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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

On the night of 11 September 2020, Chris (as Sonichu) answered another 10 user-submitted questions for Discord Q&A 6, delivered through Lainchu in DMs. The questions and answers were both originally given in bulk and numbered, but they have been divided with the numbering removed to improve readability. Lainchu's messages are color-coded green, while Chris's are color-coded yellow.

Still an Animal Crossing fan?

Dear Christine, are you still a fan of animal crossing? Do you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons?
Thanks in advance! Feel free to answer back whenever you are ready.
Hey, Lainchu. I’ll take a few minutes now to answer the question set.
Mama still like Animal Crossing, but she hasn’t played the games in a long time; last one she played was the one with the Real Estate on 3DS. She has not played ACNH; she does not have a copy; I haven’t played it yet either.

Has Chris played any Zelda games?

Hi Christine, have you ever played any of the legend of Zelda series and if so which games? Have you got a favourite Zelda game?
She has played most of the Zelda games. Par with her memory, can’t say for sure, but the one she got the farthest in was either Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker.

Wishing to have done anything differently?

Hey Chris, do you ever find yourself looking back on your life and wishing you'd done anything differently through the years? If so, what would you change; if not, why not?
That’s a doozy of a question. She has considered that before. She can’t just remove anything having to do with the Haters and Trolls in the past, because that was a major part of her further self-development, even though she wanted to; she can’t, because that wold royally screw up this Dimension/Timeline set as it is. Anything that she would change if she could that would not have too big repercussions on anything: She’d swap the OG Sonichu Medallion, as well as the second one that fell to the manipulation of BlueSpike, with duplicates, so then the OG one would stay on as the fully-upgraded medallion that would be worn today.

Best episode of Sonichu?

Dear Christine, what episode or sub-episode of the Sonichu series would you consider to be your greatest work?
Presently, I’d give three answers to that in no particular order: the entirety of Sonichu #0, and book #15 that is still in process which expands on that a lot further and better, and Nightstar’s story.

Drawing that took the most effort

What single drawing/panel have you spent the most effort on?
Single drawing?
Nine-Sheet Sized Masterpiece.jpg
How about a nine-sheet sized masterpiece?
Took a few days to complete it.

Advice to Chris's younger self

If there’s one piece of advice or bit of wisdom you could give to your past self,

What advice would it be?

At what age would you give the advice to yourself, and


Woahly crap, has Mama given that topic a ton of thought before, and it’s a three parter.

(Going out of order for a reason)

B) February 24, 2000; 18-years old

C) Birthday Party; with the circle of gal-pals all there in attendance to witness

A) She’d tell herself, “Young Christian, you will be most expansive in your mentality and open-mind; also, these gal-pals of yours are only hired help; you can do better than them in genuine friendships.”

Sonichu's favorite food

Dear Christine, Sonic the Hedgehog’s favorite food is chili dogs. What’s Sonichu’s favorite food?
OH, a question for me for once. I actually enjoy a good fruit or vegetable salad. Processed and cooked meats, chili dogs are included in that, are good, but growing up as a wild Pikachu with a protective pair of parents over my developmental early years, fruit is just common, juicy and good locally in the forest. On the veggie side, though, I’m still allergic to pickles; not cucumbers, though.

Next gen consoles

Dear Christine, are you getting any of the next gen consoles? If so, what games are you excited for?
Taking you mean the new PS5 or XBox S generation of consoles; Mama had not really given that much thought, and I haven’t as much either, considering we’ll be in a new timeline free of this pandemic and all of that.

Position on tobacco and marijuana

Hey there! Just wanted to know, what is your position on marijuana and tobacco now? Will you still send all tobacco to the moon, and is it still illegal to possess marijuana in CWCville?
Mama’s mentality and feeling on that is not as strict, and she’s pretty much letting everyone make their own choices on all that. Like in the majority of the United States in this Dimension, the weed is mainly legal by prescription. Can’t go cold turkey on everyone in general, so she won’t send the shit to the moon.

Advice for amateur writers

Do you have any advice for amateur writers like me who are just getting started?
For all amateur writers, in general, who are getting started: simply put, take your time, write what you know, feel, and will; meditation to clear and focus your mind is beneficial; and make sure you are going into your work with genuine passion and love.


There you go.
I’ll check in again later.
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