A near public apology

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"A Near Public Apology", posted 11 July 2009, is a public apology in an attempt to get his PSN account back. Note that in this video, Chris is wearing neither his Sonichu medallion nor his class ring, meaning his apology is insincere.


A near public apology
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Stardate 11 July 2009
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Shirt Red & WhiteRed & White The Power Ranger Red
CWC Calls Out Three Naïve YouTubers
Chris's Big Night Out II
I don't give my trust away very easily.
Chris telling the lie-est lie ever lied.


Hello. I genmaking this video to apologize for the, uh, last three, uh, videooos of which I uploaded addressed only to the three individuaaals, you see, amongst, uh, two outta three, they were, uh, behi—they were wearing masks, and it just became very suspicious to me. And, uh, they were trying to uh, get—trying to get trust—get some trust from me...so easily but I don't give my trust away very easily. So, I said what I said only because...I just did not believe them at all.

And, uh, to anybody who misinterpreted the uh, feelings behind all—behind that, uh, I apologize to everybody who saw that and got that impression, and also I apologize for the inconvenience of losing my previous YouTube account, but, uh, got—but then I got the new one. But anyway I will not make such videos again.

But still, uh, I'm not 'cepting, uh, videos of such caliber as uh those people have—those two individuals have done. And as for the third one, uhh...eeh has huh—has...inadvertently got into my privacy again, by uh...by in, the, uh, hacker, so...down with that individual.

So, again, I apologize for the inconveniences, and any wrongful impressions, so...let's hope we can move on and...I'll get back, uh, things that, uh, were lost the past weekend. Thank you.

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