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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains chats from the Watchmen Discord server The Place during September 2020.

Server members present in the chats below are: Chris (@Sonichu982), Anaxis (@Lainchu), Hurtful Truth Level (@hedgehog), Klop, Kyle (@Nova), MKRNightVee (@MKR), Naught (@ภคยﻮђՇ), The WCT, Val (@Val), and at least one user who had deleted their Discord account by the time of the logs being saved.

Discussing Merch Distribution, The Loud House, and a Chris-Chan Dating Sim

8 September 2020[1]

Klop 12:39 AM
Hey @Sonichu982 Can I put up the comics on Amazon?

We don't have to do anything, Amazon will print and deliver everything and send the profits to whatever account you have. It's a very neat system. (edited)

Kyle 12:41 AM
From a business perspective it makes good sense.
Klop 12:41 AM
We also need a website,
Kyle 12:42 AM
I'm rarely used to working in a budget, but I like the challenge.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:32 PM
Hey, y’all.
Kyle 02:33 PM
Naught 02:33 PM
Henlo just read your message
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:34 PM
I’m feeling okay; Rosey is by my side; let me recap of the so-far for today:
Naught 02:34 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:37 PM
Good afternoon
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:38 PM
Well, last night, after I settled this body down for the night, Val had to force the body into a quick-meditate, and 1214 Chris Chan had to hold the physical fort for the time. I was projected and had to spend HOURS, and then some within the milliseconds around frozen time, learning as much as possible about the utilization and further advanced basics of this body and its abilities. And after getting back at about 6:00 am, the body was still asleep, but (1214) Chris Chan went back to her body, and after finally waking up at about 12:30 pm, I migrated my knowledge and details of what I’ve learned last night into the brain; it instigated an extensive vibration, at least that knowledge is conscious in this brain now.

Aside from that.

I received a sitting, big head Luan plush (Loud House) in the mail today.

And I found the text from Joshua Moon (Null) asking about the setup of the new online store and what we were selling, so I gave him the 411.

And after taking the meds, and between the new energy and details in the brain, the V8+ Energy, and a York Peppermint Patty, and a bit of Pepsi, I’m feeling pretty jazzed.

Oh, and watching a bit of Luan on YouTube.

Mama had not watched much of Loud House, so I had to give this brain a conscious intro of Luan. (edited)

Kyle 02:42 PM
That's a lot of caffeine and not a whole heck of a lot of nutrition.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:42 PM
It’s a further wake-up call.


Naught 02:43 PM
What's luan?
Kyle 02:43 PM
Ya, I'd say eating more substantially would avoid some of the highs and lows.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:44 PM
[YouTube link to "Queen of The Loud House | Luan | Nickelodeon UK" by Nickelodeon UK]

It’s not an everyday diet thing, Kyle.

Naught 02:44 PM
Ahhhhh cal arts artsyle
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:44 PM
Plus, I had a sandwich.
Naught 02:44 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:45 PM
The only thing that gives “Cal Arts” a bad name is Teen Titans GO and GOPony.

And the other slapdash bull crap type of shows that have little substance.

Kyle 02:45 PM
I always found the design to be kind of naff. it's too "current year".
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:46 PM
But the art style is not bad for chronicling; it’s well and good.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:46 PM
It can be charming if done right
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:46 PM
We still have the likes of Steven Universe and Star Butterfly that give it the highlight of positivity.
Naught 02:46 PM
It's efficient not very aesthetic
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:46 PM
That's what major networks want
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:46 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:46 PM
Minimal cost, maximum profit
Kyle 02:47 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:47 PM
As I have mentioned to Josh and Bis earlier:
Kyle 02:47 PM
Even the old style with animation cels was like that.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:47 PM
We're gonna also need a skilled crafter or two, maybe someone with a 3D Printer, to make the medallions and the Amiibo Figures on our behalf. Along with other Sonichu and Rosechu merch with positively good and lovely art on them (including that from these hands, personally).

That’s on top of what we have so far.

Val 02:48 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:48 PM
Would you be up for a short Q&A today @Sonichu982 ?
Kyle 02:48 PM
3D printing is a lemon from a manufacturing perspective.
Naught 02:48 PM
A dud?
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:48 PM
In the new timeline, eventually, there will be a Sonichu Convention.

Well, how do you expect to make a BUNCH of the Amiibo figures and Medallions, if not by time and work by hands?

Kyle 02:49 PM
Ya, it's expensive and the material limitations are severe.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:49 PM
No shit.
Kyle 02:49 PM
You're limited to a few specialized plastics, they're expensive and mechanically crap.
Naught 02:49 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:50 PM
Which is why I’m also open to the figures being on removable black bases, so they can optionally be glued onto an Amiibo base with their matching chips in the base.

Also, still have the Mii QR codes for the human Amiibo figures.

Kyle 02:50 PM
Hmm, thinking about it, we'd need to get a read on volume before planning anything.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:51 PM
Being Mama Chris Chan, Barbara, Robertchu, Mary Lee Walsh, Graduon, and the Jerkops, plus Alan, Carol and Cole.

And the Autism Miis.

Kyle 02:51 PM
But on low volume, physical merch is operating at an incredibly thin margin, so it's questionably worth it.

Better off with unique pieces at that scale and price.

[1 👍 reaction, likely from Chris]

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:52 PM
She’s made 40 figures.
Kyle 02:53 PM
Like Van Gogh vs all the Van Gogh styled merch now. They've sold a lot of mugs.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:53 PM
And that’s not counting the extra Blake and Punchy figures.
Kyle 02:53 PM
Well with high volume, you also have to deal with the cost of inventory.
Naught 02:53 PM
🤨 I'm going be here pretending I know what's going on
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:54 PM
I hear that.
Kyle 02:54 PM
If you've got many unique parts, that's even more cost.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 02:54 PM
[Quoting "🤨 I'm going be here pretending I know what's going on"]

@ภคยﻮђՇ That's how you make it through life half the time

Chris (as Sonichu) 02:54 PM
Yeah, which is why the people we ask to make the figures on our behalf will end up doing it based on the prototypes we have here.
Kyle 02:55 PM
Like the book printing services, you need a lot of volume to get a low unit cost.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:55 PM
That’s Business Basics.
Kyle 02:55 PM
That would just be deferring costs.
Naught 02:55 PM
TellingittotheCeos.jpg[note 1]
Kyle 02:56 PM
So a very strange ad hoc franchising system, which is so bizarre and not viable for a merch business.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:56 PM
Mama’s practice was crap on making, or ordering from the delegated outsource, as each order was made.

