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Trollll.PNG Troll disclosure: This persona was created, appropriated, or otherwise used by trolls to manipulate Chris.
Though this identity is contrived, the CWCki may treat it as if it were a real identity because it was to Chris. (It's also funnier that way.)
Yes, Kacey is one of my gal-pals; nothing major at the time. She already cares for this other dude. I do care about her as a friend though. :) I am the sort of man who keeps his friends close to his heart and cares about them.

Kacey Yulia Devoria
Name Kacey Yulia Devoria
Date of birth (1983-06-30) June 30, 1983 (age 41)
Also known as KaceKat
Birth name Siana Duckworth
Gender Female
Race White
Nationality American
Occupation Nursing student
Spouse Liquid Chris
Father Matthew Devoria
Siblings Kale Devoria (elder brother)
Kara Devoria (little sister)
Saga Liquid

Kacey Yulia "KaceKat" Chandler, née Devoria (real name: Siana Duckworth), was a troll who became embroiled in the conflict between her lover, Liquid Chris – who she later married – and Christian Weston Chandler (Solid Chris). Chris describes her as having a "fun", "caring", "kind" personality, since Chris believes all women consist of nothing but these attributes (bar one). Chris never referred to her as intelligent or smart, despite her being a student of both biological and medical sciences.

Chris tried to lure Kacey to his house under the false pretense that he was actually Liquid Chris, which consisted of numerous extremely poor impersonations of Liquid which Kacey had to pretend to be fooled by. They had a long series of phone conversations before she cut ties with him due to her father's disapproval.

Kacey has a rather polarizing reception among Christorians. On one hand, many found her high-maintenance and needy attitude quite annoying, and her tactics and phrasing bordering on gaslighting. On the other hand, she seemed to genuinely care about Chris and wanted him to improve his lifestyle and be a healthier person, and frequently told Chris advice that he needed to hear (which nevertheless ended up falling on deaf ears). Regardless of the tactics she used, most of the events that caused her to eventually drop Chris are entirely blamable on his own actions.


What Chris probably thought Kacey looked like.

While the Liquid Chris scenario played out, Chris became resentful that Liquid could not only steal his identity, but that he have a girlfriend while he couldn't, so he conspired to steal her away in a series of devious phone calls in which he pretended to be Liquid, memorably trying to seduce her by telling her he would put his penis in between her breasts and cum all over her. He also planned to follow this act by licking his comeuppance off of her and recycling it with her. Uncomfortable and vaguely homoerotic fantasies aside, Kacey pretended to be fooled by his impersonation for a time until she "realized" it was really CWC for the sake of playing along with her boyfriend's trolling games.

The impersonation episode was a revealing insight into Chris's mind. Having accused Liquid of being an impostor, he then becomes an impostor himself in a desperate attempt to seduce Liquid's girlfriend. As one would expect, Chris did an absolutely terrible impersonation of Liquid (even though he was impersonating someone impersonating himself) and indeed was such a dunce that not only did Kacey frequently have to correct his impersonation (while pretending to be fooled by it) but Chris continued to believe she was fooled by him while she was correcting him. As if Chris couldn't get any stupider, Kacey herself often understandably forgot to pretend to be fooled by his piss-poor impersonation, and Chris still didn't suspect a thing. His by-proxy narcissism also reared its head numerous times, and he ended up defending "Solid" Chris's clothing, weight, and even his haircut.

As revealed by Chris in the video Greetings to Kaceys folks, Kacey's parents are Mr. and Mrs. D (Devoria). Kacey was the middle child of her parents, a military couple. Her father is retired military, her mother works in government affairs. She has an older brother, Kale, also military, and a younger sister, Kara, who was a freshman in college. Kacey was rumored to be attending university in Washington D.C., living nearby in an apartment with male roommates. Her family lived in the suburbs of Virginia. She majored in nursing and biology.

Contact with Chris

On 3 August 2009, Chris sent Kacey For Kacey from CWC to prove that he is the real Chris.

On 4 August 2009, Chris created CWC - Hand Drawn Original to reveal his true, fat self.

Kacey claimed to have been very hurt by the fact that Chris tried to trick her into going to his house. What he was planning to do if she did show up on his door is anyone's guess. In all likelihood, he expected her to actually dump her longtime boyfriend for him once he proved he's the One, True and Honest creator of Sonichu and Rosechu. That, or he'd put on a brown shirt and paper medallion and hope she never noticed the difference while he ate his own navy off of her.

Kacey Date Log

On a few occasions, both Kacey and Chris have mentioned a meeting which took place between them. Kacey seems to maintain that Chris was disrespectful and perverted during this meeting.[2]

An account of the meetings Kacey had with Chris was later posted.

