July 2009

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On 15 July 2009, Chris is spotted with a female whale.
On 18 July 2009, this is what Chris found...
On 24 July 2009, /v/ finds out about his latest video...
On 29 July 2009, Chris draws Colossal Chan.
On 31 July 2009, the SingStar Challenge begins.

In July 2009 Chris continued his newfound, somewhat wilder lifestyle, and more footage was leaked of Chris's activities in real life. Several photographs appeared of him going to a bar with a heavy girl, and a video was shown of Chris hanging around in Charlottesville. As the month went on, Chris suddenly took interest in the saving of McIntire Park, a piece of public property that was in risk of being demolished. Chris managed to get himself on TV two times by behaving retardedly. Halfway through the month, a troll calling himself CChanSonichuCWC, soon to be nicknamed "Liquid Chris," appeared on YouTube, claiming to be the copyright holder of Sonichu, and thus the real Christian Chandler. "Solid Chris" didn't take this lightly, and as July drew to a close, the situation became grimmer and grimmer. On the last days of July, Chris initiated the SingStar Challenge, a singing competition that would supposedly determine who was the real Chris-Chan.

Events of July 2009

  • 1 July - Chris uploads two videos, Captain's Log, Stardate July 1st, 2009 and a video of him responding to G4 showing a video of him.
  • 3 July - CChanSonichuCWC formally denounces the YouTube account CChanSonichu, claiming that he, the real Chris, abandoned that account and its current operator is an impostor Chris.
  • 3 July - ScrewAttackEurope releases the first of many videos of Chris being interviewed.
  • 4 July - ScrewAttackEurope releases Chris-chan Discusses... Spax3 & Griffith.
  • 7 July - ScrewAttackEurope releases Chris-chan Discusses... E3 & Little Big Planet.
  • 7 July - Chris uploads Captain's Log, Stardate July 7th, 2009.
  • 10 July - Chris and Samantha Thaddeus exchange emails regarding Chris's hacked PSN account.
  • 10 July - Chris uploads three videos--ECV 00117, ECV 00118, and ECV 00119, directed towards three people he was mad at: ShmionSonozaki, sonichuizcool and oxycleanfanatic2264. His use of death threats and slander in these videos result in the suspension of his YouTube account, CChanSonichu.
  • 11 July - Chris continues to beg Samantha Thaddeus for his PSN accounts.
  • 11 July - Chris creates a new YouTube account, IBAChandler, and uploads I GOT A FISH as well as a new video, A near public apology.
  • 12 July - Chris spams Samantha Thaddeus's email account in a desperate attempt to regain his Playstation Network accounts.
  • 13 July - Jack Thaddeus and Chris exchange a series of emails. Jack tells Chris that if he wants his PS3 accounts back, he needs to film himself losing his virginity within a week.
  • 13 July - Four more videos are uploaded featuring Chris out drinking.
  • 15 July - Pictures emerge on 4-cent_garbage's /v/ of Chris sitting in a bar with a rather heavy girl.
  • 17 July - Chris uploads Rollin' and Trollin', where he gives a tour of CWCville and claims that the autistic manchild we thought he was never existed. This plays into the hands of CChanSonichuCWC, or "Liquid Chris," who had been claiming to be the real autistic manchild for weeks.
  • 17 July - Chris writes and draws a Sonichu face on the Charlottesville chalk wall. He did not have his camera when he drew it, and when he came back with it the next morning, others had drawn and written over him.
  • 17 July - On about this date, according to Chris's resume, he realized that his career goal was to get "paper-published" by a comic book company.
  • 18 July - Chris uses Samantha Thaddeus's email account in the first of a series of emails to her friend to try and get his foreign PSN accounts back.
  • 18 July - Chris also begins to use Samantha's email account to persuade Jack Thaddeus to hand over his accounts.
  • 19 July - Jack Thaddeus tells "Samantha" that he wants Chris to make a video admitting that his "Rollin' and Trollin'" video is a hoax, and another video in which he sings and dances.
  • 19 July - As "Samantha," Chris continues to try to wrangle his account information from Katie Bay via email.
  • 19 July - Chris uploads CWC Trollin More, in which he admits he really is an autistic manchild.
  • 19 July - Jack Thaddeus reiterates to "Samantha" that Chris needs to make the music video in which he sings and dances to "Girlfriend" by April Lavigne.