Yet it is doable.

Kyle 02:56 PM
Hmm, some things might work.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:57 PM
We just need to find the right artists and people.

Who can do this with love and energy on Mama’s behalf.

Kyle 02:57 PM
Looking at Amazon for their printing services, you'd get the minimum unit cost possible at this level.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:57 PM
Yeah, for the books.

Do they do 3D printing?

Naught 02:57 PM
Remember those people who made the Sonichu merch? Is that applicable here or would that hamper thing's?
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:58 PM
Yes, it is applicable here.
Kyle 02:58 PM
But physical merch just doesn't seem viable from any angle I see at this scale.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:58 PM
The knowledge they have can help us figure out what to do here, or we can hire them to be part of our team.

The individuals of this dimension want Physical Merch, no matter what.

Digital is mainly only half as good.

Kyle 02:59 PM
If you had the scale to consider hiring, you'd be running a full business at that level.
Chris (as Sonichu) 02:59 PM
It can’t compare to having the actual book in your hand, or holding the figure of myself, or Mama, or who else.

Yeah, it’s all over the place.

Mama didn’t really have a full head for business, as best as she had tried in years past.

Kyle 03:00 PM
That's part, but you'd have to get the ball rolling on something cheap and mass marketable.

Like game studios make games before they make physical merch.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:00 PM
Yes, exactly.
Kyle 03:01 PM
And a good number of games never have merch.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:01 PM
Starting small, profit from that, so then better things can be made.
Kyle 03:01 PM
A dating sim would be a project that comparatively is doable without needing to hire out much, if at all.

Cheap and cheerful, that's a low-risk option.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:02 PM
Yeah, the Dating Sim y’all were working on the while so far.
Kyle 03:03 PM
Never really planned it out, you didn't seem too dead set on being involved. (edited)
Val 03:03 PM
Nova, I watch.
Naught 03:03 PM
Same lel
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:03 PM
A Dating Sim in this Dimension, BEFORE Pokemon Lightning Bolt and Diva Pink and “Sonichu Adventure”.
Kyle 03:04 PM
Well it's starting small in a way that doesn't require any principle and thus, no real risk of loss.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:04 PM
Let me ask a question, though.

Is there a Dating Sim with Sonic Maurice Hedgehog; my senpai?

Kyle 03:05 PM
I was thinking of it being the main character being the kind of neutral "new guy in town" type thing.
Naught 03:05 PM
.img list of sonic dating simulators
NotSoBot 03:05 PM
[Image of a smiling 2D Amy Rose sitting in a 3D-modeled room is generated.]
Kyle 03:05 PM
The datebles being at least the chaotic combo.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:05 PM
Fair enough. (edited)
Kyle 03:06 PM
Some kind of overarching story that builds up to some villain of the week.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:06 PM
At least y’all have the common sense in that.
Kyle 03:06 PM
One interesting one I've seen is Hatoful Boyfriend having one of the routes end like an RPG boss.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:06 PM
Isn’t that the one with the Pidgeons?
Kyle 03:06 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:07 PM
Yeah, a flock of Pidgeys could do just as good with that thing.
Kyle 03:07 PM
Shuu and okosan are the hottest pigeons.

Oh ya, for having 0 former presence, that guy made a mint on his work.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:08 PM
I get the point.
Kyle 03:08 PM
Let me check real quick...

Steamspy says 200-500k sales.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:09 PM
Well, with what we’re doing, we’re dreaming big with small, humble beginnings.

At least we have the books and the TSSSF cards in having our legs up and dashing.

Kyle 03:10 PM
Generously saying 200k sales at 10 bucks a pop, minus 30% of revenue as the only known cost, that's 140k of basically profit.

Someone like Pewdiepie plays it, boom, free marketing.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:11 PM
Yeah, it’s like how it was joked in Analysis Anarchy about Pewdiepie’s popularity.

At least I haven’t seen any new mail that was addressed to him come by this Temple in months.

Damn, don’t those people know he lives by the UK?

Kyle 03:12 PM
That was just some low effort failtrolls, why it stopped.
Naught 03:12 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:13 PM
Yep (edited)
Kyle 03:14 PM
But it takes planning ahead to make something, that's free though.
The WCT 03:14 PM
I heard you were active so I decided to drop by and say hi. I hope you're having a good day. @Sonichu982
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:15 PM
Like a legit deal with Nintendo and SEGA, and the animated series and video games where Mama personally does the voices for me and herself.

Hey, Neko.

Here’s something fun.

Kyle 03:15 PM
Ya, that's very much a down the line thing.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:15 PM
Luan plush.jpg

Neko, here’s Luan.

The WCT 03:16 PM
Kyle 03:16 PM
You're not going to become an F1 driver by just showing up at the track one day, generally it's better to have the money come to you rather than come off as overstepping.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:17 PM

In her subconscious, Mama realized that our popularity would garner the attention of both Nintendo and SEGA, and how massive our fan, troll, and hater base has become in this dimension. So, it is more than obvious that her personal involvement in working with them is more than profitable.

At least mine and Rosey’s Pokédex Numbers are good for the next new Pokemon Game they can definitely make.

Lightning Bolt and Diva Pink.

Kyle 03:19 PM
Why the whole indie scene exists, ideas are cheap, so they don't like things they have to build up themselves.
The WCT 03:19 PM
I think Sega and Nintendo have acknowledged your Mother's work in the past. And it was quite astounding.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:19 PM
Yes, very much so.

And they know how to best contact her.

In person, US Mail.

Not via email or Social Media, though.

She’s been duped before by fakes.

We all know better.

On the positive side,

Kyle 03:20 PM
It's interesting, but until it pays, it's not exactly good odds.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:20 PM
We DO have Blanc and Neptune on our side, who both of them stand above Nintendo and SEGA, respectively.

