November 2016

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Chris in Nov 2016

November 2016 was the penultimate month of 2016. This month saw the shocking win of Pmurt in the United States presidential election of 2016. This angered Chris so much that he repeatedly wished death upon him and his running mate, Vice President-elect Mike Pence. His many death-threat tweets went viral after they were featured by streamer and comedian Sky Williams and appeared in an article. Chris gained over 1,000 Twitter followers as a direct result of his tantrum[1][2]. At the end of the month, Chris also decided to set up a Patreon account.

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  • 8 November - a US presidential election takes place. Chris votes for Hillary and for Jane Dittmar in the congressional election; both lose.
  • 9 November - Chris reacts to Trump's victory by making multiple death threats against him on Facebook and YouTube.
  • 10 November - Chris tweets an Infowars article which featured his own tweet calling for President-elect Trump's assassination.
  • 10 November - Chris tweets that he wants his audience to join him in wishing death to President-elect Trump before January 2017.
  • 10 November - Chris tweets again, doubling down on his death prayers. This time, he also wishes for Vice President-elect Mike Pence's death.
  • 12 November - Chris fulfills a paid video request, reading a fanfiction about terrorists. Sorbet also makes an appearance.
  • 12 November - Chris uploads a YouTube video in which he uses Legos to role-play Mike Pence murdering Trump and getting arrested. He then holds up a sheet of paper, with the handwritten words (backwards and facing himself), which reads: "(Before January 2017) Die, Trump, die, or by illness, by Mike Pence's hand."
  • 13 November - Chris posts a wish list for Christmas 2016, in which he requests $859.71 worth of toys. He also forbids people from sending him gift cards, due to a history of receiving empty gift cards from trolls.
  • 13 November - Chris posts on Facebook, linking to the Infowars article. He then says, "I'm not the only one who wants him dead."
  • 13 November - Chris posts to the Lizzy the Lezzy comment section, asking the readers to pray for Trump and Pence's deaths "before Thanksgiving." Many people responded, trying to talk sense into him, to no avail.
  • 14 November - Chris posts a picture to Facebook depicting Lego versions of Trump and Pence being executed by hanging, while handcuffed.
  • 14 November - Chris follows up by commenting that, since prison is "unlikely" and impeachment is "difficult", then "Death upon those two before January, 2017, at this time and point is a necessary evil."
  • 14 November - Chris posts, saying "Trump is Not president, mayor, or Anything in Cwcville."
  • 15 November - Chris announces on Twitter with a video that Facebook had temporarily banned him from posting for a week.
  • 15 November - Chris tweets updates to his Christmas 2016 wish list. He says "Do not wait" to send him gifts.
  • 17 November - Chris enters a Skylanders contest. He is destined to lose, since he failed to follow the guidelines.
  • 19 November - Chris tweets his frustrations with the newly-bought Pokemon Sun, one day after its release.
  • 20 November - Chris, in a 22-tweet long rant, makes several childish insults against Pmurt, and says he had "given my issues and feelings of Trump some thought. They are justified." He ends his rant by complaining about Twitter's 140-character limit.
  • 21 November - Chris begs for money again on YouTube and Twitter, saying "The Mortgage people are kicking us again." This appears right below his pinned tweet begging for Skylanders toys.
  • 22 November - Chris's Facebook ban ends
  • 24 November - Chris wishes his audience a Happy Thanksgiving. He does some free advertizing for Cutco and Taze tea and shares photos of the Chandler family's meal. He then does a Let's Play video, CWC vs Koas, as a promotion for his latest money-making scheme.
  • 25 November - Chris whines on Facebook about his "creating groove" being lost because Lulu banned him for selling fan-fiction, an event which happened nearly a year ago.
  • 26 November - Barb slips, but her fall is softened by the hoard, and she is not hurt.
  • 28 November - Chris posts that he is reluctant to join Patreon because he lost his inspiration after Lulu banned him for selling fan-fiction a year ago.
  • 30 November - Chris posts that he will join Patreon after all, after Barb had to pawn a necklace to pay debts/bills.
  • 30 November - Chris uploads Patreon announcement to Youtube, stating that he has opened his Patreon account and that donators can request for videos to be made.
  • 30 November - Chris updates his Christmas wish list, to remove the Transformers toy, named "Alpha Trion and Astrotrain," which he had bought. He does not pawn this, or any of his other toys, to help Barb; instead, he makes a video of himself playing with it.