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But I sat silent for a minute, then I said to him, “I do not speek [sic] to any Man other than myself, because they all have taken all the pretty girls leaving me with none.” Verbal Combat had started, and during the fight, I ran off, still giving verbal punishment, as well as da finger, and many “Curse-Ye-Ha-Me-Has.” I nearly backed up onto him with my car, and I gave him another finger. Then I dashed off.
CWC's Diary, 22 June 2005

Mal-Wart is Chris's spoonerism for Walmart (formerly referred to as "Wal-Mart") in his comics. Chris has been kicked out his two local Mal-Wart stores several times, and remains banned from one of them.

Chris and Walmart

Charlottesville location

Charlottesville Walmart branch

In June 2005, the Charlottesville Walmart served as an Attraction Location for Chris's never-ending Love Quest. Chris would go to the in-store McDonald's, set up his stuff, and wait around for hours.

On 20 June 2005, Chris was confronted by two men he identified as B-Manajerk and Merried Seinor Comic, who took issue with his Attraction Sign and called the jerkops on him. Chris hid the sign and denied that he had it, but he was banned from entering the Walmart anyway. However, Chris interpreted this to mean he was only banned from the McDonald's he was in at the time.

On 22 June, Chris attempted again to loiter and came into conflict with the B-Manajerk over his Pixelblock sculptures. The conflict drew the attention of the W-M-Manajerk. When the Walmart manager attempted to reason with him, Chris ran away, almost hitting the manager with his car. He would later gloat about this, also noting he flipped off the employees and gave them curse-ye-ha-me-has while running away.

He would return to Walmart in October 2009, forcing one of the female employees to measure him for a sports bra. Chris may have resumed shopping at Walmart prior to that, however, as in one of his videos to Liquid Chris earlier in that year, he made a bizarrely out-of-place reference to the store charging $5 for 500 sheets of paper, in a manner that suggested he knew off the top of his head what they charged for paper, even if Chris himself seemed momentarily baffled as to what it had to do with the conversation.

According to Thetan, on 3 January 2015, Chris caused a scene at Walmart, closely following his arrest for macing a GameStop employee.[1] He had been approached by Manajerks for trespassing, and he warned them he had pepper spray on hand.[1] He left the store before police could be summoned.[2] It's unknown what repercussions, if any, were imposed on Chris for this incident, but he was apparently permitted to shop there again.

Chris was spotted at this branch on 2 June 2017, purchasing a fan.[3] As is his habit, he parked Son-Chu in a handicap space.

he had just gone inside Walmart. Wearing his trademark sonichu medallion and everything.

Son-Chu at Walmart, 2 June '17.jpeg

A fan who worked at Customer Service in 2018 reported that Chris returned a shirt and had noticeable body odor.[4]

Ruckersville location

Ruckersville Walmart branch

A new Walmart location opened in Chris's hometown of Ruckersville[5] on 18 August 2010.[6] Prompted by Jackie, Chris applied for work at the new Walmart in October 2010, or at least he said he did.[7] To all the evidence, he was not offered a position. Regardless of this, Chris extolled the store and praised it when he passed by in the DayOut series of videos from the same year.

Chris at Mal-Wart on 3 or 4 September 2011.

Chris was banned from the Ruckersville Walmart in September 2013 after vandalizing an Xbox One sign to read "HEXbox One" with a permanent marker.[8] Over a year later, an apology letter written to the store was leaked. In it, he says how inconvenient it is for him to have to go to the Target instead, and how he would like to be able to shop there again.

On the second of October 2016, Chris wrote a Facebook post criticizing the Walmart's decision to ban him. For some reason he claimed that the ban had occurred five years earlier, despite it actually only having occurred three years and one month earlier, suggesting that Chris may have somehow conflated it with some other incident.

The of #Ruckersville, #VA, USA, has pressed a ban against me Five Years Ago for a minor misbehavior that was a result from a single bad day. I have personally tried to resolve the matter with a detailed document, and the management has refused to sign it, accepting that he has received and read it in the very least. This Walmart is hereby #Discriminating against the #LGBTQ, as well as people with #autism, and the employees and persecuting management are lowlife corporate Scum, equal to #DonaldTrump. The #HRC will hear of this posthaste. Stay Away from this Walmart, and do not buy anything from there, as they are uncompassionate, immoral people. Thank you.

**Please Viral this message. **ALL comments and responses to this post, I will not be reading, and will be ignoring.

As of 2023, Chris likely still remains banned at this location (though he no longer lives in the Ruckersville area anyway).

Other locations

Main article: Post-jail sightings (2023)#Walmart
Chris at a Midlothian Walmart.

On 1 May 2023, about a month after Chris's release from Central Virginia Regional Jail, Chris was spotted at a Wal-Mart in Midlothian, Virginia, by both a customer who took photos of him, and by a Walmart employee who used the store's security camera footage to take more photos of Chris.

Chris at Walmart in Lynchburg

In October and November 2023, Chris was spotted at Walmart locations in Lynchburg and Bedford, Virginia.

References in the comic

Chris chronicles his expulsion from Walmart in Sonichu #3, Sub-Episode 4. In Chris's fantasy world, instead of being asked to leave nicely, he is confronted by B-Manajerk and Merried Seinor Comic and instead of whatever verbal exchange that may have actually occurred Chris fights the Manajerks as Super Chris-Chan Sonichu alongside Darkbind Sonichu. It's impossible to discern what actually happened, but because of Chris's refusal to leave, or stay away, the Walmart Regional Manager appears on the scene as W-M-Manajerk.

These events are reprinted in Sonichu #4, Sub-Episode 4 part 2 were the fight between Chris and W-M-Manajerk continues. Chris's interpretation of the events take a huge departure from reality. To battle W-M-Manajerk Chris uses his pixel block Heart Torch to summon his identical twin sister Crystal Weston Chandler (not to be confused with his future daughter, doubly named Crystal Weston Chandler). After a bizarre display of super powers and some long, boring speeches, Chris wins and buys Crystal lunch.

B-Manajerk, Merried Seinor Comic and W-M-Manajerk all reappear in Sonichu #7 as part of the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens.

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