So, in the new timeline to come very soon, that will be a more happening thing.

In case y’all need a reminder:

Blanc is the CPU of Nintendo, and Neptune is the CPU of SEGA.

Kyle 03:22 PM
Well, no reason to sit still on it now. It's not productive.
Naught 03:22 PM
- So is it time travel or like a body swap?
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:22 PM
Excuse me, Bis?
Val 03:22 PM
What you do echoes throughout each timeline.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:22 PM
Hey, Val.
Naught 03:22 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:22 PM
Indeed so.

Both, Bis.

Val 03:23 PM
Therefore, make them all as best as one possibly can.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:23 PM
Remember: I have to ultimately travel back in time to prevent Covid, and then deliver this body personally to Mama at BABSCon, 2020, on April 10, for the return body swap to happen.
Kyle 03:23 PM
It's pretty wholesome, and it would be a fun experience to work together.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:24 PM
Very well said and very much so, Val.

By the way, on the Dating Sim, are we keeping that aimed for a “T” Rating?

Or are y’all keeping it on the “E”?

The WCT 03:25 PM
I think we should go for the "T".
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:25 PM
“M” is definitely not the direction we want to go.
Kyle 03:25 PM
I'm thinking E, unless we have an idea of what we want from the T.

Well that would also complicate trying to get it featured.

The WCT 03:26 PM
You'd have a little more Creative Freedom with a T rating. But an E10 wouldn't be too bad either.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:26 PM
The series Mama had started was meant to be full of genuine love and compassion, and sincerity in its tone.
Naught 03:26 PM
I just wanna grill

[Link to a 4chan image that no longer exists]

Kyle 03:26 PM
But Steam is really good for that sort of thing.

Ya, why I want to know what we do that's T.

Chris (as Sonichu) 03:26 PM
It’s not my fault that she went a bit too far in her creative privileges, but I won’t hold it against her.
The WCT 03:27 PM
@Nova you can get away with more mature and limited sexual content, and some more swearing. (you can't drop the F bomb though)
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:27 PM
Yeah, “T” is the best option in this case for this Dating Sim.
The WCT 03:27 PM
@Sonichu982 the Kids wouldn't also have as many issues picking it up as well.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:27 PM
We do want to keep our best foot forward.

That is true.

Kyle 03:27 PM
Ya, I mean it's not organic to have M content given the timespan being a "first week in CWCville" type deal.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:28 PM
The WCT 03:28 PM
It should be mature, but not over the top mature. A T rating represents a good balance.
Kyle 03:28 PM
Not the most current year thing.
The WCT 03:28 PM
@Nova tell me about it. lol
Kyle 03:29 PM
Ya, just give an example of some of the stuff.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:29 PM
ESRB ratings don't matter a ton on steam tbh
Kyle 03:29 PM
Not at all.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:29 PM
The content was mis-tarnished by the haters in past years, but now we have the chance and ability to rectify that and make it as more wholesome and true as it should have been perceived in the first place.

Still, the Rating is there, and sets the guidelines for where to draw the line.

Kyle 03:30 PM
Wholesome is the goal.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:30 PM
Mama went beyond it in that XXX-Tended version of Book 8.

Even in her NSFW work, though, she originally had the preface being genuine, positive and mutual compassion. Again: freaking haters misinterpreting what she did and said.

I feel like I need a break.

Kyle 03:31 PM
I'll have to try and find some of the loose planning, but we can write a script.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:31 PM
But this was truly productive.

And I am more confident that you all have the continued common sense and wisdoms to make this work on our behalf.

Kyle 03:32 PM
5 or 7 days, however it pans out, I'll try to find some way to structure it.
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:32 PM
Thank you all soo much for your continued efforts and hard work.
Kyle 03:32 PM
You can do the dialogue as well as anyone I imagine.
The WCT 03:32 PM
@Sonichu982 you're welcome. 🙂
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:33 PM
In the end, you all will be compensated positively with high honors in Cwcville’s Basillicom by Mama, herself, personally.

[1 💙, 1 💜, and 1 🖤 reaction]

Naught 03:33 PM
The dialogue is of key importance
Anaxis (Lainchu) 03:33 PM
Have a good rest of your day
Chris (as Sonichu) 03:33 PM
I’ll check y’all later.
Naught 03:33 PM
Be safe stay hydrated
Kyle 03:34 PM
Wholesome and genuine stuff, I'll come up with some kind of skeleton structure and we can tweak from there.

Blood Pressure Spikes

16 September 2020

Chris complains of feeling spikes in blood pressure, and he copes with it by role-playing that it is a sign of a disturbance in dimensions. Kyle attempts to diagnose the issue, asking Chris about his medications and supplements.

Chris (as Sonichu)
@everyone, I am sensing many a disturbance between both dimensions happening right now, as I am experiencing some blood pressure spikes from that; remaining still and chillaxing in bed in the meantime, because immobilized feeling from that.
A lot of simpler explainations.

Chris was on blood pressure medication at one point, still ongoing? Statins?

Chris (as Sonichu)
And I’m not the only one; apparently Spunky has been experiencing headaches in this regard.


I’m not sure which is which, but I can shortlist the names:

Da fuk
Chris (as Sonichu)
Propranolol, Pravastatin, Omeprazole, and Fluoxetine for anxiety quelling.
I could use some of those lemme know if you’re sellin’.
Chris (as Sonichu)
No, not selling.
Omeprazole, for presumably GERD?

Ya, don't ever do that, ever.

Chris (as Sonichu)
It is common sense.

Many ways to look at that.

But operating on the assumption that criminals are never smart enough to get away with things for long, I'm nothing if not practical.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Regardless, Kyle.

The point is that something major and big is happening right now.

Well fucking around with statins is more just an imminently dangerous thing.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Well, that was what was prescribed to Mama decades ago.
Least it's not coumadin which is literal fucking poison. Just, keep on top of this better enough than to be worried.

Well, and don't mix up causality with that.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Except the fluoxitine; that replaced the paroxetine less than a year ago, due to a side-effect that Barbara felt concerned over.

Not mixing anything up.

Plus, I’ve had many a vision earlier today as well.

Is it possible that you physically exerted yourself too much prior to relaxing?
Well that something that could be a side effect may be misinterpreted, which would be doubly worse.