As someone put two and two together, Kacey has met Chris Chan. On two occasions, and one near miss.

Also, just to answer any questions from the gitar thread, I am the one who developed an allergy rash to Chris. I'm not kidding. It kept getting worse each time and I actually went to get shots and have to use a creme now for erasing the "scarring." It was on one side of my face (where I keep my phone) and along my left shoulder and both arms. It's not axe. It might be his laundry soap or something on his skin. I'm thinking it's his skin because it's where his bare hands touched me.

and now onto our show This is rushed short versions. Kim can help fill in details.

First day:

went to mall with Kim. We met, talked, and called Liquid. We planned to have Liquid not know that Kacey was there to try to be peacemaker, and he would call, find out and be angry.

Chris had given us the slip, so we called him and finally got him to go back to the mall. It was scary seeing him for the first time. He sweats a god awful lot and gets tired just walking. You notice the medallion right away. He comes speeding towards us. He looks me over, rape eyes my breasts, and tells me "I thought you'd be a little more ::makes a hand motions showing a skinnier girl:: but you're gorgeous!" and I'm like "WTF? You think I look more what?" And he says he thought I'd be skinnier, but I'm hot. etc we go outside to take pictures. he puts his arm around me. I sob on the inside. He shows me his eyes up close. They both look hazel. they are not different colored. so we walk to starbucks. he draws me a picture of sonichu. He shows me the medallion. He constantly brushes his knee against mine and tries to rub my side, back and shoulder. Rape eyes are constant. I send liquid a text message to call.

Liquid calls, I confess where I am, and Liquid starts screaming and demanding to talk to Chris. Chris grabs the phone and starts screaming in a crowded mall. People are uncomfortable, staring, and walk away. I'll let Liquid detail the call.

Liquid talks to me again and is a jerk. I cry and ask Kim to go to the bathroom so I can sob. Inside we call Liquid and ask him what he told Chris. I smudge my makeup and go back out. Chris is coming towards us. I act like I'm upset and crying. Chris mentions how Liquid sucks, etc. He says he has to go. He grabs me and pulls my face into his chest and he smells like horror. He repeats that now we are friends and he will help me out. HE THEN SMELLS MY HAIR AND BRUSHES HIS LIPS AGAINST MY EAR. I look onto Kim with horror. She looks at me in horror. Chris bounds away without so much as a goodbye.

overview: + Chris touches me. a lot. + Chris is boring and goes on and on about Sonichu and how now I'm meeting the TRUE CREATOR. + Chris repeats about his stupid eyes. Thinks he's better than Liquid because both of Liquid's eyes are green. + Chris does not approve of Liquid + CHRIS FUCKING TRIED TO KISS ME + Chris scares everyone

I'll let you digest this and Liquid can chime in and I'll write up the near miss meeting and part two.

Near miss:

My cousin and I went to Charlottesville to see Kim. We almost ran into Chris Chan. I saw him near the city hall with his stupid park poster. We ran away. He went in the building and we waited, but we did not see him come out. The end.

Second time: (note Liquid is now gone)

We met Chris at the mall again. There was horrible traffic so I was late and Chris left for his British Comedy. I called him and begged him back. He would FOR KACEY. He showed up. Rape eyes, told me I was pretty like a teacher he once had, rape eyes, etc. We walked around the mall. All of a sudden Chris calls out "OOPS MY KNUCKLE TOUCHED YOUR ASS." there are kids around. we hush chris to shut up.

more rape eyes, he talks about how liquid trolled us both but now i have THE REAL DEAL TO HELP ME GET THROUGH THIS. more attempted touching and stroking of my bare arm. More boring. More Chris asking for my number, and I say I have overprotective parents who pay for it so i have to keep my restricted number and no. He keeps hinting to dating me and how pretty I am.

Kim gets distracted by a friend. Chris and I walk along without realizing. He asks me if I want to see his car. I of course say yes but then realize Kim isn't there. I text her. Chris calls his father and lies and says he's in traffic and will be late going home. Chris takes me to his car. It's awful. Stickers of pokemon and sonichu everywhere (there is a homemade one of his tripod site address). The bumper sticker is held up by duct tape. He tries to hold my hand while we cross the street. I glare at him and break away. He asks if I want to sit in his car, I text Kim. I say no. He insists. I sit with the door open and my legs out, ready to run. He tells me the last girl in his car besides his mom was megan. I cry. I ask to take his picture. I do. He asks to take a picture together, so I do. he tries to grope my chest and misses horribly, only grazing it. I glare and him and tell him not to do that. He insists he slipped. I say let's go find kim. He tries to grab my hand again and I shake it away.

