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CLog 10042017 - Q&A 1 is a video Chris uploaded to YouTube on 4 October, 2017. It is a 50-minute-long Q&A he live streamed after he made an account on Kiwi Farms and posted there, asking for questions to answer. He addresses, if not answers, most of the questions posted, except for any having to do with Jessica. It is customarily drenched in incorrect phrase usage and random-access humor.


Creating CLog 10042017 - Q&A 1
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This is the Official YouTube channel of the one and only creator and author of the Sonichu and Rosechu series, Christine Weston Chandler (AKA Christian, Christopher, Chris Chan, Ricardo); me. Links to my personal Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as my stores of Sonichu and Rosechu, and self, merchandise are available for purchase. Among which, more items are to come in the future, so stay tuned for the updates when I make them personally.


Welcome to another CLog video, Stardate 10042017. This is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again. And before I begin... was obviously something that y'all been looking forward to since I end up making this thread full announcement. First off, yes that was me on the aforementioned Kiwi Farms. I made the one post. I shall never make another post again on that web forum, but I felt need to establish that I am to face the trolls, good and bad, 'cause we're all still individual people. And very importantly, I do this because this is like... eventually happening, been waiting to happen -- I face my demons of the past have been lingering on to me for so many years.

I have not been able to, since I was naive, either in regular -- [stammers] even in regular or superpowers. I have to -- I still need to address these concerns individually, be it they question I need to answer so we could get their knowledge aforementionedly answered, and then we can move forward, and thus allowing me to ultimately find true peace of mind and solace between me and my sweetheart. And of which she has definitely voiced concerns against me doing this, but this is something that just -- was going to eventually be done anyway. So to you, my sweetie -- I'm -- yeah, while your comments between our back and forth earlier today, they did sting me quite a bit, but I do this for us, my love, believe you me. My heart, my soul, is in the right place.

I will not reveal specific details or personal information as I answer the following questions. No names [of] other people will be mentioned, and if there's any that are mentioned in the questions that I will be answering then those questions shall be overlooked. And I might be -- I might overstep my boundaries by saying that I will probably do a Q&A video every week, but if I am unable to, I will at my own pace, whenever I can, answer a -- answer a question on a Facebook post -- which, a link to that will be on my Twitter following -- so that question will be answered there. If there is a question that has been asked before this time that has been answered and it is repeated in this one thread -- then you better quote me on answering that question.

Also to mention, this is definitely a long time coming for me because I ended up being so deep into this mess of trolls and cyberbullies, I broke the number one rule that I should've learned when all this mess started in late 2007: ignore the trolls! They -- ignore them! But at that time I just could not and I ended up being blackmailed, being deceived, so much content -- miscontent leaked from me. I look face to face in each and every one of those times and moments. I do regret the majority of them, but they have happened. They are in the past. They shouldn't be -- they should never be brought up again, especially in harassing me or harassing other people at my expense, because I am so much better than that and I made that perfectly clear in the one thread post that I've made earlier today.

Question 1: How would you change your Future Message?

Okay so without further ado, we'll answer some questions. But firstly, two questions that were proposed to me off of Twitter, one of which:

"If there was anything you could change in your Future Message that you had made on your 25th birthday, what would it be?"

Well what would they be? I might have to rewatch it and give more details into that, but initially I would definitely remove the "stay straight" and swap that with "find yourself for who you are, whether you be straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans -- whatever. You are you. You are individual. You should love, accept, appreciate yourself. As I have found is in myself and I learned to love and accept myself, and it has been so much better for me ever since I came out in June or July of 2014 as a lesbian trans woman."

Question 2: What would you say to Bob?

And the other question: if there was anything that, uh...

"Was there anything you wish you could have said to your father Mr. Robert Franklin Chandler Jr. before he passed on?"

I gave that some thought. I have a valid response, because this actually happened to me long before he passed on, a few years before. "Well sir, I predicted you would not have passed on until middle of 2015. So don't bail us on yet, soldier. Don't bail out on us yet." That is one thing I wish I could have said to my father as I had left him that fateful afternoon at the Martha Jefferson Hospital. [pauses to gather self, then softly] I miss him every day.

Question 3: Making Sonichu into a commercial work

[Original question: "You seem to be interested in making Sonichu into a commercial work. Turning a fan comic into a commercial work requires a lot of effort. You'll need to speak with lawyers and purge or rewrite some sections of the comic to make it legal, copyright-wise. For example, you'll need to clear out all references to Sonic and Pikachu. Is that worth it for you? How far would you be willing to go to publish Sonichu professionally? If you are willing to go that far, what would the Sonichu comics be like? Do you have any ideas for a legal-to-publish Sonichu series?"]

