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This article contains My Little Pony lore and other delusions, as spouted by Chris. Efforts have been taken to help readers comprehend it.


Chris's rallying cry[1]
"When do we want it?!"

The My Little Pony Protests are a nonviolent series of tweets, videos and other media with the intention of persuading Hasbro—the owners of the My Little Pony franchise—to continue producing five more seasons of their animated series, Friendship is Magic, and as of late 2019, to cancel the spin-off series, My Little Pony: Pony Life.

Chris, of course, remains the only active participant since August 2018. Being quite the big shot in C-197, he has conveyed that the aims of the protests are a means of preserving his imaginary friends in the Pony realm of Equestria; or simply put to everyone else, he refuses to accept that his favorite cartoon has concluded without his approval.

Having become seasoned in campaigns, such as the "Sonic Boom Protests" and #HarassCWCdirectly, the Hasbro Protests are one of Chris's most out of touch ventures to date. Fortunately, in his own best interests, he is proceeding with the demonstrations in a more restrained manner than previous endeavors.


Main articles: My Little Pony and Chris and reality
An example of Chris's chronicles in Equestria, which he perceives as reality.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was the fourth generation (or G4) of the Hasbro property, which aired from 10 October 2010 to 12 October 2019;[2] by definition, it was Chris's favorite show of the 2010s. His history with the franchise is a particularly rich one: he initially got invested with the franchise to get closer with Megan, but he was still a fan even long after she stopped speaking with him. Years later, Chris attended three BronyCon conventions, his Mary Sue OC, Night Star, would partly take on the mantle of his adventures in Equestria, and he was publicly ostracized by several members of the brony analyst community.

Made especially clear after the Idea Guys' manipulations in early 2018, when faced with injustices in the real world, one of Chris's main coping mechanisms is escaping to his fantasy world of C-197, where he is an omnipotent, revered deity, and his denizens are various OCs and other fictional characters. According to Chris, in Equestria, he is an Alicorn—a Pegasus/Unicorn hybrid usually attributed to almighty characters in the series—and has a strong rapport with the main characters, in addition to Night Star.[3][4] Elements of his delusions frequently seep back into reality, which is how articles such as these come to exist in the first place.

Rumors of a fifth generation were appearing as early as January 2018;[5] in due course, they caught the attention of Chris. To him, the end of Friendship is Magic is not just the conclusion of his favorite contemporary cartoon, but the end of his sporadic social life in safe spaces such as BronyCon, among other gatherings stemming from the series. Inwardly, he interprets the end of G4 as a threat to his airtight coping mechanism, as he claims the shift to a new canon in the form of G5 would see the perpetual stagnation or demise of C-197.[6][7]

Weeks prior to his opening protest, Chris attended BronyCon 2018, where the staff announced that 2019 would see their final convention.[8] This, compounded with the looming dread of G4 ending, may have been the catalyst for him to take arms and get Hasbro's attention. For Chris, Hasbro not succumbing to his demands would be to defy his self-proclaimed divinity. Though his decision to campaign was purely of his own accord, he asserts that the continuation of G4 was demanded by the highest order in Equestria – the Princesses of Equestria.[9]


On 13 August 2018, Chris commenced his campaign with a statement and video posted via Twitter.[10]

In his opening statement, Chris declared that he had foreseen a possible future timeline in C-197, in which a spell intended to ascend Applejack to become an Alicorn backfires, causing the incumbent Alicorn, Twilight Sparkle, to transfer her wings and horn to Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, respectively; this was apparently where G4 would transition to G5. On a more tangible note, Chris seems to have based his concerns on a single concept image for G5, which may or may not be official anyway.[5] Chris's delusional theory falls flat, considering that the alleged G5 art of Fluttershy has removed her wings.

The image which got Chris all riled up.
Everyone of Earth 1218! I have an announcement!

I have seen a future that we must prevent: My Little Pony Generation Five.

