$50 for a video holiday greeting!

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$50 for a video holiday greeting! is a video released 22 December 2015 in which Chris, standing next to his Christmas tree, offers personalized holiday video messages to people who donate $50 to him before 24 December 2015. He lets us preview a cringe-worthy video message to one Jane Doe.

Multiple fans took him up on his offer.[1]

Chris addresses those who have purchased Sonichu Amiibo figurines. Then, for no reason at all, Chris butchers yet another Christmas song, Sleigh Ride. It is apparent that Chris only knows one line of the song. Chris repeatedly references the Lovely Weather, who, lest we forget, is Chris' future wife from Sonichu #10. As if we hadn't had enough, he treats us to a half-assed rendition of a CollegeHumor parody posted earlier that week that criticizes Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Surprisingly, his camera controller actually works this time.


$50 for a video holiday greeting!
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Stardate 22 December 2015
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A few kicks
Holiday Greetings to Karen Riley
Merry Christmas and all that rot.


Hello, once again! Merry Christmas and all that rot. So we're bored tonight at my home again and yeah. I, uh, that's a little Christmas tree. And we- my mom and I, we decorated it recently. So that's delightful. Hm. Anyway, I'm making this video to inform everyone that up until the end of December 24th, uh, with the $50 donation, I'll do a vid- I'll do a video request and shout-out holiday greeting to an- to anybody y'all might request. So, it's like, you know, here's a free samp- so here's a sample.

[singsong voice] "Hello Jane Doe! Whatcha know! We're gonna have a holiday show! Thanks for comin' around on the tree TOP [pause] tonight. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

[pause] So it's as simple as that. And uh- and also, [sigh] this is gonna be an– I just shipped out all these Sonichu figures... I had to make them in the rush, but the- but hopefully they'll get to y'all on Thursday or if not, then Saturday. So definitely go by the post office Saturday morning if you don't get them on Thursday.

And, uh... also, another thing I had on my mind– okay, well, yeah you can put- you can- umm, in lack of having com- having completed some versions of the lyr- the song lyrics that I parodied with, so. It's like you could do this–

[starts singing a tune vaguely resembling Sleigh Ride] Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with lovely weather. [pause] So make it put that on the track and make it think I'm singing. That one little line where it's all lovely weather...

Although, I did enjoy from CollegeHumor recently, [to the tune of You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch] You're a mean one, Mr. Trump. You really are a take a dump. Nobody likes you regardless of all that money Mr. Trump! Between the choice of- given the choice between the three of you– the Trump, the Grinch, and the seasick crocodile, I'd still sick with the seasick crocodile. Yeah, sorry, Trump! I'm not voting for you and I don't think anybody else will, either.

So anyway, yeah, $50 donation will get you a holiday greeting video that I'll upload and... your choice, either I can have it publicly live or leave it unlisted and either way I'll send you the link through the message. Thank you, have a good day.

[shuts camera off]


A few kicks Chris's videos Holiday Greetings to Karen Riley

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