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For a transcript of the audio portion heard during the slideshow, see KCWC broadcast.

This page contains transcripts of the notes shown during the slideshow that concludes the Christian Weston Chandler...Yep, I'm on TV :) DVD.

CWC Note 1

Cute Little Boys and Girls grow up, and I was no exception.

Before moving from Ruckersville to Richmond, in December of 1989, my family and I were watching the Regency Square Bear Band perform. When the Conductor asked me my name, I told him "Christopher", but apparently he was english, since he misunderstood me and called me "Christian". The name change settled in. Originally when I was born my father wanted to name me Christian, but he chickened out and named me Christopher.

CWC Note 2

First, we lived in the Cloverleaf Lakes Apartments from September, 1992, to Mid-Summer, 1995, with a duck pond in the back yard. We've often seen Whooping Cranes standing in the water as well. Then for one year, we've lived in a house in the Surrywood Subdivision. During the time in early 1996, my mother retired from Secretarial Services with Virginia Power, and ther was a nice party, which I've attended with her and my father. lastly, during my entire High School Life, we've resided in a townehouse in the Newberry Towne Subdivision. Some of the neighbors spread rumors about my family; I didn't care much ado about it, but my parents couldn't take it sitting down.

CWC Note 3

I would like to take this moment to mention there are few people who I could not find photos of, nor remember their names. And for that, I sincerely apologize.

Also, I would like to apologize to Kellie Andes(if she is reading this) for losing touch with her in 2001; I was afraid that you may have moved on to someone who you may have called your sweetheart.

CWC Note 4

During my freshman year at Manchester High School, I was approached by someone during my history class with Mrs. Kara Chaconas who introduced me to Coach McCoull; I was to become one of the two "Managers" of the Varsity Basketball team (the term "Water Boy" was more appropriate). But I've had help from my good ol' buddy Joseph Herring; he was in his Junior Year then. He was a good man, yet he got a bum steer from this girl he was dating... Lindsay was her name, I think... Anyways, I've condoned him and listened attentively. I also remember the time when for one game, the buses couldn't make it, so the whole team had to play follow-the-leader to the opposing High School. I rode with Joe in his Jeep; it was a fun ride. Also, that was the time I've had a crush on cheerleader Laura Dorazio. It lasted for only a year, though, and nothing happened; I've learned that she was in a later grade than I.

According to the yearbooks, that was a big lie, as a matter of fact she was also in Providence Middle School during the same three years I was, and she was a Freshman while I was a Freshman. Although for some odd reason, Laura skipped her Junior year and became a Seinor while I was a Juinor.

Also, one day during B-Ball practice, I was randomly thinking... with a picture of Mighty the Armadillo(of Knuckles Chaotix(32X)) leaning against one of a bunch of tall lockers in my head, when suddenly the door behind him opened up, and out popped the Orange Hedgehog with a Basketball. So I drew and colored him on paper immediately; Bionic the Hedgehog (Sonic's Long-Lost Brother) was born.

CWC Note 5

Over the years after that, I've made great friends with some of the sweetest gals there. Kellie Andes was a treasure, and I grew fond of her since I've first met her in my Sophmore year. We've kept in touch up to mid-2001; I feared that she might have moved on to someone who she was to refer to as her Sweetheart. Next, Tiffany Gowen; she was really good to me. She reminded me of a Peanuts character, Peppermint Patty, and she and I were close, yet separate, like Patty and Charlie Brown. She also danced with me at the Seinor Prom (I was there with my mother, and I was naive on the subject of dating a relationships... unlike most of the other students, I'm certain); It was so nice and fun; I'll never forget that dance. :)

The there was the lovely couple, Sarah Bevel and Brian Smart. It was fun to just to watch them flirt with each other; I've could've learned from that, but my Autism and normal social phobias held me back then. Last I've recently heard, they broke up some time ago... such a shame, really. Molly Quarles was a happy, giggly kind-of gal, and she was fun to be around. Funny Story... during my Freshman year in February, I filled in my info for the "Data 'Love' Match"; it paired me up with Molly. I've first met Miranda Mitchel during Science Class in my Junior year; Kellie was in that class as well. In most of the projects, I got paired up with one or both of Kellie and Miranda (mostly both).

Upon retrospect, one might say I was similar to Casanova; Au contrair, I just get along A LOT BETTER with girls/women than I do with...those of my gender (it was found out among my early testings for my Autism). Seriously, I was one real Lucky Duck, and with friends like these, I couldn't help but feel the emotional support that I needed to get me out of my Autistic shell, and have some of the happiest years of my life. :)

CWC Note 6

During my Seinor Year, I've taken a lot of photographs for my Photography class with Mr. Allen Bayuk. And among them, I've made a book with ones I took on one of the final weeks of my High School Life. And in my Computer Graphics class with Ms. Noelle Chalifoux (who got married mid-year; I didn't memorize her married name), among the projects, I had to design a CD insert (front and back). Along with made-up Pok'emon characters, I wanted to include Sonic and Pikachu, but previously copyrighted characters weren't allowed. And later from the blue... Sonic plus Pikachu...

Sonichu! So I drew up many of the early drawings for him. And I've later given him his Heartsweet, Rosechu, and his own origin, stories, and personality...HE IS NOT JUST A POLYMERIZED pair of Game characters; He is his own Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon Self, and I have my own circled "C" on him, so there.