Spoiler Alert: Princess Twilight Sparkle was prompted to promote Applejack to become an Alicorn Princess, but in doing so, the spell backfires and then we end up with... THIS!

Twilight becoming an Earth Pony (SIMPLY UNFORGIVABLE!), and the horns and wings being lost and swapped between Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

I just did a reset to prevent that from happening. Celestia will take it upon herself to promote Applejack, because she Will be doing something that brings the magic out of her, like it did Cadence and Twilight. AJ’s Promotion needs to happen; she becomes the next Alicorn Princess by Celestia’s Power; Twilight and the others remain as they are, and G4 continues on. Generation Five Must Not Happen!

Listen up, @Hasbro and @HasbroNews , because I HAVE The Power and Link to our Sister Dimension, and I have seen it too.


CONTINUE My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic for at least Five More Seasons, @Hasbro and @HasbroNews !

Our Matching Futures are at Stake Here! I, your CPU Blue Heart Commands it so as well, in agreement with Princess Celestia.

Please, Heed Our Warning!

Thank You.[10]

A short time later, Chris uploaded Hasbro! MLP G4 Must Continue; NO MLP G5!‎:

Hasbro! MLP G4 Must Continue; NO MLP G5!
Stardate 13 August 2018
Subject Matter TelevisionTelevision Television
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Shirt Grey with purple sleeves
Shoe Colouring
Feeling overworked *sigh*


Heed Our Warning, Hasbro! Applejack MUST become an Alicorn Princess, and Twilight must NEVER become an Earth Pony!


Hey there everybody this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again. People of Earth 1218 heed my warning! Spoiler alert, I have seen the future and I had to prevent it!

Princess Twilight Sparkle was about to upgrade Applejack to Alicorn status by-c-by order of Princess Celestia. Because a-Applejack is gonna come upon her own magic in a few days. But it backfires and instead of Applejack becoming Alicorn, period, Twilight's Wings get put onto Pinkie Pie and Twilight's horn gets onto Fluttershy and it's just no GOOOOOOD, and that's how we end up with that FRICKIN' G5!

We must prevent this! This is not gonna work out and I have foreseen this. This is very, very bad. So I had just confirmed with Twilight and Princess Celestia as well and... Celestia and I are in agreement as she has seen the future as well... We must prevent this G5 mistake from ever happening. And yes, G4 will continue... Applejack is the next Alicorn princess and she must become that without flaw. And so Celestia will take it upon herself to... upgrade Applejack as well.

But anyway. Heed my word, Hasbro! And everybody on the MLP show! Generation 5 must NEVER HAPPEN! And G4 must have at least 5 more seasons. And Applejack will become an Alicorn princess...

Heed this! Heed our warning! This is an official command from your CPU Blue Heart in agreement with Princess Celestia of Equestria all of which in our sister dimension.

[nods, pauses]

Thank you.

Chris's premonitions

Because if Chris has portrayed it, it must be canon.

The rest of August 2018 saw Chris continually ranting about five more seasons of Friendship is Magic. He eventually explained that if G4 was to be cancelled, the mishap stated in his video would occur, leaving Equestria vulnerable to Akan – the villain of Hardcore Henry and Sonichu #13, as instilled by the Idea Guys. G5 would follow said events, resulting in Akan's invasion extending into our universe:

The separation of the species, and the aggression is the future Celestia had seen should G5 continue and G4 end. Twilight will become an Earth Pony, and then with her unable to defend Equestria, Akan and his forces will overpower Equestria, and in the G5 show, in all the ”action” and “cool looks” and all that, Akan’s message of worshipping him as leader of all worlds will be broadcasted subliminally, and his reign will spread into Our World from our Sister Dimension there![7]

It was during this wall of tweets when he started tagging the show's voice actors. It remains unknown whether the actors took notice of Chris's posts, but Hasbro certainly didn't.

