CWC Update!!!!! 27 March 2009

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Chris was enraged over the fact that this picture, along with some information about Ivy, was leaked.
A short summary of the video.

"CWC Update!!!!! 27 March 2009" (officially "CWC Update!!!!! 03272009") is a video in which Chris expresses outrage over the leaking of secret information to a stranger on the internet.

In the video, Chris repeatedly threatens to stop drawing the comics and vows to take samples of Clyde Cash's handwriting to the police.


CWC Update! 27 March 2009
Stardate 27 March 2009
Subject Matter ViolenceViolence Violence
Performance Style RageRage Rage
Saga ClydeClyde Clyde Cash
Shirt Vert Blue Grey ShirtVert Blue Grey Shirt The Napoleon
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[deep breath] Captain's Log. I believe it is the 27th.

Maaaaaaajor update. I am SERIOUSLY ticked off right now, because information about my girlfriend, even though it was accidentally leaked to a trusted individual, it turns out that that individual POSED as one of my gal pals from high school.

But anyway, I, apparently my, my sw-, my, I, I wi-, I swear to God that, I, consi-,that any, ANY...thing to intrude in my life to make me feel, in my life and within my family...[balls hand into fist, overcome with rage] Nnngh! I swear to God, the comic will cease! But also, I swear to God, that I will


WITH EVERY HAND WRITTEN DOCUMENT THAT WAS SENT TO MY FAMILY! And we have hand written d-, we have a hand-written... hand-writing from CLYDE CASH. And a typed letter within that envelope that has HIS HANDWRITING on that envelope! I will go to the police; I swear to God, my family and I will go to the police! With all of this information. my romantic life, and amongst my TRUE gal pals, in my lifetime, and ESPECIALLY my girlfriend:


You back the fuck off. Or...I swear, also...myeah. Ceasing of the comics. I will go to the police! You do not want to get on my bad side a-


Or even WORSE?!


I will


If I ever MEET that bastard! In person.

But anyway, I'll say it again. LEAVE ME AND MY FRIENDS ALONE!

I will be continuing my comics at the moment. But any


incident and not only will I STOP the comic, but I WILL go to the police. ALL RIGHT? Back the fuck off. Have a good day.

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