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CWC - Hand Drawn Original! is a video uploaded by Chris on 4 August 2009. In another attempt to prove that he is the TRUE and HONEST CWC and not the fake, he shows the trolls how he draws Sonichu. Interestingly, in the video's description, Ian says that he wanted to upload the video to Liquid's account, but that he decided otherwise.

One would think that the only reason he did this is to show to Kacey that she is dating the "impostor," as only IBA alone can draw Sonichu correctly. It also seems that Chris is so deluded that he believes Kacey fell in love with the world of Sonichu and Rosechu (which he claims to be his own), and not CChanSonichuCWC's personality. In Chris's mind, this may mean that she should love him instead, so he may be seeking to add another chapter to his Love Quest.

This video also gives us a rare glimpse into Chris's drawing techniques. He holds his pen in a bizarre fashion, where he sticks his bent index finger out. His drawing surface of choice isn't even the most basic of smooth surfaces, but a Reflecta Sketch, a sketching kit from Spin Master that includes a tracing reflector and as seen in the link presented, was marketed to young beginning artists, not delusional manchildren. In a revelation that surprises absolutely no one with even remotely functional eyes, he doesn't waste time in sketching and thinking out the composition prior to drawing anything. (The hasty release of Sonichu #9 shows that he does some sketches, but he just redraws them in ink; he's clearly not one of the people who believes pencils show where ink should go.) Chris appears to enjoy coloring more than getting the character's shape and details right. Apparently, filling paper with flat shades is so tough and takes such an awfully long time that there's just no time to draw details...


Hand Drawn Original
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Stardate 4 August 2009
Subject Matter ComicsComics Comics
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Chris
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Exposing Jeff
The Touch
I'm sorry Kacey, but, y'know, you fell in love with Sonichu and Rosechu and the world of CWCville... It's mine. Originally mine. I'm the guy.


[The video is in a distorted, wobbly black picture for whatever reason, giving Chris a ghostly appearance. It goes away after Chris moves the camera towards his Reflecta Sketch.] Good evening, but between this and the, uh, oh, and the other clips I would like to present you, uh, a few examples of hand artery.

Anyway the first portion is live so let me just... see if we can... get that... set up here...

Huh, well, will you look at that. Anyway, see my hand, see my hand, okay. So let's just see how we draw Sonichu here. As we have been doing the whole time, ever since 2000.

[mumbles while putting hair between Sonichu's mouthpiece] First we just do this an' that...

[draws ears] Ear there...

[lowers pen down] So as I just draw these things there, [draws an oval] give him a masculine chest. Aah, I messed up on that one, oh, well, I'll work with it.

[draws Sonichu's right hand] A lil' thumbs-up there...

[draws Sonichu's left hand] Put up that there, the old brown stripes. [begins to draw the tail] And get that there, the old tail...

[draws the legs and his left shoe] Put those shoes on.

[draws his right shoe] Give him a little, "lift-up-the-foot" look there.

Put a little C-In-A-Circle and my John Hancock. And.. Let's just give him a little drop shadow underneath.

[drops pen] Now we break out the, uhh, markers. Mmmm, color in the old mouth with the flesh color.[1] [Drops the marker and shows a Crayola Super Washable Markers bag] Crayola rocks! [sigh] Color his arms... And his belly... Belly and chest. Whatever you wanna go. Whichever you wanna call it. Yeah. It's sticking out, I'll put that back later.

Okay, uh, regular yellow, oh I forgot the eyebrows. There you go, look at that. Makes him look smart, he's slick, slick character, yes.

Uh, just hurry up to the coloring. Oh, I didn't close the hand. There you go. I could've done a little better on this, but I'm pressed for time. But it basically, definitively looks like, uhh... Yeah. It's my, it's my style, my hand drawing, it's uncopyable.

