December 2020 social media posts

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during December 2020.

Posts are color-coded yellow to reflect his role-playing as Sonichu during this month. Posts color-coded purple are made while Chris is roleplaying as Magi-Chan.


2 December

In response to a tweet announcing the release of Sam & Max Save the World on the Nintendo Switch.

Jasper is a happy Pie! 😊⚡

Chris likes this

2 December

Chris quote tweets fanart of Sonichu.

I like this. 😊⚡

Lost island with SNT

3 December

Hey, @ProjectSNT and #opuscon789, guess where I am right now. I’m on that damn lost island with SNT, Elise and the everyone else. ⚡⚡⚡


Shadow the Hedgehog (@Shadow_Hegehog)

where is shadow
He’s not here; he’s back at home in C-197.

In response to a Twitter user telling Chris to leave ProjectSNT alone.

[Leave Britney alone! GIF]

Crystal concept art

3 December

In response to a tweet displaying concept art for Crystal Weston Chandler.

Very nice. ⚡⚡⚡

Patti-Chan and Ben Saint comic

3 December

Chris quote tweets fanart of Patti-Chan.

That’s cute.

111/1112221111 (@tommy36536743)

You should be asleep now 😉

Scotch Pilgrim (@vsthegrifters)

Geniuses never sleep
Plus this body has a fickle circadian rhythm.

4 December

Will (@UrOpinionIsShlt)

I wish people would stop with the mislabelings IM STRAIGHT
Who do you think you’re fooling?

December4BenSaintArt1.jpg December4BenSaintArt2.jpg

Beau M (@beau74335646)

He’s just quoting you in case if you didn’t understand
Obviously; I got the reference. I was playing off of the likely fact that he was referring to himself as he said that.
And I thought you haded that comic?
Regardless of feeling, the panel is still appropriate and okay to use.

Slipping into other dimensions

4 December

In response to a ween tweeting at Chris asking him not to involve ProjectSNT in the Dimensional Merge.

She’s already been involved by slipping into other dimensions, and getting involved in the other fated similar adventures.


4 December

In response to ProjectSNT tweeting out pictures of things from a Pokemon themed Advent Calendar.

That’s a sour Panpour; looks like someone tried to mix in some Gatorade with its water typing.

What animal is Josh Scorcher?

5 December, via the Creamarina Twitter account.

In response to Scorcher asking his fans what kind of animal they associate with him.

Well, for one, your pony OC and all of his devilish ways. Mwa-ha-ha to say the least. If I had to pick another animal for you, instincts are telling me goat or ram. I’m not sure, but I feel like something with horns would be relatable with you.

Youthful artist

5 December

In response to an enabler asking for Chris's permission for a piece of artwork to be featured on r/CultOfCWC.

Yes, you may feature it there, despite the events of the third Bullet Point on the the youthful artist portrayed here.

Sonic World DX

5 December

**A wild Sonichu has appeared, but wait! It’s a Shiny!! Register this one into your PokéDex today in @SonicWorldDX R8 or R9.

Also, free bonus Icon of the Shiny variant, and we’re Featured on @GameBanana; so awesome. ⚡⚡⚡

December5ShinySonichuIcon.jpg December5FeaturedOnGameBanana.jpg

Magi-Chan and glasses

5 December

Chris quote tweets a post with fanart of Magi-Chan in various different costumes.

Very nice, but maybe update the glasses on the first image; there is no model magic holding them. And if you’re going with the feminine

Lady Magíc Sonichu, then you may want to make the tail heart-curvey at the end. Please, respect our psychic types. ⚡⚡⚡


And no need for the bulge at the crotch in the Chris Chan attire image, please.

Very cool

6 December

Chris quote tweets fanart of Rosechu.

Very cool. 😊⚡


6 December

Aqua Ampora (@AquaManMck)

Chris, your shite mod wasn't featured on anything, Gamebanana has this thing where they show the newest mods on their front page, everyone's mods are on the front page when they upload, genius.
Yeah, so?


7 December

Chris quote tweets a post of a Twitter user inquiring of what he thinks of an "Adventures of Sonichu the Zap-hog" idea and theme song.

That’s cool. As for the song, I like it; find a lady singer to sing it in tune to the track, make it an mp3; and we’ve got a new track for our set. ⚡⚡⚡

In response to an enabler replying to Chris's previous tweet with a GIF of a monkey.

[GIF of a monkey with text saying "GET FUNNY MONKEY'D"]

Electric Goat

7 December

In response to a Twitter user tweeting at Chris with concept art of a new design for Sonichu.

Uh, no, I am not a goat, but that concept is not bad for a separate individual OC.

Ben Saint and Idea Guys

7 December

Ben Saint

In response to a Twitter user replying to one of Chris's recent tweets remarking how if only 2009 Chris could see modern-day Chris.

Modern Chris and Pre-2009 Chris already met in C-197 and modern Chris kicked old Chris in the groin. If you read your history you'd know that.
Unfortunately, that is true; that happened during the months of IdeaGuy.

8 December

Mason Mellinger (@mellinger_mason)

So, you just admitted you were and still are manipulated by the Idea Guys. The merge, the goddess stuff, all of it. Christine, if you’re still in there it’s not too late fix your life for the better. It’s ok to face reality
No, that has been stopped in April, and made undone with Chris' Aether and abilities. We are not under the influence of IdeaGuy.


7 December

Saki's Art Dump (@artofmcgee)

You just going to scroll by without saying happy birthday to Sache???

