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The Pixelated PS3 is a Frankensteinian abomination made by Chris that combines a slimline PS2 with a casing made of randomly-colored (apparently black is a rare and coveted color) Lego and Pixelblocks. It appeared in a video of the same name that was created in November 2006, as a submission to Robot Chicken's "What would you do for a PS3?" contest.

The Pixelated PS3 was shown to still exist by 29 September 2009. Luckily for Chris, he didn't overheat and destroy his PS2 by entombing it in so much plastic shit. The whereabouts of it after 10 January 2014 are unknown, presumed molten by fans.

It should also be noted that Chris actually required notes so he could remember his basic, awkward-sounding lines.

There is another version of this video on the Director's Cut of Chris's DVD. However, it has not yet been released to the masses.


Pixelated PS3
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Stardate 28 November 2006
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Christian Weston Chandler's

I'd throw away the cure for autism... if I had it!


Hello. My name is Christian Weston Chandler, from Ruckersville, Virginia. [sings to the tune of the Klondike Bar jingle] "What would you do for a PS3?" What I would do for a PS3? I tell ya what I'd do!

Well, if I had the money, I'd wait in line! Like all the other people did with their tents and all that good stuff. I'd throw away the cure for autism... if I had it! 'Cause I wanna get rid of that dog – doggone, long – life-long curse that I've had. [looks at piece of paper with scribbled-down notes] And, uh... oh, yeah! I would trade in my... PS2 for another thing! Or, uh, otherwise, um... I'd make one from wood if it was hard enough!

But you know what I did? I did it! [reaches down and picks up fake PS3] I made it--made one from Legos and [voice cracks with excitement] Pixelblocks!

And – believe it or not... I actually play Guitar Hero on this thing! [switches to a deep voice and Scottish accent] Thunderhorse! [reaches towards the camera to turn off recording]


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