[This question is from The Man in the Pickle Suit, though Chris does not address this.]

[recovering and sniffling] All right, moving on, uh -- we -- I'll answer the first question. I'm not refreshing on the -- I am on the very last page of this thread, on that forum right now, so I'm gonna start with the last question, of which I was uncomfortable answering but I feel like I have a good idea, a better answer to that question. So, all right, so...

"You seem interested in making Sonichu into a commercial work. Making it that way requires a lot of effort: speaking with lawyers, purge or rewrite some sections... is that worth it for you? How far would you be willing to go to publish Sonichu professionally? And if I was willing to go that far, how would the Sonichu comics be like? Did they have any ideas for... legal to publish?"

Well, I tell you this: despite efforts, I think that that would be minimal, because I had not received complaints -- from neither Nintendo or Sega [cut] -- book's original first publication on the Internet in 2004. Obviously more than 13 years have passed since then. So it is a -- [puts finger to lips and hums] -- so I feel like it is good, equal game, especially since my characters are more accepted around the world, and everywhere. And we are still continuing on in that. Nothing will be past edited [?], and if we ever should need a Sonic character in the future, it will not be directly the characters themselves, but somebody else from within my series who could portray said characters in the book. That's definitely one way to keep it safe.

So like in that one flashback with [imitates Beavis and Butthead] "Hey fat kid, check it out, somebody left their locker open..." [grunting in reply] You could say we have two... Dittos pretending to be Beavis and Butthead. [imitating characters again] "Ditto Ditto Ditto..." hehe... "WHAM!"

Question 4: Have you ever thought about applying for Section 8 housing?

[Original question: "Hi Christine, thanks for joining the forum! Have you ever thought about applying for Section 8 housing? If you apply and are accepted it will be years before you're actually offered housing because the waiting list is very long. The worst thing that can happen when they finally do offer it to you is that you tell them that you don't need housing at that moment. But it would be a good thing to apply now and having that option down the road if needed."]

Mmkay. Moving on from this question, let's see here... mm... yes... well I'll answer this one, it's just -- it's over my head, over my knowledge, but:

"Have you ever thought about applying for Section 8 housing?"

Um... as far as I'm concerned, I'll take that under consideration, but at the moment -- at this present time I am not looking to move out, just yet. Eventually I may, but that is still years later. I can't say for certain right now.

Question 5: Would you like to visit the UK?

[Original question: "As a British ladyperson myself (wot wot pip pip tally ho apples and pears and all that) I always wondered what draws you towards British culture so much? I know you've always had a love of Monty Python and apparently have British lineage, but I've noticed recently you've started using more 'Britishisms' in the way you type and talk. Would you ever like to visit the UK, and if so where? Do you have an opinion on Brexit? Also, do you dig the accent? I have a feeling you might!"]

All right, moving on, let's see... hm... okay:

"Would you ever like to visit the UK?"

And this is a question from a [bad fake British accent] "British ladyperson." I would say, yes, I would very much like to visit jolly old England -- London -- see the Big Ben, and all the fancy sights, like -- [funny voice] Number One! Number Seventeen! Cherry Tree Lane! Or... n'of [?]... the banks and [singsong] Mary Poppins! Mary Poppins. That was a fun, funny one. So many positive things from the UK, Britain, uh, that would definitely be a good place I'd like to visit.

Question 6: Should women be strong?

[Original question: "Now you are a woman, do you still value your strength? Do you believe women should be physically strong?"]

All right, moving on. Hmm...

"As a woman, value my strength, believe should be physically strong to women?"

You know what? YES! Ladies, do as you feel! If you want to be strong then go for it. You are rockin' and you are supported.

Question 7: Interested in SNES or NES Classic?

[Original question: "First, do you have any interest in the SNES Classic now that it's released and available?"]

Uh, let's see... hmm... okay. S'a bit -- but uh -- this is okay. All right.

"Interested in the SNES Classic or the NES Classic?"

A bit, but I think I'd rather go for a retcon [?] console and get the individual cartridges so that I'm not limited. Why why -- if I ever do I might get the SNES Classic for Star Fox 2 [?] unless they put it on the Virtual Console.

Question 8: Will you make more medallions?

[Original question: "Second, have you ever thought about making medallions again, or have the trolls that would do chargebacks and bad reviews ruined that for the world at large?"]

"Thought about making medallions again?"