Never mind Goku or the Power Rangers. Only cartoon horses can defeat Akan.

On the other hand, Chris offered insight into what would be in store if the show was to continue. He believed that by the end of Season 14, all the main characters would become Alicorns, as part of a King Arthur-esque "Round Table of the Princesses of Harmony":

[The] rest of the Mane Six are destined to join Princess Twilight and the soon-to-be Princess of Honesty, Applejack, as Alicorns, themselves during that time frame. Their Stories MUST be told and continued. The Reboot will ONLY just Kill the timeline of ours that will simply stifle the originals’ growth, as well as throw Both of or dimensions into a chaos that must never ever take place, @Hasbro.[6]

Despite Hasbro neither confirming nor denying a new season beyond 9, on 22 August, Chris went ahead with the good ending regardless:

Everybody! Mark this day at about 4:10 pm, Eastern Standard Time; I saw it as it happened, as Celestia and Twilight had Applejack in her hall of memories. Without a hitch or backfire, Princess Applejack of Honesty, has arisen! And Princess Twilight remains an Alicorn!
Everybody of this world, you all may congratulate Princess Applejack in shouting, social media sharing, or you can even write a letter directly to her (no address or stamp required; just your hand writing and signature and a moment to let your link shine for her to get the message.

All Hail Princess Applejack! All Hail the Equestria Princesses of Harmony! All Hail the continuation of MLP G4 as well![11]

He even attended the coronation:

Well, everyone, I was just there, in my Ponysona, sitting with Nightstar, Kun and Zap Note in the front row in Canterlot; our Princess Applejack, of Honesty, has been coronated! Everyone praise her today! Yeee-Haw![4]

The battle was won but the war was not yet over.

Later, in November 2019, Chris immortalized his pseudo-canon as part of his Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder card collection:[12]

Friendship is Magic ends

Imagine being one of the VIPs at a convention, and one of your fans tells you that you would continue voicing a role because the character you voice communicated her demands from another dimension to said fan. That was voice actress Nicole Oliver in 2019.

On 16 February 2019, My Little Pony confirmed that Season 9 would be their final one.[13] Chris's campaign reemerged in the June of that year; in his second wave of protests, he pulled the "Big, Greedy Corporation" card as his excuse for Hasbro not budging:

On the Good News: Everyone At Hasbro has received, either directly from Celestia, herself, or from those of us in the fandom, communities and then some and so forth. BUT, apparently, there are Some at Hasbro who do not believe in Fate and Destiny events, in addition to their monetary greed (no surprise).[14]

Failing to understand that companies delegate productions to other studios to meet time and budget constraints, he advised his fellow campaigners to boycott the new (canon) television special:

The upcoming MLP Special, Rainbow Roadtrip, as it was made by a different media company: Please, Boycott Watching It, as well as Any and all Uploaded Video Content of this show.

Typically, I am not one to bad mouth about that which has no hatred content in it, BUT this is a Royal Request.[14]

At the final BronyCon in August 2019, Chris relayed to Princess Celestia voice actress, Nicole Oliver, that her contract would be extended (note: Chris assumed the identity of Magi-Chan during the following post):

Celestia and Luna are a long way from retiring. As @CPU_CWCSonichu has personally told @mouthnoize at BronyCon, “The Reirement [sic] is not in.”[15]

Nicole Oliver later blocked Chris on Twitter for undisclosed reasons.[16]

In the final days of Season 9, My Little Pony offered fans other ways to engage with the franchise. One of which was the comic book series from IDW Publishing, which moving forward, was to promote its publication with the Hasbro approved tagline of "Season 10".[17] Chris was not having it:

Dear @Hasbro, #MLPFiM G4 Needs to have its Seasons 10 to 14 Animated in Chronicling; Not Just Comic Books. This is Celestia, Luna, and Princess Twilight’s Command, as well as the Command of all of the Deities between both dimensions.
To leave it as simply @IDWPublishing comics is very much an insult.[18]

