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This article is about the song released in February 2018. For other uses, see the disambiguation page.
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In February 2018, Chris collaborated with Boi Spicy, a boy band, to sing "Love is Love (Not You've Been Pwned)".[1] He had written the song's lyrics for Sonichu #12 in September 2017.

Note how Chris is not really singing, but more just saying the lyrics, and the music does not match up with the words at all.


Stardate 5 February 2018
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music
Saga BusinessBusiness Business

An extended version can be listened to here.


I'm a little country pop
We're gonna make your hatred stop
I tell you straight up, no lies
Our emotions, thoughts and love
Come from deep in our hearts and souls
Our solid, truest alibis

We are prideful
We've got Love Is Love
We're not steppin' down
We've got heart, we've got soul
No trollin' bully's gonna tell us
"You've been pwned!"

I share a hug, I share a smile
I share a prayer
My love goes on for many a mile
Kindness and honesty, my caring goal
Show me hatred, cuss and fuss
I shall not bend or cry
Shield of heart, confidence and will
I don’t hear you, troll!


Put us down?
I show my heart
In the right place
Love for you, Tart

Jam with me
Share a tune
Sing the song
Let's croon!

Our pride is my pride!
We stand strong and tall!
Love Is Love conquers hate
We will not fall!