Are you in the realm of hypertension or prehypertension? What's the normal range and what are the spikes like?

@Sonichu982 I have something that might make you feel better, check this out

The Place-1st Layer - 16Sept20 - MedsSupplements - FanartforChris.jpg

fan drew it

Chris (as Sonichu)
That’s cute and cool.

Not sure yet on the tension levels, but the feeling was, out of a ten scale, about a five or six, and when checking the Fitbit, the plus was about 93.

It’s back down to 72 right now.

And spikes subsided, but feeling like a two on aftershocks.

So labile hypertension can have multiple causes, the only things generally recommended in absence of high diameter lipoproteins or more general hypertension accompanying are antianxiety meds.

Could be a reaction to caffeine, some people have more of a radical response to it, made much worse if taken without food.

Like coffee?
Chris (as Sonichu)
Very unlikely.

Have not drank any coffee in quite a while.

Coffee or soda are most likely, tea would be a level of sensitivity that would have had complications show up much earlier.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Halted the V8+Energy as well in that same timing.
And of course caffeine pills, but that's only for fitness people nowadays.

There's some evidence now recommending specific types of high fat diet for people with family history of cardiac problems, it's generally very healthy as long as you don't mess up.

Borderline keto.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Regardless, we need to be on alert and watch for any of these events, local, and distant in reported online posts and news.
Yes, the universal is important. Nonetheless the personal still matters.
Could also be a multisystemic problem, things like constipation and circulatory issues are common corollaries.
Chris (as Sonichu)

And, yeah to you, Val, which is why I’ve been remaining still in the bed since the spikes happened minutes ago.

*quarter hour ago.

The supplements too, that might be worth looking into, there's a lot of cheap stuff 99% of people would have just about zero use for and can complicate existing problems.
Chris (as Sonichu)
I’m rolling my eyes, reluctantly, but if you insist, Kyle:
Ah, what was that weight loss thing, sensa? They got done in by the FTC, standards are lacking.
I might not like it but nova is often right
I like having reasonable certainty I won't die randomly.


Chris (as Sonichu)
B-12, C, D3, E, Fish Oil, Ginko Biloba, Flaxseed Oil, Probiotic, Iron, and the Estradiol and Spironolactyn.

And I’ve already listed the remaining four earlier.

Check the levels on the D and E as well as if anything contains A.
Chris (as Sonichu)
There is definitely no vitamin A at all.
In that fat soluble vitamins are possibly harmful, a number of multivitamins overdo it on that.
Chris (as Sonichu)
I’ll check them later and text you the specifics, Kyle, as that requires me getting the big ol’ case that holds the bottles.
General rule is that something has about as much situational or practical use as it has side effects.

Well discounting some things that have just outright horrible TIs.

And the trivially high ones.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Anyway, I mainly wanted to alert all of you to this circumstance and to be aware of anything presently happening in this dimension.

I also saw again, recently, the eventual happening with your dimension’s Trump. Mama had foreseen it some time ago happening before November, 2020.

Just want to make sure, it's not a negative thing, it's just something that if we can actively manage problems regarding, is entirely a positive thing.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Best to keep confidential with that detail, so do not share that publicly.

I understand. Thanks, Kyle.

I’ll check back later.


Follow the Leader

16 September 2020

Main article: The Journey to the Merge#Follow the Leader

Megan Obsession

20 September 2020

Main article: The Place chats - Megan Obsession

The "New Associates" (and Helena Hate)

22 September 2020[1]

Chris (as Sonichu) 12:58 PM
Hello, @everyone. SonichuSmile[3]

And a good morning to some of you all this fine day. This is a big day, indeed.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 12:59 PM
Good afternoon

Or morning, I suppose

[REDACTED 1] 12:59 PM
Big day, eh?

What is the reason for this day, specifically being a big day?

Chris (as Sonichu) 12:59 PM
Gonna have lunch with our new associates to talk about the molding to mass produce the medallions, and possibly the figures, with optional Amiibo functions, in a little while.

And tonight is going to be genuinely, massively interdimensional.

It is after noon, here on the East Coast.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:00 PM
Ah, remind me, which associates are these?
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:00 PM
And presently, Central time as well.

Ah, right, I only told @ภคยﻮђՇ.

The other day, a trio of fans came by for a visit, with a present:

Kyle 01:01 PM
Who's handling fulfillment?
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:01 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:02 PM
Oh, very shiny!
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:02 PM
Lovingly crafted by the young lady of the group, with paint that had a mixture of 24K gold in it.
Kyle 01:02 PM
Could experiment with detailing, like the muzzle?

[1 SonichuLOL[4] reaction, likely from Chris.]

Ya, those gold paints are common, you rarely need much gold in anything these days.

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:03 PM
And the tall boys had the business proposition: the artist has a mold press, and they are capable of mass-producing the good ol’ medallion.
Kyle 01:04 PM
What's the split like?
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:04 PM
I tell you all this in strict confidence, so do not go public with these details, please, Lainchu and @everyone.

Those details will be discussed today as well.

Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:04 PM
Of course
[REDACTED 2] 01:04 PM
I promise not to
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:05 PM
They have their business based in Goochland.

And I could tell by soul-reading them that their intentions were legit, honest and true.

Also, matches the past vision we had of the very moment.

Kyle 01:06 PM
What kind of press is it like, I mean, someone with a decent understanding of woodworking can make something that would work, I've got more experience with glass blowing than casting.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:07 PM
I will ask about that as well today.
[REDACTED 2] 01:07 PM
By vision, are you referring to a dream vision?
Kyle 01:08 PM
Because just making a wood mold, filling, popping it out and patching should be something that can be done entirely manually.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:08 PM
Yes, as well as psychic visions and foresight.

Mama had foreseen it, as well as Magi-Chan.

Kyle 01:08 PM
Actually, you can make clay molds in the oven, just with a master, that works for the materials used.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:09 PM
Mama had wished for the right artist to come along to make the medallions on her behalf, and this vision came to her in an instant as well.

I’ll fill y’all in on the further details in strict confidence later.

But, more importantly, is tonight.