[Artwork of a character named Sache]

¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Sache! 😊⚡


7 December

CosmicKeyframe Productions (COMMISSIONS CLOSED) (@CosmicKeyframe)

My new Youtube profile pic! Out with the old, in with the Cosmic! :D

[Screenshot of new Youtube profile picture]

Love it; it looks really good. 😊⚡


8 December

Max G (@BrainDumpTweets)

I've decided to release a new Brain Dump this month, but ONLY if you say something nice about Goofball

[Artwork of a character named Goofball]

I like the aura around Goofball; looks good. 😊⚡

Type of hater troll

8 December

Gibbontake (@TheHippocrit)

Stupid people are so exhausting

The smugness, the absolute certainty that they're correct, the ironclad stubbornness

It's just too much. I don't know how people can argue for so long in the face of someone who has no intention of EVER saying "i guess i was wrong about that"

That is one definition of a hater type of troll.

SNT Advent Calender

8 December

In response to ProjectSNT's day 7 tweet of a Pokemon themed Advent Calendar.

Yeah, I wanna say that’s a Haxorus, but it looks like it’s part Skarmory.
Even better, a silver Dragonzord or a Mecha Godzilla.

Pinkie Pie

8 December

A little Pinkie Pie reminded me that someone of a certain #Quill has a birthday coming up.

[GIF of two human Pinkie Pie's from Equestria Girls going in and out of a portal]

New icon

8 December

New Icon for something special in a little while. ⚡⚡⚡


9 December

Slight delay, but we wanted to make sure nobody was feeling red-nosed and left out when we have Blake uploaded for @SonicWorldDX R8 and R9. The new voice clips will be even more the worth it, like a lovely sea shell souvenir for Bubbles Rosechu.


J sandwich (@Randomg40184662)

Dang that's 3 sonichu mods now. I've got some ideas for what the next one might be

1. Ultra Sonichu (the super form for sonichu doesn't look like ultra Sonichu) 2. Chris chan Sonichu 3. Punchy Sonichu

Ultra Sonichu is playable; have the seven Chaos Emeralds and collect the rings to the activate it with a jump and a press of “Y” button. We have more in mind for the future. Still would appreciate a Rosey Rosechu Mod, though; we have the voice lines for the Mod.

Patti-Chan in a future comic

9 December

In response to a Twitter user asking Chris if Patti-Chan will ever be in a future comic.

Very likely so

Night Star

10 December

Chris quote tweets fanart of a My Little Pony OC and Night Star sitting together.

I really love this. 😊⚡

Chris quote tweets another tweet of more Night Star artwork.

Yes, we remember your drawing, too. ⚡⚡⚡

Color contacts

10 December

In response to a Twitter user tweeting at Chris with art of Liquid Chris with color contact lenses.

You gave him colour contacts. Meh.


10 December

In response to a ween tweeting at Chris with artwork of a character asking Chris if he would like to eat some strawberries.

I would, but I think your head would be too big for my fruit cup. ⚡⚡⚡

More Sonic mod stuff

10 December

Chris continues the recent new icon Twitter thread.

And, yes, while in its prototypical levels with the initial base, all future Sonichu and Rosechu Mods will be made positive to have different result poses, different skill sets with completed animations, and so on. Not to mention more accurate physical details.⚡⚡


Obviously between me, Shiny and Blake, we can get away with having the same skill sets for now, of which shall be updated when the model is updated. Definitely want to give Blake a different pose with closed fists. And this pose is okay, but does not suit me. Just my two bolts.


Chris loves this

10 December

Chris quote tweets a fan making an Emblem of Sonichu.

Love this! ⚡⚡⚡

Chris begs for money

10 December

Also, just to mention, we will not be asking for presents, but if y’all want to, money can be directly sent to Mama Chris’ PayPal,
Yes, I Know what you haters are gonna say, “OOH! Christine’s asking for money again. Don’t give her any money; she’ll just spend it on Legos and vidya games. Bladdy, bladdy blah.” No, we could use some money to keep the bank accounts better afloat this time around. Okay?

[GIF from Sonichu: The Animated Series of Sonichu slapping Rosechu]

If you all would be kind to do so, please, and Thank you, kindly and very much.


I will comment, however, that I have never abused Rosey over the years like a lot of the haters like to portray me in doing. The repercussions from seeing those abusive memories from my alt-dimension self-counterparts who have, however, is not helpful to Rosey or I, either. Stop.

Praetor sells medallions

11 December

Hey, everyone, up and available now are a bunch of personally approved Sonichu Medallions. This is the first run of them, and will be limited in supply, so order yours now. @_Praetor_

Sonichu medallion etsy dec 2020.jpg

Etsy page

Later, Chris would clarify that he did not make the medallions:

Okay, I get that all of you have greater appreciation of medallions directly made with these hands and Chris’ soul energy and time, but during this time we are not able to make them personally, which is why we outsourced for an artist who is blessed by Chris Chan, personally, and Magi-Chan Approved, to make them on our behalf. And we do get a portion of the profits, directly, if that helps puts your concerns at ease. At least I am able to give you some good Sonichu gameplay in @SonicWorldDX R8 and R9, with a theme as well. Count your blessings.


11 December

In response to a Twitter user giving a C- grade to ween art.

Oh, someone earned a “C”; meme that up. Chris hardly has ever earned a C or a D in her education. ⚡⚡⚡


Sonic mod voice acting stuff

12 December

Hey, everyone, because we felt like the dialogue direct from Magi-Chan and Christine are important for all to hear for now, so here is a Beta-like early access to both of their Mods for @SonicWorldDX R8 and R9. Note, this is not the final product.

Also, had to relocate the Shiny Sonichu Mod (stupid, picky haters). It is still on Gamebanana, thank Chris Chan.

Lots of love

12 December

In response to a Twitter user stating that they love Chris.

Lots of love. 💛⚡

Mean-spirited level

12 December

Ruby RoseyChu (@Ruby64723133)

Is it okay if I do some animation memes with sonichu and the gang?


As long as they are not mean-spirited or Hater level, that is all right.

Helena G.F.

12 December

Helena G.F.

