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As I have foreseen, the positives outweigh the blockages.

On 12 March 2021, Chris wrote out a list of positive affirmations about himself as part of a self-love project. He posted the three-page-long list to the Watchmen server The Place. The list is a thoroughly delusional assessment of his character traits and abilities.

The project also involved him writing out a list of self-criticisms and blockages. Chris never posted the list and stated that he would burn it, but claimed that it was two pages long- a surprising length considering that the affirmations list absolved him of just about every fault imaginable.


Chris posted these excerpts to The Place explaining the project.

I will be writing out a list of my past and lingering self-criticisms and judgments, as well as a counter-list of affirmations to better motivate and remind my body and brain that it is safe to utilize its powers and abilities.
Anyway, so @everyone knows my plan in this self-love project: I start off by going from past to present of my concerning faults and listing each one as I come across them. In recent meditations and self-explorations, I have found a number of good and crucial ones to add onto the list.

After I complete the writing of that list, (edited)

I will, on another sheet, write a list of my positives and any other affirmations. I will also be reading down the first list, and for about each concern, I address that with an appropriate counter-positive or counter-affirmation that I will write on the second list.

And after making positive I have addressed all of my concerns, self-criticisms, judgments and blockages,

I will burn that one list in a metal trash can, sending it off into nothingness.


For the sake of the majority, I will confide a photograph of the blockages list to a few highly-trustworthy individuals, so in turn, they will know that they have all been addressed, that they were the deeper concerns of my past that the majority of individuals in this universe do not fully comprehend, because they pretty much only have been scratching the surface of me, and optionally, of their discretion, share with others, publicly in terms that they can better understand. (edited)

Six hours later, Chris posted about his progress and shared the affirmations list.

Just finished my affirmations list, after going through the self-criticisms list; I will likely add more to the affirmations list. As I have foreseen, the positives outweigh the blockages.
The blockages took up two pages, affirmations Three.
I'm keeping and expanding on the affirmations list. And I am going to burn the self-criticisms list in a metal trash can, sending them into nothingness.

Affirmations List

March 12, 2021

Positive Affirmations of Chris Chan Sonichu

  • I’ve got self esteem and confidence in spades
  • I am found and check and know my paths and way.
  • I have dipped down deep into myself, realized my faults and resolved them.
  • I set my mind to a goal, I get it done.
  • Haters to the left gonna hate; they do not make up the majority
  • I see through facades and read your auras, vibes and body language (even through digital text, Anons); you are not fooling or deceiving me.
  • I feel and sense the emotions in others.
  • I feel a pain going in, I listen and keep back, unless I really need to.
  • I listen to my instincts, vibrations and CWC-Senses.
  • I don’t cling, I don’t stalk, and I don’t simp.
  • I check in with my friends as often as I need to.
  • I don’t run away from my troubles.
  • I ignore the bullies.
  • I can defend myself from any threat.
  • I am optimistic
  • I keep any and all viruses and pains out by willpower.
  • My optimism will never be shaken nor discouraged.
  • My mental and emotional recoveries are quick.
  • I can turn pain into energy, power and inner strength.
  • I am aware of as many details of the situation, location, and moment as possible, if not every single detail
  • I see the fated signs all around me.
  • I don’t miss a beat.
  • I seize the moment and opportunity when the moment and time are right.
  • I Love Myself.
  • I see and feel everyone around me and everywhere around me and everywhere between all local universes, timelines, and so on.
  • I see throughout all of time and space.
  • I talk with others in other universes, and I can talk with spirits, too.

March 12, 2021 Chris Chan Sonichu


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