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This undated phone call between Chris and Kacey took place in mid-September 2009.


  • Chris instantly begins by rambling about stress, phone calls, and doctors. It's nearly impossible to make out anything he's saying.
  • Kim had to explain what a metabolism was to Chris. Kacey is snarky about Chris not knowing what it meant, and said that he's not ready for the information because it's too high level for him.
  • Kacey is explaining what different words mean, like sodium and calcium. Chris seems generally interested in learning more about this.
  • Chris claims that because he is on cholesterol medication, that means that he has good cholesterol.
  • Chris drove around his neighborhood to see how big it was, due to this he claims that he walked almost two miles. Chris doesn't know what jogging is.
  • Kacey talks to Chris for a long time about oatmeal and how it's not healthy due to sugar.
  • Chris: "We only have a total of four cars."
  • Chris's mom refuses to sell her car, despite the fact that she doesn't even drive it anymore, and they only use Chris's car or his dad's car. He adds that she's been hoarding since she quit her job.
  • Kacey asks Chris if he's ever thought about giving up soda. "I can't go cold turkey on it" -Chris
  • Chris talks about Red Skelton.
  • Chris was looking to buy some workout DVDs or a treadmill so he too can join the thousands of rednecks who don't use the treadmill in their house.
  • Chris is thinking about buying Carmen Electra's workout striptease DVD.
  • Chris is thinking about buying a guitar, but explains that he'd have to save money for it. Kim suggested it.
  • Chris mentioned that he's working on his own audiobooks.
  • Kacey nags Chris to scan in his recent video game receipts and pictures of his PSN account to prove he's not buying any more games.


Kacey Call 14
Stardate ???
Featuring Chris; Kacey
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Saga
Audio Recordings
Kacey Call 13
Kacey Call 15

Chris: Hello?

Kacey: Hey, it's Kacey, what's up?

Chris: [voice instantly becomes much higher pitched] Hi, Kace! You got out, you got out, you got home early?

Kacey: Yeah, I did. Actually I did we were really slow, so I got to get out early.

Chris: Well that's good. How are you?

Kacey: Uh, just a little tired. I kinda rushed through my ending [?] work.

Chris: Aw. OK. Well I'm OK, I had, I had a better days, you know. Little bit, little bit more peaceful. Uh, I uh, skimmed through my email, but it's not like I really checked my email, um…

Kacey: Mmhm?

Chris: [talking really quickly and stuttering] I mean, I mean, you know, I kinda asked you and Kim, if you know, concerned about like, you know, concerned about, concerned about, you know… Uh, like you know I blanked out and was really distant, you know, like you know, it was, it was just normal stress. But, you know I, I replied and uh, told her to know that my appreciation for her concern but it, you know, was just normal stress and it stress just me to blank out and all that. Yeah, I'm going to talk my doc-, I'm going to talk to my doctor about uh, you know my stress and uh, all that you know, all that she between you, me, she, we three talked about it.

Kacey: [probably understood very little] OK.

Chris: Oh, actually I also uh, just remember uh, Kim told me a little bit about, th-, about the metabolism and uh, what that was. And, uh, you know, she just I talked you know. Maybe you could inform me more about it?

Kacey: You, you didn't know what a metabolism was?

Chris: Yeah, not really until I said, but then she described it in a nutshell as like uh, the uh, speed o-, the speed of digestion.

Kacey: Um, yeah, I mean I guess that's good for layman's terms, yeah.

Chris: Mmkay. What else do you know about it?

Kacey: [slightly over Chris's question] It's an extremely complicated process that goes down to the cellular level and I'm not sure you're ready for that.

Chris: It's OK. So… Tell me more about it.

Kacey: Well, OK, just what you need to know is metabolism is basically just what she told you. It's how fast your body takes in things, like glucose and fats and all sorts of chemicals and uses them up or stores them. If you have a fast metabolism you're going to use it al-, a lot closer, or a lot sooner, sorry.