  • 20 July - "Samantha" tells Katie Bay that she has cramps and that she still wants Chris's PSN accounts.
  • 21 July - Liquid Chris claims to have sold official Sonichu merchandise at Otakon, which seems to be the last straw for Chris, heating up the CWCivil War.
  • 21 July - Jack Thaddeus informs "Samantha" about Liquid Chris. He also tells her that now Chris needs to make a video in which he humps his PS3 console.
  • 21 July - Katie Bay asks "Samantha" if she wants to hang out.
  • 22 July - "Samantha" tells Katie that she won't be able to make it.
  • 22 July - Chris is featured on NBC, in the background at a rally to save McIntire Park. He is wearing the medallion.
  • 22 July - Chris uploads two videos. Firstly, Captain's Log, Stardate July 22nd, 2009, a "REAL Protest against the FAKE". Secondly, A Preview, a badly drawn slideshow/trailer/music video. Both videos are deleted within hours.
  • 22 July - As "Samantha," Chris tries to dissuade Jack Thaddeus from forcing Chris to hump his console.
  • 23 July - Chris reuploads the "REAL Protest against the FAKE" to prove he is in fact the True and Honest CWC and not the impostor we know he is.
  • 23 July - Chris enters a secret "troll" IRC channel (not really), under an alias, and in a long IRC convo, he tries to persuade the trolls to get him to rape Rocky.
  • 23 July - Chris uploads Do Not Dis C Ville.
  • 23 July - Chris asks Katie Bay if she is a troll or an innocent bystander.
  • 24 July - A video of Chris humping his PS3 is leaked onto 4-cent_garbage's /v/.
  • 24 July - Chris informs Jack Thaddeus about the humping video, and demands his accounts. Jack tells him to make a new video in which he sings a pro-gay song.
  • 24 July - Chris uploads a strange video, It's UGH!, of him uncomfortably singing the song "It's OK to be Gay". He removes the video in less than 20 minutes.
  • 24 July - Chris returns to email only to have Jack Thaddeus tell him to redo "It's UGH!."
  • 24 July - Apparently seeing the song as his anthem of independence from the trolls, Chris uploads CWC Dare shortly after deleting his "It's OK to be Gay" performance.
  • 24 July - Chris comes clean with Katie and asks if they can be friends.
  • 25 July - CWC "Boyfriend" is uploaded by Chris.
  • 25 July - In addition, Chris uploads "It's___", a remake of the "It's UGH" video.
  • 25 July - Jack Thaddeus tells Chris he is still not satisfied with his video performances, but Chris gives up and tells him he can keep the PS3 accounts.
  • 25 July - Katie asks Chris what he thought about a televised Billy Mays tribute.
  • 26 July - Chris uploads Captain's Log, Stardate July 26, 2009 in which he proves to the world that he is the True and Honest CWC.
  • 26 July - Chris starts editing CWCipedia very intensively on a near-daily basis.
  • 26 July - Chris and Katie chat, and he asks her for help with the trolls.
  • 27 July - Chris writes a letter to Michael Snyder demanding to know if he is a troll, and if so, why.
  • 27 July - Liquid Chris and Clyde Cash have a phone call
  • 27 July - Over email, Chris and Katie discuss headsets, the mall, and Billy Mays.
  • 28 July - Chris finally completes Episode 19, eight months after he started it, and uploads the finished pages to the CWCipedia.
  • 28 July - Chris and Katie Bay discuss the finished comic pages, his unemployment, and Ivy.
  • 29 July - Chris and Katie chat in Spanish.
  • 29 July - Chris uploads CWC More Than A Feeling, which is just him playing Guitar Hero.
  • 29 July - Chris uploads Captain's Log, Stardate July 29th, 2009.
  • 29 July - Chris reuploads the "Holding Out For a Hero" music video as well as several other older videos. His newfound belief that Ivy was real after all appears to contribute to this decision.
  • 29 July - The CWCville Library leaks the alternate version of CWC "Boyfriend".
  • 29 July - Liquid Chris posts his own performance of "More Than A Feeling" to one-up Chris. Chris rages.
  • 29 July - Chris shaves his goatee on-camera in an effort to prove he's the real Chris, although he mostly proves he cannot properly handle sharp objects.
  • 29 July - Chris draws Colossal Chan, who will be appearing in Sonichu 10.
  • 30 July - Chris and Katie discuss the Spanish language and his new video.
  • 31 July - Chris tells Katie about the rules to the SingStar Challenge and asks her to be a judge.
  • 31 July - Chris announces the SingStar Challenge with a video against Liquid Chris.
  • 31 July - Chris uploads his first performance.