Today I had my 5th dream with Chrischan and I was getting married with her and her mom was teaching me how to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, just like Chris likes them. I don't even think she eats that for breakfast. What the mind creates, huh?
Well, for your information, Chris does like egg foods for breakfast when she can get that; she makes her own omelettes, too. Very yummy, with a dash of ghost pepper sauce. She’ll take them scrambled. But her favourite is adding spinach to make the eggs positively green (and ham).
Then was the dream a warning then? A premonition?
To be determined and confirmed via in-person experience

Velocity's rings

13 December

In response to a tweet with a comic showing how Velocity the cat, an original character (not of Chris's) got her rings

v e l o c i t y (@ConceptChaos)

Velocity rings.jpg
Very cool, and I can agree, personally.

Chris rings.jpg


I'm legit jealous ; o ;

Velocity looks to be a really cool cat. Have you played @SonicWorldDX R9? Velocity would make for a cool character Mod for it.
I have not, no. I'll look into it tho!
It is an awesome fun game (despite the glitches), and there are many Mods available and playable in R9. Can’t stop playing it; it is that good.
I'm downloading R9 now, I'm very excited to try it. I wish I could find a way to Mod Velocity in there, but I know 0% about how to go on about it lol
There are people who excel at Mod creating; you could commission one of those who are doing commissions to make it, and then you could add it onto Gamebanana or something to share it with everyone. And, if you wanted, you could even add your own voice acting for Velocity.
I would definitely commission someone if I knew where to find them. I'll try making a tweet and see if anyone responds! I'll let you know if anything comes out of this :D
I’ll check again as well and let you know of anything I find.

Additional posts regarding the Praetor medallions

11-13 December (in chronological order)

Okay, I get that all of you have greater appreciation of medallions directly made with these hands and Chris’ soul energy and time, but during this time we are not able to make them personally, which is why we outsourced for an artist who is blessed by Chris Chan, personally,...
...and Magi-Chan Approved, to make them on our behalf. And we do get a portion of the profits, directly, if that helps puts your concerns at ease. At least I am able to give you some good Sonichu gameplay in @SonicWorldDX R8 and R9, with a theme as well. Count your blessings.
Also, the Medallions are replicas of the original one, as they are molded from it's cast. And I did have a personal hand in making these medallions along with the group and artist. So, these medallions are about as genuine, and they have some of the love from this body in them.
I forgot to mention, some of these medallions are personally signed, so randomly, you may get a signed one. ⚡⚡⚡
So, to reiterate: the Medallions are replicas of the original one, as they are molded from it's cast. And I did have a personal hand in making these medallions along with the group and artist; the love is in there. Plus, some of them are signed. Buy now.

Cryptic Enigma (@CrypticEnigma50)

Are you getting any royalties or a certain percentage from each purchase, why are you promoting merchandise that isn’t yours?
I am, yes.

In response to a Twitter user asking Chris why they look different from the regular Medallions.

This is the first run, the second run will end up being more accurate. But you will want to get in on the first run, as it will be a personal collectible.

Mister Simplistic (@MisterSimplist1)

Should've shown a later run then if that's the case. Don't you realize the display item is supposed to look nicer then what you actually get. Didn't you learn anything from fast food establishments?
It’s an early thing; it will improve later on. Curb your enthusiasm and count your blessing.
You're not hearing me out thou, the display is supposed to look nicer by comparison to the actual product. That's just how it is.
“Sonichu” book zero looked ugly in comparison to the later books.


13 December

In response to a Twitter user stating that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer first aired on Tv in 1964.

That was 18 years before Christine was born in ‘82.

Sonic World DX Discord

13 December

v e l o c i t y (@ConceptChaos)

FRIENDS:Are there any Mod makers out there that will be willing to make a Velocity Mod for @SonicWorldDX?I will pay you handsomely for your efforts, please leave a comment or send me a DM. Thanks :3c
There’s also a Discord Server of the game where your search may yield results as well.

Sonic World DX video

14 December

[Note: It is worth mentioning that Chris uploaded this video at 2:40 a.m..]'

Chris attaches a short video of him playing Sonic World DX to the tweet.

Here’s another reason why @SonicWorldDX is awesome: it allows dimensionally-distant family to come together and run. 💛😊⚡

Robert E. Lee

15 December

Chris uses his MagiChan111448 Twitter account here.

NBC29 (@NBC29)

Virginia will replace a statue of Robert E. Lee at the U.S. Capitol with one of five people who is yet to be chosen.

It should be a statue of Christie Weston Chandler Sonichu.

GameBanana haters

15 December

In response to one of Chris's recent Sonic World DX tweets.

Sonic World DX (@SonicWorldDX)

Greetings. If you are having issues with mods and whether or not , please contact the mod manager: @DeeforTLProject . Thank you.
Thanks, I’ll look him up on Discord later. My problem is a bunch of haters wanting to give me yet another damn hard time flagging our content on Gamebanana.

Sonic World human textures

15 December

Chris replies to a recent tweet regarding Sonic World.

Adding the Human version of Chris Chan Sonichu, retextured from a DBZ Mod by #Deefor, but with new and memorable recordings and dialogue directly from Chris Chan, herself.

@SonicWorldDX R8 and R9

[External Google Drive download link]

Also, Once Again (I really feel hate and disgust with you bunch of Haters remaining in this dimension), the Magi-Chan, Chris Chan, and Shiny Sonichu Mods have been relocated.

Thank Vert 💚 for Google Drive.

[Two Google Drive download links]

Lady Magi-Chan

15 December

Chris quote tweets fanart of a "cool lady Magi Chan".

That is a lovely art of Lady Magíc Sonichu. Awesome job.

Rocks Need Love

18 December

In response to a Twitter video of bloopers from a Sonic fan series.