Chris: [weakly] Mmkay.

Kacey: I mean I bet you don't even know what glucose is.

Chris: Yeah, glucose is a type of fat.

Kacey: No, uh glucose is what sugar breaks down into.

Chris: Oh. OK.

Kacey: Adipose tissue is fat.

Chris: Uh, I'm sorry, what kind of tissue is fat?

Kacey: Adipose.

Chris: Adipose?

Kacey: Yes. Adipose. It, it means fat.

Chris: Huh… [Kacey talks over him] Adipose is fat.

Kacey: I mean, you know like, break down, like, sodium. Uh, do you know what sodium is?

Chris: Yeah, sodium's like salt.

Kacey: Okay, at least you know what that is.

Chris: [weakly] Mmkay.

Kacey: Uh, 'cause things like calcium and potassium and sodium are extremely important to how your cells work.

Chris: Okay. Cap-, calcium and potassium and sodium. Yeah, I've heard that uh, yeah, one needs to have a good little bit of potassium and fortunately there is potassium in bananas and peanuts.

Kacey: Right, but you don't want too much of neither sodium or, um potassium, because then your homeostasis will be put off. Do you know what homeostasis is?

Chris: OK, yeah that's a new one on me. [pronouncing it incorrectly] Homeostasius.

Kacey: Homeostasis. It means the balance your body is in for th-, to be working at optimal levels.

Chris: Oh. The balance for my body to be working at optimal levels. OK.

Kacey: Yeah, I mean, like I said it's huge 'cause then you have to get into positive feedback and negative feedback, you have to get into sol-, uh, cellular levels and it's just… It- it- it's a lot.

Chris: Yeah. It does sound like a lot. [long pause] So please continue.

Kacey: Uhh, well what do you want to know about? Ask some questions, cause I don't know what wa- wo- would be too deep. I mean what do you want to know about metabolism?

Chris: Hmm... OK well yeah, I understand that th-, sleep slows metabolism and that uh, it's a bad idea to eat before you go to asleep. Because uh, then it just, th-, then the sweetness sw-, the uh, digestion get slows down and then that's uh, one way the body and one wa-, and one wa-, one way that fat builds up.

Kacey: Well technically um, you actually burn a lot of calories when you're sleeping. But yeah if you eat just before then umm, basically it depends on when you're eating. um, Because that's going to get your metabolism, no you probably shouldn't when you're not active. But the thing is that's also for people who usually eat only three times a day, if you eat five to six little meals and two snacks today you're pretty much OK. Because then your body's constantly eating-- like if you only eat once a day which is really bad, your body goes into starvation mode even though you're not starving yourself and it holds onto everything it can, especially fat.

Chris: Hmm, mmkay. Yeah, well fortunately I like uhh, I eat-, som-, yeah, I like eat two or three meals in a day. [pause] Or uhh, like you know maybe, or like, you know maybe two uhh, or maybe two and uh, a small one or yeah like maybe a-, maybe one big meal and two little ones, something like that.

Kacey: Well it also depends on the portions you eat, like if you were eating multiple portions and a meal, you're not helping yourself at all, you're actually hurting your metabolism.

Chris: Yeah, I mostly eat, I mostly eat a single portion.

Kacey: Well, I think we already discussed that you don't really know what portion sizes are. Like OK, OK like, umm, a, [thinks] what do you usually get when you go to McDonald's? Or Burger King? Anywhere, what sandwich do you usually get?

Chris: OK, well lately I've been ahh, lately I've been eating ahh, the ahh, "size sar" [salad?] when I been going to McDonald's or Burger King.

Kacey: [interrupts] OK, woah woah OK, you use to get grilled chicken sandwiches right?

Chris: Um, yeah I did get a grilled chicken sandwich [Kacey: "OK."] or sometimes, or some-, or sometimes I'll have like a double cheeseburger.