That isn't the process. As we, uh, as me and my associates, where it's, we're working on expanding our businesses -- the business -- and one night we just opened a Roundbubble -- Redbubble store, just yesterday. We'll eventually find somebody who can make the medallions on my behalf, and those will be well to go.

Question 9: Do you have a particular favorite Sonic cartoon?

[Original question: "Third, I know that you enjoy the Sonic series as a whole. Is there a particular cartoon that you preferred from It? Like SatAM or otherwise?"]

And then, let's see. "Enjoy the Sonic series as a whole, particularly the cartoon like Sat. AM or otherwise?"

Yes. Sat AM! Sonic the Hedgehog! Now that was the best one. Sonic X, Japanese without the dubbing, that's very good too. So if I'd say pick one over the other, I would say [pauses] classic Sat AM. I wish they had made that season 3! Well I'd love to see [circles fingers around eyes, puts on funny voice] if that was the Echidna hiding in the shadows, or Metal Sonic or -- will we ever really know the answer to that. Somebody's got to pick up that project!

Question 10: About Twitter accounts

[Original question: "There's a "rumor" going around that @paintingatree is an old account of yours. Is this true, or is it an impostor."]

Now let's see... that's not a good question... [laughs] "Paintingatree." That's painting a tree. On Twitter I only had the three accounts: CWCSonichu, NightStar2891 (with a capital N and a capital S), and more recently that I have cut the ties of "Kert Varnsen." You know where that name came from? It's from the Seinfeld series! [badly sings the famous Seinfeld bass riff] So any other accounts that y'all may be suspecting, albeit sounding similar to my typing pattern, nope! That's not me. That is not me. That is a genuine different person.

Question 11: About his mother eventually passing away

[Original question: "Do you have a plan for what you'll do when your mother passes away?"]

Uh, let's see, yeah, and I'm just gonna put this one as a neutral question. Anything having to do with my -- after my mother passes away, uh, still in the works, planning it out, but meanwhile -- it's a blank slate. And hopefully with my sweetie we'll be able to make that -- bake -- plan something for the better. And of course also talking with my mother and discussing all that. But she just turned 76 years old last Sunday. So just -- any ref -- any reference to whatever happens when my mother passes away, my answer is pretty much -- I remaining -- it still to be determined. I don't know.

Question 12: About the Rosechu weight gain

[Original question: "Where did you get the idea to make Rosechu fat and why?"]

Let's see. Oh, okay, here's a good one on the recent [singsong voice] Rosey weight gain! Hmm, yes, that was inspired by a certain someone... who is a 'spiring fan of Breakfast with Sister -- which, by the way, really good series. The artist should continue on drawin' pages for that. But she did make an update note about that and well, both my sweetie and I, we respect her for that.

Mmm, and let's see, follow-up question:

[Original question: "Have you taken into consideration the struggles of real-world women who deal with sudden and unwanted weight gain as you write this plot? What sort of research have you done, if any?"]

"Have you taken into consideration the struggles of real world women who deal with sudden, unwanted weight gain as you write this plot?"

Um, okay well, I am very much aware of all types of people, whether they be very slender, very slim and having trouble maintain that, or just being as -- being really big and having to maintain and cope with that. So between everything I've seen, on television, in the movies, real life, in person, other forms of media, I just take it to between common sense and my empathy, towards how it goes out in the final run. But really, my psychic connection with my Electric Hedgehog Pokemon family in the city of CWCVille, as I write it out, they stream the memories into my head. It actually happened on those dates in that dimension. And they just tell me as it happened.

Question 13: Memories of his teen years

[Original question: "Can you tell us some memories of your high school years or before? Feel free to tell any old story that comes to your head . Maybe a few more unheard details of your 18th birthday, managing the basketball team or what you and the gal pals would talk about at lunch. Whatever you want."]

Eh, let's see what else we got here. I'll probably answer this question with a whole -- one or so lengthy Facebook posts.

"Any high school memories, years or before? And maybe a few unheard details of my 18th -- 18th birthday, the basketball team management and gal pals, talk about -- whatever I want."

We'll just say that's a question I'll put off to a Facebook post.

Question 14: Are the trolls a unified group?

[Original question: "Christine, The Farms obviously doesn't control everyone on the internet who harrases you. Do you believe the Trolls are one single unified and controlled group?"]

Let's see, what have we got here? Oh, hm. Oh this reminds me... so this reminds me about, uh -- I should definitely make this a point, because I made the one post on the Kiwi farms that make this -- make this thread that I'm answering these questions from. Known of you -- none of you are in control of me. I am in control of me. Nobody else. And I do this, answering these questions, this video stream, under my own accord to face my past and my demons.

Hmm okay, yeah, this is a valid question though. Believe the trolls...

