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This article is rated M for Honest Content

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BILLY MAYS's reaction to learning of Chris's DIRTY, CRAPPED BRIEFS, effectively summarizing Honest Content.
One of the earlier examples of the phrase, as a 'Very Honest Content' advisory on Chris's DVD.

Chris believes that, in order to be "honest," you must give away excessive amounts of personal information about yourself. Therefore, Honest Content refers to Chris's tendency to tell random strangers about very personal and private details about his life against his better judgment, usually to no benefit to himself and to the benefit of his trolls.

While honesty may be the best policy, Chris has a poor grasp of what honesty is or when it's inappropriate to be "honest." Worse still, he seems to think the only way to attract a woman is to be 100% honest. Like with many of Chris's strange mannerisms, this is likely linked to his autism; autistic individuals often have little to no social filter, causing them to say things they shouldn't say. Chris just so happens to take this to ridiculous levels.

However, Chris will usually not be honest about things that actually warrant it, like how he honestly didn't really go on a date with a girl named Chloe or that he was honestly fooled by trolls or how he honestly never went to Redmond. Likewise, according to Bob[1] Chris never told him anything, suggesting that he was not honest with his own father.

Chris's tendency to reveal too much information about himself ultimately led to his downfall, when, while talking to a troll, Chris casually revealed that he had been engaging in incest with his mother Barbara. The fallout of this information going public eventually led to Chris being arrested and incarcerated, and losing access to many of the personal pleasures that were available to him at home, even after he eventually got out of jail. Chris has since refused to talk about what happened, likely on the advice of his lawyer, David Heilberg, who got him out of jail on a technicality tied to his Autism.


Rated M for...you know it already.

The term "Honest Content" is derived from Chris's DVD which has a parental advisory for "Very Honest Content", despite said content being harmless and far tamer than certain other works.

Likewise, it appears as a content descriptor in the ESRB rating for Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles. This fictional video game's Honest Content is apparently enough to earn it an M rating (for users 17 and older).


Upon meeting you, Chris will be happy to "honestly" discuss his:

His honesty, however, isn't limited to the horrible, but also the insane. When mentioning his first name-change, he always credits both God and The Bear. Similarly, when talking about Sonic being his childhood hero he always clarifies that his hero was originally Robert the American Rabbit. Whether or not he thinks he'll hurt the Rabbit's feelings if he doesn't make that distinction is unknown, though judging by the quite illuminating conversations Chris had with Alec it's entirely possible, since Chris believes that all fictional characters are "real" to some degree.

Despite being candid about just about every little personal aspect, including addresses and phone numbers, Chris will rage at you for supposedly stealing "private" information that he himself has disclosed.

True and Honest

"True and Honest" (or "TRUE and HONEST" for added impact) is a common catchphrase among trolls, usually used to describe something that isn't the least bit honest or true. Chris first used it with reference to his love for PandaHalo, and it was often used by Liquid Chris.

  • In a drawing for PandaHalo of 24 September 2008, he (as Chris-Chan Sonichu) signs a "Certificate of True, Honest Love" in his own blood, and gives it to Panda.[2]
  • On the OFFICIAL Sonichu & Rosechu Blog, in an entry from 25 September 2008, Chris talked about his would-be sweetheart PandaHalo, saying, "I know she is True and Honest from her voice...SHE IS NOT A TROLL; SO DO NOT TELL ME OTHERWISE OR FRAME HER."
  • In Mumble 9, Chris said of his gal-pals: "I was very happy that day when I felt such respect when I felt the true honest respect of them."
  • In the extended version of CWC Update 29 July 2009, Chris says, "I am NOT a troll to any of the other True and Honest people out there."
  • During one of his phone conversations with Liquid in August 2009, Chris declared, "I am the true, honest voice of reason here, I am being the- I am the true, honest one here."
  • On 22 August 2009, in the comment to the video Show RESPECT to me, "C"CWC, Chris wrote "Thank you to all my True, Loyal Honest Fans for giving me RESPECT."
  • In a 24 August 2009 CWC Blog post, Chris wrote "I wish to make a few points of Honest Truth here," and mentioned "all Honest, True People."
  • In For Chris, a video from the Liquid dispute dated 22 October 2009, Chris talked about his infamous honesty: "I like sharing my honest feelings with other people because they're good feelings, most of the time. And more importantly they are true and honest feelings. SO THERE."
  • In the Kacey and Liquid Call, from November 2009, after being caught up in lie a half-sobbing Chris said, "I have not been lying to anybody! I have been honest and true."
  • Chris's Redbubble merchandise shop is described as "The TRUE and HONEST shop of the creator of Sonichu, Christine Weston Chandler!"
  • In a phone call from 28 July 2021, Chris explained that he began having sexual relations with his mother because he was "really, really horny and [...] needed a true and honest relationship to come about."
  • On 16 October 2023, Chris described Praetor's handmade Sonichu medallions on OfficialCWCmart as 'None more authentic, none more True and Honest'


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