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On 3 November 2009, Ian Brandon Anderson uploaded two videos for Kacey, one of him playing LittleBigPlanet, and a brief preface.

"Rescuing Kacey From Christian W Chandler" is a creepy LittleBigPlanet level Ian decided to make for his sweetheart. Immediately after playing through this level (in which he shoots Liquid Chris to death) he plays through the "First Date Level" he originally made for Julie in Valentine's Day 2009, proving exactly how lazy he can be and how little he thinks of the women he claims to love. The characters in this level seems to (rather poorly) portray a version of the real Chris Chan, Ian and what can only be viewed as Kacey, on fire.

The preface video (uploaded by Ian as "11032009 Preface to Rescuing Kacey") appears to be taken in Ian's garbage-filled kitchen (where the family computer is) as opposed to the more familiar confines of his garbage-filled room. There is a surprising amount of Snoopy memorabilia in the background, and it is unknown whether this is Ian's hoarded crap or his parents' hoarded crap. We can also see in the sea of junk behind him a shape reminiscent of the fake pair of mammaries who keep on appearing in his videos of late. Ian also chooses to blare his radio in the background, which as a result overlaps with what he's saying.

Ian's hair seems to have grown — or has been matted down by grease — since two days ago, where he sported an odd buzz cut. Here, Ian's hair appears even more bizarre, being very short except for rudimentary bangs which both cover and call attention to his receding hairline.

Once again, he shows us the only skill where he doesn't totally fail, his capacity of playing video games made for kids (though admittedly, he's not actually good at the game, but he does manage to get all the way through his horrible levels without dying). Previous attempts at this type of video have been done on Animal Crossing. Those video productions are the only ways he found to achieve any decent result in a self-made product.

A comic depicting this level was later leaked by Liquid.

Preface video

Rescuing Kacey From Christian W Chandler Preface
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 3 November 2009
Subject Matter SexSex Kacey
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Chris
Shirt Red StripeRed Stripe The Dunwich Horror
Apology for 9/11 Joke
Rescuing Kacey From Christian W Chandler Gameplay
Enjoy this because you know, it's about as- it's about good as the- as drawing the comic.


[Ian blares his radio in the background. A station ident for Lite Rock Z95.1 is followed by Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight".]

The following presentation is for- is for ka- is for my- is for my girlfriend Kacey. How ya doin', girl? I love you. Hm.

Anyway uh, [moves camera back a little bit] I had a few technical difficulties with the ma- during the making the following video. Like, uh, you know. I only got two hands. And, you know, had to handle multiple controllers. And plus there was some visual static between the DVD burner, and the uh, television. But at least the final result ended clean. Alright, so, anyway, enjoy the fin- enjoy this because you know, it's about as- it's about good as the- as drawing the comic. Drawing the comic pages.

Let's see that copycat one-at this- one-up this one! Hm! [glasses removal] Love you Kacey. I'm thinking of you.

[Sudden extreme closeup as Ian kisses the camera]

Gameplay video

Rescuing Kacey From Christian W Chandler Gameplay
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Stardate 3 November 2009
Subject Matter SexSex Kacey, Video gamesVideo games LittleBigPlanet
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Chris
Other MachinimaMachinima Machinima
Rescuing Kacey From Christian W Chandler Preface
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0:00 - A Sackboy with an orange moptop and glasses appears. Presumably this is meant to represent Ian. The interior of Ian's LBP Pod (a sort of home base in the game) is adorned with Sonichu pics shoddily taken with Ian's PlayStation Eye.

0:17 - After 17 seconds of fuck-all happening, Ian eventually opens the level he designed for Kacey. Its description reads "Hey Kacey. Instead of a comic, I thought I'd do better with a Level in LittleBIGPlanet. Enjoy."

0:43 - Ian gets stuck for a good 8 seconds in his own hideous level. Finally, he enters a house.

0:47 - Sudden jump-cut out of "Play" mode to "Edit" mode, since Ian's level is too broken to get through the whole thing accurately.

0:50 - Ian activates a speech bubble; the 'voice' that plays sounds appropriately fat and stupid. Speech bubble reads: "Chris! Let Kacey Be! She has left you and come to me; She is Mine. Come, my Love!"

0:55 - We see Ian's Sackboy meant to represent Liquid, which is just the Ian Sackboy with brown hair. The Kacey Sackgirl can be seen as well. Liquid responds, the voice that plays laughing maniacally "No! I WILL Have Her! Alive! I'm coming after You, Christian!"

1:00 - Kacey Sackgirl responds, "Christian, Help Me!" The voice that plays seems unconcerned, though the sackgirl does have the "sad" emote activated.

1:22 – 20 seconds of awkward shuffling as Solid tries to control both his and Liquid's Sackboy. As there are three Sack-people on the screen, it can be inferred that Ian owns at least 3 PS3 controllers, despite the fact that he has no one to play with. Solid's Sackboy finds a paintgun and uses it to fire on Liquid.

1:47 - Solid and Kacey abscond in a van. Since Solid didn't turn off Liquid's controller, the camera zooms out considerably to compensate for the Sackboy left behind.