"Do I believe the trolls are one single unified and controlled group?"

I cannot say for certain. But -- and I am not taking sides, I am NOT on the side of Kiwi Farms, I am not on the side of 4chan, Anonymous, or anybody, or any page, website of that sort. I am not on any of those sides. I'm on the side of those that I love and care about very much deep in my heart -- my sweetheart, evermore my Sweetheart. Um, single, unified? Possibly. But I am aware of the multiple sources, and that they form on and outsource to -- let's just say, um, possible but I'm gonna guess more like multiple. But in it -- but the grander scheme of things, y'all are still not -- y'all still like me! Y'all still talking about me, despite of foul language and mockery that is said. Y'all laugh at what's actually funny that I do. [puts on pony ear headband] Hey, this is fine. [sings] My Little Pony, My Little Pony... I'm not flawless, we're a work in progress... tell me what flaws you got too, 'cause I still like what's flawed about you. [hums and sings, playing with ears] Have fun.

Question 15: MLP or Sonic?

[Original question: "So, do you now prefer the MLP franchise over Sonic?"]

And this is a good follow up to that --

"Do I prefer MLP or Sonic?"

Actually, I do not prefer one over the other. I like them both equally, although I am enjoying the MLP series a bit more, because there's quite a few -- there's quite a number of friendship lessons and values in that show. And it's more current. Somebody pick up the Saturday AM Sonic again!

Question 16: Is there anything you like about Trump?

[Original question: "I know you don't like Trump. That's fine, no problem with that. But my main question is: is there anything you like about Trump? Is there any law or bill he passed that you like, or anything he did for that matter? Also, why did you feel he needed to be killed or impeached? wouldn't it be better to see if he's a good president before passing such judgement on him?"]

Let's see, hmm.

"Anything I like about [intentionally mispronouncing name] Dornald Mr. Trump?"

Well, I'll tell you what. All questions about our failing number 45 President of the United States, let's just leave that as a neutral -- I definitely don't like him, and I definitely don't like all the things he's passed and whatnot. The only redeeming quality is that -- is anything, the one thing that actually inspired Melena [mispronouncing "Melania"] to marry him in the first place. The one heartfelt thing -- but even that is fleeting because he's a malignant narcissist. I saw that coming in those presidential debates that came out before the election voting date. You may quote me on that. I saw it coming and then [singsong] the psychologists confirmed it! And then he confirmed himself throughout his misactions. So any questions about Trump -- that's it.

Question 17: Do you believe in alternate cartoon dimensions?

[Original question: "Just to clear up this confusion once and for all: do you believe that Cwcville, Equestria, and other such places exist in different dimensions?"]

All right, next page, page 2. Scrolling down to the bottom... I'm definitely -- if I find any repeat questions I'll definitely skip over those, let's see.

[laughs, reading phone] Geez. That's -- okay, that was funny. Yes, this is a very valid question:

"Do I believe that CWCVille, Equestria and other such places exist in different dimensions?"

Yes! I believe very much in the different dimensions! And I have access. If I -- access to some, to all those dimensions. And I can [inaudible] into them, just like my OC NightStar can see into our dimension, our reality, watching our YouTube videos -- and visiting us! Visiting our dimensions! [fake singsong British accent] Doctor Who does it all the time too! [imitating back-and-forth dialogue] He's the doctor. Who's the doctor? Yes, he's the doctor. Doctor who? Yes, he's the doctor. I'm the doc! Who's the doc? Yes, he's the doctor. Jumping gigawatts! [said as "jigawatts," imitating Doc Brown from Back to the Future]

Question 18: About his upcoming date with Jessica

[Original question: "What are you planning to do with Jessica on your date? Dinner and a movie? Or just the movie?"]

[abruptly] Uh, I am not discussing anything about my date with my sweetheart. So skipping this question. Definitely keeping her details and her name, despite of everybody who is aware of what her name is, I'm not bringing it up again right now. So I care about her too much. All my heart and soul. And being! I love you sweetie! Yes I do! [making kissing noises] Endless kisses in this heart.

Question 19: About negativity and hate

[Original question: The poster describes Michael J. Hirtes, then goes on: "What do you have to say to someone who has given you this much negative attention, while he himself, lives in worse conditions, lives a life where his main objectives are associated with hate and being a general annoyance, and who has gone to great lengths to say harsh things to you personally, rather than sit by and comment on your unique life?"]

