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This page is a partial archive of Chris's major tweets from January 2018.

Thoughts on the CWC Prequel comic

Main article: Bryanfrogboy Chats#Retrospective Tweets

Much love for MAGfest fans

7-8 January

Following MAGfest, a happy Chris made several tweets on the fun time he had.

In response to a Tao of Maud musing (Let your hopes rather than your hurts shape your future):

So true! Especially when that Hope and Love comes truly from a Lot Of Kind People. I Love All of my People, Family and Friends! Thank You All for appreciating me. 🤘😊❤️

He responded to several fans who had tagged him:


Independent artists panel with @DreaminErryDay looking particularly Italian


I was in the audience of that panel. 😊


Guys...the most surreal thing just happened tonight. Yes, it's who you think it is

He attached video of Chris sitting in the audience of the Sonichu panel.


#Magfest #ChristoryOfSonichuPanel Hey, Everyone! Don’t be shy; leave a comment below this post if you You were amongst this Massive, Loving Audience. 😊❤️


Don’t let your memes be dreams. #magfest2018 @CWCSonichu

CWC Magfest Aftermath @PeachSaliva.jpeg


And afterwards, I drank a Sonic the Hedgehog Energy Drink from the Merchandise booths, signed the empty can with her sharpie marker, and gave her the can. Thank you for your Love and Awesomeness, @PeachSaliva ! ❤️

Michael Hirtes shitposted:

Smart idea to be wearing a surgical mask near Chris. Still, I'd go to a Dr and get myself checked for scabies if I were you.

@PeachSaliva retorted:

I have lupus, buddy.

Chris liked her post, then added:

She Has Lupus; it had nothing to do with me at all. And frankly, I, and a LOT of people, would strongly disagree with your ideal there, buckaroo. #HateIsDumb; #LoveIsWise! Love Wins! 😊❤️


I'm done Magtweeting for today. Starting at a new agency tomorrow, gotta get back into work mode u guys made my 2018 already 💕


Ooh! Congratulations with your job! You do your best, and make a lot of people as happy as you can. 😊❤️

@Twin Perfect:

Christina-Chan came back to the table for a Dark Magician Girl keychain.


I Did! And I also got a couple of Purple Rupees from another table, and made them both into Share Crystals. I’m still Sharing my Share with the CPU Goddesses. I was mildly disappointed there wasn’t much Neptunia merchandise at #magfest2018 this time. ❤️😊


Just met the very nice and talented @CWCSonichu super honored to be meeting such awesome people today! (PS- apologies again for breaking the medallion Christine

CWC Magfest SpinalPalm.jpg)


Yep. That’s me.

Anybody ever want to know how strong SpinalPalm is, he can bear hug and Lift me up high without a sweat; more than 212 pounds. @Spinalpalm is a really strong dude. Awesome! 😊

Chris then asked his followers:

Hey, did anyone get video or photo of @Spinalpalm hugging me and lifting me up high after the Panel? I would love to have that video to watch over and over. I never thought I could ever be lifted up high by anyone since I got too heavy for my parents. 😊❤️

A ween responded:

I have video and he was able to lift you at tops 3 inches above the ground. Not really up high. Two men embracing beautiful ,nothing wrong with that. We all know why you want to watch it again. Fap to the extreme.

Chris replied with some TMI:

Dumbass. LOL. No. I actually do Not fap; Not for Years, believe me. And certainly Never Nowadays Ever.

Spinalpalm scolded the weens:

Guys please no negative comments, Christine is really nice and id appreciate it if you didn’t

Chris replied:

Positive comment I’m leaving here is You’ve Lifted Me High Up! That was Awesome! 😊

@SaraHeartsSonic said:

Oh sweetie, if you ever want to get high, just let me know! #LegalizeIt

Chris answered:

Thanks; not totally my thing, that kind of high. The couple of times aside.


9 January


unpopular opinion:

butts > water


I know. Good Water is always the True superior over most anything for us all. Drink plenty, and take good care of yourself. 💧💧💧

Piggyback ride

9 January


Me give @Spinalpalm a piggyback

Spinalpalm on piggyback.jpg


Wow! He lifted me up, then you gave him a piggyback. Me Next time, please! 😊

Opinion on waifus

20 January


created another quick waifu, (drew more but i'm not too fond on them)


Nothing against waifus and the people who have them, but I Never Really understood the appeal and concept of making out a character from a show who is Dimensions Away from your own league to be any sort of a significant other to you. I'm more old-fashioned towards real women.

And, For The Record, I only ended up with the dakimakura out of Peer Pressure from the suggestion of one of my ex-girlfriends. During the times I had the pillow case, I still only saw it as Just a Pillow, in this world, despite my personifying it. I've disposed of the case.

A day later, he retracted his words:

Hey, everyone. I'm tweeting right now to retract and correct the comment I made a short while ago about Waifus. I was insensitive not only to all of you in this world, but also to those individuals who are fictional here, who all are real in the other dimension of this world./1

Those waifus Are Real, they all have feelings too. I was in mind of a year or two ago when I was proposed the question about my waifu by my past girlfriend. I did not really have a waifu then, because I had never really thought about it beforehand, ever. /2

On 21 January, Chris deleted the previous tweets, then posted:

Everyone, please, if you have a waifu, treat them with the utmost kindness and respect, as they are Real, have families, and all of that.