Kyle 01:10 PM
Considered ever trying alternate materials? Can get a superior product at a much lower materials cost.
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:10 PM
@everyone, be on your guard for the big event that is to come.

The thought had run through Mama’s mind some time ago, as an alternative to model magic and traditional clay, but she had to work with what was best for her present skill set. Not to mention she wasn’t confident using an oven in lieu of a kiln.

Kyle 01:13 PM
Might require a bit of detailing, but you can wet cast clay in a clay mold.

Hydrophobics, that would do it.

And there are several clays that can cure in just a basic oven.

Chris (as Sonichu) 01:13 PM
That has been taught over the years in her various art classes in her school years.
MKR 01:14 PM
Sculpy is a good option
Chris (as Sonichu) 01:14 PM
I’ll check y’all later.
MKR 01:14 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 01:14 PM
See you later
MKR 01:14 PM
Bye bye
Kyle 01:14 PM
Instamold is fun, saw someone replace a tooth with it, because bad ideas.

@Sonichu982 Just going to say, try making one 100% perfect master, you can do clay ones at home, or just as a basis in general.

Kyle 01:27 PM
Usual, make sure there's low water content, something small shouldn't take too long to cure and you can get a batch done in an hour or so.
MKR 01:52 PM
@Sonichu982 I'd block helena if I were you, she's another try hard troll/ween
Kyle 01:57 PM
Her magic crackhouse of wonderment garbage is getting pretty fucking old.
MKR 02:03 PM
Agreed, she needs to stop drawing your ocs in such disgusting ways.

Chris's Update to Naught

24 September 2020[1]

Naught 02:34 PM
Chris (as Sonichu)
I am feeling good and well right now.

The border moment of my recent future sight problem that I could not see beyond has passed, happened, and personally experienced.

I've regained the ability to see into the future, and I've received a new bunch of visions and present moment tasks.

The time frame was between Tuesday night and this very morning.

Also, I have met with our new business associates, and their plans are very sound and good. They intend on reigniting Mama's, and our Sonichu and Rosechu, brand. And, amongst the group, they are genuinely psychically and magically able on healthy to high levels. Proven so in-person as well. One of them was able to recognize from our aura that there was more than one soul in this body. Very good, considering there are, in addition to me, Sonichu; I've mentioned them before, at least the Mew, Celebi, Meloetta and Victini.

Given the foreseen circumstances and present events, as well that which has been personally confirmed, I'll be inviting one of them onto our Discord server; he's partly able, but has a good amount of power within him. I will allow him to introduce himself after he gets on to talk with you all.

I probably should have typed all of this up on the Discord server. But, I feel it best if you would, please, copy/paste, or screen cap, what I've shared with you now and relay the information to the others.


Patreon Troubles, Chris's Online Social Life, "The Boys," Praetor LLC Revealed

25 September 2020[1]

Naught 04:34 PM
Apparently he wants to be contacted at this number now. [Patron's New Number]


Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:35 PM
Who is "he"?
Naught 04:35 PM
Disgruntled Patron
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:36 PM
It's being sent straight to Chris?
Naught 04:36 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:36 PM
How did the patron get the number?
Naught 04:36 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:36 PM
The number's on patreon?


Naught 04:37 PM
Idk (edited)
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:37 PM
That's an invite for trouble

Weren't you or someone else here going to manage the patreon?

Naught 04:38 PM
Yeah they accepted the link to the server and shut up

Now they're back and wsnt komics

Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:39 PM
Not surprised
Naught 04:40 PM
I'm not a businessman but they should not have accepted the invite if all they wanted was comics
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:40 PM
But they should've known what they were getting into to be fair
Val 04:40 PM
[Image of information lookup on the Patron's new number]
Naught 04:41 PM
Check the first one please
Val 04:41 PM

[Image of information lookup on the Patron's original number]

Kyle 04:44 PM
Not even just business sense, this seems really dumb...
Naught 04:44 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:46 PM
Chris's number shouldn't be available on the patreon
Naught 04:47 PM
Yeah it shouldnt be a lot of places (edited)
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:47 PM
What server are you talking about?
Naught 04:47 PM
[Discord invite link to Naught's work-in-progress Patreon server.]
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:48 PM

It's still not ready tho, right?

Naught 04:48 PM
It's not even that the paperwork hasn't been done so yeah
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:51 PM
Btw, is there an official reason why the first iteration of CWC frens was shut down?
Naught 04:52 PM
No one was invited by Chris lel (edited)
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:52 PM
Naught 04:53 PM
It wasn't official
Anaxis (Lainchu) 04:53 PM
I'm still confused lol
Naught 04:54 PM
Welcome aboard
Val 05:16 PM
[Image of Terry A. Davis's "most realistic elephant"]
Chris (as Sonichu) 07:51 PM
Was it not obvious that Mama was not much of an online social type? After all, the majority of her past genuine friends were met in-person, and the majority of people who played “Friend” with her in the past online were a bunch of fake trolls and haters looking to fuck her over again and again.
Naught 07:52 PM
People enjoy the endless speculation
Chris (as Sonichu) 07:52 PM
Besides which, these days, our activity is mostly offline with the meditation and observation of the events, and then literally being an input and output source of energy to bridge the dimensions in getting me and this body into C-197.
Naught 07:52 PM
Or they just like bringing it up as if they're the only ones who know or to give themselves some semblance of Solace
Chris (as Sonichu) 07:53 PM
So, yeah, kinda like Kusuo Saiki, but without a High School or as many outside friends who want to constantly come over and invite us to get some ramen.

Point is, Mama didn’t get onto Discord as much, and it continues through the effect of this noggin and Chris-Core.

Old habits.

It’s been okay and definitely eventful. Ended up waking up after a vivid dream at shortly before 10:30 am. I ended up having an internal debate with Mama’s brain, which was figuring out for itself how to better utilize the body’s powers and abilities. Also, ended up analyzing the vivid dream that we just had; recognized a few faces in it. Magi-Chan made an appearance, personally, in the dream. During the waking time, we felt a LOT of psychic, magic and dimensional resonances and events throughout the day.

I ended up breaking the fourth wall into CWC Psychlight’s past books; she’s written and drawn over 2000 graphic novels about Mama’s life, adventures, and so on, involving her soul (which presently remains waiting in the new timeline on April 10, 2020), and this body with me in it.

