May 2024 social media posts

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This page is an archive of Chris's social media posts during May 2024. Unless otherwise indicated, the posts are on Twitter and from the account @CPU_CWCSonichu.

On "Unconsentual" Photos

12 May

I feel like Japan is going overboard with the laws, yet I do agree with them in regards to certain tourists taking pictures of others without consent, as if the tourists were "Bigfoot spotting". I speak from personal experience on that. I wish I could just simply report every single unconsentual photo taken of me that is online. But even the justice system can be wrongfully biased.

Chris watches the Knuckles series

26 May

I recently watched the #Knuckles series on @paramountplus. I feel like it was good; 8/10. It needed more of our favourite Echidna, Knuckles, and less Wade. Divide it 50/50 instead of making it 70-80% Wade. But I did like how Knuckles was accepted by the Jewish family and how much in common they had. Plus #ChristopherLloyd did good as Pachacamac

[Posts GIF of Knuckles]

Nintendo Switch codes giveaway

26 May

Also, Bonus: I have two 7-Day #NintendoSwitchOnline Trail codes to share. Two of you, have a week on me.