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Dragon Ball Z is the second anime in the Dragon Ball franchise, which follows the adventures of the protagonist Goku as he trains in martial arts and explores the world in search of seven mystical orbs known as the Dragon Balls. The show is known for having high-speed, flashy, colorful battles and choreographed attacks, so it's not hard to see why Chris would like it.

Chris and the series

Chris's "Curse-ye-ha-me-ha!" and "Shin-ye-ha-me-ha!" are a blatant ripoff of the "Ka-me-ha-me-ha," an attack used mostly by the protagonist, Son Goku (as well as by other characters).

Chris also stole the Dragon Ball plot device from the series, where anybody that gathers all seven Dragon Balls is granted one wish. Chris, of course, ingeniously changed the name to "Sonichu Balls," assuming people wouldn't be able to tell the difference, though it should be noted Chris only stole the name from Dragon Ball. The actual idea on the other hand was swiped from the the Chaos Emeralds from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, which were themselves were Dragon Ball ripoffs, only instead of granting a wish, they allow the characters to access their super forms.

Chris stated that his favourite character is Videl.[1]

On 16 September 2010, in a cosplay video addressed to Jackie, Chris appeared in blackface as the Dragon Ball character Mr. Popo, an immortal genie.[2]



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