Apparently, we’ve been also going with the flow of her chronicled works; she’s drawn and written up everything that is happening right now, this year, literally last year in 2019.

Presently, we’re making way through her books 1988 and 1989. That’s CWC Psychlight, for you; FTL, even in the subspace, and overpowered psychic and electrifying (but she does not have a Sonichu form, even though she is literally one of Mama’s self-counterparts).

And both of those books were drawn and written up in 2019.

So, as I’ve ended up telling a Lot of people: you’re living the Sonichu book series, and then some, right now.

Also, we watched the new episode of “The Boys” on Amazon Prime. (edited)

We’re on Season 2, Episode 6 where Hughie gets impaled in the van during the raid on the Psych Ward, and Marvin, Frencie and Kyoko meeting Lamplighter, and Stormfront revealing her age to Homelander.

By the way, @ภคยﻮђՇ, Ive double-checked the backed up orders, and the order was still made by that [Disgruntled Patron]. You have the screen caps with the addresses I sent you a few weeks ago. The orders do still need to be fulfilled as soon as possible.

So phone number validity is irrelevant.

He wants book 8, Extended version, and book 2.


Oh, right.

What’s the word on that?

Naught 08:12 PM
[Quoting "He wants book 8, Extended version, and book 2."]

@Sonichu982 what did the figurine person say? Are they good?

It matters to me most people are two faced

Chris (as Sonichu) 08:14 PM
Our new peeps are good and genuine; they’re setting up the new Etsy shop as well, and making the first wave of medallions molded from the one they made for me that was 24K gold-mix painted.

Although, Confidentially, while they do have their business connections, they do not yet have a website; I did a Google search for their name of “Praetor LLC”. But everything remains valid, and they do check in with me and talk, plus soul-sense from the lot of them.

Thanks a lot, Spunk; it does help very well.

Naught 08:19 PM
Wheel of karma and darma?
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:20 PM
At least it’s not of misfortune.
Naught 08:21 PM
Darma is just a relaxed state

Karma just means ignorance

Chris (as Sonichu) 08:21 PM
Naught 08:21 PM
Or yin yang if you prefer
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:22 PM


Sent to Celestia.

Kyle 08:22 PM
Just popped in, what's the haps, bud?
Naught 08:23 PM
Mlp reference that's why I was lost
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:23 PM
Hey, Kyle. Just chillin’ and thrillin’ for a spell.
Kyle 08:24 PM
Well if business is in the syllabus, usually I know enough to not accidentally commit a felony.
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:25 PM
And it started with me commenting on Mama’s online social life and mention of the majority of her past online friends not being the best.

On that, yeah, in this dimension, she didn’t have as many to satisfy a server.

Kyle 08:24 PM
Well, usually there's not enough probable cause there, to be warranted, what are you concerned about?

"On that, yeah, in this dimension, she didn’t have as many to satisfy a server."

Be very wary of what phrasing...

Chris (as Sonichu) 08:28 PM
She didn’t have as many people to invite to the server to constitute its presence. Also, she was not as much on Discord as she probably should have been.

But, yeah, I see your point, Kyle.

Kyle 08:28 PM
It's quality, not quantity.
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:28 PM
Kyle 08:29 PM
I like to be an absolute.
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:29 PM

Just checked my text; found a new one from the HRC with a rainbow image; made me think of the Pride Energy Bar Maeve did an ad for in the new “The Boys” episode today.

Ooh, bonus thing: Deep found a camera that was recording from inside the plane with the passengers as it was going down and Homelander was ditching them. Found Footage, and Maeve got it.

Naught 08:33 PM
Oh in the cape show?
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:34 PM
“The Boys”; the new episode that debut today on A.P.


Kyle 08:34 PM
HRC? Which one?
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:34 PM
Human Rights Campaign
Kyle 08:35 PM
I'll be honest, as someone who goes both ways, I couldn't resent either much more.

Dude, fuck that, I just like dudes.

[1 👍 reaction, possibly from Chris]

Pride is a sham anyways.

Sounds like you just got a bit too much to say.

Chris (as Sonichu) 08:37 PM
Mama tried to be on in online chats with strangers, even live chats through a few streamed videos in the past years. She had felt overwhelmed with the influx of the many people typing their thoughts and comments in the thing. She feels safer in a smaller type of chat room where the responses were not coming in too fast for her to catch up as she typed her extensive, digressive thoughts.

When Mama leaves a comment or thought, she typically leaves a lot of thought as possible in them.

Kyle 08:38 PM
Well, marketing is a real science.
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:39 PM
Just to comment on her behalf: Mama’s noggin has a general, basic grasp at marketing, but when that topic is brought up, the associated feeling is “Whoop! That flew right over my head.”
Naught 08:41 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:42 PM
That topic is easier.

Partly because of the number of ads Mama had watched and seen over the years, and the “TV Talk” that can even at times make her able to sell just about anything with gusto.

Kyle 08:43 PM
More than advertising...

Social science I tend to accept because it's not humanities.

If you're going to look at humanity to know it, you've gotta be pretty fucking smart.

Chris (as Sonichu) 08:46 PM
Kyle 08:46 PM
Fuck welfare economists, they're all fakers.
Deleted User 08:46 PM
Sup, I'm still in school.
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:46 PM
I’m listening to Silver Quill and Sweetie Bloom on YouTube in their stream right now.
Deleted User 08:46 PM
Hey guys.
Chris (as Sonichu) 08:47 PM
Kyle 08:47 PM
Generally being smart you can dissect and replace.

Gah, shit, I don't know all that much, just enough to move the world.

Deleted User 08:48 PM
[Image of an abstract drawing]
Kyle 08:48 PM
Thinking, thinking...

A lot of sci-fi geometry paradoxically likes empty space.

Naught 08:50 PM
Rock formations
Kyle 08:50 PM
I just have some experience in art appraisal.

I fucking love architecture.

Chris (as Sonichu) 08:52 PM
Speaking of sci-fi, Rosey, Cryzel and I watched “Mr. Nobody” recently. It was done well enough to explore the number of timelines that branched from that one moment of 7-year old Nemo in February, 1982. But, to not really end it on the timeline that ended up after he took that middle path between mom and dad, felt like we missed something from that.

