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Financhu Crisis

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Chris's online activity for much of 2016

  • It has been 11 days since Chris begged for money.
  • It has been 551 days since Chris worked on his paid obligations to make new Sonichu content.

I do not feel I would be mentally suited for an application-required, long waits to be contacted or not contacted, "am I hired yet", under "The Man", Freaking job!!! Stop Telling me to "Get a Job". Gawd!!!


—Chris, April 2017[1], after his friends on Facebook refused to entertain his nonsense excuses for not having a job.

The Financhu Crisis is a term coined by users from Kiwi Farms to describe the steep decline in the Chandler family's financial management beginning in early 2016.

Signs of the Chandlers' worsening finances were made apparent by the increasing amounts of begging videos and donation requests on YouTube and Facebook.

Given that Barb is elderly on a fixed income, and Chris is lazy on a fixed income, one could only bleakly speculate what will happen when Chris is eventually left to fend for himself once Barb passes away.


A wordcloud of the videos and Facebook posts Chris made during the Financhu Crisis. Note how big "money" and "donations" are...

To this day, the Chandlers' financial woes are caused by their own irresponsible behaviors. Chris, learning absolutely nothing over the years, has squandered any available money on children's toys, video games, fast food, and sex toys. Barb, on the other hand, has simply been ignoring long-term debts and letting them pile up to alarming amounts, armed only with vain hopes that her manbaby would raise money for her bills.

Chris has made some efforts to generate income for the household over the past few years (bar that of actually finding a job), which included opening an Etsy shop in 2015. However, any profits gained would immediately go straight to toy purchases, an irresponsible move that would to turn out to be a recurring problem that keeps the Chandlers in the red. The shop would eventually shut down from Chris lazily not fulfilling Etsy orders, but he would still find some revenue by the occasional eBay sales of select merch from the hoard. To further compound the issue, Chris has been instilled with a very real belief that fans are willing to drop large sums of money into his bank account for nothing, an expectation that has since been strengthened by the $1,000 donation by DStecks in September 2015. This belief would take on the form of the many begging videos that highlight the saga to this day.

Barb seems to have outstanding debts that dwarfs Chris' financial handiwork. On September 2016, she faced lawsuits from Discover and Capital One for failing to pay the large amounts of her credit card debt, according to Virginia District Court records. It is worth noting that it takes a lot of ignored debt collector calls over a long period of time to get a simple credit card debt escalated to a lawsuit, suggesting that Barb may have been outright ignoring making any payments to her credit cards. Only time will tell if more creditor companies begin to sue Barb for her neglect. In August 2016, Chris revealed that the household is still under a mortgage of $115,000, introducing a far more worrying debt looming over the horizon.

Both Chris and Barb continue to barely stay afloat with their lives thanks to their own tugboats, but their inactive lifestyle and reckless spending will not last forever at this rate.

Despite it all, Chris has not once attempted to find a job. In April 2017, with the household finances near the breaking point, one of Chris's IRL friends informed him of DARS, a service designed to help people with disabilities enter the workforce. Chris reacted with a temper tantrum, posting a multi-paragraph rant on not wanting to work.

Outstanding Debts

This table summarizes various unpaid debts charged to credit cards and other owed amounts between Chris and Barb. Keep in mind that these are only amounts found by Christorians via Chris' online posts and Virginia District Court public records.

On 30 November 2016, Chris started a Patreon with a goal of $250,000; he estimates $200,000 to pay off the mortgage and other debts, plus an extra $50,000 for himself, just because.

Date Item Amount ($)
Ongoing Credit card debt[2] 6,000.00
24 September 2014 Loan for Son-Chu 9,000.00
1 March 2016 PS4 purchase (via 540.00
16 March 2016 Discover Bank court case 4,706.93
16 April 2016 Payday loan 3,000.00
Ongoing Mortgage (revealed on Facebook) 115,000.00
14 September 2016 Capital One court case 15,906.99
Total $154,153.92

Chris's Frivolous Spending

A recurring theme throughout the Crisis.

Like any terminally irresponsible adult, Chris likes to keep his bedroom filled with toys, while keeping his wallet empty. Below is an list of the known expenses Chris has made during the Financhu Crisis, collected from online postings and eBay purchase history. Some amounts are estimated, but all amounts are debilitating.

During 2016, Chris was known to waste over $2,500 on toys.

