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I do not feel I would be mentally suited for an application-required, long waits to be contacted or not contacted, "am I hired yet", under "The Man", Freaking job!!! Stop Telling me to "Get a Job". Gawd!!!
Chris, April 2017,[1] after his friends on Facebook refused to entertain his nonsense excuses for not having a job
truly Bad Intentions of spamming actual hate speech (Get A Job).
Chris, begging for money, while standing in front of more than a thousand dollars' worth of Lego sets and toys.

The Financhu Crisis is a term coined by users from Kiwi Farms to describe the steep decline in the Chandler family's financial management beginning in early 2016. Signs of the Chandlers' worsening finances were made apparent by the increasing amounts of begging videos and donation requests on YouTube and Facebook.

In June 2017, Chris began to take his Patreon account more seriously and recommenced drawing Sonichu comic pages. He has gotten several hundred dollars per month for his efforts, and payments continued until 2 August 2021, when his Patreon account was shut down. As a result, begging had temporarily subsided.

In mid-2018, however, begging resumed, due to an alleged extortion plot by the Idea Guys which involved threatening to destroy Chris's imaginary land CWCville if he did not pay them. It is claimed by the Guard Dogs group that Chris paid the Idea Guys around $6,000 in the form of gift cards and video game accessories.[3] Chris and Barb were left on the brink of foreclosure and Chris repeatedly claimed to need assistance with buying enough food for his family.

Chris stopped caring about the Financhu Crisis by 2019, because of the Dimensional Merge and the generous backing from Aly Hirschberg and other financial enablers. Chris continues to beg, but only for conventions, toys, and video games. Chris now also believes that he has vast wealth in CWCville Dimension C-197 to pay off the creditors, but creditors do not buy into fictional worlds and have managed to sue him for at least $11,606.15 (as of 23 February 2022).

Chris has access to Barb's online bank account and knows how to transfer her money into his own account – during the incest saga fallout, he admitted to taking $750 from Barb's account to fund a hotel room for himself.[4]

Given that Barb is elderly on a fixed income, and Chris is lazy on a fixed income, it is unsurprising that many followers worry that the death of Barb could lead to the so-called "Homeless Saga" — a wet dream for A-Loggers and weens, but devastating for both Chris and many of his followers.[5][6]. Owing to Chris's arrest on incest charges, his Patreon has been terminated, although financial enablers continue to send him money to his jail inmate account.


A wordcloud of the videos and Facebook posts Chris made during the Financhu Crisis. Note how big "money" and "donations" are...

To this day, the Chandlers' financial woes are caused by their own irresponsible behaviors. Chris, learning absolutely nothing over the years, has squandered any available money on children's toys, video games, fast food and sex toys. Barb, on the other hand, has simply been ignoring long-term debts and letting them pile up to alarming amounts, armed only with vain hopes that her manbaby would raise money for her bills.

Chris has made some efforts to generate income for the household over the past few years (bar that of actually finding a job), which included opening an Etsy shop in 2015. However, any profits gained would immediately go straight to toy purchases, an irresponsible move that would turn out to be a recurring problem that keeps the Chandlers in the red. The shop would eventually shut down from Chris lazily not fulfilling Etsy orders, but he would still find some revenue from the occasional eBay sales of select merch from the hoard. To further compound the issue, Chris has been instilled with a very real belief that fans are willing to drop large sums of money into his bank account for nothing, an expectation that has since been strengthened by the $1,000 donation by DStecks in September 2015. This belief would take on the form of the many begging videos that highlight the saga to this day.

Barb seems to have outstanding debts that dwarf Chris's financial handiwork. On September 2016, she faced lawsuits from Discover and Capital One for failing to pay the large amounts of her credit card debt, according to Virginia District Court records. It is worth noting that it takes a lot of ignored debt collector calls over a long period of time to get a simple credit card debt escalated to a lawsuit, suggesting that Barb may have been outright ignoring making any payments to her credit cards. Only time will tell if more creditor companies begin to sue Barb for her neglect. In August 2016, Chris revealed that the household is still under a mortgage of $115,000, introducing a far more worrying debt looming over the horizon.