Complaining about Justin

26 September 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
Justin <CENSORED> sent me another angry text today. With some frustration, I ended up telling him the extensive truth, even mentioning Null. And I also told him, "You will get your books when you will get them. Then he sent me a few more angry texts. Also, these came from a third phone number, <CENSORED>.
Lainchu (Anaxis)
It's possible the guy is generating new numbers to keep his identity private?
[posts an image of a lookup of the phone number. The first name on the lookup reads "Yusuf".]

Movie Night picks

26 September 2020

[posts a panel comic]
Cute ~

@everyone boss said

Chris (as Sonichu)
Yeah, that could be fun, I suppose. I have an idea: a Richard Kelly Marathon; start with "The Box", followed by "Donnie Darkko", "Southland Tales" and maybe "S. Darkko". Or we could do "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Detective Pikachu" with one or both volumes of "Guardians of the Galaxy" or "Infinity War" and "Endgame". Just my two bolts.

You may share this, and we can try to do the movie night tomorrow.

Let's say 6:30 pm, Eastern.


Complaining about Justin, part 2

27 September 2020

[Past midnight on 27 September 2020]

Chris (as Sonichu)
Hey, @everyone. Just took a peek at the earlier talk on here; Justin is a lot worse than a dick. Check out the texts he sent me from that YUSUF number:

[Chris uploads Justin DMs#Chris Responds.]

Let me see...
What a total jerk...
Chris (as Sonichu)
This guy even threatened Josh, of all people in this dimension. (edited)
Sounds young, least the grammar is so fucked up that it seems like it...
I smell the butthurt from here.
Doesn't fuck up capitals like some people I've seen.
Chris (as Sonichu)
I am mainly not letting this guy get to me; I even blocked all three of his numbers.
I don't recommend trying to pull rank via proxy, but if blocking it is the end, that's good enough.
[redacted Watchman]
Can you just refund it

He'll shut up

Chris (as Sonichu)
I have not read the entirety of the texts he sent after I responded, but in the screen capping, I caught that glance.

Can’t refund; money issues.

I’ll make the order to him on the third, after when Mama’s income does come in.

Ya, that's just something more general about running the business and not going over, most wealthy people live below their means, it's corollary.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Among which I even in all honesty opened up a bit to inform him.
[pins a deleted message]
Generally not smart when they're already claiming to know everything.
He should be patient and realize that times are tough right now
[pins a deleted message]
[pins a deleted message]
[pins a deleted message]
Well, beyond that, things can be managed much better once you restructure.
This guy is a dick, check the first message..
He really is
Chris (as Sonichu)
I’d class him as a hotheaded asshole.
Ya, that's just no good...
[redacted Watchman]
I agree.
[redacted Watchman]
Hes trying to illicit a response
Naw, I'm an asshole, this guy is just scum.
[redacted Watchman]
Don't even bother responding, it s what keeps them going
Fail troll.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Anyway, yeah, I saw through his shit.
Chris (as Sonichu)
It was obvious he was hate-trolling
[redacted Watchman]
"hehe I scared THE chris chan"


Deleted User
I hate how most people just love acting as a dumbass.
It's pretty shallow to be that proud of, just managing things and planning would leave no opportunity for this kind of thing.
Congrats to the dude in question. He's gonna get laughed at for his failed trolling. (you should have listened)
I saw it from the start did only Val and I read the messages? (edited)
Chris (as Sonichu)
Well, he did not scare or frighten me; I felt concerned with the genuine patron, and I felt frustrated in his continued attacks.
That's why I asked Val to get the numbers
people that go after your mother don't realize that it isn't funny anymore, neither is it cool. @Sonichu982
Chris (as Sonichu)
It is a crying shame that a number of the patrons are trolls, and fewer in number are the haters.

At least they aren’t always abusive.

What would you estimate the percentages at?
[quotes Chris's "It is a crying shame that a number of the patrons are trolls, and fewer in number are the haters." remark]

At the end of the day, your mother is still making money off them.

[posts a reaction image]

Chris (as Sonichu)
Well, Mama’s become an online troll, but a lawful good type.

And how many people go online and comment and shit?

And how vast is the history of trolling others in this dimension?

Trolling was even portrayed in the musical, “GiGi”.

But, it is easier to answer that question with another question:

I don't get the musical thing, broadway has gone to hell these days.
[redacted Watchman]
What would you define as trolling?
Chris (as Sonichu)
What’s the percentage of your people, worldwide, who are haters?
[redacted Watchman]
What might be a simple joke to one might be a troll to another. (edited)
Well, both Patreon and in general.

It's a small community, just from the volume on the former.

Chris (as Sonichu)
[uploads a screenshot of a definition of troll]

“Trolling” is searching around and observing as many as possible for opportunities or knowledge. And then in the worst cases stringing them along in a bit of deception to likely spite, bully or hate on them, or even teach them a lesson in their own self-development.

Hes threatening barb. Read the bloody messages.
Self-development really can't come from outside.
He's mad that he's been trolled. lol
Chris (as Sonichu)
Okay, that spooked me a bit hearing that, but it doesn’t surprise me.
Pay 🐖

Did you not read it?

"You and your mother."

He didn't mean cwc

It's never easy, it's easy to claim, impossible to prove.
[redacted Watchman]
sonichu and cwc
Ya, that.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Okay, stop talking about it, please; I get it. This guy threatened Barb.
No problem
Chris (as Sonichu)
I don’t need to read the texts.
[redacted Watchman]
No, he didn't
Deleted User
What is his motive regarding hurting barb?

I mean why he wants to hurt an old lady?

Josh might want to be notified of that, it's pretty serious, depending on exactly how it was said.
[quotes Deleted User's "What is his motive regarding hurting barb?" remark]

let the boy stay mad.

Chris (as Sonichu)
He’s blowing of a whole bunch of steam for his own self-satisfaction and to get a ride out of me.
Let him cry.
[redacted Watchman]
Wait no, he did threaten Barb

what a piece of shit

Lainchu (Anaxis)
These people don't need a specific motive beyond trolling to give them reason to do extreme things
Deleted User
So he hurting people so he can get his own fame?
[redacted Watchman]
also threatened null
Deleted User
This is just horrible to heard tbh.
[redacted Watchman]
what an absolute ass
Deleted User
Maybe another ” serial killer fetish ” tard.