Kacey: OK well lets go through the double cheeseburger, how many servings of bread and meat do you think that is?

Chris: Hmm... [thinks] yeah, it would be stupid of me to say, one of each right? [chuckles]

Kacey: [humorous tone] It would be amazingly stupid.

Chris: Yeah, I dunno maybe probably like, I dunno like, two or three?

Kacey: Well yeah, it's like two and a half for bread and if you have, let's say each patty is... we'll go ahead and say nine ounces each that is, [Chris: "Is that how much?"] that's almost six servings of meat right there.

Chris: Hmm, six servings are nine ounces?

Kacey: Well, 'cause it's anywhere from three to four ounces. So think about that, you're eating all the meat you should eat, in one burger.

Chris: [pause] OK.

Kacey: And it's not even lean.

Chris: [pause] Hmm.

Kacey: I know it's scary right?

Chris: No! No, it n-, it's not scary, just surprising.

Kacey: [typing] Well I mean, you can go to your doctor and get tests for your metabolism to see where it is.

Chris: [stutters as he lies] Yeah I, yeah I'll, yeah, I think it's OK but yeah I'll check with my doctor next time, sure they can, I'm sure that's, that's, that's in the bloodwork [pronounced "budwork"]. [long pause] Well at least my cholesterol is OK.

Kacey: [laughs] Well how do I know that? You're on cholesterol um, medicine! I mean that's not good! That's not good at all! That means it not OK! [chuckles] 'Cause even if it is helping out with your homeostasis, that means you can't do it on your own.

Chris: Hmm, yeah well, yeah, like I said before-

Kacey: I- I mean it's my opinion that your metabolism is probably pretty bad right now, I mean mine is too! So I mean you should probably get it looked into.

Chris: Yeah OK. Yeah, after talking about it right now yeah, I'll definitely get my metabolism checked out. [long pause] Yeah I'll, yeah I'll talk to my doctor after I see him in November.

Kacey: Well you should probably get that done now, I mean this is important you shouldn't wait till November.

Chris: Hmm.

Kacey: Like me, in about a week, I'm getting all these test done you know, so I can see what I can improve my metabolism right, and I'm going on a diet plan and everything.

Chris: Yeah well you see the thing is you know, um, my family has informed me like you know, if I schedule an appointment with my doctor it has to be like you know, ahh, I dunno, like an aliment or something because you know, our insur- our insurance.

Kacey: [loudly interrupts] Chris this is an aliment! This is extremely an aliment! Obesity is counted as a disease! I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, or I don't like fat people or anything, but this is important! Don't you care about your health? And plus you're on Medicaid!

Chris: Um yeah, yeah OK, well, yeah, well I'll check with my family about that, and uhh, I'll see if I can't get an appointment to get my metabolism checked out.

Kacey: OK, do you really need your family to tell you if it's OK for you to care about your body?

Chris: [slightly angry tone] Uhh, no I do not need my family to tell me if it's OK to worry about my body or not. But I uhh, I just have to make sure that like, you know, insurance would cover a metabolism check up.

Kacey: Well your family's not going to know that, you're going to have to call the insurance company or your going to have to call the doctor, and even if you don't get your metabolism checked, it's a good idea to go to your doctor and have an appointment and say, "Look, I really think I'm unhealthy, I want to get healthy again," and you should do that first. Because he's going to tell you whether he wants to check your metabolism or not, you may not even have to.[Chris: "Hmm."] Your doctor would probably be thrilled.

Chris: [almost humoring tone] M'kay yeah, [pause] yeah sounds good [pause] yeah well I get- yeah, I get uhh, I wanna get healthy yeah, uhmm hmm, what do you mean whe-

Kacey: [interrupts] Well you need to be serious about this and vigilant.

Chris: Yeah, I-

Kacey: I mean how healthy do you think you are right now?

Chris: How well do I think I am right now?

Kacey: Yeah, how healthy do you think you are right now?