Both Chris and Barb continue to barely stay afloat with their lives thanks to their own tugboats, but their inactive lifestyle and reckless spending will not last forever at this rate.

Despite it all, Chris has not once attempted to find a job. In April 2017, with the household finances near the breaking point, one of Chris's IRL friends informed him of DARS, a service designed to help people with disabilities enter the workforce. Chris reacted with a temper tantrum, posting a multi-paragraph rant on not wanting to work.

Outstanding debts

Main article: Debt

Chris's frivolous spending during the crisis

A recurring theme throughout the Crisis.

Like any terminally irresponsible adult, Chris likes to keep his bedroom filled with toys, while keeping his wallet empty. Below is a list of the known expenses Chris has made during the Financhu Crisis, collected from online postings and eBay purchase history. Some amounts are estimated, but all amounts are debilitating.

During 2016, Chris was known to waste over $2,500 on toys.

In late 2017, Chris spent a considerable amount of money to attend Bronycon. 3-day pass tickets were around $60, but money spent on travel, food, souvenirs, and lodging is rounded to $2,000-3,000 by other attendees.

Below is a list of known frivolous purchases made during the Crisis. There are doubtless many more that are not known about, including cash purchases.

Item Amount ($)
New PS4 console[7] 540.00
About 30 game purchases for the PS4[8] 600.00
$350 Ghostbusters lego set, bought on eBay[9] for higher 425.88
Transformers action figures[10] 587.00
Naru, a dakimakura (or hug pillow) 90.00
Skylanders toys[11][12] 195.00
Pokemon merchandise[13][14] 181.79
Amiibo (Smash series "Pit")[15] 12.99
"I'm Done Adulting" T-Shirt[16] 23.99
Lego Dimensions (assorted sets)[17][14] 238.00
My Little Pony-themed card sleeves[14] 13.54
14K yellow gold Cleopatra bar 16" necklace[18] 399.99
Tokyo Treat Box (minimum $31.50 per month for 31+ months)[19] 976.50
Skylanders avatar products, for use as raffle prizes[20] 750.00
DoopieDoOver artwork 80.00
HexBox One 400.00
HexBox Live Gold 59.99
HexBox Games 89.94
Sonic Forces 39.99
DNA ancestry reports on Chris, Barb, and Bob 500.00
God of War (PS4) 59.99
Total $6,267.09

Why Chris refuses to work

Main article: Chris and work
“You Want Money, GET A JOB”?

Our Response is that WE ARE ALREADY EMPLOYED BY YOUR BOSS’S BOSS’S BOSS due to our better and special powerful abilities. ⚡️💙⚡️

Therefore, for all of you Haterade-Chugging “GET A JOB!” spouters out there, I suggest you Shut Up and enjoy your ability to settle in a cozy Office or wherever.

Chris, clinging to his fantasies about the Dimensional Merge to justify why he's unemployed in the real world.[21]

Despite actively begging for money since 2016, and a near-miss with foreclosure and homelessness in May 2018, Chris has not attempted to get a job (then again, the last job he's had dates all the way back to 2003). One of his real-life friends, a woman from his Pokémon club named Alexa, became concerned after seeing Chris repeatedly beg on Facebook. She suggested, in November 2016 and again in April 2017,[22][1] that he contact one of her family members who works at the Virginia DARS, a government service that helps disabled individuals find work. At the first suggestion, Chris didn't follow through, and at the second, he fired off a rant against getting a job, forcing Alexa to back down.

In his rant, Chris gave the following flimsy excuses:

  • He was busy helping Barb and the pets (despite having no trouble in going on a three-day trip to another state without bringing them along in August 2017).
  • Trolls ruined his "background check"/reputation. While it is true that a Google search on Chris reveals unsavory details, they are only records of facts, and there are agencies that find work for slow-in-the-mind adults that would not care about minor crimes or indiscretions.
  • Finding a job runs the risk of being discriminated against for his tomgirl gender.
  • Stress.
  • He fears being incompetent.

