iPods Down and Listen Up

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"iPods Down and Listen Up" (known as "iPods Down and Listen Up.MOV") is a video uploaded the 15 December 2009 in which Chris fails once again at rapping and life.

The rap itself appears to be improvised (though knowing Chris, he could just as easily have come up with such terrible lyrics beforehand, since he doesn't have enough of a quality filter on any aspect of his life for it to stand out), and Chris apparently alludes to what most people would call rape. It is unclear as to what precisely Chris is under the influence of, or how he obtained it.

The title is derivative of a line from the Family Guy episode "Prick Up Your Ears".


iPods Down and Listen Up
Stardate 15 December 2009
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music, SexSex Sex
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
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Congrats, Jack Black
Hello, Juffalo


[Chris makes liberal use of his gangsta-speak in this video]

Yo, what is up, homies, and homes, and home-misses... dudettes and dudates. This ain't no update on da Sonichu thang; still workin' on it, but listen [tries to turn this into a song] up, up-up, up, up, up-up!

Listen up!
Put down your iPods, and listen up!
I had a test that shows...
Stock market had a rise in hooooooes!
I tell you what now.
Tell ya what, tell ya what (what-what, what).

[a momentary pause to recollect]

Momentary pause to recollect.
I tell ya what, ladies, I have a game.
Let's play Jungle Fever (Jungle Fever)!
I'm the la—I am the manly tiga (manly tiga)!
You're the sleek, sexy panther!
I pounce on you, you run away.
I haven't missed, but-I-chase, anyway!
And we chase for a while (a, a while),
and then you wear out, and you
take it like a gal (gal),
And then we pump (pump-pump, pump, pump, pump-pump)
until we'll be have our little tiga-panther cubs!

Or for—since it's Christmas time, let's make like I'm Mister—yo' Mrs. Claus.
I have a... good ole heat, 'cuz I took... a bit o'... Viagra.
Bam, ba-bam, bam, ho, ho-OH!

I have a confidence booster...
and my confidence is at the max!
So... there. That's the word of the day.
Still an update on the CWCipedia, eyyyy?

Word up. Peace out.


If CWC could actually rap...
Stardate 17 October 2010
Made By ujustgotpwned2008
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