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This page is an archive of Chris' Facebook posts during July 2016. Posts are sorted by date, and color-coded for reference; those who consistently respond to Chris' posts, e.g. Kenneth Engelhardt and Jessica Quinn, are colored in onion purple and green respectively, while infrequent responders are colored in orange, yellow or purple.

Cross-post - Announcement_20160709

July 9 at 7:46pm

#‎PS4share‬ http://youtu.be/LSh3rgg89q0


I have an idea. Why not do Sonichu as a novel or a series of short stories? I think that might work out better for you.

Begging for money

July 10 at 12:46pm

Can Anyone lend me 20 or $50 immediately via PayPal?


Are you okay or stuck somewhere?
You never accept proper help when offered 😏

What's it for? PM me - I may be able to help if it's serious.

Christine, I don't think these videos asking for donations is the way to go about this. Have you considered getting a consult about consolidating your debts into one monthly payment? You will come out a lot better compared to what you're forking over to these credit card companies. Believe me you will sleep easier at night.

Sonic Boom Binge

July 12 at 3:32am

I've been binging on Sonic Boom through Hulu. Knuckles was Never that dumb before. Even his grammar and Common Sense used to be more normal. What the hell did SEGA let happen to him; did the "Y" chromosomes take over his and their brains or something? Ugh.



Sonic Boom Review

July 12 at 10:23am

I have just finished watching the whole first season of ‪#‎SonicBoom‬ on ‪#‎hulu‬, so I am all caught up there. Regardless of the outdated blue arms protest, and how I felt about the blue arms on Sonic, I feel this animated series has really Dumbed on the main male characters, which is quite an obvious mistake, as well as just plain Stupid to do. The Good quality I liked about it was it promoting the intelligence on Amy Rose, and putting positive light onto the female characters, including a few who were in the background; that was a smart move.

The highlights that offer satisfaction to the series, I feel, would have to be amongst the first third to half of the total 52 quarter-hour episodes, and moreover the serious tones brought in by Metal Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog. And lastly, the most comical highlight, Knuckles dancing in the conga line in the hot dog costume on New Years Eve. I feel the people should Not dumbed down anything, as not only children watch the shows on ‪#‎CartoonNetwork‬, but the adults and adult fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise as well.

Also, I find the best room for improvement in the show is to promote Common Sense, Learning from past actions for the better, and all that sort. Maybe conk Knuckles on the head with a coconut or something, so for the Entire Remaining of the series, he could actually be smarter like he used to be.

Anyhow, that is all for now. Thank you, and have a good and safe day.

Too Stressed to Play Pokemon Go

July 13 at 12:22am

Hey. JWitzz has posted his review about the new popular app, putting the Cons first in his video. Personally, I have downloaded the app, but I have not opened or played it at all yet. A lot of the cons do give me a spook. And, frankly, I am not certain I am going to even start on this; NOT to put the game or anyone who has played it down at all. But, I have had Soo many stresses and anxieties in my life, not to mention fickle finances that send my noggin spinning. Lately, I Have been feeling super down and out, that my sleep schedule has become a mess, and when I Had the day schedule going in a fair routine for myself. I am feeling mentally out of it, and I have not been able to afford going out much. But that's just my bunch of emotions and Pluto-size anxiety pile-ups over, on and in my head and life. Too Much. I'm feeling old. https://youtu.be/0RVhgRQ7hrg

Note: This post was made to a Facebook group called "Heart of Virginia Pokémon League @ The End Games."

Dizzy and Lost

July 13 at 3:31am

I'm just feeling really stressed to the dizzy and mentally lost point.


Hang in there!

Personality Test

July 13 at 3:43am

I got kindness. I Am kind, but either bad people have taken mal-advantage of it, or a LOT of people I don't know around me don't recognize it and approach me.



It's all in how you present yourself. You need to have some confidence and make yourself openly available to those around you. Sitting on the sidelines hoping someone will notice you isn't going catch anyone's attention.

Kindness is...

July 13 at 4:00am

Kindness, In Person and Face to Face, is sweet, delightful, and even sexy.


Miitomo Friend Code

July 13 at 9:40am


Chris Offers a Pokemon Card for Sale

July 13 at 8:47pm

I'm selling the Very Birthday Pikachu card I won from the WOTC sweepstakes in 2000, with documents. https://www.ebay.com/itm/282100501901

Selling Charizard Card

July 14 at 10:31pm

Selling my Near Holy Grail of Pokemon Cards (I say "Near", because it's not first edition). Buy Now!