Later, Chris added more excuses for not wanting to work:

Most of his claimed reasons hold no weight. A "background check", as explained by Jackie and Kim Wilson many times, only applies to legal records, and Chris's misdemeanors would not prevent him from getting a job. Fellow lolcows like William Elliott Waterman and Kenneth Engelhardt also have their names linked to their internet shenanigans, yet they have gained employment. Furthermore, discrimination on the basis of gender is illegal, especially as a result of a Supreme Court ruling on 15 June 2020.

In reality, getting a job would probably reduce his stress over needing to beg in order to afford more toys: his excuses for being fearful of making mistakes, and his obsession over his imaginary friends, are blocks set down by his own mind – revealing that, rather than growing up and assuming responsibility for his future, he would rather remain a manchild forever.

Chris's only plausible claim was in May 2018, when he feared that weens and A-logs will harass him at work, similar to how they harassed the management of The End Games and Anytime Fitness into banning him.[24]

Why you shouldn't donate to Chris

Buying things from Chris and/or donating to him is not at all recommended, mainly because:

  • Chris has habitually neglected his customers. He has repeatedly failed to ship orders to his buyers on time and will ignore messages from customers asking about their purchases, or give a myriad of excuses as to why they haven't shipped. If he does get around to shipping them, his naive methods of "packaging" often cause items to arrive damaged. Other times, he simply won't ship items at all (as seen perfectly with his Patreon).
  • If Chris is angry enough, he can use your information against you. This was infamously seen when Mr. Smith attempted to purchase a medallion from Chris and, after Chris failed to make and ship one, filed a claim against him on eBay, causing Chris's PayPal to be locked. Chris responded by furiously doxing Mr. Smith and another buyer on Facebook, both of whom eventually received prank calls from weens. The information that PayPal releases to eBay sellers includes your full name, home address, e-mail address, eBay username, and (possibly) phone number. In other words, "the exact kind of information you wouldn't want a screeching manchild to post in a public place when it's followed by hundreds of cannibalistic Internet trolls."[25]
  • Chris will piss away your money. As stated above, Chris and Barb have had a long history of irresponsible spending habits, which is the biggest reason why they've fallen into debt. Even if he does manage to ship something to you without any sort of hassle, or claim he won't spend your cash on toys, chances are still extremely high that Chris will immediately blow your money on Legos, action figures, video games, and/or other stuff, and then immediately go back to begging.



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Prior to Chris's arrest, Barb claimed $900 of Chris's tugboat each month to pay the active mortgage on 14 Branchland Court, the seriousness of the Financhu Crisis combined with Chris’s impulse spending have led many followers of Chris to speculate on whether the passing of Barb will lead to financial ruin.[5][6] Chris’s future revenue, other than the monthly tugboat and fans' support, is likely to be very limited, with some of his followers admitting that Chris will never get any kind of loan or credit.[26] Even if Chris were to reverse his stance and try to get a job, nearly all potential employers would be unwilling to take on someone with little to no skills, and over a decade of real-life and internet notoriety.[27]

Both the state of Virginia and the US federal government have programs intended to help the disabled secure independent living,[28][29] most famously Section 8 housing; a number of followers have suggested that Chris should sign up for it,[30] though these involve lengthy application processes and possibly several months' wait. On the contrary, financial ruin may be a wet dream for A-Loggers and weens, but it would be devastating for both Chris and many of his followers. The 2014 house fire caused a number of followers to doubt whether Chris will be able to cope with sleeping rough with little more than his clothes and medallion, especially after being pampered with toys and video games for many years.[31] Homelessness would also threaten the steady supply of fresh drama that continues to attract new fans and followers from all walks of life and leave them wondering: "What will happen to Chris, and what will he do?".

During Chris's stay in jail, not only would he beg for people to donate to his inmate account, but also beg for people to help pay off Barb's mortgage and to have her relocated so he could move back in once he was released. However, there has been speculation that Chris had been placed in section 8 housing upon release. Whether or not his tugboat was suspended, the money can not be garnished by the creditors. So as it stands, it seems that Chris may not be too worried about paying off his unsecured debt, as he has other more important things to deal with.

As for Barb, her debt is secured debt. While she's still paying it off with her own tugboat (considering she's been spotted at 14 BC as recent as August 2023), it's very likely the house will be foreclosed once she kicks the bucket.

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