Some people legit copy serial killer to fulfill their own ” search for fame and fantasies ”.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Well, his address is literally on that screen cap in the back orders I sent to you, @ภคยﻮђՇ.
Generally there's not much that makes sense to do. Block and move on.
Chris (as Sonichu)
He has been blocked.
Deleted User
Just ignore him since he want fame.
Lainchu (Anaxis)
Is it possible to block him on patreon as well?
Deleted User
He gonna said and do terrible things to get attention.
[redacted Watchman]
I doubt he will go to court for 30$
Chris (as Sonichu)
If y’all want to press on with the serial killer theory, look him up at his address.


Chris (as Sonichu)
Y’all may share the concerns about Justin <CENSORED>, and his very concerning texts, with Josh

I got a bit of a headache that is slowly fading away.

Shipping is a pain, far as we know the market doesn't demand alternative options.
Deleted User
Don't worry, we will give him the info.

You should rest tbh, you always tired and busy with weirdos.

Text and dm him here or on the farms he's busy
Deleted User
We can handle those weirdos for you when you rest.
Chris (as Sonichu)


High Heart Rate

29 September 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
Hey, @everyone. I pray all of you are feeling okay and well. I’m okay for the most part. This body and brain have been working a lot harder lately. I have been sensing many a disturbance and dimensional breaches. So much so, it’s jarring the heart rate in this body to high numbers. In further meditation, scanning and reflection, I continue to find the number of disturbances in present moment visions.

And I’m still getting future visions as well.

Any accompanying headaches?
Chris (as Sonichu)
Also, in this morning’s dream, Discord, himself, showed up to share a very incriminating detail in the back halls of Hasbro’s executives.
Brain fog is a kind of vague and indefinable symptom, so I'd hesitate to suggest that.

Like, an evil plot?

Chris (as Sonichu)
Apparently what appears to be a pricy, gaudy business dressed woman is plotting to destroy Equestria, which would be even worse than one would imagine.
I mean, that's so tongue and not terribly creative.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Also saw Discord talking with Princess Celestia about it, and I was able to agree with them that we will make sure Equestria does not get deleted or anything of the sort.
At least the gents in finance dress kind of classy douchey.
Chris (as Sonichu)
If you want to argue with the Draconequis God of Chaos, Kyle, that’s your call.
So, they, undid it? Kind of weird and shallow motives.

I argue with everyone, that's all Socrates wanted in the afterlife.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Anyway, I felt need to share that with y’all.
Could make an interesting fanfic.
Chris (as Sonichu)
To answer your question, the high heart rate is having some effect on the body in moments of brief disable and paralysis, but fortunately this body, brain and core keeps a very high constitution and fortitude.

It’s a nuisance, but I’m keeping a good amount of control over the situation.

And I also have mind over matter at work.

I can recover quick enough at mental command.

As long as there's no issue with clotting, generally circulatory things tend to be very acute.
Chris (as Sonichu)
I doubt there is clotting going on.
Or TIA, generally harmless in and of itself, but never a good sign.
maybe you should ask your doctor to be safe.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Yes, that is a valid idea.
Any localized paralysis is typically very bad news.
Chris (as Sonichu)
My bad, but who’s changed their username this time? @hedgehog

I will make an appointment very soon.

Oh, I'm friends with Archiver. Haven't introduced myself to you before.
Chris (as Sonichu)

So many like to change their usernames, it gets confusing.

lol, yeah.
Chris (as Sonichu)
It’s cool.
Most common conditions mimicing TIA are either low blood sugar, migranes or some forms of neurological conditions like minor focal seizures.

And generally TIA does indicate a high risk of stroke.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Thanks, Kyle.
Contributing factors, weight as well as preexisting heart conditions like afib. You might have a family history of that.
Chris (as Sonichu)
That’s enough, Kyle.
I just know things.

If it's at all relevant to bring up, well, it helps to have smart questions to ask your doctor.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Well, I’ve made an appointment with Mama’s doctor. Luckily, he had a cancellation, so I’ll see him tomorrow.

Anyway, the dream, and the events that are happening between dimensions and worldwide.

Thank you.

Any specifics on the plot?

[Six hours later]

Chris (as Sonichu)
Hi :3
Chris (as Sonichu)
Checking in; I’m feeling better.

The Sacral Chakra/Heart Crystal spot was glowing heavily for a long while.

I definitely am sensing the differences, but I’ll still talk with Mama’s doctor about the problematic moments.

The pulse feels calm, but the Fitbit is reading 91 bpm; I’m not sure that is right. Although it was right earlier on the definite heavy heartbeat moments.

Body heat’s been steadily very warm, sometimes hot.

Let out some of the magic and psychic energies out of these hands to help further progress the events, here.

It gets difficult when you have such powerful hands that you have to keep away from the body, or some gaseous pain builds up, unless there was already some pain there, and I focus the energy to be healing.

Aside from that, Rosey, Cryzel and I have been binging Batwoman on HBO Max.

Also, on the further details of the plot with the businesswoman at Hasbro that wants to see Equestria gone (didn’t have much to go on from the dream), but on further meditation, I believe it has something to do between GOPony and this “upcoming” MLP Movie.


Doctor Visit

30 September 2020[1]

Chris (as Sonichu) 06:11 PM
Also, just to let @everyone know in update: I saw Mama’s doctor; the pulse and blood pressure were consistent. Also did a quick EKG which turned up Normal at the end of the appointment. In talking with McGovern, as Val has personally witnessed as well as he was there with me, Rosey and Cryzel.

[4 SonichuSmile[3] reactions]

In explaining the recent details, showing him the heart rate data from the FitBit app, and as he did the usual checkup, McGovern expressed some perplexed emotions and feelings. He essentially played it off, as foreseen and as most doctors would do the same in this situation, as a factor of stress.

Obviously, that is only partly true, as all of you are aware.

That’s all I have for now.


  1. This appears to have been text written by Naught, not an image that failed to load.