Smart idea! Good luck!

Selling Electrode Card

July 14 at 10:36pm

I'm selling my one copy of this card too. Buy Now!


Cross-post - Barb Begging

July 14 at 10:55pm


"I'm not on drugs!"

July 15 at 5:28am

That's how I am feeling right now. PLEASE, At Least Help Me with Buying one or Both of my Pokemon Cards Right Now!

P.S., I am NOT on any drugs, nor have I ever smoked, you accusing, Prevaricating, Internet Trolls and Cyber-Bullies.

And, I supposed my mother and I and our two dogs can Starve, since Nobody Wants to Donate to actually Help Us Here at home, anymore. Ugh!


Chris quickly edited the message to add this:

Actual Fans and Good People who have donated do not count in that statement. Thank you all Good People for helping us. Please, help us more.


Mellanie Chafe

Link to buy them?


A few posts down from this one.

Mellanie Chafe

Ohhh! Well, I have no use for pokemon cards. Are you selling your PS4 at all? That'll prob be a big help for your mama.

Kim Wilson

You haven't smoked any drugs. That much is true.

But you're on lipitor, among other drugs. And you've tried marijuana.

Kim Wilson

Just to clarify, I'm talking about the cannabis you got from Bobby Marley at omegacon. Not the stuff you were offered at Impulse.

Jessica Quinn

Cheer up, things could be worse... But things could be better - if you gain the confidence and attitude to shake things up and turn your life around. You're the only one who can make yourself happy!

Kim Wilson

Also be careful of using words like "prevaricate". It make you look really, really dumb. Think "reeeeeeeeee short bus" level dumb. It's a signal of education you don't have. Just a style tip. ;)

A general suggestion: if a word seems complicated, don't use it. It reflects really, really badly on you.

Kenneth Engelhardt (deleted)

Christine you are going to have to make some tough decisions. Judging from that video, your mother is already showing signs of dementia. Sell that hoard in your room. If you have to sell it for 50 cents or even 25 cents on the dollar that's what has to be done. It's going to be up to you to take the bull by the horns.

Kenneth Engelhardt (deleted)

Christine you are going to have to make some tough decisions. Judging from that video, your mother is already showing signs of dementia. Sell that hoard in your room. If you have to sell it for 50 cents or even 25 cents on the dollar, that's what has to be done. It's up to you to take the bull by the horns.

No Comment

July 17 at 8:47pm

In response to any rumors or stories about my personal life, I will not comment on any of them.


Jessica Quinn

...so why bring it up? Just ignore it and try to move on and better yourself. Proving to yourself that you are better than what others think of you should be top priority, you just need to put some effort into making things better! 😀

Kenneth Engelhardt

Given Christine's unique circumstances, ignoring the trolls is easier said than done.


Kenneth Engelhardt He got that right.

Jessica Quinn

Ok then 😕

Cross-post - Update_20160718

July 18 at 1:42pm

#PS4share http://youtu.be/2cssaf1F8qs

Cross-post - Announcement 07202016

July 20 at 12:25pm

#PS4share http://youtu.be/WEQJiU6BETs


There's a better way of going about this hon.


July 23 at 2:38pm

Ugh! Dumb People! What you saw in the Accidental crotch shot were my Panties, Pantyliner, and Pantyhose. No Diaper! What the hell is wrong with some people?


But...why the pantyliner?
Why the pantyliner...?

2 Strikes on Youtube

July 23 at 3:25pm

Also, Thanks to a Paid Request video full of the "F" word, YouTube not only removed it, but issued a strike against me. Second Strike. I am left unable to upload Any videos right now, maybe even for a Long While.

Therefore, this window is for Donations Only. No video requests until further notice. Ugh.

Thanks a Lot, Dumb Person!

Donations still requested. Please send donations directly to us via PayPal to my email address: ChrisChanSonichu@aol.com. Thank you.

If you don't know how, watch this video.


Note: Chris added the "Thanks a Lot, Dumb Person!" line shortly after posting.



Christine you were set up. This smells like Kiwifarms if ask me.

