording that on the assumption that Fiona was underage, which at that time she was not, she was literally 19 years old at the time. But then, yeah, Bella, she also tried to get me or rather persuade me into other sexual deviations of which I declined and she actually got me to go into roleplay and fictions which she had, which she presented just like various things and some of these were actually written in fanfics by others in this timeline and because shoot what did that do, they have their own crazy wilds and everything, just nuts. But anyway, so she just kept presenting the ideas and I went along with her because as a friend I had to test her out and see what she would do in the outcome because there were the four known outcomes with regards to Everfree Northwest 2021 convention, but anyway so - I'm just checking my notes here really quick, I had this written down before this, I thought I'd meditate on it in recollection - but yeah she essentially failed the test when she took all that, the video calls we did, and she spliced them all together and she admitted on a Discord server and uploaded that video to have her comrades call the police on me, reveal my location, they came to force me out of the house and then came to get me and all that, and obviously her intentions on that were essentially making myself go into being unalive, you know that's just not good, or institutionalized or end up in jail but since I had the choice I let myself be in jail - and of course I used that time to meditate, clear my head and really understand and realize myself, my role and everything that is going on - was going on at the time. During the jail and future tense and even present tense this day, this time, this moment. Sigh. But anyway, I'm just checking my notes here, oh right but essentially yeah she wanted me to fabricate all of that which you know was in a distant alternate timeline - very distant, but did not happen here, it never happened here in this timeline. And what she did to essentially try and get me to become unalive and whatever still backfired on her but moreover was a good point on me because I managed to, I got to clear my head and stayed alive. So that's a testament so no demonic or devil persuasion is ever going to make me or force myself to become unalive in general and just a further testament where I can count my blessings along even the darkest of situations. And by the way I really have no idea where they got the idea where I ended up in prison because there's a massive difference between just a community jail and a prison. These weens, these toxic individuals, they can just be so really really stupid sometimes.

Keffals: I'm sorry if I said that, I'm not an American, I don't know like the distinctions very well, but I guess jail is regional like a state and prison is like a federal institution.

Chris: Yeah definitely. But anyway so in a way I did end up in an institution but I kept myself grounded and all that along the way during those couple of months and just let everything go along and play out as they were. I confirmed the details along the way with the newspaper, I'm so glad we got Brittney Griner back, and just unfortunately we had to lose, get the black merchant of death back in Russia, but fortunately since Russia is the modern day Babylon - going down! And so is Vladimir Putin by his own sword, feel free and mark my words on that. [cut to black]

Keffals: It's interesting because this time period is actually where I get involved in this entire story somehow with Kiwi Farms - because while you were in jail, they didn't have you to talk about, and they were looking for new people to talk about. And that's when they found me.

Chris: Yeah. And not only you but just everybody else in general period. I mean, shoot - hey! Who wants a lolcow of the Year award? Nope. Nobody.

Keffals: Nobody wants this.

Chris: And yet I end up with a 3D Printed cow in the mail one year, many years ago, just painted gold, and was like ok here's your lol- you've been elected Lolcow of the Year, I think this is back in 2014 or so, give or take. I forget when exactly.

Keffals: The thing that you're saying with Isabelle Janke I think really goes back to what I was saying before, where people try to manipulate you into doing bad things, into hurting you, and trying to convince you, plant the idea in your head that going forward with it is a good idea. You have a lot more life experience than me. I don't want to be in the position of trying to say what you should and shouldn't do, but I just hope that you take care of yourself.

Chris: Yeah I do take care of myself and I'm just progressing better. I got a lot more good friends available by my side, I'm running my posse up there, things are shaping up for me, and not just for me, but for everybody else in general as we have a lot less and less of the toxic and evil darkest stimming individuals and coexistence with us. That number is decreasing.

Keffals: So, are all of the charges now dropped?

Chris: Yes.

Keffals: Ok. I knew about the one but again, I don't look - I'm not one of these obsessed freaks. I mostly wanted to do my due diligence because I know there's going to be a lot of people - when I said I wanted to do this interview, there were like dozens and dozens of my fans who said they didn't - they weren't even aware the charges were dropped, as people only follow to hate you. They don't care about the good news, they don't want to see you do better, so the good things that are happening in your life never get publicized.