Chris: Oh, how healthy do I think I am right now? Umm, yeah I can't really say for certain, but I mean I feel OK. Uhh, but at least I'm exercising more and uh, I think my, I think my belly went in a little bit.

Kacey: Well, it's not going to happen that quickly um, unless you're killing yourself, but anyway, or taking steroids, but umm, so did you exercise today? How long did you jog?

Chris: Hmm, yeah I power walked-

Kacey: 'Cause you said you were going to jog more right?

Chris: Yeah I'm getting into the, I'm getting to the jogging, I just haven't gotten to the uhh, I walked, I walked, I uhh, I walked my almost two miles, around the neighborhood I'm not sure, it's almost, it's about two miles, the route I take you know, around my neighborhood. Including my heartbeat-

Kacey: Well how do you know it's two miles? [Chris: "Yeah, I previously-"][interrupts] did you have a- uhm?

Chris: Yeah, I previously measured it with my car.

Kacey: I don't know how you would measure with your car. Maybe you should get uh, one of those step monitors, that would help, most phones actually have them on there, umm or they have speed watches.

Chris: Uhh, yeah, my phone is a Motorola W315 so I'm pretty, and plus, aside, and plus, I don't see it on there, so I'm pretty sure its not on there.

Kacey: Well it'll be an application or something, a lot of phones do. But either way you gotta start jogging, walking's not going to help you, I told you, you know, it's NOT going to help you at all, and if you can't even jog, then you're seriously out of shape.

Chris: [pause] Hmm, yeah, well I mean I could jog if I knew the running speed that jogging- if I knew the appropriate speed that is, I mean I know it's somewhere between walking and running.

Kacey: No it's, you have to get your heart rate up, you have to go online. The are calculators that you can use that will check what your heart rate needs to be for your weight and your height, and then what-

Kacey: -do is you, you take your two fingers err, your umm, your pointer finger and your, the two ones by your thumb and you put them on your pulse in your neck and you count the beats per minute and that's your heart rate.

Chris: Yeah, I, I've learned that before yeah, the uhh measuring heart rate, before you called.

Kacey: Well then you definitely, definitely, need to do it.

Chris: [pause] OK. [longer pause]

Kacey: So anything else on your mind? You know like both metabolism or any science stuff?

Chris: Uhhh, I think it's pretty much, I think it's pretty much it for me there, on that. Arrum, OK let me tell you about my day a little bit umm, yeah I had my oat-, I had my oatmeal as usual at first, and then I, and then I went out with my father, you know, just to keep him company. Uhh, he c-

Kacey: Um, real quick, what type of oatmeal do you have?

Chris: Yeah currently it's the Food Lion-brand oatmeal.

Kacey: Well I mean is it flavored? Or is it instant? Or is it the actual oats?

Chris: Uhh, I would say it's uhh, flavored instant.

Kacey: Well you know how much sugar's in there right? I mean if you're gonna eat oatmeal you may as well eat real oatmeal or like some sort of granola. Cause that stuff can be just as bad, especially in the mornings.

Chris: Hmm OK well, if that's the case then, OK well how much sugar should be in the uhh, oatmeal that I shouldn't eat, overeat on or if ca-

Kacey: The shouldn't be any sugar in it, it's oatmeal! I mean if you want to add a little bit of brown sugar cinnamon, that would be good, but that's better than white sugar.

Chris: Yeah, yeah OK, the brown sugar is better then white sugar, hang on, I'm going to go check the oatmeal to see if there's any sugar in it.

Kacey: Yeah definitely!

Chris: Yeah, yeah hang on a second here, [music in the background] hmm let's see errm... oh, OK yeah the, okay yeah, the is, does seem to be sugar in this oatmeal.

Kacey: I mean, I bet it's way over eight grams isn't it? and I bet you eat more than one serving.

Chris: Err no, I eat like one packet umm, let me have a check here umm... yeah I'm looking at the nutrition facts oh, here we are, it's not like uhh, about an of average eleven grams, between the four flavors.

