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I’d class him as a hotheaded asshole.
Chris on Justin[1]

The Justin DMs are a set of text messages exchanged between Chris and a disgruntled customer, Justin.

Justin had purchased Sonichu comics which Chris had failed to deliver and sent angry texts about it, to which Chris angrily responded. Chris forwarded some of Justin's texts to Naught[2][3] and also posted more texts in the Watchmen Discord server The Place uncensored,[1] therefore doxing Justin's information to Naught and The Place server members.

Below, some of Justin's information has been censored by CWCki editors.

Awaiting Comics

Unknown date

[cutoff] you I will happily join your discord and hope to hear about my comics soon!! Thank you

And tell magi-chan and sonichu that a true fan says hi!!!


25 September 2020

[Today 4:26 PM]

Still haven't heard from Your partner christine and I gave you an extra week to send my 2 comics... it's like you want me to take you and your mom to court and send u back to jail....I just want my 30 dollars or my comics I'm done waiting....u need to have a plan by 1030 tonight or I'm... [cutoff]
Please send any replies and your plan to my regular number by 1030 tonight.. my regular number is <CENSORED>..I look forward to hearing from you or you will be looking forward to big bubba in jail...

Chris Responds

26 September 2020

Once again christine this is justin <CENSORED> and I gave you a chance and you dont care that your a theif so dont blame me for what happens over the next few days because you brought it all on yourself.. no mercy to thieves...I gave u so many chances to make this right...hope hope you enjoy your cell mate big bubba and i cant wait to demolish your house and build something nice. Good luck
Chris (as Sonichu)
Listen, Justin, addressed in Delaware with a phone number in Pennsylvania, who also gave us a number of your relative, <CENSORED>.

We were going through a bit of a major grind with the events all of this time; this brain is literally psychically linked to everything. You have no idea how tough it is to be consistent with daily things at times. And, to that matter, PayPal has been taking a cut out of earnings that have been made from purchases made by our patrons these past number of months. I am working with freaking NULL and the rest of our allies to not only catch up with the back orders, including yours, but to have a better work mechanic for book orders that I was unable to do by myself. I do most humbly apologize for delaying it, but the other circumstances that took place during the pandemic in this timeline did not help at all either. I am unable to issue a refund, as funds have been more than fickle around here, and with NULL's help, we are recovering and catching up. So, if you have a problem with the delay and a shit in your lack of patience, you can take it up with him. I, for one, will no longer tolerate such hate-filled trolling that is coming from your end, Mister <CENSORED>. You will have your books when you get them. Good day.

None of this is trolling or hate filled...you stole from me man and wont make it right grow up and take responsibility for your mistake because I'm not letting this go till I get what is owed...be an adult and take responsibility......I 100% guare tee if this was done to you then you would be pissed off...your an adult now and I gave you plenty of chances so now you will suffer the consequences...hopeyou like jail and your mom likes losing her house...btw u lost a fan over 30 buck or 2 comics that are owed...sorry bud you cant hide from this you dirty theif....cant wait to see your new mug shot
I could care less about your lies...when you take money for a service you deliver it or u refund it or you go to jail.. no excuse...and yeah I am in delaware <CENSORED> is my mother and got my phone number visiting my brother at university of Pitt not that any of it is your buisness....your dad would be ashamed of you being a theif...I will have your website shut down and I will literally die before I let you steal from me if I have to come to your house and get it myself....but gonna a let the cops and lawyers handle it because you wont learn not to steal any other way you rotten sneak theif...what you did is fraud and it's a felony bud...enjoy jail and tell your mom I'm sorry you lost her house over 30 buck or 2 comics that you owe me...and I have all the roof to back it up...and being a crazy idiot living in a fantasy world wont work as an excuse to cops or judges
If you couldn't fulfill your orders you should have stopped the site from taking orders and NOT taken the money...you committed fraud and your a theif...I hope you like ass rape cause jail has alot of it...hope all this is worth 30 dollars you liar and theif! Your dad is looking down soooo ashamed of you right now because he had integrity which you clearly lack
And you will go to jail till I get them...tell null to honor your shit or back off cause I WILL come for him next...you got no clue the pandora box you have opened...I should not have given you so many chances all u did was lie and steal....how many others have you done this to? Bet your site is still taking orders too so your literally STILL Stealing as I type...your in big trouble...and things were fickle for me when I bought this bday present that u never sent but that doesnt mean u just steal and lie


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