Chris: Yeah. They have all these outdated concepts of me, they just want to be like they think I weigh over 250 lbs or so, but no last time I checked on the scale I was around 215. And obviously I do work out, I go out, I exercise a lot - I mean I got Pokéstops in a few gyms nearby here so I can optionally go out and play Pokémon Go, just every day if I wanted to or just whatever. I do my own thing though my habits are rather inconsistent, there's still some inconsistency, I mean there's still some consistency in my habits, you know like I do shower daily! I do not stink! Where have you got that idea from? Just - have you ever met me in person? I take my showers, I wash myself with soap and water, I do not just use the Axe body spray as y'all have misconceived of that. I mean yeah it's a good body spray, it makes you smell better in the armpits at least, but it's not substitute for good old fashioned soap, water, shampoo and conditioner.

Keffals: I have an interesting question because you've been harassed and stalked far longer than you've been out as trans. Like this happened years before you came out. What's the difference been? How has it changed since you came out as trans?

Chris: I'd say kinda more or less the same. So obviously they were aware of me not being on the normal, uh, just trying to think of the word there - well they just pretty much were on the idea that I wasn't straight in a way, you know sexually? I mean obviously it came out in like my voice tones, or from something I've written or drawn in the books in the past or whatever that they just pieced together, which ultimately it ended up being true when I figured that out from myself. And just now that that's out of the way it's been confirmed that I'm bisexually trans woman, it's like I feel like there's been a slight decrease because they realize - because they know that of me, it confirms it's one less thing for them to pick on me about, especially because that's more or less becoming acceptable though obviously could become more acceptable in the longer run in certain countries, which is going to be in fact and true, eventually, but it shall be good anyway. Anyway, but then there's like a slight increase on the other aspects as well and just whatever things they're going to pick on that's they find from within themselves respectively that they just thrust onto me in a similar way or another that they just think it's just totally cringe, they're going to attack me for that, but in the reality it's like they're attacking themselves for what they were. Like obviously, like some of them, they could be gay, and they just attacking me like "yeah you're bisexual, you like dicks as well" but hey you know what? Those individuals, they like dicks as well, and they should not be criticizing or judging others based on what they are themselves, regardless of their background, upbringing and those that may not have been fond of the just LGBTQIA and everything. But there's a lot of things they can reflect upon that and change for themselves, but also in another way as they talk it out, they're also just getting further processing and understanding for themselves. They're innately meditating and connecting without totally realizing it, they'll some just want to remain closed off and just stick to the old iterations so outdated, so last century. Hey! 2006 called, they want their kick the autistic gay back! They want their kick the LGBTQIA individual back! And so forth.

Keffals: Now that you're out of jail and all of this stuff is behind you, how are you planning on moving forward with your life?

Chris: Well, present tense, I'm moving forward with living life. Like I said going back to writing and drawing the Sonichu books, there's a lot more details and everything which I was actually able to get in one or two of my recent livestreams, reading Act 4 of Chaos Crystal Control, which took place back in late February 2006, but really brought it individuals from present tense, you know between late 2022 to early to present day right here - they just literally went back in time to that day. Including of course individuals like ProjectSNT and Courtney along with her, and even you know just like uh I'm going to name drop a few, so like Doctor Wolf, Lightning Bliss and Mad Munchkin just to name a few, oh and ObabScribbler, I love her by the way, she does just great great excellent voice dubbing and comic dub reading and anyway just a very kind individual in general but just more than them and there are a whole lot of others as well, they just literally end up going back to 2006 and then helping and manifesting one part of the ultimate miracle and the dimension merge still in progress and soon to be wrapping up within the next year or two. I don't have the exact date in my mind because nobody, not even me can know that, not even unconsciously because that is in the divine plan as from within the light sources and the Heaven realm and among the Gods and Goddesses and everything in this universe and this timeline set of universes, but moreover in this universe but also beyond that to literally the alpha and omega point of all existence, the beginning and end of all timelines.

Keffals: Thank you so much for coming on the show Christine. It was a real pleasure.

Chris: Yes. And thank you for having me Keffals and thank you again for just taking down Kiwi Farms that massive peg.

Keffals: Well-

Chris: That was a lot more than I was able to do on Encyclopedia Dramatica page, for sure.

Keffals: Here's what I learned after going through all that. I came to this realization. You can take down a website but the trolls never go away. They'll get a new website. At the end of the day, it's something you've either got to realize the kitchen is hot and deal with the heat, or you've got to get out of there.

Chris: Yeah. I got flames around me. I'm pretending I'm in the kitchen like that dog is - "oh sure, it's all fine". I could just tolerate it or I could just whoosh it away and let the flames be gone with holy light power and cleansing goodness

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