Just some helpful advice: Maybe you should think twice before going into these "gray areas".
Or stick to more pleasant material. I still think you should tap into your creativity and go back to doing what you love to do. Making inane request video where you KNOW people are going to make you do/say/read awful things for money is degrading to yourself.

You're better than this. You know it.

I have grown a labia!

24 July 2016 at 11:40 am


As a number of online people may be aware, I have been grooving with the subliminal frequencies and binaural beats towards my transition from male to female body. The source being the Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis Wizards Binaural Beats channel on YouTube. Last March, I've started simple with growing my breasts out with their Breast Growth Hormone track; it worked to my amazement at a full inch outward per week in about two months. I've also listened to change my nipples to teats, as well as begin producing breast milk. Also, related, from a separate track on another channel, I have eased and cured the worst of my autism too. But since last May, I decided to take it a step further and begin my transition from male to female with the penis to vagina tracks, including the individual organ changing tracks, and for a while the Intersex track. And two Fridays ago, July 15, while I slept that night, my labia started splitting open, and I found the initial hole and blood the next morning. And over the few days that followed, the labia opened to its full length, and I've been dealing with the blood that came out. I have been keeping it clean, daily monitoring it, and treating it with rubbing alcohol. I have started the wheels in motion for the full HRT and SRS by Seeing My Doctor last Friday, because I felt like I didn't want to wait much longer to fully become the woman that I should have been born as.

With that, I have uploaded a photo of my labia onto imgur, http://m.imgur.com/gallery/pb1ovpJ, for all 18+ year old individuals to see. BUT, I do not want to be overrun with tabloid and paparazzi attention over this, or have a total big deal made.

As for my own statement to quote, I will state the following: Have belief and faith in what your body can do, and with such binaural beats and frequencies, as well as persistence and patience, what you'd like can happen for you.

And if you'd like to offer your support in my transition as well, I accept financial donations via PayPal to my email address, ChrisChanSonichu@aol.com.

Thank you, and have a good and safe day.



Jessica Quinn

...fuck it. I'm out. I don't even know what one can say about this. Why would you post something this messed up?

Good luck with whatever it is you're trying to do with your life. I tried.

I just don't get it, WHY would you post this kind of stuff?

You were JUST complaining about how people invade every aspect of your life and that you wouldn't share anything so personal and now you do... THIS!

I don't even know what to think right now. My mind is blown.

Kenneth Engelhardt

I would advise most strongly against any nude photos of yourself on the internet. It is prime trolling stuff and it comes across as exercising extremely poor judgment. Jessica is absolutely 100% correct in this. Your nude photos of your "equipment" have absolutely no place on the internet.


Ken, it's a little more serious than that. This could be a major health problem brewing.


What's more important is his health.

Whomever is putting Christine up to this, please stop. This could lead to a serious life threatening health problem.

I know many people follow what goes on on this page - whomever is pulling the strings needs to stop. It's sick and twisted and a life could very well be at stake here.

Please Christine Weston Chandler, go and get looked at. I support your right to be who you want, but this is a very serious matter.


Christine this could be a sign of an infection setting in? Do you understand that if this gets into your bloodstream you could very well end up in the ICU at the hospital. This isn't transitioning, this is endangering your health for nothing. This is bullshit. You have a family member who is dependent on your well-being.

Mellanie Chafe (deleted)

She's...she's evolving!!! EVOLVING I TELL YOU!


I'm so confused...

Labia exam

24 July 2016 at 2:20 pm

feeling annoyed.

I Have had my labia area examined last night. No Infection at all. I am clean.

Chris later edited the post, changing his story on when he supposedly got examined.

feeling annoyed.

I Have had my labia area examined today. No Infection at all. I am clean.



Please get a second opinion then. This is a serious matter.

If you weren't afraid to share this whole ordeal earlier, it shouldn't be a problem to prove you've gone to the doctor's to get checked out. Paperwork, a receipt, hell a parking ticket to prove you actually went.

You could be putting yourself at serious risk Christine. People are truly worried about you. Please don't brush it off!


Christine, I saw that picture of your "labia". That is not a vagina, that's a fistula with a possible perineal abscess developing. This won't be visible from the surface. I don't who has been fucking with your head in this manner but a number of us are upset not only for your sake but for Barbara's sake as well.