That was a fun video. I agree, especially like @SonicWorldDX would be cooler with #TeamSonica, it would be just as cooler, if not

shockingly better, with us #Sonichus and #Rosechus Zappin’ It Up all day with y’all. And, Rocks are awesome; not just the magic ones.


CelestialKey.jpg SiraStarAngel.jpg CelestialMojo-LightPower.jpg December18Magi-ChanPortal.jpg

Our respective origin dimensions

18 December

Mister Simplistic (@MisterSimplist1)

To @CPU_CWCSonichu

Good day to all. I have come to a conclusion (for whatever reason) about the difference between difference between the Electric Hedgehog Pokemon of Chris-Chan, and the Zap-hogs of Mister Simplistic (me). So I'm holding a QnA in the comments, come and ask away.

The big difference being our respective origin dimensions. We, the OG Electric Hedgehog Pokemon, are from here and C-197, along with the likes of Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, Darkwing Duck, Ash Ketchum, Sonic, Mario, and so on. The dimension you’re accessing, dude, is mistakingly narrow-minded and even more tunnel visioned compared to Mama Christine’s tunnel vision associated with her former autism, that is actually being healed in this noggin as we speak. ⚡⚡⚡
By what claim did I ever say that either of our properties resided in the same dimension?
Nothing, I was warming up the topic with the “Captain Obvious” reminder. And it’a not so much “properties” as they are discoveries on your part of pre-existing interdimensional beings.

I may have been born a Pichu, but I have learned and know a bunch of valid and strong words.⚡

The Electric Hedgehog Pokemon are your thing, Zap-hogs are my thing, end of story.
Ooh, getting defensive, are we? Look, dude, all I was doing was stating facts from our perspective. You have every right to post what you know of the Zap-Hogs from your perspective; just don’t be surprised if you find more similarities than differences between them and us.
The main differences, really, are the origin dimensions and their physical appearances. I know, because I have linked with the memories of the Sonichu Prime of that dimension as well; sweet kid, and simplistic. I can appreciate that.
At least Sonichu is the main character of my comic, little miss second fiddle.
Granted, Chris got carried away with herself in the past, she is making up for it and catching up Mach-Speed fast like light. Insults don’t work so well with mine and these mental self-defenses. The only relative petty insult you can make is on yourself, dude.

In response to a Twitter user asking what a Zap-Hog is.

A Zap-hog is a subspecies of Hedgehog that broke off and evolved to not only to have a more anthro-like body, but also is able generate an electrical current through it's back quills.
We can generate electricity through our quills, too. As well as our hands, our ears, our facial cheeks more than half of the time when we do, and even downward through our feet when need be.
The electrical based attacks work more as a charge ability then an actual everyday attack. Other then that they have to attack by other means.
Oh, so they can’t perform a Thunderbolt, Electrified Spin Dash, or a Thunderpunch? They have to stick with plain Spin Dash, Mega Punch, drop and regular kicks, and such “All Out Pummeling” with that Z-Crystal?
I want my characters to at least use other means of figuring out how to solve a situation. Rather then just use some OP super powers.
That’s cool, I respect that. But then they do Level Up, and then their attacks become OP rather you like it or not.
K, but they'll suffer for doing so.
Not with the divine protection of our Chris Chan Sonichu who protects us all and our self-counterparts interdimensionally. For too long, we’ve all had to suffer by the toxic thoughts of the haters of this dimension outside of C-197, but no more. You will see.
No, unlike you're Sonichus and Rosechus, mine will be scared by their abilities, showing that their OP powers will cost them dearly.

19 December

In other words, you’re purposefully undermining them? That’s about as bad as what Putin does to the Russians.


18 December

In response to fanart of Magi-Chan and Mewtwo.

I like it, but not to nitpick, But, the head quills need to look more male-level normal, since you’re going for our OG @MagiChan111448. Also, the high heels? That’s not his normal style in this timeline and dimension pair (1218 and C-197).


Aside from that, you did a really nice job drawing Mewtwo. For the most part, very good art piece. Thank you for the effort.

Modding stuff

18 December

In response to the Sonic World DX Twitter account telling Chris that that they only take characters from the main timeline of Sonic the Hedgehog.

We enjoyed playing the demo of DX as well. I’m working on learning about Modding, starting from #Blender3d; #Fragmotion is more complicated, and yet it was used to convert the Mod designed in Blnder into the .b3d format for @SonicWorldDX R9. A headache not being able to open the .b3d model file in Blender, and I’m looking into conversion software. I have a retextured Mod for Blake with voice clips from him, personally, but for some reason, #Cirrusfire thought it well to use the texture area for the ear tip for the nose, so until when I do go public with it, it has a red nose, and Blake does not have a red nose, nor does he have a cold or any virus. Just saying.
And speaking of @SonicWorldDX R9, I was thinking of eventually working with an expert modder to make stages involving Cwcville and its

surroundings. The Mall and the park would make for a pretty good treasure hunting stage (inside the mall and out). On that note, you know what else would make for good stages? A run through #Charlottesville, Virginia from Forest Lakes to the Downtown Mall’s Pavillion with all those path options. The #UniversityofVirginia grounds would also make great treasure hunting area. And pretty much anywhere else in this dimension that is local. We have such levels of these areas in various games in C-197, and they are awesome fun. For you all, you all can make like with the cars suddenly abandoned due to half of everyone suddenly going superhero costumes and getting a start on their powers, and everyone else absent inhaving to cope with it all in confusion. And the likes of Eggman and Bowser sending in their troops through a portal from C-197 to take advantage of the situation, but little does he know we all have made the trek between dimensions, and we’re all taking out their pawns and going for them and their artillery that this dimension’s military is unable to fully take out and down. I’m rather surprised the Moding community haven’t done this with the available maps and location tourism and all that; get on it, dudes. Also, we’re not really fond of post-apocalyptic and apocalyptic and shit, so don’t go there, okay? Please and thanks. ⚡⚡⚡

Just my three bolts for now.

