Timeline of the Financhu Crisis (2020)

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This page lists the 2020 timeline of the Financhu Crisis.

January '20

  • 13th - Aly Hirschberg declares herself to be Chris's main benefactor, though Chris would deny this some weeks later.
  • 30th - Two more creditors, Portfolio Recovery Associates (for the 3rd time) and Jefferson Capital Systems sue Chris for debt with a hearing scheduled for March 18th, raising his running tally of debt cases to nine.

February '20

  • 18th - Chris begs on Twitter for birthday money/gifts again.[1]

March '20

  • 18th - Both of Chris's current debt hearing cases from Portfolio Recovery Associates & Jefferson Capital Systems, are postponed to May 20th due to the COVID-19 situation.
  • 24th - Chris buys a $17 Transformers toy.[2]
  • 25th - Chris spends $33 on assorted Transformers parts.[3]

April '20

  • 4th - Chris buys a $34 Playstation themed bag.[4]
  • 18th - Chris spends $43 on a Transformers model kit.[5]
  • 26th - Chris blows another $90 a pair of Transformers model kits.[6]

May '20

  • 17th - The Chandlers pay their $650 property tax bill.
  • 20th - The two debt cases are postponed again to September 2nd due to the continuing COVID-19 situation.
  • 25th - Chris sells a set of autographed Sonichu playing cards for $550 from his online store.[7]
  • 29th - Chris receives his government stimulus check and promptly purchases an Ipad with it.[8]

August '20

  • 30th - The CWCville Shopping website goes offline due to Chris not being able to pay the monthly fee.[9]

September '20

  • 2nd - The 2 debt cases are heard in court. The court rules in favor of the plaintiffs (Jefferson Capital Systems & Portfolio Recovery Associates) and finds Chris liable to the sum of $2,773.56 & $905.36 accordingly.[10]

December '20

  • 10th - Chris says on Twitter that he will not be asking for presents this Christmas, saying "but if y’all want to, money can be directly sent to Mama Chris’ PayPal [...] Yes, I Know what you haters are gonna say, “OOH! Christine’s asking for money again. Don’t give her any money; she’ll just spend it on Legos and vidya games. Bladdy, bladdy blah.” No, we could use some money to keep the bank accounts better afloat this time around."[11]