Stardate, August 27, 2010

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Stardate, August 27, 2010 is a video in which Chris claims that he formatted his PS3's hard drive, unexpectedly erasing all his content. Having learned about the true meaning of formatting and effectively destroying the most important aspect of his life, Chris concedes victory to the trolls.

Despite the apparent insincerity of the video, the events told by Chris are true. It is a new face of Chris, neither happy nor sad nor angry, but in shock and disbelief. It is one of a few events in his life where something he loves has been taken away from him due to his error and he is without a scapegoat. He has no one to blame but himself, and he realizes that. In the glory of the moment, many a troll grinned a trolling grin upon those immortal words: POOF!

Chris deleted this video a few hours after uploading it. He then ritualistically destroyed his PS3.


Stardate, August 27, 2010
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Stardate 27 August 2010
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Feels like a whole weight has been lifted off my shoulders. In a way, you win!


Heh... Captain's log, Stardate August 27, 2010.

Guess what? I have some interesting, fascinating news for you... trolls out there. You knome- You all are aware of my recent dilemma with being able to download videos and digital comics being disabled. Well, I just got through talking with, uhh, technical people at Sony. And they encouraged me to, uhh, to, uhh, run through an option number three of, uhh, res- of, uhh, searching for corrupted data and clearing that out.

But there was a problem during that and... it's- and the system suggested formatting my internal hard drive. And there was a misunderstanding between me... and... the, uhh, employee over at Sony Computer Entertainment of America. And I said yes, [eyes bulge out] everything I have worked for since... ss- two- since March 2007 since I started, saved data, videos, music, photographs everything that was saved to my hard drive. [Extends arms out, showing the world his stare.] Gone!

There's nothing to destroy. You wanted to destroy my PlayStation 3? Well, in a misguided error, I just did myself. So there's nothing for you trolls to be jealous about, nothing, absolutely nothing! Feels like a whole weight has been lifted off my shoulders. In a way, you win! You win dayure!

That's it! I'll leave y'all with that piece of knowledge, let y'all contemplate. Of uhh, especially to uhh, Clyde Cash... Let him contemplate... the agony in the past few years. Everything, [raises arms] POOF!

Alright, stay safe. [Reaches for camera to turn off.]

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You Win, Trolls!
Stardate 30 August 2010
Made By MewLime
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