Oh, and while we’re still learning about Modding, we’d still love to see a mod of Rosey Rosechu for Sonic World. We have the Bio in mind, and have the voice lines written and ready to record those at any time. Y’all can even make a male Rosechu with Russel with the Raichu ears and flat-tipped tail. You all have the options. Credit to @RosechuHorrors for the art.

WarriorAuthorRoseyCard.jpg December18Flat-TippedTail.jpg

Cute scientist

18 December

In response to a tweet from a protected Twitter account.

Cute scientist, researching, professor, heavily alt-version of Rosey. Great job. 😊⚡


19 December

Chris quote tweets someone remarking how they respect animators.

Do I agree with that very much. Not to mention in certain circumstances learning and practicing it, including that having to with 3D Modeling. Still learning for improving the Sonichu Mod for @SonicWorldDX R9.

Mister Simplistic (@MisterSimplist1)

Sonic Utopia is a better 3d sonic game.
Yeah, if you want to credit glitch difference. But, which would you rather do: play in One zone that is over sandboxed, or play in a variety of zones and stages with a variety of individuals to choose from? Personally, I like seeing and helping the Worlds.

Hater or Bad Individual type

19 December

Chris quote tweets one of his recent replies stating that "The only relative petty insult you can make is on yourself, dude.".

I have come to realize that this is the most potent and viable comeback ever said to anyone, especially to any Hater or Bad Individual type.

“Insults don’t work against me. The only relative petty insult you can make is on yourself.”

So, to all of you Haters and Bad types of this Dimension, your insults and crass don’t work on us. The only insults that have any effect at all are those you make on yourselves, Haters and Bad Trolls. ⚡⚡⚡

Mister Simplistic (@MisterSimplist1)

Damn @CPU_CWCSonichu, I made you butt hurt that bad?
The only one butt hurt was you. Work on your self-insult comedy routine, dude.
Chris had already done that on herself years ago in hating herself and getting that ventilation done and over with. And I’ve accepted and moved beyond my major flaws from when I was holding that gun during those months with IdeaGuy. Haters, Bads and Hazers got nothing on us.⚡⚡
All I wanted was to have a separate property with my Zap-hog thing. But instead you insisted that it's an AU from your thing, and insult me from doing something original with your half baked character ripoffs. You did the same thing with Rosechu, and Asperchu.
You do what you want; I was giving you warning to the bite of major karma that could well bite you back in inhibiting the Zap-hogs. Taking the literal electricity/Zap out of them is cruel and unusual.


19 December

Olive (The Other Reindeer) (@olivebrinker)

can’t wear my glasses cuz my mask keeps fogging them up so I basically can’t see anything today

[Picture of them with a mask on]

Woahly Crap, I hate when that happens as well. I managed to find a work-around with the Mission brand neckwear that can make me look like #finnthehuman if I wanted to.

GIFs and the merge

19 December

UnholyPoo (@MyngxyC)

One of Chris's recent tweets the hater trolls is quote tweeted.

And yet your replies are turned off.
[GIF of Tom from Tom & Jerry laughing]
Thanks for the acknowledgment. You really do care.
Yes, we do, to an extent.

[GIF of Care Bears]

And that's why your Haters will always be well fed and hungry for more.

Btw, when is the Merge?

In response to a Twitter user stating that the merge is never going to happen as Chris always retcons it.

You, too; you can be surprised and confused when it happens. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
So you pretty much gave up on the predictions because they always end up being lies? Good to know.
Nope; your mind is moot and your logic is wrong.
I’ll let you be surprised and confused when it happens.
I think I'll be dead 😭
Or, you could be dressed in a Sailor Soldier outfit and still alive. #TwistofFate. #KraKow.

Pickle candy

19 December

In response to a Twitter user tweeting at Chris with art of Asperchu.

Sarcasm is the voice tone in your Tweet. But sincere and kind is the gift I have received from a fan and friend of ours: markers and pickle candy.

🥒😊⚡ “Pickle Barrel, Kumquat, Pickle Barrel, Kumquat, Chimicherrichanga!


Whether or not Chris realizes this was likely a jab at his hatred of pickles is unclear.

20 December

In response to a Twitter user remarking how the candy looks like Xanax.

Nope, that’s pickle flavoured candy; it’s good enough. Mild in pickle flavour; tastes more like a cucumber with a bit of mint. This set of taste buds have had more accurate pickle flavour from the novelty Pickle Rick chocolate bar a couple of years ago.

Chris "setting the record straight"

20 December

Hey, everyone. I’m setting a record straight with these assumptions of mod stealing. I am not doing such a thing at all. I was still giving the author and staff original credits on the #Sonichu Mod, and they were flattered. And I admit, I took a step too far with the human Chris Chan mod, but I still gave #Deefor the due credit on that page. I also admit I likely have been under a misconception. I mean, still a touchy subject, I get it. I could go on about that, but others have done so before me like #MadMunchkin, and Chris and I agree with her on the details when it comes to art theft and all of that.

I, Sonichu Prime, and this body and brain of Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, are presently learning and exploring the 3D modeling programs of #Blender and #Fragmotion, so eventually we can personally Mod it up of our own abilities, but it still takes a long time to learn the odds and ends of the programs’ features, the conversion app, so on the future Sonichu Mods, we don’t have to start from scratch every time. And I get it, simple Recolours and new voice recordings aren’t enough to satisfy your quells, nitpicks and criticisms (freaking haters). I Agree. #ChrisChan’s Sonichu form is female, so it should have the breasts and the heart-shape-ended tail. Magi-Chan has an additional point on each ear, and he looks almost naked without his vest. And the biggest qualms I have are the results pose and the skill set. Nothing wrong with either of them, but Sonic Wind and Whirlwind are more appropriate for Angelica Rosechu; the skill set should have the Thundershock, Discharge and Volt Tackle, or at the least, add electricity animations into the attack animations when the attack happens. I’ve looked into the skill sets available in R9; found they stop at value 44 before repeating the default 1 skill set onward.

