Don't Trust Any Homos Over There

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"Don't Trust Any Homos Over There" is an "Audio Only" video uploaded by Chris on 5 June 2009.

Holding up a sign in front of the camera the entire time, Chris sings the titular song for Julie, which is his own version of "Don't Trust Them New Niggas Over There" by The Boondocks' self-hating black character Uncle Ruckus. The only differences between these songs is that Chris replaced "nigga" with "homo" in some places in an attempt to make the song homophobic, but still left the other racist lyrics intact.

This is the second time Chris imitates Uncle Ruckus, the first time being the BlueSpike PSN chats. The parallels between Uncle Ruckus and Chris are uncanny. Uncle Ruckus is a self-hating black man, who frequently denies his blackness at every given opportunity. Chris finds every opportunity to show off his homophobia and deny his homosexuality.

Within two hours of posting the video, Chris added a description to it making excuses and apologizing "for any misunderstandings that may lead to hard feelings" and made a follow-up video called "I'm Sorry, Dude" where he apologized to an acquaintance who saw it (or at least, Chris thinks he did) and was offended.


Don't Trust Any Homos Over There
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Stardate 15 June 2009
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Performance Style ComedyComedy Comedy, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga JulieJulie Julie
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Captain's Log, Stardate May 22nd, 2009
Captain's Log, Stardate July 1st, 2009

Woman and man make da babies.


[Video opens with a yellow piece of paper with "THIS VIDEO IS AUDIO ONLY" written on it in front of the camera. It constantly moves through the entire video, indicating that Chris is merely holding a piece of paper there the whole time.]

Ha-ha! Hello, my name ain't Uncle Ruckus, no relation. I'm gonna sing y'all a song I just made up. It's called "Don't Trust Any Homos Over There". Sing along if you know the words. A-huh-huh-da-da-da-da-da-da...

Don't trust any homos over there
Leavin' their homo stank in the air
Them sappy lappy dumb homos
With their nigga finger on the trigga
Don't trust any homos over there!

Don't trust them crass nostrils over yonda
They suck up so much air, it'll make you wonda!
Don't trust any homos with their jabba flippin' jabber
Don't trust any homos over there

Woman and man make da babies
Straight way is the way to play
No ifs, or buts, or maybes
Man plays with pussy to get that ticket to heaven
They stay true from 69 to 11
We be playin' hos over bros everyday
We get full pleasure and no sin and pain
Give no pity to them homos, they going straight to hell

Don't trust any homos over there
Don't trust them crass nostrils over yonda
They suck up so much air, it'll make you wonda
Don't trust them any homos
With their jibber jabba flippin' jabber
And a nigga finger at the trigga!

Don't trust any homoooooos...over theeeeeeeeere! Whaaa!


He later added the following description:

**This video is directed towards the mean and cruel men who may or may not be homos; it is NOT directed towards the nicer, more understanding Gentlemen, Straight or Homosexual.
  • I humbly apologize for any misunderstandings that may lead to hard feelings.

Also, I want to make it clear that I respect the number of gentlemen of either orientation that have done something worthwhile, like battle in a war, voice-acting, etc.

I'll stop there.

Original Boondocks Version

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