Kacey: Yeah, you want to get down to at minimum about four grams, and even that's pushing it. Just you shou-, what you should do is if you have those nutritional labels you should add up the percentages every day umm, to see umm, if you're going over a hundred percent of course. Plus if you want to lose wight your going to have to gradually decrease your calorie intake.

Chris: [door can be heard] Yeah, I think I'm working on that you know, uhh, I'm ma-, I'm making more healthy choices, you know, I'm eating, I'm eating more fruits and vegetables.

Kacey: Well like I said remember, some fruits and vegetables can be bad for you. Depending on how your metabolism and how you have to lose weight, like with my diet, for the first month I can't have fruits vegetables or anything with carbs. Because these to many carbs in fruits and vegetables, like apples, you wouldn't think it, there in there.

Chris: Huh, there's carbs in apples?

Kacey: Yeah in the skin, it's got fiber.

Chris: Huh, and they always say a doctor a day, a apple a day is good for you and keeps the doctor away.

Kacey: [laughs] Yeah, I mean it's good in moderation, but when you're starting off, you really need to shock your body so it starts using other fuels and in that way at least you can catch up and go to normal [pause] it's not good to stay on it for ever mind you, but [Chris: "Hmm-hmm."] you should really talk to your doctor about this. But umm, go ahead and tell me about your day.

Chris: Uhh, yeah OK, so anyway I went out with my father with uhh, he went, he went out car battery shopping. Cause we need to get our cars inspected in uhh, next month. Including the uhh, incl-, inc-, you know we have twelve, four cars and uhh, one of them is a BMW. It's pretty much suffering the same fate as the Jaguar we use to have, that was supposed to be my mother's car but she's not finding herself driving as much these days. So, yeah so, it's like you know, it was pretty much, pretty much, when I was shopping for an inexpensive battery for that car, for that BMW, and then I-

Kacey: So basically she just not using it so the battery keeps dying?

Chris: Yeah.

Kacey: Well yeah that sucks, you have to use cars. I mean if you're not using it why don't you guys sell it? if she obviously doesn't needs [sounds like "eat"] it.

Chris: Yeah Yeah, my father's been [complaining?] that as well. It's like my mom, my mom does not want to do that. I mean it's her car and I-

Kacey: Yeah but I mean it's sucking up, it's sucking up insurance and it's a BMW, if she's not going to use it I mean, shit or get off the pot.

Chris: Yeah, w-, wait what was, what was that expression you just used?

Kacey: Shit or get off the pot, it's pretty vulgar but it's funny.

Chris: Shit or get off the pot?

Kacey: Yes.

Chris: Huh, never heard that expression before.

Kacey: Yeah it's an old one.

Chris: Hmm.

Kacey: I mean besides she might want to sell it now before it gets too, too old. I mean 'cause then you going to get like what? Three hundred dollars for it? And I mean, you know, it's not like it's a Camaro or a Trans Am or anything.

Chris: Yeah, well it is a stick shift model.

Kacey: See a lot of people don't want stick shifts unless they're collectors and they're going to want them now. Because you know, people are just lazy about stick shifts nowadays.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, my father knows that you know, it can be sold for like ten thousand dollars, and he would like to sell it. But you know, the car's under my mom's name, under my mom's name, it's sorta like you know, we can't do anything without her consent on that thing.

Kacey: Well I mean, if she's not going to use it, she's not going to use it. I mean that's, I mean can she even drive? Does she drive?

Chris: Hmm, yes sometimes but when she drives it's mostly you know, either my car or dad's car or the van.

Kacey: She doesn't even want to use her car, why doesn't she sell it? That, that's not good.

Chris: Well I don't know wha-, what goes in her head. I mean it's like, it's like she, it's she's been that way ever since, ever since she retired a few years ago.

Kacey: I mean, also, she's not running it, it could be rusting. I mean it could be worth nothing soon.