CWC Note 7

The Graduation Ceremony at Manchester High was not very swift for me. First off, During the Early Awards ceremony, I was a LITTLE thrilled to get a star for my grades. But then I find out that I am outshined in my creative skills, because those people did not appreciate the time and effort I took into making my Star Rainbow Coil Pot, or the Computer Graphics Poster I put together, or my ceramic Hot Dog Sonic the Hedgehog Happy Meal, or the Lounging Autistic Student Sculpture. Even my two strong characters were born at MHS; Bionic the Hedgehog, and Sonichu and Rosechu. So while I sit there and feel happy for my friends who got something, I was feelling so %$@# JEALOUS. I was a High-Functioning Autistic Boy who came WAAAAAAAAAY BEYOND OUT OF HIS SOCIAL SHELL, only to get ZILCH, NADA, ZIP; A BIG FAT ZERO! I felt so Devistated and Out Of Sync. :'(

Secondly, it was a dark, rainy day on the Graduation Ceremony Day...And thirdly, I was leaving my happy days and my friends at MHS...With ALL THAT (mostly the Award thing), I ended up doing what I did when I went up there to accept the diploma; NO HANDSHAKE, TEARS, AND RUNNING AWAY TO HIDE. They don't even have any pictures of that in the Y2K Yearbook; the caption could have read "Student Christian Chandler is Depressed and Sad for some reasons. His response is tears and fright."

Even now as I type this, I am still *&$%^#@ Angry that I didn't get anything for the things I poured my heart, soul, and hand-work into, nor emerged as a friend to quite a few, nor developing a positive social behavior similar to Red Skelton. And I cry from the sad Graduation Day, and leaving MHS. :'(

Although, I truly appreciated the concern I received from my mother, Barbara Anne Weston Chandler, my friend and fellow Class of Y2K student, Tiffany Gowen, as they both found me alone at a table after having ran away after getting my diploma and condoned/comforted me; I felt a little better later. I also would like to mention Mrs. Judy Johnson who also expressed sympathy for me as I made my way up the aisle; she did not follow.

The only thing that could have made a difference for the better would have been receiving during the first Awards Ceremony just one Framed Award of some kind commerating my originality, my mind and my shared friendship. *sigh*

CWC Note 8

My 21st should as nice as my 18th or Sweet 16, right? WRONG!!! I was attending an English Class at PVCC, with this Old Male Teacher (I don't remember the son-of-a-&^%#$'s name). Anyway, ON FEBRUARY 24, 2003, THE DAY OF MY 21st Birthday, he had the NERVE to KICK ME OUT OF HIS CLASS just because of my Dog-Gone Autism. If I could do it over, I'd give him a swift kick... but then I might have gotten kicked out of PVCC, and VIOLENCE is rarely the answer, anyway. Still, though,...HE WRECKED MY TURNING 21!!!>8(

CWC Note 9

During my Enduring Love Quest, I've made a couple of friends; Anna McLerran and Linnea to name the top two of that small circle. They've helped me feel better while I searched in the Fashion Square Shopping Center (they both worked at the Pacific Sunwear Store there). But in Mid-March 2005, I got kicked out from the Shopping Center by the evil Scottpillazzo and His Squad of Jerkops led by their big, fat, African-Americanish Jerkief Leader. And their top soldier of darkness, Bagget. In the months that followed, I got kicked out of the C-Ville Wal-Mart for over a year by the "Un-Merry Seinor Comic, Kerby McDerbie" and his Goldaresque Bodyguard, as well as the W-M-Manajerk. And lastly, I had a One-Day stand at the newly built Target....The Manajerks there instituted the "Virginia is for Virgins" law against me. But I blew them off. Then in my quake, the Jerkop Soldier, Bagget caught wind and intercepted me. The battle was great, and the chips blew in his favor. And eventually... he grabbed me by my pants' rear beltline, pinned me on the floor, hog-tied me and scraped the forhead above the left side of my left eye against the rough carpet, and I was wounded with frictional burn, tears and blood. They dragged me to their vehicle, and drove me to their hideout by the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens. I was stewing above a hot pot of boiling shame and lonliness, when my family came in to rescue me. Later, I was issued a rematch against Bagget, and with strong words of Voluntarity and Valour, and some Psychic Punches to his gut and jaw, I won that battle against that Jerkop of all Jerkops.

Why do I have to endure such torture just to search and find a Boyfriend-Free Girl to make into a Sweetheart from the Ground-Up?!!!

Then eventually in August's begining, Anna had her 20th Birthday, and she was moving to Utah, so we, her friends and I, got together to make a surprise party for Anna; I picked out and bought the cake for her. It was a nice party.

CWC Note 10

This Witch is none other than that...whatchamacall... "Dean of Student Serveces" at Piedmont Virginia Community College, Mary Lee Walsh.

I had only recently started my Enduring Love Quest for an 18-(My Current Age)-Year Old, Boyfriend-Free, Caring, Smoke-Free, Non-Alcoholic White Girl to make into a Sweetheart/Soulmate from the Ground-up, when this ancient female dog shows up and tears up my original sign right in front of me... THAT *&$%# SHATTERED MY HEART.


That's the impression I got from those *&%$ punks.

CWC Note 11

During the late summer months, I've picked up and started playing the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game (it was around the time the movie came into the theaters). One Saturday at the Game Place (Where I was also going for Pokemon TCG on Fridays), I met Megan and John Schroeder. At first I thought they were a couple, but they were just Sister and Brother. Over the months of getting to know Megan, I grew fond of her. Although at that time, and up to now, she wasn't interested in a lovey relationship. I've bided to her wishes and requests. I am still truly fond of her, and I hope she will have a change of heart soon. She'll be turning 21 on July 23rd, 2007.

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