Yes, all right let's move on up and see. [hums to self as he scrolls]

Okay. Here's, uh... following the first paragraph, this question comes out okay. What do I --

"What do you have to say to someone who has given you so much negative attention, while he himself lives in worse condition, lives a life where his main objectives are associated with hate and being a general annoyance, and who has gone to great lengths to say harsh things to you personally, rather than sit by and comment on your unique life?"

Well... to that person in such conditions or, even better, I'd, their side, their -- believe them, because they... feel like they are unable to communicate positively. And I'm not going to put them down. I just perceive what they say in the more better manner, because that person -- I feel sorry for them in such pitiful conditions and whatnot. I do. I can feel for them, I can empathize. Not my fault, not their fault, that they can't say "I love you" instead of "I hate you." It's a bizarro universe. [imitating Superman character] Ooh, me Bizarro! Me hate you! Me hate you! Me hate you! Errh, I love you, Bizarro love you! [laughs] Ah, just perception, anyway, empathize and all that. And I would forgive each and every single person who has talked -- who has mocked or spoken to me in that sense, negatively.

And what was the second part of that question? Oh. [reading phone] Anyone who has gone to say -- personally? I have never met anyone who actually said that -- said anything bad to me face-to-face or in person. I'm serious. Upon recollection I had so much fear and paranoia, and this is aside from the one or two pranking encounters, including a certain green-suited individual. Anyway, I was forgiven. I was forgiven -- that's in the past. Moving on. And I just appreciate all the sincere kindness that I have received at BronyCon. That was just really awesome. And I like seeing kindness. I promote that, very much.

Question 20: About Catalonia

[Original question: "What's your opinion regarding Catalonia."]

I have no idea what Catalonia is. It sounds like a place. I would have to look that up.

Question 21: Why do you hold the pencil weird when you draw?

[Original question: "Why do you hold the pencil so messed up while drawing? It really seems painful and unnatural. Ever think your drawing would improve if you approached it differently?"]

Skipping that question ["What do you and Jessica talk about when you guys talk?"], because that's another one I'm not allowed to go into... okay.

"Why do I hold the pencil so messed up?"

Where's my pen? [reaches for pen] I hold -- well, wait, I gotta do this right. [uncaps pen and holds it] It's just the way I hold it, okay? Among which, I have learned how to properly hold a pen or a pencil. And --

"if I think -- ever think if my drawing would improve if I approached it differently?"

If I held my pen or pencil any differently from what I am, I doubt it would improve or make a difference. It would be more difficult to me to switch from the natural holding to a forced new position whatsoever. So this is my way of writing and drawing. Get to the point and deal with it.

Question 22: Will you have children?

[Original question: Unclear, because he paraphrases so drastically, but probably "Have you discussed having children with Jessica? What is her opinion on being the mother of Crystal?"]

Now let's see, moving on. On the possibility of children after my full transformation into being a full woman, I have heard it's successful, I can eventually bear my own child. But I'll just leave that up to future events when that can actually happen. It's about this moment, that's still debatable and I'm not gonna fret too much over that right now.

Question 23: Why were you demoted to the Special Ed bus in high school?

[Original question: "I understand if you don't want to answer this question: back when you were 15 you were demoted to the Special Education bus at Manchester High School. why was that? you've given some info but not the full picture, making it kinda confusing."]

Now let's see... oh. Demoted to the Special Ed bus when I was 15. That -- well, I can summarize that incident in short. There was this kid in the seat opposite from me, wanted to be the first off the bus. And I was like, "all right, well I wanna be first off the bus too!" So it's like, we vouched [?]. And this one time he actually literally pushed -- hit me and knocked my glasses off my face. And I was really upset that day, and my father had to talk with the principal and whatnot. And that's how I ended up getting demoted from regular bus to handicapped bus. Um... yeah did not like that quite much. I'm not gonna go into further detail about that in this. That's all.

Question 24: Are you going to complete Sonichu 13?

[Original question: "Another question: do you plan on completing the original version of Sonichu 13? or at least post what the plot of Sonichu 13 was going to be about? (not just the general idea of it)"]


"Complete the original version of Sonichu 13, or at least post what it was going to be about?"

Yeah, Book 13! Well, 12-9 -- because I don't like using the number 13, it's an unlucky number -- but 12-9! It is Sonichu Special. Introducing life and stories of Miss Night Star. Between Ponyville and Equestria, in Canterlot High -- that neck of the woods. She's got -- she gets around! She even goes to CWCVille at one point. But that's to be drawn in the next book after I finish with number 12 here. [taps some papers in front of him]

The original -- although, if there were to be a book 13 I would possibly draw alongside that one, or maybe at a later date to put back, [unintelligible] but book 13 would definitely be the crossover between Sonichu and Planet Dolan 'cause eventually we gotta get a tour Planet Dolan and the character aspects there and why not, and that's aside from, "Oh, what's in the studio, what's here, what's there..." And there's a good bout between Blake and Hellbent, and the mental... bouts, comparisons, discussions between Magi-Chan and Nixxiom. Some good, smart, intelligent... eh, but that was uh-- I can't remember off the top of my head because I'm thinking about answering the questions. But anyway that point is made.