Chris: Yeah, tell me about it. Anyway, anyway, my father says, you know, it would be, it would be in condition, it's just the, it's just the battery that, that's having trouble, you know? Just the battery thing.

Kacey: I know, but it starts there and then it goes to other things like the alternator and that's never good.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. Anyway, getting back to my day, uh, so yeah, I went out with my father who... I kept him company while he battery shopped, uh. Yeah, I also hang, I also hung out with him at, for lunch over at Chick-Fil-A. I had a coupon to get a free large fry with a purchase of a drink, but instead of fries I got a small fruit cup.

Kacey: Uh huh.

Chris: And I, and I had Sprite. Anyway, and uh, anyway, and uh, eventually...

Kacey: Have you ever thought of cutting out sodas?

Chris: Yeah, I am thinking about that. I'm thinking on, like you know, about putting myself on one, but it's a slow process, you know? I mean I can't just go cold turkey on soda.

Kacey: Yeah you can, it's easy.

Chris: Not when you're, not when you're, not when one is a soda jerk. Or, to put it in a negative term, addicted to it.

Kacey: Well, do you get like caffeine headaches if you don't get soda?

Chris: Yeah I wouldn't, I wouldn't know that. It's like, at this point I haven't even gone a day at least, at least, without at least one serving of it.

Kacey: Well yeah, that does seem like a problem. You should probably switch to diet sodas and then to juice and then to water. 'Cause you really need, I mean just getting rid of it would be so much better.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, well fortunately I got like three, unfortunately I had just gotten to the uh, [coughs] Excuse me. [coughs again] I have some, I have mucus in my throat. Well I could say I have a frog in throat, and he's using my tonsils for a lily pad.

Kacey: [forced laugh]

Chris: I got that joke from Red Skelton.

Kacey: Nice.

Chris: Remember Red Skelton? He was a funny man.

Kacey: Yeah, he uh, died a couple of years ago, right?

Chris: No, he died like more than that. Uh, I think he like died during the, uh, ear... during the mid-1990's. I think it was like a heart problem or something. You could look it up.

Kacey: OK.

Chris: Anyway, getting back to, anyway, getting back to the trip out, uh. We ended up also going over to Sears to check that, check out the prices there, but, you know, while he, while my father went to look at the prices, I went to look at the uh, look at the fitness workout DVDs and uh getting, and uh getting, getting the prices, finding the price matches[?] on there, so I can plan on getting, getting a workout DVD. Just like, you know, if I can't go walking, power walking or jogging, like, you know if it's raining or something. Uh, anyway, in the Sears I went looking there for the DVDs, couldn't find much in there but I did find, I searched where they had all the bunches of treadmills. I also found there, uh, there are bunches of, there are bunches of, there, uh, things for weight and the pedometers.

Kacey: Uh huh.

Chris: I looked into those a little bit, so I took, I took some notes there. And uh, then, I had my father wanted to go to Best Buy so, yeah, we went by Best Buy. I found some DVDs there. And I considered all of them.

Kacey: Uh huh.

Chris: I, uh, I even found a DVD set from Carmen Electra's striptease workout, something like that.

Kacey: Uh huh.

Chris: Hmm. Yeah, I mean it's a maybe, but I'm, but I'm not gonna, but it's not right off the bat. I mean it just kinda struck, it just, you know? Little bit funny, it's just the same... anyway. Anyway, right after I took the, after I got the, after I looked at the DVDs, I also took another look at the, uh, titles of some more appropriately choice DVDs out of the bunches I saw there. Uh, I also found, I also found, this, there's a display of real guitars there, not, so I, you know I just strummed on the, uh, on the six strings of the uh real one a few times and uh, you know just to listen to it?

Kacey: What did it sound like?

Chris: You know, just the old, uh, twang, you know just [imitating guitar] TWANG, twang, twang, twang, twang.