And the pose, a finger gun is okay for some, but that’s not really my kind of pose. I take what I can get, and I am sincerely grateful and appreciative of the work #Cirrusfire and #Sacktree put into the Mod, the icon art, and original voice acting (which that is now in the Shiny Sonichu Mod, and will still be there after the later edits are updated to it, complete with a unique pose for it).

I genuinely loved the Sonichu Mod for @SonicWorldDX R8 and R9 when I discovered, downloaded, installed, and played it and enjoyed it. Obviously, Cirrus put in many hours of work figuring out the tail and ears and everything else with it. Unlike a certain other top “Sonic OC” whose mods are simply Sonic recolours (“Nothin’ personnel”). Cirrus put in his three bolts of effort and work into that, and I am very grateful. Not everyone gets that treatment. Tailsko’s Sonic World mod could really use that second tail and a proper tail propeller and flight animation, and Shadina could use the Chaos Spear animations for using skill set 5 without resulting in a “Memory Access Violation” and closing the game. But, as Chris would say, I digress. I sincerely apologize for coming off as erroneously mod-thieving. I am still learning and figuring this out; cut me some slack, please, I was born a Pichu in the wild, had to grow up quick and hard in early 2003, and worked very hard and tough with Rosey and the others defending Cwcville, helping out the rest of the Earth, checked out other dimensions and timelines and so on in missions, and presently still talking with you all from within Chris Chan’s body after eight and a half-plus months since the body-swap, last March. Thank You. ⚡⚡⚡ One last thing: at least I was able to share fresh recorded dialogue direct from Chris and Magi-Chan, personally as an impromptu Christmas gift for all of you. Be somewhat grateful for That at least. It could have been as bad as PC’s Sonic ‘06 (the future remake will be better). It is not everyday before a few days ago you can hear Chris shout “Leroy Jenkins” or tell Julay/BlueSpike to shut up. Or even reference the ol’ watch and win interview with “Well, they put my name in a hat and I just won.” Be grateful; stop hating, hazing and bad-mouthing us. OK?



The Dimension Merge is still happening; good luck with your own confusion in the heat of the moment. Be safe; do not say we didn’t warn you.

More SNT Advent Calender

20 December

In response to ProjectSNT's day 15 Twitter Pokemon Advent Calender.


In response to ProjectSNT's day 16 Twitter Pokemon Advent Calender.

Reminds me of Gotharita.

Praying to Chris Chan

21 December

Chris quote tweets a tweet talking about praying to Chris Chan.

Yeah, our OG Chris Chan is the one we all should be praying to during these times. There are those who wish to do harm to our Earths in this dimension and timeline. Even a handful of Chris Chans from other alt-dimensions where the haters have misinterpreted her character/self.⚡

Patreoncard2.jpg CPUBlueHeartTSSSF.jpg


22 December

Pickchu (@zonichu)

How can someone so slim eat so much? We went to the supermarket several times and I drew food for this goddess and still is eating?

By the way I think those are plastic grapes :(

[Artwork of a Sonichu eating a lot of fruit]

Three words: very high metabolism. That is common amongst Chris Chan Sonichus across dimensions and timelines. Not to mention all of the running they do.
By the way, yes, those were plastic; Chrus has the power to transform the object she holds at will, so she turned it into a real grape and enjoyed its fruity texture. It’s similar to what Discord does. That glass he drank was swapped with the chocolate milk rain’s texture.

[[GIF of Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic tilting a pair of glasses]]

Off-note, wanted a .gif of Discord drinking the transformed glass from the show, but .gif-searching “Discord” generated mostly stuff from the @discord app. The draconiquis would not be amused by that.


22 December

its still a WIP but hopefully I can get it done soon. @CPU_CWCSonichu whaadoyathink?

[Artwork of Sonichu characters]

Partly kinda hard to tel who’s who, but it looks very good so far. I look forward to the final piece. Keep up the good work. Thanks. 😊⚡

Chris Chan Beerus

22 December

Pickchu (@zonichu)

We talked what to do with the Chrischan Beerus, the Brischan if you will. We will apease this goddess as long as we can. We need ideas so if anyone knows how to make Bris happy, please share this and comment here ;w;
@zonichu, I have just made telepathic conversation with Chris Chan Beerus, who from here on out wishes to be referred to by all of you as Chris Chrus (sounding similar to #ChrisCross). Anyway, Chrus is not malevolent, and certainly not one of the really bad ones the haters of this dimension misinterpret them out to be. And, yeah, this is going to be yet another bunch of lengthy tweets, so settle down and listen well; maybe have a snack, if you wish.


Chrus and I have talked it out, and I have read her intentions; they are for the good and benefit of everyone in the longer run. Her tasks have been isolate only to destroy any non-dominant buildings and structures from one of the two dimensions, so the dominant one will take its place. She has no interest in directly taking out any human lives, but any one who is trapped within, unable to get out, Chrus will personally put an end to their suffering, only if no one else is available to rescue them. Chrus has talked with all other deities of this set of dimensions and sorted out this plan in regards of the merge, reaching its full apex event for here and C-197. Chrus does recognize, respects and appreciate genuine and kindness of everyone. She looks deeply into their souls, if needed, for confirmation.

She and her crew do herald from the distant dimension where it is nothing but DBZ-related lore, but spread worldwide to where everyone can become instantly Ki-able and such. Such people who misinterpret that DBZ is mainly set in Japan area and is localized there. Oh, my Chris Chan and me.