Mmm... Give him his little red cheeks. Lime green soulful eyes. Good shade of brown in the old stripes and the edge of the bottom portion of the tail. His shoes there. Battery blue, favorite shade, Sonichu sneakers [inaudible singing].

And we will, huh, accentuate the blackness on the tips of his ears, his nose and, uhh, where that's gray? Ah, here it is. Make his so—make his sneaker soles... shades of gray. Oh, and while I make this up and about, lemme, huh, make a switcheroo around here. Actually, now let's do a one more thing... [begins to write next to Sonichu] Art and care for [in a high pitch] Kacey! And now for the old switcheroo let's, uhh, close this up here. [Closes the sketchpad]

And put in the hand drawn pages of...—look. Number Zero! Just lemme rehandle this a bit. The old history of the hand drawn. Print these out, you get blank edges. Unedited as it really was before I scanned them and type the text into them. Oh that's a good page, very good page. Uhh, yeah, this is kinda like the introduction of Excel-Saga back in Episode Two.. of Excel-Saga. So, anyway... [begins to poorly sing the opening theme of Excel-Saga]. Mmmm, [looking at Sonichu and Rosechu kiss from issue 0] Kissy, kissy! Yum! You know you can pause at any time, I'm just going a little quickly because I don't want to kill over 10 minutes with this. [IBA then takes away the book] Anyway, done there. [loww contrast footage, like in his previous video] Oops! There goes the creation, there goes the creation. Oh, well.

Anyway, hmmm.... Anyway, I would like to shout out to Kacey, I care about you very much, your feelings mean a lot to me. You mean a lot—[camera cuts to a well lit room with Ian's horrible features in front of it] I'm sorry, Kacey, but I'm afraid that, uhh, [removes his glasses] I tried to ease you into the subject, but, unfortunately, I could not do that. I just had to give it to you straight, as my friend ma—made me realize when I talked to her, earlier tonight, in addition to you. I'm sorry Kacey, but, y'know, you fell in love with Sonichu and Rosechu and the world of CWCville... It's mine. [picks up a scrapbook from behind him] Originally mine. I'm the guy. March 17th, 2000, in front of Miss Naelie Chalifoux's classroom at Manchester High. [opens the book and pulls out his recently drawn art] Freshly drawn. You saw it from [puts down the drawing, then shows his Amnyfest Ring] my own hand. [puts down the book again] Daa—I'm, I'm the artist.

But anyway, as to further elaborate, the impostor's real name is Jeff. I know this because—[cut]—I learned his name was Jeff from a [cut] and also if you take a good look, and also if you take a good look, also if you ever see him in person, look at his ident—look at his ID you know that it's fake. Ask him to hand it to you personally; it's fake. I can hand you mine, anytime. It's real, as well as my—as well as my diplomas and my degrees; they're right here, in my room, right here. [makes some hand gestures] In these four walls, that have—that Sonichu, and Rosechu and the world of CWCville have evolved from. I'm sorry, Kacey, I didn't mean—if I hurt you—if I hurt you, I'm sorry. But I had—I ha—I wanted to make sure you knew the truth. You had to know. You have been dating and having relations with [creepy stare] the impostor. His name is Jeff. I'm sorry. But I care about you. I do. Just like you have been talking to me for the past two nights. Regato—[cut]

But, yeah, I recommend that you confront Geoffrey. [sigh] I'll leave it up to you, Kacey. Be safe. Stay strong. Take your time. I care about you. As I cared about all my other gal pals in my life. From Megan Schroeder, to Tiffany, Miranda, Sarah, Kellie, even all the ones I met on the internet: my Australian gal pal Sarah Cassandra Mackenzie/PandaHalo, died in that bushfire, and Sarah Jackson, died in the automobile accident, and Ivy only recently. I had to go listen to my father's meathead theories. I leave it up to you. I care.


  1. Crayola's current "peach" color was first released as "flesh", but was changed to its current name in 1962 to reflect racial sensitivity. Clearly Chris has not heard this news.
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