On 12 October 2019, Friendship is Magic aired its final episode – with no allusions to the forthcoming Akan or Round Table of Princesses. By the following month, Chris remained in the first of the five stages of grief:

I will also comment that I have not at all yet watched the Season 9 three-part finale at all (the mild spoiler imagery is not helpful) until after Season 10 of Gen4 #MLPFiM is aired on Discovery Family in 2020, and proper full announcements have been made in this dimension by @Hasbro and the people therein of the show. I eagerly await hearing this confirmation from the News Sources. Princess Celestia Has commanded you all before as well of this.[12]

According to Chris (roleplaying as Sonichu) in August 2020, he had finished viewing Season 9:

Yes, Mama has reluctantly watched the future episode of the season that was very much premature on being chronicled and shown at all.[19]


NO. #MLPFiMSeason10to14 is what we need; Not this GO! Crap.
Chris is deadly serious[20]
The pony equivalent of protesting to God about doomsday being inevitable.

Surprisingly, Chris actually predicted one thing correctly, back in August 2018:

G5 will be like Teen Titans Go, or the Sonic Boom video game; it will be downhill. I have foreseen it. Celestia has foreseen it. EVERYBODY with the Power has foreseen it.[21]

On 13 November 2019, Hasbro, having ignored Chris's previous warnings, announced My Little Pony: Pony Life – a chibi spin-off of Friendship is Magic, intended as a stopgap between G4 and G5. An upset Chris took to Twitter and spammed Hasbro, along with users showing any kind of interest in the show, with repeated complaints:

And [Pony Life] is another reason why G5 gets delayed until 2025, and we get #MLPFiMSeason14 before then, with Seasons 10 to 13 before then. I Know you can hear us, and that you read these, @Hasbro. Celestia Has Talked With You All. Don’t be Corporate Greeds. ⚡️💙⚡️[22]

Henceforth, Chris went on to mockingly dub the new series "GOPony", due to its similarity to Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go!. He elaborated that the two shows coexist in the same "jerkish" dimension:

Actually, it is literally linked in the same Dimension as Teen Titans GO, and they are ALL Jerkish. This #GOPony show is simply Not Good At All. It needs to remain OFF THE AIR, Period.[23]

Having no impact in the real world, Chris retreated to C-197, where he recruited Night Star, Kun T’Nyuget and various major characters from the series to picket outside Hasbro's corporate headquarters and in Equestria. His imaginary protests were depicted in TSSSF cards, published on 16 November – one of which portrays Chris and Night Star confronting the "greedy" Hasbro executives and convincing them to renew G4;[24] Hasbro is yet to issue a statement in the real world regarding this change of direction.

Chris's reaction to Pony Life's premiere, June 2020.

Chris continued to spam Twitter with complaints about Pony Life well into 2020 – especially with the the #GOPony hashtag.[25]

Unable to attend BABSCon 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Chris claimed to have swapped bodies with Sonichu in March 2020, in order to attend the convention in C-197.[26] On 21 June 2020, with Chris still in C-197, the first episode of Pony Life premiered. "Sonichu" viewed the episode and posted a selfie of him with a cartoonish frown on his face to express his displeasure:

Literally the face I simply can not help but make as I watch the first episode of #GOPony. UGH! Freaking @Hasbro executives! 😠⚡🔥

What did Mama say Months ago? That’s right: #GOPony is confirmed Epic Garbage! Ugh! I am soo upset and angry over this abomination! Do you hear me, @Hasbro? EPIC Garbage![27]

As of August 2020, Chris's most recent protest was on 21 June 2020;[28] however, he remains committed to both his Pony Life boycott and his delusion that Friendship is Magic will return to television screens. Only time will tell how he will react when he realizes the futility of his campaign, or whether his vitriol against the series will reach the same levels as the Sonic Boom Protests.


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