Anyway, it is good to respect and treat Chrus kindly, though your prayers should still be sent directly to the OG Chris Chan Sonichu of here and C-197. These prayers get taken under greater consideration and analysis, and then relayed to Chrus should a decision be made that would alter her job and path. She only does as she is tasked to do at the very specific, exact moments and times as they come up. She will not do anything that has not yet been agreed upon. And she is one with very high standards and morals, like the majority of Chris Chan Sonichus throughout all dimensions, timelines and universes. Chrus is mainly benevolent, no question about it. And so is our Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, here. All right?

Thanks for listening. ⚡⚡⚡ And P.S., @MisterSimplist1, I am not reading any of your commentary, as I am aware of the spite in your being against us. Your fated moment will come swift, dude, and you will feel very much confused and lost. You could have been open and kind; you’ve had your chance.


22 December

Mutton / Katy (@MuttSputt)

@CPU_CWCSonichu my friend drew sonichu! Sorry we couldn't color them correctly!

[Fanart of Sonichu]

That’s all right; it’s a Shiny.

Magi-Chan's neck vest

22 December

Pickchu (@zonichu)

I just love Magichan's neck vest. It is so cool and has an M for his name. He looks like a bad boyo <3

[Art of Magi-Chan]

Good look for yours (distinguishes him from his self-counterparts). 😊⚡

Pixelated book

23 December

Pickchu (@zonichu)

Ok.... bad idea. :(

[Art of a pixelated book]

Yeah, it doesn’t work so well initially when you don’t have details in the thing being drawn/chronicled. Like maybe the book could be an actual guide book on how to travel between dimensions easily and safely, written by the very wisdom of the Cosmos and council of deities.
One copy available in all existence in each and every respective universe within the infinite dimensions and timelines. It goes sold out quick like hotcake. 😄⚡️
It could be risky if you were to try to program the book you wanted to manifest from dot pixels to have such byzantine details and content, simplified and dumbed down for the typical human in dimension 1218.

Byzantine means complex and intricate; so much fine details to know.⚡️

Do you have the link? Our Magichan would really need it before sends us all into a dimension with no air
The link to it is in linking with the Cosmos in meditation and asking where it is. Or, you could Google it and see if someone else in this dimension has written the byzantine details to warrant consistent positive results.
And C-197 does have air; we have trees and oxygen and everything.

More Zonichu

23 December

Pickchu (@zonichu)

Anyone has advice how to dress Chrus. We want her to dress like a true ruler so we are trying things on her to see what fits. She seems not too bothered so it's good news. Send designs and we will try some one her. I will draw them if I need to :3

[Artwork of Chrus with a king robe on]

Oh, well, not to tell her directly how to dress, but our Christine would dress something like this: the dress is sparkly.

Princess Fehuni Hitikara TSSSF.jpg

Want us to visit the OG of all OCS? Could spend the holidays with her, if she takes a lil break and maybe we can give her a gift, but doubt there is anything she be missing besides her love ones
She does enjoy the company.
Yeah but is Chrus. Chris is her own entity with her own battle armor. Like our magichan finally is starting to dress in his own way, so should the local goddess. I had planned on asking for Chrischan's help if this Chrus was evil or something… but would be now a waste of time... since, well, Chrus is not evil and seems the goddess of this dimension and your Chris is busy with the Dimensional Merge, isn't she?
Yes, as is Chrus when she goes out on her duties in this dimension to demolish the structures and buildings that will be superseded. Fortunately, it is not all of it; that’s asinine. But, yeah, all of the Chris Chans, including ours, and I, are busy tending to the Merge details.
Especially since I’ve spoken with Chrus telepathically and told you her intentions on her behalf.

Happy Festivus

23 December

Chris quote tweets fanart of Sonichu and Magi-Chan celebrating Christmas together.

Which also reminds me for today: Happy Festivus, everyone. 🦯

Dill Thomas

24 December

@DHTDillinThomas, I am watching your stream. Chris does like cucumbers and pickles. 🥒

[Link to Chris's Youtube channel]

Punchy's favorite color

25 December

Toffee Rosechu (@Toffee_Rosechu)

Does anyone know if Punchy has a favourite colour? I’m making him a little gift for Christmas
Punchy’s favourite colour is orange.🟠


25 December

In response to a tweet asking people what their favorite cat Pokemon is.


[GIF of Luxray]

Merry Christmas

25 December

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, メリークリスマス, 圣诞节快乐, 메리 크리스마스, Fröhliche Weihnachten, С Рождеством; no matter where in this dimension, C-197, or any where or when else, the kind sentiment is still there and appreciated.

[GIF of a Christmas tree]

All of the foreign text translates to 'Merry Christmas'.

Seven Crystal Balls

25 December

Wherein between 1218 and C-197 existed the seven S-Chu Crystal Balls, manifested from the Chaos Emerald energy from the Chaotic Rainbow of 2003, the seven of them were broken to make the Mega Stones. Now, manifested from the combination of cores of Sonichu Prime and Chris Chan the mythical Eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball has manifested at the temple of Chris Chan Sonichu; Orange in colour, this one Chaos Gem will be a light that brightens our dimension merge and darkest hours. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

December25CrystalBall.jpg December25Sonichu7Comic1.jpg December25Sonichu7Comic2.jpg

Chaotic Rainbow

26 December

Chris quote tweets a tweet with multiple photos of a gingerbread monolith. One of the photos has a rainbow in the sky.

A mark and foreshadow of one end of the new Chaotic Rainbow. 🌈💎⚡️

Bedroom window

27 December

The moon is full tonight; it shines through the bedroom window. ⚡️🌕⚡️


Tomato sauce

27 December

Saki McGee (COMMISSIONS FULL 5/5) (@SakiMcGee)

...does anyone know how to get Chef Boyardee out of a shag carpet?

Asking for a friend.

