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Waiting for the tow truck is a video Chris posted to Twitter on 29 July 2018. The car he had driven to BronyCon, his mother's Dodge Caravan, broke down at a Sheetz gas station in Bealeton, VA, while he was on his way home.

After attempting to start the car, to no avail, Chris took to Twitter and also messaged The Captain for help. Since Chris had spent his bank account down to its last $20 at BronyCon, he could not afford a tow truck. The Captain assisted Chris by telling him to contact his car insurance company and then logging into Chris's Twitter to deliver a message on his behalf asking people to donate so Chris could make it home[1].

Within minutes, Chris received $100 in donations[2], and in conjunction with the insurance, was able to pay for the tow back home.

Obnoxiously, the next morning, Chris thought it appropriate to brag about how he has two phone numbers[3] while also revealing that he owns a "Muse: the Brain Sensing Headband"[4] (cost of which is $200).


At 9:48 pm.

I'm stuck at a Sheetz along 29 North; darn ignition won't turn with the key. I looked up for troubleshooting on my phone; "Tap the key while it's in the ignition", a website said. Nope. More than a hundred tries reached; no turn. I don't like this 2002 Dodge Caravan. Ugh!

A fan asked:

Have you tried moving the steering wheel some? My old car wouldn't let me turn the key if it was in one spot.

Chris answered:

Did; no key turn. I'd call a tow truck, but now I have less than $20 between the bank accounts and PayPal.

The Captain then signed in:

Chris-Chan has authorized me to use their Twitter account to post a status update. They are currently stranded at a Sheetz along 29 North several hours from home. They have less than $20 in their checking account. Their insurance company is paying for $100 worth of the towing bill but they still need an additional $100 to tow their car out of pocket. Still no word on if a rental car or hotel will be covered. If you have it in your heart please drop a little bit of money into their PayPal - ChrisChanSonichu@aol.com. Thank you.
CWC stranded at Sheetz.jpg

Designated representative - Chris-Chan asked me to post this pic to show the truthfulness of the situation. Donations may be sent to ChrisChanSonichu@aol.com. Chris Chan will figure some way to show their appreciation (drawing perhaps) once this is over. On phone w/ State Farm.

This is the Sheetz they are stranded at. [REDACTED] Any help appreciated.
Update: A tow truck coming to pick up and drop them along with the van home. Barb isn't angry and is actually sorry and praying for Chris Chan's safe trip home. The Sheetz received a couple phone calls claiming Chris Chan was BEGGING instead of being stranded - good try, jerks.

Eventually, Chris made it home, tweeting:

Home Safe ✅, and Bonus! Cleaned Bedroom ✅ My mother did a good service this weekend. 😊


Waiting for the tow truck
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Yep, this is me. Killing time. Waiting for the tow truck. It'll be here in less than an hour, and what am I doing?

[Singing in a falsetto voice] I'm walkin'. I'm walkin'! I'm walkin'! I'm walkin', walkin', walkin'! Around the van! Around and around the van! If you want to loop this and make a GIF, go right ahead, it's okay! We're just making a [Uninteligible] GIF, of going around a freakin' van! The van! The van! The van, the van, the van! The van! The van! It was the plan! Yay!


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