Question 25: Favorite "Christian and The Hedgehog Boys" track to record?

[Original question: "which christian and the hedgehog boys album was your favourite to record?"]

"Was the 'Christian the Hedgehog Boys' album -- favorite to record?"

Uh, not particularly, especially the first track. 'Cause, boy was I frustr-- was I a frustrated... virgin, that's all I will say about that and I'm not a virgin anymore, let's just leave it at that. But anyway just... hearing my voice singing all that at this time; it's cringe-worthy.

Question 26: Binaural beats

[Original question: "How have the binaural beats helped you so far? It's been a long while since you started listening to those, I'm curious if you have noticed any big and obvious changes. Do you believe in placebo, by the way?"]

Anyway moving on let's see. Mm, binaural beats questions, all I can say-- everything about binaural beats, I am taking in: it's working very well. There'll be no further questions. If any other questions similar, I'm still listening to them, they're working for me, moving on.

Question 27: Sonichu 12 progress

[Original question: "How's progress on Sonichu 12 going?"]

Almost done with Sonichu 12! Almost done! Like uh, ten or so pages. [fart noise with tongue]

Question 28: Lesbian Sleepover Party

[Original question:
"hi Christine, I have a question
Back in January 2016 you put out a video to have a "Lesbian Sleepover Party" and made an announcement. I'm honestly curious what or who was the motivation behind that?

The idea itself was not bad at all, but the YouTube crowd may have been the improper channel to hit your target demographic of Lesbians/Female-Souled-Lesbians.

I was saddened to see that the party was cancelled right after the Announcement. HAD the party happened, do you think it would have been a good time and/or do you think anyone who attended would have been (at the time) a good sweetheart material type person?

Thank for you reading this even if you cannot answer.

Mm. Uh, the quote-unquote lesbian sleepover party. Yeah, that never happened. Um just let's just say that somebody else, whose name will not be mentioned, proposed the idea, and it just never really formed. Plus there was that impostor... over in Seattle, I think it was? Yeah Seattle. Because that's Frazier's hometown! Well, the town he lives in the show the-- binge-watched the entire series more than twice. I still feel smart every time I watch that show, any episode. But regardless...

Question 29: Sorbet

[Original question: "How is Sorbet? Can we see him more in videos?"]

Sorbet is very healthy and very well, ok? [stuttering] His-- his r-- His ulcer in his right eye has healed up, but that's going to be still a permanent consequence, just blurred vision out of that eye pretty much. And a nasal damage, that's permanent. The vet cannot-- is unable to repair that, he did the best he could. And-- but he was able to clear out that ulcer, so... Sorbet is still healthy, alive and well. He's very active.

[referencing this question] Umm, I have no idea what this question is about. Uh, let's see...

Question 30: Favorite Musicals

[Original question:
"Hi Chris Chan, welcome to Kiwi Farms! Hopefully no one screws this up.

I've been wondering: What are your favorite musicals? I know you've mentioned wanting to watch Gigi with a past sweetheart, and you're most notably into Mary Poppins. What else? Also, if anyone comes to mind, do you have a favorite composer of musicals?


Favorite musicals. [in a high voice] Mary Poppins! Yes, I do like Gi-- I did like Gigi. I like, [singing] I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain! And, yeah my favorite of all-- my favorite [stutters] musical of all time would have to be [singing] Meet me in St. Louis, Louis. Meet me at the fair. Don't tell me the lights are shining any place but there. We will dance the Hoocee [sic] Kooche, I will be your Tootsie Woostsie if you will meet me in St. Louis, Louis! Meet me in AAAAaaaaaaat the fair! Thank you Mrs. Judy Garland. Ah, next question.

[referencing this question] Answered this question already, next one.

Question 31: Halloween Plans and Pets

[Original question: "Well hello! Just curious, how will you be celebrating Halloween this year? And how are your pets?"]

Uh... probably, hand out-- just hand out candy this year, sitting at home. Unless I actually get invited to a Halloween party or find a place to go to. It's still yet to be determined.

[referencing this question] Not saying, because I'm not going to make up any new posts aside from the one I made. [fart noise with tongue]

Question 32: CAPTCHA

[Original Question: "Did you like the sign-up CAPTCHA?"]