He needs to rest so he sits down on a wall outside the mall. He notices my bag from Bath and Body works and asks what I bought. He smells them and one of them is called "P.S. I love you" and he jokes "P.S. IM LOVING YOU!" I laugh nervously and we find Kim. By this time Liquid asks for me to put on the phone so he can hear everything, so I do and hide the phone. I mention Chris liked the perfume I'm wearing, so he leans in and AUDIBLY MAKES A SNIFFING SOUND. I scream "OH LOOK MAKEUP" and run off. He asks me my fav color. I say "teal." he says "how atealing." I die on the inside.

Chris keeps trying to get close and get my number. He messes with my hair and Kim yells at him for touching me. he touches me 5 seconds later. Then he leaves eventually after more boring and rape eyes.

In a later call he invites me to stay the night. I say no. He says I can come over any weekend and go to his church. He doesn't know his own religion. He sucks.

The end.

Overview: + Chris touches me too much and tries to smell me + Chris is rape eyes always + Chris is a moron + Chris wants to be a sub for Liquid + Chris sweats sooooo much and wipes it off on his vest. He's gross.

Any questions? I may remember more later.

And after the first time, I couldn't stop shaking. It was weird.

The Love Quest

Once Liquid Chris returned, details of the contact between Chris and Kacey began to emerge. In Chris' Adressing Liquid video, he suggested that Kacey had become a close "gal-pal", and implies that he still pines for her. Chris would later officially proclaim his love for her in the creatively titled video "I Love You Kacey", where he states that Kacey and himself had been in frequent contact with each other during the period in which Liquid disappeared... which they had, except that Chris was pretending to be Liquid. And Kacey was pretending to be fooled by it.

In 10252009 For Kacey, Chris graduated to an official Love Quest in his desperate attempt to steal Kacey from her future husband. The delusion would grow further in For Chris No 2, where Chris implies that he genuinely thinks that Kacey is leaving Liquid for him. Kacey would later state outright that she only ever considered herself and Chris as friends.

However, Chris being himself, he began to think that she really was in love with him (despite literally no evidence), and went so far as to make a video of him gloating to Liquid that he had won her heart. Having decided to enter a "relationship" with Chris, Kacey uploaded audio of herself singing the female part to A Whole New World, a romantic duet from the popular Disney movie Aladdin to Youtube. The description section ambiguously sought for "Chris" to sing the male part in a duet with the audio; naturally, this culminated in a video showing the true range of Chris' Sinatra-esque tones. This cemented their status as "boyfriend" and "girl feigning romantic interest for the amusement of thousands of people online".

The End of Kacey

Chris and Kacey's harlequin romance continued for a while afterward, until Chris got into an argument with Kacey's father after attempting to prove his worthiness as a man. In the process, Kacey saw how utterly messed up he was, mentally and physically, and returned to Liquid's waiting arms. Chris' chances were utterly dashed after she got a hold of his comic to her and learned that he was willing to go and shoot Liquid Chris. Horrified, Kacey scorned Chris for his actions in a final phone call to him, never to speak to him again. Chris would later upload a video where his solemnity was clear. This abyssal depression lasted for about a day.

With the release of the actual final phone call between Kacey and Chris, Kacey reveals just how well she knows Chris, predicting that he'll have forgotten about her before long. While Chris did release the melodramatic monologue CWC is sad, in a video he made the next day Chris is smiling from ear to ear. The very next day. Kacey was righter than she could have known.

Kacey Q&A

In July 2012, Kacey held a Q&A on the CWCki Forums[3]. Not much is said about Chris, but it adds insight into Kacey's life post-trolling.