Kacey: So I guess it didn't so very good, huh?

Chris: Uh, no, it sounded good. I mean, it's just like, you know, my imitating it's just not as accurate as the real deal. Anyway, Kim and I have been talking about, you know, a little bit of me picking up real guitar and taking, and taking lessons. I'm talking, I might, I, I'll, I'll consider doing that after I get, after I get some more money in, you know? Save it up.

Kacey: Well, you're going to have to work on those and you can't, like, not practice because you're stressed or something.

Chris: Yeah.

Kacey: It's a huge commitment.

Chris: Yup. I hear that. Anyway, aside from that, we came home and I did the, uh, audio of the videobooks for, uh, book number one and then it got to night, starting uploading those. Hmm. Oh yeah, and I started, uh, work on the, uh first sex drawing last night. I decided to go ahead and do the, uh, foursome drawing first. But it's like, you know, almost done drawing-wise, so it's like, so it's like after I finish it up, I'll color it in. I didn't know how the, uh, other three, the other three drawings will do. You know, me with each of the girls.

Kacey: Well that's cool...

Kacey: ...I look forward to them.

Chris: Yeah, anyway uh, that night also, I, uh, just, just after I started to blow up those videobooks I also created a section on the CWCipedia to put those videobooks on. It's like, basically, I figured, you know, it would be too much to put all the videobooks on the one page, so I created the one page with like, the first episode on it and then the, and then the list of the uh, each, of each book and then, you know, there's respective sets of videos under each book. So it's like, you know, four books you're gonna have the four videos for that, and then I'm gonna have the four videos for book one, on the book, on the book one video page, and then so, and then so on and so forth for each of the rest, each of the remaining books.

Kacey: That's cool.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, also I, also I played a little bit of Guitar Hero, and then, and then I talked to Kim and now I'm talking to you.

Kacey: Well I hope you work on those drawings. Those will be interesting.

Chris: Yeah, I am and I will finish them.

Kacey: Good, 'cause you said you'd finish them a couple nights ago.

Chris: [laughs] Uhh, yeah, but then the emails happened and what not. I promise you they will be, they will be done within the next few, within the next few days. Or few nights.

Kacey: Okay, well um, are you sending me, um, also, that, uh that stuff. You said you were sending me that stuff for uh, the PSN right?

Chris: Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, the photocopies of my receipts and the, uh, sho-, and the shots of the, uh, transactions from the PlayStation Network. Yeah, I'm, yeah I'm gonna do those. Yeah, I'm gonna do that. I'll, I'll send those out to you tomorrow, I promise.

Kacey: OK, well it's been two days. I want to know you're serious about this.

Chris: Hmm, yeah I am very serious about it. I am very serious about having you help me as a couch on, on that thing.

Kacey: OK, 'cause that's good, um... just make sure you do it okay?

Chris: OK, so anything new happen to, uh, to you today?

Kacey: Uh, no, not really. I took a couple tests and then I went to work, really boring stuff.

Chris: OK, um, anything else on your mind tonight?

Kacey: Uh, no, I mean I'm just a little tired, so I think I might just go to bed.

Chris: Ahhh. OK, well I mean, it's, it's the weeken-, it's still Friday, so you know, you have tomorrow, Saturday, and then Sunday, it's the weekend. You know-

Kacey: Yup.

Chris: Then you can go back to studying after you get home from church I guess.

Kacey: Yup.

Chris: On Sunday.

Kacey: Yeah, that's just the plan.

Chris: [laughs] Yeah. OK, cool. All right, well, you know I just want to let you know, I wanted to remind you that I appreciate you being my friend.

Kacey: Ohh, no problem.

Chris: Yeah, it makes me feel good. You know, to have you as my friend.

Kacey: OK, well, I will talk to you tomorrow.

Chris: Alright, I'll talk to you tomorrow as well. You take care, stay safe.

Kacey: OK, you too, bye.

Chris: Bye bye.

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