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Welcome to the David Lynch movie of your nightmares.
WBCN, hitting the nail on the head.

I Got A Fish is a video uploaded by Chris to YouTube on 27 April 2009. In this video, Chris jog-dances in place while a stupid song full of random-access humor that he made up plays in the background. The song is about his apparent possession of a wish-granting fish; despite this claim, he does not actually have one. It should be noted that Chris did voiceover over the footage, something he didn't do often. It's also probably the closest that Chris has ever come to carrying an actual tune.

The video is one of the few cases where the mainstream media got in on it.

The audio file included with the Power series of videos is a modified version of this song, but with the word "fish" replaced with "dick."

Chris reprised the song in Twelve New and Old Things of Christmas (2015), and again on New Year's Day 2020, where he included it in his first tweet of the decade.[1]


I Got A Fish
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Stardate 27 April 2009
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music
Performance Style ComedyComedy Comedy, CrazyCrazy Crazy
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CWC's "It's All Coming Back To Me"


A true sturgeon with rage.

[song is delivered via voice-over as Chris mutely jog-dances in place holding a PS3 controller]

I got a fish!
Would ya like to make a wish?
I got a fish!
Would ya like to make a wish?
I got a fiiiiiiiiish! [spreads arms wide to accompany wobbly falsetto]
Would ya like to make a wish? [swings arm around and turns off camera with grace]

Fan videos

I Got A Fish cover
Stardate 13 February 2015
Subject Matter I Got A Fish
Video Type Song Cover
Other Info From the album Trollsta's Paradise: A True and Honest Tribute to Christian & The Hedgehog Boys (Deluxe Edition).
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

I Got A Switch
Stardate 25 December 2020
Made By Griffin Law
Video Type Parody
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