September 2011

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A sighting of Chris in September 2011.
Chris's art is finally published for the world to see.

September was the ninth month of 2011. It began with Chris basking in triumph after (supposedly) unmasking Jack Thaddeus, Alec Benson Leary and Thorg, and forcing Surfshack Tito to leave the internet. He continued to be on good terms with Jackie. The state of Virginia had experienced an earthquake and a major hurricane, but Chris remained safe.

This was followed by the death of Chris's father, Bob Chandler, which brought about a long interlude of radio silence.


  • 4 September - Bob's 84th birthday.
  • 6 September - Chris posts an online attraction sign in the form of a Facebook note. His sweetheart criteria are quite fastidious, including such specifics as "between 4 feet, 10 inches and 5 feet 10 inches;" and "B-Cup size minimum."
  • 6 September - Bob Chandler dies of heart failure.
  • 7 September - Chris sends Jackie an email in which he laments Bob's passing. He's angry at the grim reaper, since in one of Chris's dreams he promised that Bob would not die before 2015. Chris also tells Jackie that from now on he will be responsible for managing the Chandler household's bills.
  • 10-19 September - The CWCki is closed for a week to mark Bob's death.
  • 10 September - Ahuviya Harel uploads a video about Bob's death.
  • 12 September - Bob's funeral is held at Monticello Memorial Gardens in Charlottesville at 10 a.m.
  • 15 September - The deadline for David "BlueSpike" to upload an apology video. This deadline passed without a new video from BlueSpike or Chris, presumably because Chris was still in mourning, and BlueSpike didn't give a shit.
  • 24 September - A drawing of Sonichu, credited to a nine-year-old Chris, is submitted to Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids and then published in thousands of newspapers.
  • 26 September - The Hook publishes its last issue.