2:06 - Sudden jump cut as Solid turns off Liquid's controller, as he and Kacey enter a house virtually identical to the one they just left.

2:16 - Solid meets Kacey's family, who are represented by cutouts instead of actual sackpeople. Kacey's brother says, "Yo, Christian. Thank you for rescuing my sister from that crazy sumbitch."

2:22 - Kacey's father chimes in, "Yes, my boy, you have done a great service. I salute you, good sir."

2:25 - Kacey's mother says, "I would have had my guys at work hunt that by down to get Kacey back. Thank You, Christian."

2:27 - The last family member, her little sister, outright lies, "Wow, Kacey, you can sure pick out a hot man! In comparison, that other guy was a twerp."

2:30 - Kacey (who is still using the "sad" emote from earlier) laments, "Come on, Christian, my dad said it's cool to hange with me in my room."

2:45 - After struggling to maneuver both sackpeople to the bedroom, Solid's Sackboy hops on Kacey's bed and speaks, "I'll take you out for a fun date tomorrow, Kacey." Unlike other parts of the level, the "speaking mouth" tool from the game that produces text balloons isn't hidden, and is instead glued to the bottom of the bed, making it look like the bed itself is talking.

2:49 - The lights dim as Kacey joins Solid in bed.

2:53 - Kacey responds while laughing, "Awesome." Yes, with a sarcastic looking period.

2:57 - Jump Cut to Ian and Kacey in Ian's pod. Apparently Ian couldn't figure out how to add the date as part of the previous level.

2:59 - Solid chooses the level "A First Fun Date". The description reads, "This is a fun level, most suitable for (Straight) Couples. Although there IS a a route for the single without a date. Happy Valentines Day, 2009, from Christian Weston Chandler. ;)"

3:15 - Kacey dances for about 16 seconds while the level loads.

3:41 - Ian struggles to navigate the sackpeople out of the house at the beginning.

3:47 - The lighting suddenly turns dark and ominous as the two exit the building.

4:10 - Ian wastes 23 seconds getting both characters up a slide, having obvious difficulty the whole time.

4:13 - They enter a playground.

4:28 - Ian tries to push Kacey in a swing, but struggles too much with controlling both characters and she falls out.

4:52 - They finally get out of the playground, approaching a roller coaster. A sign is the background appears to read "COUPLES" at the beginning; the rest is basically illegible at this resolution combined with the ominous lighting.

5:14 - Perhaps knowing he will attempt to touch her inappropriately, Kacey opts for a separate car, and the rocket-powered roller coaster takes off .

5:27 - After a short ride that is far too complex for Ian to have produced it himself (as evidence by the fact that not all the parts of it match up, since he had to compensate for the original pieces' design in comparison to what he was trying to create), the pair finish their roller coaster ride.

5:39 - Taking almost as much time to get off as the actual ride lasted, Ian and Kacey enter a room adorned with a big heart.

6:06 - They just stand there for a while. The room is revealed to be an elevator, and it lowers them to ground level.

6:11 - They approach a sign that seems to say "Little Petit Cafe"

6:15 - A skeletal waiter (actually a Butler from the story mode) greets Ian and Kacey, "Ah, Moseiur, Chandler! We have the table ready for you and your Lovely Woman. Right this way." Just as a reminder, this level was originally made for Valentine's Day 2009, when Ian was obviously all alone.

6:27 - Ian and Kacey approach a table, where a large, homophobic candle appears to begin talking to them, "Sit, Converse, Eat. Enjoy each other's company, you (Straight) Lovebirds."

6:34 - A nearby patron says, "Single? Pull a lever behind table."

6:43 - Ian and Kacey hop onto the chairs, which have large buttons on them, activating a switch.

6:57 - Nothing appears to happen. The Kacey sackperson hops across the table to join Ian, and manages to burn her ass on the homophobic candle on the way.

7:05 - Ian and Kacey leave the restaurant, with their wanton button-pressing dissolving the back wall. The lights dim, with stars hanging in the sky.

7:26 - After walking down a long, largely featureless pathway, Ian and Kacey approach a facsimile of the house from earlier.

8:02 - Again, Ian struggles to navigate through the house that he himself built. Exasperated of the man-child's antics, the Kacey Sackgirl sits down and waits impatiently for him to figure out how to work a flight of stairs.

8:08 - Ian finally gets to the second story, but it's a three story house.

8:24 - After getting his own Sackboy through the maze of the house, it's finally Kacey's turn to brave the labyrinth.

8:31 - Even when controlled by Ian directly, Kacey remains much more capable, easily navigating Ian's made geometry.

8:43 - Level Complete!

8:49 - Kacey stomps Ian in the points race, capturing 90% of the level's points for herself. A crowd cheers and confetti bursts as Ian stands with a stupid grin.

9:02 - For whatever reason, Ian doesn't just cut out the video there.

9:19 - Ian navigates both sackpeople until they're standing next to each other. He turns their heads to look at each other, but Sack-Ian immediately just stares at Kacey's tits.

9:27 - After 8 more seconds of awkward silence, the video just ends.

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