It could be better, the...[speaks slowly to avoid mispronunciation] CAPTCHA could be better.

Ehh, see this--this is basically what I'm doing, just answering the no-troll, ok questions. And skipping over ones that are repeating or too revealing, and I could put up some more later. This is okay, uh... [fart noise with tongue]

[chuckles while scrolling] Ok, that's cool, uh I mean I'm startin-- I'm on the first page, I'm starting from the bottom to the top so you know what I'm talking about. Hmm. On the forums, you can look it up for your self. Those who are actually members there, let's just leave it at that.

Question 33: What made you come here?

[Original question: "What made you want to come here to the Farms in the first place? We all thought you didn't care about this website and its content."]

Ok, "Come here in the first place?" It's pretty much, I've... wanted to actually see from your perspective, on the earlier posts that y'all did and actually see if you were actually talking smack about me or... responses to other things at a recent time..? That's pretty much it, that's why... I'm pa-trolling... visually, just reading some-- skimming certain top-- certain posts, whatnot, on... [gestures to phone] there. Uh, let's see what this say.

Question 34: Trans-women, appearance, and Jessica

[Original question:
"if you want women to love you for who you are, then why can't you love another trans-woman? isn't that a bit hypocritical? if jessie turns out to have a dick, will she still be your sweetheart?

also, as a girl, i was wondering why you don't put more effort into your appearance. there are better clothes you can wear to flatter your shape. there are sailor neptune wigs online, you know. if you really want that seagreen haircolor.

and last question. is jessica okay with you posting on here?

[gestures to phone] Too much. Too much. This is a too much question. Too much. I'll... too much, too personal, I have-- although I will only say I have nothing against fellow trans-women and trans-males... just... and I have given out thoughtful consideration, but still... That's all I will say, I respect them, they're good people, they're okay. I...would not natural-- I am more neutral towards them and I actually have a few trans-women friends in real life. Okay? Let's just leave it at that. Too much, that was a too much question.

Question 35: Nintendo Switch

[Original question: "What’s your opinion on the Nintendo Switch?"]

Uh, Nintendo Switch. I might get one, I might get one, that's all I'm going to say I have no other responses to it.

Question 35: Extended Family

[Original question: "Have you tried contacting your half brother and sister David and Carol recently? Do you want to get to know your extended family a bit more?"]

Hmm. Yes, I still want to get back with my brothers and sisters and my extended family, that's-- but... don't want y'all to worry about that, you let me worry about that, th-thats all I will say about that. And, uh...hmm. Hmm.

Question 36: Honesty in Online Dating

[Original question: "Christine, based on your feminine experiences, what is the best way to tell if someone wanting to date you on the internet is serious or not? I've had a few people reach out to me but I've been TERRIFIED that they're trolls. How do you separate the real ones from the bad?"]

Okay, yes, [paraphrasing] "based on my experiences what is the best way to tell if someone wanting to date me on the Internet is serious or not... How do you separate the real ones from the bad?"

Um... well, for one thing uh, common sense. You can check their profiles, they are mess--they are messaging you from, like on Facebook. See if their photos don't result in... any other...well. See if their Facebook photos don't get repeated in the search results that's once thing. And uh, if their Facebook profiles are freshly created, like they have less than X number of posts on there, they have little information on there, then I would be like, "pass."

Um, there's other people, and web-pages that can advise you for the better but neutrally I would say keep an open heart, an open mind, figure-- you can figure it out for your selves which ones are sincere, which ones are sarcastic... and just, you don't jump in a relationship immediately, just make friends until...uh, and especially in person, just makes friends and, and [unintelligible] that's been actually that you've known for a while, and that they've known you for a while. Um, you come out to them or they come out-- or he or she comes out to you. Good, I'd say go for it. [unintelligible] if at least, a few months, to at least a year. [thumbs up] There you go, you know. Now let's see what else we got.

Question 37: Making up with Jessica

[Original question: "Hey Christine how's your love life? Have you patched things up with Jessica yet?"]'

Okay, yes, patched up, love life. We're good.

[referencing this question] I'm not at liberty to talk about what happened, especially on recorded forms like th--recorded videos like this one.

[referencing this question] Aaand we already answered that question.

[referencing this post] Eh, that's not a question...

[referencing this post] [chuckles] n-- he-- wasn't pullin' a prank.

Question 38: Disability Prejudice and Sonichu

[Original question:
"What do you have against people with other forms of disabilities? You said you won't want to date somebody who is 'slow in the mind', but don't you also have anxiety?