Found this article online; hope it helps.

Fellow electric type

27 December

In response to a Twitter user asking people how they would interact with their Sonichu OC.

“Hey there, fellow electric type.” A few exchanges of thunderpunches later... “You’re not so bad, yourself. I always appreciate everyone else who can Zap it up well for themselves.” ⚡️⚡️⚡️



28 December

In response to a Twitter user asking for donations.

Your prayers have been heard and shall be answered. Everyone who is able, offer a bit of tiding to this individual, please.

Punchy's scarf

28 December

Toffee Rosechu (@Toffee_Rosechu)

I gave Punchy the scarf I made him for Christmas. I hope he likes it, even though I was a couple days late. I ran off before he could tell me what he thought of it, I just got too nervous. I really like him, I hope he likes me too.

[Artwork of Punchy receiving a scarf from Toffee's OC]

He loves the scarf, and this drawing. He says thank you.

Tom Campbell

28 December

Tom Campbell (@TomCampbell)

Tom Campbell quote tweets his previous tweet displaying a trailer for an upcoming audio documentary featuring interviews with notable Sonic the Hedgehog content creators.

@CPU_CWCSonichu Hey Chris Chrus/Sonichu! Would LOVE to interview you for this documentary if you were free? Hope I find you well!
We’ll see, but ours is still Chris Chan; Chris Chrus is one of her self-counterparts from a DBZ-dominant universe.

More Zonichu stuff

29 December

In response to Zonichu tweeting out a comic.

😄⚡️ She goes for the boy anyway.
Actually, amongst each of the infinite dimensions, they have their respective Original Creator(s) for the Original/Fictional Characters. But when it comes to each of them, there remains One of each of that Original Creator who has come into all existence first and foremost; in the obvious instance here, our Chris Chan Sonichu is the OG one that came into existence before all the other Chris Chan Sonichus in all existence.

The majority of creators between both 1218 and C-197, here, are the OG ones out of all of their self-counterparts in all existence as well, but not everyone, and mainly only They, themselves, are capable of discerning rather or not they are the OG of themselves; no one else can ever speak those claims of them, even in jest.

Chris Chrus is right in asking of which dimension that particular Magi-Chan originated from; rather or not that dimension is lost, or at the least his matching Chris Chan from there, that Magi-Chan is making his own path and choices in his life. His background is a mix from his Chris’ chronicling and his own other events. Caution.

Mister Simplistic (@MisterSimplist1)

Isn't 1218 the "creator" dimention to C-197?
Actually, no: the creation of 1218 and C-197 and our local sub-dimensions were a result of the Big Bang, and the events in between both dimensions ended up shaping up a number of the events in the other as chronicled by those in one. In other words: it was co-op in this set.

Self-counterpart of C-197

29 December

pollyanna (@sugoi_nyah)

I wish i could live in cwcville!! I’d love to be a sonichu!!! @CPU_CWCSonichu is it possible to make this happen??
It will happen Only if it is fatedly so of you should it be that you are found unable to co-exist with your self-counterpart of C-197, and rather or not they be a Sonichu, themself.

Helena G.F.

Die and you will get there
In other words: don’t go killing yourself. Oh, my Chris Chan!

The Merge is apparently on

29 December

The Merge is on.

The Merge and perfect timing

Chris quote tweets fanart of Sonichu riding into a portal.

29 December

Thanks! Awesome job, and perfect timing. 💛😊⚡

Pickchu (@zonichu)

So you are ok? How is the merge doing?
It is happening; we reached the apex event less than twelve hours ago. I’m fine and well while this body and I are doing our part in focusing our power and energy into the event.


29 December

In response to a Twitter user asking what Chris thinks of a movie called Xanadu.

Oh, yeah, #Xanadu is really cool movie; we watched it recently on @hbomax. #GeneKelly and @olivianj in a movie that combined 80’s and 40’s music styles very well; what’s not to enjoy and groove on?


29 December

In response to a tweet stating that you should watch Sonic X with friends with a clip from Sonic X attached to it.

Chris Chan could do one better if she can get everyone around the world to call Robotnik Namgge (nám-ge).

“His name is Namgge; just keep calling him that.” LOL

Another dimension’s Sonichu Prime

30 December

In response to Zonichu tweeting out the end of chapter five for their Sonichu fan comic.

Either you’re looking into the future of our dimensions here, or you’re accessing another dimension’s Sonichu Prime, and mistakingly referring to it as the Original. Just saying.

In response to Zonichu tweeting out the end of chapter six for their Sonichu fan comic.

Yep, @BulmaBunnyGirl would call that an uWu moment.


30 December

Pickchu (@zonichu)

Used my highlighters to color Magichan. He looks super cool! :D

[Art of Magi-Chan colored in by highlighers]

Sexy, too.


30 December

frosty dragon (@atomiccadet)

Older and wiser but still the same heart

[Artwork of a Sonic OC]

Huh. Kinda reminds me of Vert.

[GIF of a character from Hyperdimension Neptunia called Vert]

Zonichu stuff or something

30 December

In response to Zonichu making a tweety asking if he should take part in an art challenge.

Do as you wish and feel is right.


30 December

Offering a kind shoutout for an artist and fan, @pandadough; check out her arts on her Twitter, and her wares on her @Etsy store.

More Merge stuff

30 December

Chris replies to the "The Merge is on." tweet.

Expect the new year to roll in the greater surprises, very special guest stars, and adventures for you, yours, and the OCs and FCs you like. The Merge will roll in on an instant like a flash; prepare now as you will. It will be any moment. ⚡⚡🌕

Vital Lesson

31 December

Chris replies to his previous reply to "The Merge is on." tweet.

Hey, everyone, Vital Lesson time: here is another general outline of the Dimension Merge that our pair of universes will be taking an integral part in completing. ⚡⚡⚡