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Despite just meeting me, I told him I already “felt a connection with him. I feel like you're my hero. I have this vision of you rescuing me from my school on a horse. I want you to make a video just like that." At this point he was all in.
The hero that Ivy is (ostensibly) holding out for.

CWC Music Video Holding Out For a Hero is an elaborate (by Chris's standards) music video created for his then-sweetheart Ivy. It was uploaded to YouTube on 26 March 2009, and later reuploaded to Chris's IBAChandler account on 29 July 2009, despite his relationship with Ivy ending months earlier. The music video pairs a cover (wailed over a music track) of Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out For a Hero" with footage of Chris and the Sonichu comic. It is quite possibly one of Chris's most well-known videos.

The song showcases his many failings in music, such as his lack of preparation and poor timing. He once again uses his Guitar Hero controller to try and prove that he has musical ability, and mimes intense solos (whammy bar included) to a song with no guitar work. To his credit, this video shows that Chris has some editing ability- even if the entire video is presented in a grainy, ghastly, yellowed fashion due to poor treatment of his camera and the subpar lighting in his bedroom.


I dedicate this Music Video to Ivy. :)

Also, in addition to if anyone messes up this relationship, if anyone messes with Ivy, Period, I Swear to God and Jesus that I will cease drawing my comics and efforts to recovering the Sonichu Site. As long as y'all just Back Off, everyone's cool.
Have a good day.
Christian Weston Chandler.

Song Credits:
"Holding Out For a Hero"
Song originally sang by Bonnie Tyler
Resung and Music Video Directed and Created by Christian Weston Chandler
with the use of Playstation 3's Playstation Eye and EyeCreate Program (available for FREE from the Playstation Store on the Playstation Network.

Playstation 3, Playstation Eye and EyeCreate are property of SCEA, 2009
Eye of Judgment copyrighted SCEA, 2009
Guitar Hero trademarked by Activision, Red Octane and Harmonix
Sonichu and Rosechu are copyrighted March 2000-2009 by Christian Weston Chandler.


CWC Music Video Holding Out For a Hero
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 26 March 2009
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music, GalpalsGalpals Love
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga IvyIvy Ivy
Shirt JerkopJerkop Jerkop PokéShirtPokéShirt PokéShirt, alongside others.
CWC's Message for Ivy
CWC Major Update 26 March 2009


"Add 8 to his attack if his target is MALE"

In chronological order:

  • 0:01-0:07 - Chris doodles on some paper, then swiftly removes his glasses. Make note of how he holds the pen.
  • 0:08-0:22 - Chris does a solo on his Gitar of Fail with a look of dejection.
  • 0:22-0:35 - The camera zooms-up to his fingers.
  • 0:35-0:57 - Some blurry photos are shown.
  • 0:57-0:59 - Chris turns, then yells "UMPH--".
  • 1:00-1:38 - More blurry comics.
  • 1:39-1:47 - Chris says "Sonichu, cut the powers and release the prisoners!", over the song he's singing. He then yells "Shin-ye-ha-me-HA!"
  • 1:47-1:50 - More blurry comics.
  • 1:51-1:57 - "ELECTRIC-HEDGEHOG POWER!" Cue shots of his Chris-Chan Sonichu transformation on paper.
  • 1:57-2:30 - More comics.
  • 2:31-2:32 - A very accurate depiction of a jet-pack.
  • 2:33-2:39 - More comics.
  • 2:40-3:05 - Chris does a "guitar solo" on his gitar, despite the fact that this song has a piano/horn solo, not a guitar solo. He then proceeds to whack the whammy bar several times before clutching to the ground. Often considered the highlight of the video. Note how the guitar strap is put on.
  • 3:06-3:28 - More shots of his comics.
  • 3:29-3:32 - "FIRE IN MY BLOOD"
  • 3:33-3:56 - You know the drill.
  • 3:57-4:03 - A weird noise is heard from Chris, likely a screeching sound effect based on the comic page.
  • 4:04-4:08 - Chris invents a new sex move.
  • 4:40-5:10 - "She's gotta be strong, she's gotta be pure and she's got to be fresh from the shop. I need a heroiiine, aaaah. I'm holding out for my hero til' the morning Hliiight. She's gotta be true, she's gotta be pretty and she's got to be the sweetest thing in liiiiffe, and her name be Ivvyyyyy. Dedicated to her. I love you, Ivy."
  • 4:53-5:00 - Chris looks at you creepily, then blows a kiss.
  • 5:00-5:52 - Chris recycles scenes. Notably, he whacks on the whammy bar long after the song has since faded out.
  • Overall - The fact that Chris doesn't realize how gay this song makes him look like.
  • Overall - Chris drawing himself more slender when he actually is becoming fatter.

Fan videos

Ray Commentaries: CWCVille Idol
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 1 January 2011
Made By Ricky Ray
Subject Matter Chris
Video Type Commentary
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

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CWC's Message for Ivy Chris's videos CWC Major Update 26 March 2009
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