Item Amount ($)
New PS4 console[3]. 540.00
About 30 game purchases for the PS4[4]. 500.00
$350 Ghostbusters lego set, bought on eBay[5] for higher. 425.88
Transformers action figures[6]. 577.00
Naru, a dakimakura pillow (or hug pillow). 90.00
Skylanders toys[7][8]. 195.00
Pokemon merchandise[9][10] 181.79
Amiibo (Smash series "Pit")[11] 12.99
"I'm Done Adulting" T-Shirt[12] 23.99
Lego Dimensions (assorted sets)[13][14] 238.00
My Little Pony-themed card sleeves[15]. 13.54
14K yellow gold Cleopatra bar 16" necklace[16]. 399.99
Skylanders avatar products, for use as [[Stamps|raffle prizes[17]. 750
Total $3,948.18

2016 Timeline


  • 1st - Chris buys a PS4, worth $540, from Fingerhut (using a credit card)[18].
  • 16th - Barb is found guilty in a debt case involving Discover Financial Services. The judgement states that she owes $4,706.93[19].
  • 19th - Chris spends $425 on a single Lego set[5], available for $75 less on the lego website.[20]


  • 12th - Chris begs. This video is notable for being the first video devoted to asking for money.
  • 16th - It's revealed that Chris borrowed $3,000 from a payday loan[21].
  • 24th - Chris begs again, this time without offering crafts in exchange.


  • 4th - The donations listing on Chris's Etsy shop is removed, presumably for violating TOS[22].
  • 9th - Chris spends $60 on his waifu.
  • 23rd - The Chandlers pay $616.52 for the first half of 14BC's 2016 property tax.
  • 23rd - Chris begs for bananas. He also announces the debut of a Support button on his Youtube channel to replace the Etsy listing.
  • 25th - Chris begs in a Facebook post while reminding readers that Etsy removed his donation listing and that he has a Support button on Youtube instead.
  • 26th - Chris begs on Facebook, links to his game stream of Uncharted and repeats his statements from the 25th.
  • 28th - Chris spends nearly $100 on Transformers[23].
  • 29th - Chris spends another $30 on his waifu[24].
  • 31st - Chris spends $150 more on Transformers[25].


  • 8th - Chris's Etsy shop is closed[26], presumably for failing to send orders.
  • 11th - Chris begs for money in the same video in which he announces that his shop is closed. Starting from this video, Chris adds his begging to the video descriptions.
  • 14th - Chris begs to have $100 for Barb's asthma medicine, in two videos which feature Barb.
  • 17th - Chris begs to have $200 for an electric bill, while reading a fanfic called "Unicorns, Rainbows, and a Bluebird of Happiness".
  • 19th - Chris begs, again saying he wants $200 for an electric bill, and also wanting food money, while reading another chapter of Bluebird.
  • 19th - Chris wants to become a prostitute, in an attempt to get both money and china.
  • 26th - Chris begs his half-brother Cole Smithey for financial help, while simultaneously insulting him for "pissing and burning" the money he earns from working as a movie critic on apartment rent[27].
  • 29th - Chris begs, saying that even though he got donations, he wants more because "we could still do better," before reading the third chapter of Bluebird.


  • 1st - Chris pays his $541 court costs for pepper-spraying a Gamestop employee in 2014[28].
  • 8th - Chris begs while reading chapter four of Bluebird.
  • 9th - Chris begs in a long rant, saying he is stressed from dealing with finances. He mentions a mortgage among the bills. He wants food money for himself, Barb and their pets.
  • 10th-11th - Chris begs in a series of four videos, wanting $20 or $50. He demeans himself on camera to get people to donate. Finally, he thanks people for sending the "minimum $20" before begging to have money for Barb's teeth.
  • 13th - Barb begs to have money for her dental work.
  • 13th - Chris finally decides to sell some of his toys to raise money. He lists one Pokemon card on eBay for $50.[29]
  • 14th - Chris lists two more Pokemon cards on eBay, for $100 each.
  • 15th - Chris begs for food money in a Facebook post, complaining that people aren't willing to donate anymore.
  • 18th - Chris begs for money in the same video in which he reads an anniversary dedication, while expecting to be paid $50 for it.
  • 18th - One of the $100 Pokemon cards Chris listed on eBay is sold[30].
  • 20th-22nd - Chris produces eight videos to earn money from his fanbase.
  • 23rd - Chris returns to begging on Facebook. He also announces that "this window is for Donations Only. No video requests until further notice," after his Youtube account receives its second strike against it for violating policy on "nudity or sexual content" after a video he uploaded on the 22nd got reported. He also begs to a Kiwi Farms user named crayolasword who asks him about the situation.
  • 24th - Chris announces on Facebook that he has grown a labia using subliminal frequencies found on Youtube. He also requests donations for gender reassignment.
  • 26th - Three days after being barred from uploading videos to his CwcvilleGuardian Youtube account, Chris circumvents the ban by uploading to another account, restarting the Paid Video Requests program and accepting offers for $10-$50.
  • 28th - Chris makes one sale on the video program.


