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Wild FAPCUP appeared!
The original Fapcup in action.
So yeah anyway, well, pump it down with one or both of my hands at the moment until I feel, until I feel the sensation... where I feel I'm about to lose it, and then it all, it all just the stuff, yeah, yeah, some of my semen comes out. I don't - I don't like to make a mess, so I-... so I-- when I come I have a clean plastic cup [emphasis added] by my side and I just make sure to put all of my semen in the cup there.
Chris on the fapcup[1]

Fapcup is troll slang for the plastic cup Chris used to drink his own semen.

You can witness the utilization of the fapcup here, but you don't want to.

In Mailbag 30, published on New Year's of 2010, Chris claimed he no longer drinks his own semen.[2]