How much of the Kacey persona was based on the real you?
Pretty much most of her background. But it was tweaked enough to make it different. Taking medical classes was true enough, most of her family information was based partially off mine, and I did have red hair back then. A few stories about work and school were based off of real life. Most everything else wasn't.
Who played your father? Was it your real father? Is he actually a Marine?
If it hasn't been revealed who played it, I can't say. It wasn't my father. Most of my family is military, my dad funnily is not. Most of the military are on my mom's side. He was a cop though for most of my life. However, I am not sure about the guy who played "Kacey's" father.
I think I may have read somewhere that you're actually dating/married to Liquid. Is this true? Can you really jog five miles?
Yes I am with Liquid. I used to jog five miles. I can't say I have the time nor the fortitude for it anymore. I'm working on that, Now I mostly stick to the elliptical and squats.
Have you ever felt bad about trolling Chris?
Yes and no. I've felt bad throughout different sagas then he does something completely off the wall that shows that it doesn't bother him in the least.
You were one of the few people who trolled Chris in person and I seem to recall that you lived close-ish to Charlottesville and even nearly had a few unplanned encounters with him while out and about. Do you still live nearby and/or go to Charlottesville anymore, and if so do you ever worry that Chris might spot you? Do you have some kind of emergency plan for this possibility, or are you secure in the fact that his facial recognition and memory are so bad and he's become such a hermit that you're statistically more likely to get hit by lightning?
I do not live around the area anymore, but I have family in the area and DC area just like Kacey. I plan on moving back if I am lucky, and by then I don't think he'll recognize me just from his own failings and that I'll have changed too much. No second plan, other than "I dont know what you're talking about." or just goiing "You got it *wink and walk away*" I only go nearby when visiting of course. But still, it does worry me, just not as much since I'm not around. More because it'd be awkward, not because he could actually do anything.
What's your favourite saga and who's your favourite troll (Not including yourself of course)?
My favorite saga has always been Bluespike because it showed Chris's naiveté that he thought the same person was different people and he was pretty active. My favorite troll has always been Clyde, the immortal. Ivy is close second for both though.
Thoughts and opinions on the recent legal woes for Chris?
I haven't really followed much so my understandings are he's got community service and psych evaluations, He'll get easy community service and he'll despise the psych evaluations. I feel horrible for the therapist that will be bombarded with stories of the trolls.
Do you think he'll do everything as instructed or do you think he will fuck it up somehow?
I think he won't have a choice if he has a probation officer.
What do you think of Chris' posse? (Anna, Barb and Rocky)
Uhhh... Anna I don't know what to think of. Besides why the fuck is she there? She's just a white knight. rocky must be fed up. I feel sorry for Barb.
Chris getting a hooker to finally lose his virgin with rage status, thoughts?

Does Chris ever come up between Liquid and yourself? As silly as it is it's kind of a big factor in your relationship. I guess what I mean is does he come into conversation often? I've always wondered how trolls feel after getting out.

Chris losing his virginity to a hooker actually shocked me. I still don't think it's true. But if it is, I hope it eats him on the inside that he had to stoop to that.

Yes, Chris comes up between me and Liquid. Not really a lot, usually if someone else mentions him first. But we used to joke about it a lot. We're happy we [both got out of trolling]. we're both extremely busy and we'd waste a lot of time with trolling type things. So it was just time.

How is Liquid's career coming along? Are/were you really studying nursing?
Liquid and I are both still in school. I did study nursing, but I switched to a specialty which I enjoy more. We'll probably be in school forever but so far things are working out as best they can.
What are your thoughts on the actor Vince Vaughn?

I asked Alec the same question a few months ago, so it's only fair that I ask Kacey.

Vince Vaughn. I liked him when he was in a lot of things. I don't really get to see a lot of movies/TV shows though.
Why do you hate Alec so much?
I don't hate Alec. I don't know him enough to have any feelings towards him.
Did you ever got to a point where you said, Ok, this is too much for me, I can't do this anymore, the shared comeuppance thing was specially disturbing to me.
I'm really good at dealing with gross things. I would mute myself and make faces and be like OH MY GOD at certain points. I almost had a moment like that when he told me I made masturbating fun again for him.

Otherwise, it was pretty much "meh, I've seen worse on the internet."

Is Kacey a j00?
Nope. Sorry.
In your opinion, what's the most horrifying thing Chris has done?
The comeuppance video is the only thing that made me want to vomit to be honest. Most of it was just amusing. Oh, or his stress sighs and rape looks. I know it probably isn't the answer anyone wants but I can't stand hearing stress sighs.
How did you and Liquid met? How do you got into the trolling schemes? It was something you wanted or Liquid asked you?
I was around since ED days and before. Liquid literally came in when he came in. I had put comments on his videos before, and we talked and came up with Kacey together as a catalyst for Chris's interest. I figured being a fake sweetheart would get me out of the normal heartsweet things (surprise, I was wrong.) So, that's how trolling went. We ended up meeting and that was that.

This is an account of meeting Chris by Kacey. I have to say I'm stunned by how brazen his groping and innuendo was. Is there anything else from the encounter that Kacey remembers?

unfortunately it was so long ago I really don't remember anything else besides I joke about "OOOOH makeup" a lot.
In the phonecalls why did you interrupt Chris so much? More lulz could have been had.
It was part of the script or people would make suggestions. don't really remember a lot to be honest. plus I think it was just to push Chris to see what he would do.
First off, thanks for taking some time out to talk to us, and thanks for your help in the fan-favorite Liquid Chris Saga. Given your experiences with him, do you think Chris stand any chance of turning his life around? Why or why not?

Bonus: If Chris is reading this forum right now, what would you say to him?

I think anyone could turn their life around, but Chris has no want to. He wants things easy. But who doesn't. And to Chris, just do your community service.

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