Jennifer Marie

I wouldn't necessarily call it a fistula, the initial piercing would be considered a fistula; however, that certainly is not a labia. Chris, this cannot be comfortable. I'm glad it's not infected, but that is a very deep wound, and you need to take care of it properly, or else it will get infected very quickly, and very badly (think of when your mom had wounds on her butt infected...). I would not want to see you end up in the hospital with a systemic infection.

Seamus Campbell

???? Huh?

Christine's Driver's License and Woman's Card

24 July at 6:22 pm

Hey, check it out. I got my new updated driver's license yesterday, and I have my Woman Card from Hillary Clinton's campaign.


Christine license.jpg

Note: Chris deleted this post on 26 July.


Jessica Quinn

So what about Hillary Clinton appeals to you?


This country is Long Overdue for a woman's touch. And Hillary is pro LGBT and Pro Immigration; she is the Real People's Person and Woman. Besides, Trump is very spiteful; I don't like him at all.

Make sure you're registered to vote

Damage Control on Labia Announcement

24 July 2016 at 7:07 pm

Hey, Trolls. Gotcha! That photo was a fake. I have no wound down there. And, by the way, "abcess" implies presence of Pus; there is NO pus in the photo. Crazy people. To clarify: the photo was a hoax.

Have a good day.

Chris quickly deleted this post, along with every other post on the "labia."



But why would you fake something that serious appearing?


So you literally just became what you hate. Good job. For the people that actually were concerned...I feel bad for them.

Sharing Clickbait Articles

27 July at 10:33 pm


27 July at 10:35 pm


Replies to the first:

William Elliot Waterman

This card is factually wrong. It's your GENDER that's not what you were designated at birth. Sex is static and unchangeable. Read this blog: http://pokemaniacal.tumblr.com/.../pok%C3%A9mon-and-gender

Note: Chris re-added Waterman to his friend list, after removing him for asking Chris to read a fanfic on camera.

Replies to the second:

Jessica Quinn

I get the gist of this article, but I thought it was going to be more focused on body image issues and dealing with them. Basically two women were being catty and didn't like her shorts so she made a Facebook post saying "k thx, love your hair and makeup."

...I think there are far more news stories to cover apart from a couple girls' critique of shorts.

Chris likes Steven Universe

‪28 July at 3:24 pm

#‎StevenUniverse‬ is a good show. My favorite of the lead gems is Pearl, because I can relate to her. But what is awesome is Garnet being a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire, and not only that, but they are a lesbian love that is super strong to be able to remain together for such a long time. It is really sweet.



William Elliot Waterman

Note: This comment is Waterman's attempt to influence Sonichu content, by posting an off-topic message on Chris's timeline.

Jessica Quinn



Yeah, ...?

Jessica Quinn

Seriously, what does that to do with anything Christine Weston Chandler posted?

Kenneth Engelhardt

Believe me when I tell you this Bill. It isn't worth the climb trying to get into the inner secret circle and it isn't your cup of tea.

Jackie Mei

Awesome! You're a Steven Universe fan too?

Cross-post - Paid Video Request Reminder

28 July at 11:14 pm


Chris is Booked Solid

29 July at 1:11 pm


I am very well aware of all recent incoming texts with video requests and so forth; I will address each of them very soon for further talk and negotiations, but today and this weekend are booked for me with household projects featuring clearing out things and rearranging. Please, be patient, I will respond to y'all very soon. Thank you. Have a good and safe day.

Electrode Card Still for Sale

29 July at 7:36 pm

Reminder: I still have the Misprinted Jungle Electrode. Buy it Now.



William Elliott Waterman

misprinted? Woah, $100?

William Elliott Waterman

90 hp seems like way too much for such a frail 'mon. Didn't wizards of the coast look at all their base stats in the game...? Hahahaha, what a rich expectation.

William Elliott Waterman

The marowak card only got 70hp, what a joke.

Jessica Quinn

^ Looks like we've got a certified Pokémon master over here 😛

Reading: A Girl Who Brought Down the World

30 July at 8:14 pm

First Chapter response: Even back in 2008, I never ever had garbage for furniture, I was not fat, and I was Never an "Evil Santa Clause". Regardless, I would relate with Kid and Vivian on Not wanting to reside next door to anyone with hoards of garbage cluttering about. I don't and I would not want to.




This book is one Proof that did not go Poof.