Why does Sonichu not going on adventures or saving the world like a hero? Usually, comicbook heroes go on adventures to save the world.

Hmm, okay. I do not have anything against people, with... other forms of disabilities... um, just... they just, pretty much, um, initially they would kinda creep me out, especially if, barely understand them, but... if I had an extended amount of time, and I find... that I can get used to this person, and like them, then that's good, otherwise I'll just remain positively civil and neutral.

[referencing this post] [humming] la da dada da da skip. That's not a question...

Question 39: Contact with Jessica

[Original question:
"Shalom, Chris, if that's really you.

Have you had contact with Jessica beyond Facebook text posts? Calls, skype, etc.?

I would say, yes to that that question. More than Facebook. [humming]

[referencing this post] [humming] "This is a Q&A..."

[referencing this post] [humming] "Now what's the fun in that?"

Question 40: Adult Chronicles

[Original question:
"Have you ever watched any of my LOVEQUEST videos? Also, how do you feel about our tiny, honey-producing insect friends?
my stories are Not Dark
What about the Adult Chronicles™ and that time the Chaotic Combo murdered someone for political dissent?

[sidenote: the thing about the bees is relevant because the user who posted this is called Spelling Bee]
[sidenote: "my stories are Not Dark" is the part of Chris's initial post that Spelling Bee responded to, it is included in his post]

Mm. Oh yeah, um... Adul-- The... heh. There was a video game of my adult life to be made, it would have to be something like a choice-making game like, either Life is Strange or Gone Home. I like both of those, both of those are really good.

And the... time with the...well the... bloody murder for polika-- political dissent...? Um, the one time I did draw that and I did edit that out, I swapped it out. So now those gu-- so now those... ge-- so now the not guilty either definitely... uh... I'm trying to think of the word there. What's the word there... uh... n-- uh, and I wanna say pil-- I feel like I wanna say pilgrim, but I won't. You know what I mean, they're definitely totally cut off from the Internet and modern technology.

Anyway, that's the... and I'm still getting used to so I can wat--so I would eventually watch more of the past creations inspired by Sonichu or myself. I just, when-- I skipped over them so many years ago when they originally came out because... I was still paranoid that they were going to be more of a m-mockery in a sense. But, I did f-- I am finding that, there are a-actually-- a majority of are actually not so bad, so, adjusting, getting used to it. Baby steps.

And so yeah, p-- now I haven't watched these Lovequest videos too.

Ending Message

[referencing this post] And "You have a good day too." And, [throws up hands] that's all the questions! Three pages, that's all the questions. Anyway, I will get back to the high-school... memories on tha-- on a later point. But I think we covered a lot today, I feel... better that I addressed a few... addressed some of the uh, Trolls and anymore questions, I'll check this thread... like once a week. I might just put the questions and answers on a Facebook post and answer them there, or if I feel like it I'll record another Q&A video. It just depends on my mood.

Eh, so now...[picks up something] with this... fa-- with this task, I've taken a first step toward facing my Demons and my past. And I feel-- I feel better for it, and once again I empathi-- I want to reiterate: Do not contact any of my friends, any of my family, or any of my associates. And including and especially my Sweetheart. Then, I will not answer any more questions! So, no contact... with them, no harassment. You wanted to [stuttering] you want to know more, ask me directly, through this thread only if you're already on there. Otherwise anybody else who uh, is not on there, you can talk to me on Twitter or on the Facebook comments, leave it at that. Um, I definitely would discourage going... I still would discourage, until, such a time... when... the website, and the web-forums are more, let's say, polite and politically correct.

Shall we say [audio cuts out] sent... mm. Yeah, stay away from them and, I definitely want to emphasize that, if there's any harassment going on towards you from any, really bad Internet Trolls and cyberbullies, just... [raises arms to form an X shape] block 'em. Block 'em. On your Facebook, on your Twitter, wherever. Block them! Just... and if they're pinning the blame on a one individual that they have picked on before... just, as an example, I'm an example with that. Do not block that person, you block the actual person who's making those derogatory comments. And I of course I am aware of those who are-- who have been trolled in the past, might not have been able to ignore them, and fell into depression. I just want to say that I... offer some heartfelt support to each of you individually. I have spoken to a few of you, and I'll prob-- and I'll end up lending my kindness and support to more of y'all for-- in the future. Eh, y'all know who you are [humming].

Eh, anything else on my mind, let me think a

Okay, well aside from that I think I'm good for this time so... until next video I record or the next question I answer, everybody: Y'all have a great, safe day. Thank you for your kindness and your respect, and listening.

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