  • 4th - Barb is sued by yet another bank. The hearing will take place on September 14th.
  • 5th - Chris pays $121 in court costs and fines for failing to acquire proper certifications for his dogs.
  • 5th - Chris begs for donations in a Facebook post and asks for tubes of Oestrogel to be sent to him.
  • 9th - Chris relists the Birthday Pikachu card on eBay for $500 and begs people to "Buy It Now and help me and my family."[31] He also offers a VHS tape of Aladdin for $3,000.[32]
  • 11th - Chris begs Cole Smithey for financial help again, this time by saying, "Hey! Cole!!! Get off of your ass and apologize and make peace with us here, In Person, and Help Us Financially, Please."[33]
  • 14th - A buyer purchases the Megatron pistol from Chris, netting Chris $50. It's the first Relic of Fail to be sold during the Crisis.
  • 31st - Chris begs his audience on Facebook to pay his mortgage of $115,000.


  • 12th - Chris is spotted and photographed at a Toys "Я" Us buying two tins of Pokemon Cards, two days before his mother goes to court.
  • 14th - Greene County's court rules that Barb owes $15,906.99 in unpaid debt to Capital One bank.
  • 19th - Chris begs in a Facebook post, while showing off his new pet cat. He wants money to cover bills for the second half of the month, one paragraph after stating that he needed "allowance fun" to get a break from stress in the first half of the month.
  • 27th - Chris claims in a video that the "fickle finances" are improving for him and Barb, shortly before playing with his newly-bought Transformers toys, showing that he is unaware or does not care about the fact that his mother legally owes over $20,000 as a result of the two lawsuits filed against her in 2016 or that the property tax for their house will be due in two months.


  • 18th - Chris resumes begging in a video, saying that he is sick and that he is running low on chicken noodle soup and money. Notably, he had spent $160 buying Transformers toys on Ebay in the weeks beforehand[34].


  • 9th - Chris, in response to the election, films a video of him destroying a Transformer toy that is meant to represent Donald Trump. The toy was part of the Transformers toy purchase back in September, costing him $25.
  • 18th - Chris spends $90 on Pokemon[35][36] and Transformers[37].
  • 21st - The Chandlers pay the second half of their 2016 property tax for 14 Branchland Court, costing them $616.52[38].
  • 21st - Chris makes another video to beg for donations again. He also posts to Twitter, saying, "We need more money, please. The Mortgage people are kicking us again. Please send money to me via PayPal."
  • 22nd - Chris reacts to a penny donated by a troll[39], tweeting, "We need Donations larger than a penny apiece. Please try to give us $10 or a Lot more than that."
  • 30th - Chris posts that he will join Patreon, after Barb had to pawn a necklace, which she had to sell at a significant loss for $325, to pay debts/bills.
  • 30th - Chris updates his Christmas wish list, to remove the $50 Transformers toy[40], named "Alpha Trion and Astrotrain," which he had bought. He does not pawn this, or any of his other toys, to help Barb; instead, he makes a video of himself playing with it.
  • 30th - Chris launches his Patreon account. He states that he wants $200,000 to pay the "home's finances, including the Mortgage and Credit Cards." He also says he wants an extra $50,000 for "rainy day(s)"


2017 Timeline

January '17

  • 4th - Chris whines about having "head of household worries," like the bills and debt; however, instead of Adulting and applying for a job, he begs to have $500 a month.
  • 13th - Over three weeks after the original lawn tractor ad was taken down from Craigslist due to a ween, Chris finally realized what happened and re-posted it, still asking for $595. In the meantime, he had bought over $100 worth of Pokemon and Skylanders toys and had made videos of himself playing with them.

February '17

  • 16th - Chris uploads A browsing around an ol' playground, in which he begs for money before showing footage of himself walking around a playground.
  • 17th - One day after begging for handouts of $10 per person, Chris plays a newly-purchased video game level for Lego Dimensions, The Lego Batman Movie Story Pack, which had been released on 10 February with a cost between $35-$50[41].

March '17

  • 1st - Chris offers parts of Bob's stamp collection for sale.
  • 2nd - Chris spends $50.25 on toys after making $68 (minus the cost of shipping) from selling his father's stamps.[42]
  • 3rd - Chris lists his personal stamp album for $1,000.
  • 7th - Chris buys Lego World for the PS4 on its release date[43] for $30, erasing the last of the profit he had made from selling stamps, even though he had claimed to need the money for paying bills.
  • 13th - He spends another $9 on Transformers.[44]
  • 19th - Chris begs on Facebook for people to buy more stamps, saying "My mother and I can Really do with the money." At that point, he had made $85 in sales then quickly spent $90 on toys.[45] [46]
  • 19th - White knights spring into action and purchase seven stamps, totaling $41.50. Five were bought by a single person (at $34) and the rest ($7.50) by two others.
  • 19th - Chris lies about wasting stamp money on toys, claiming in Facebook's comments section that he "did NOT buy any lego sets" and that the money went towards "our debtor payments" instead.

April '17


  • 5th - Due date for the Chandlers to pay $606.83 for the first half of the 2017 property tax for 14 Branchland Court[50].

See also

  • Chris and money - A more general overview of Chris's finances
  • Chris and business - Chris's attempts to make money outside of begging
  • DStecks - Some argue that his donation inspired Chris's shameless begging


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