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Chris's first Facebook profile pic.
New profile pic.
Another experiment.
The pic by the end of the month.

The following was posted by Chris on Facebook in January 2012. It was in this month that Chris started being active on Facebook. His account started with only five friends, including Anna McLerran and Kim Wilson.


  • 11 January - After a four-month hiatus, Chris started becoming active on Facebook, which had only five "real-life" friends at that time. He started by posting about wanting help for his sweetheart search. He also mentioned that it had been a "hell of a life" since his dad's passing.
  • 14 January - Chris posted a picture of Sonichu in FreakyForms Style. He also posted about his 3DS Mii Friend Code.
  • 19 January - With Chris's 30th birthday coming soon, he complained about his adult life and claimed that his high school years were way better. He also complained about where was the Class of 2000 Manchester High School Reunion in 2010.
  • 20 January - Chris was lonely and depressed (again).
  • 21 January - Chris asked whether anyone was going to comment on any of his recent wall posts.
  • 22 January - Chris feels like he was falling apart and felt blank.
  • 23 January - Anna McLerran apologised for not seeing any of his updates, and suggested him for seeing a therapist.
  • 25 January - Chris posted about his high school years again, followed by not condoning "The Cwcville Library" for misportraying him, and mentioned about his Autism Tutorial animation.
  • 26 January - For the first time, Chris complained about Michael Snyder on Facebook, with more posts about the "b***ard" coming soon. Kim Wilson gave him some support (unrelated to the complaints about the owner of The GAMe PLACe).
  • 27 January - Chris complained about how he didn't get a sweetheart again and asked whether he's handsome or good looking. He also complained about him being a virgin with rage.
  • 30 January - Chris posted about his sweetheart search in Fashion Square Mall with an attraction sign, and claimed that after the 28 October 2011 incident, he had total disrespect for the "Officers of the Badge". He then posted that the Charlottesville community is FULL of Ignorant, Uncaring, Snooty, Snobish, Corrupted People. He complained about this past again and asked about his profile photo.
  • 31 January - Chris asked his friends for help for his sweetheart search again, this time by sharing his profile picture with their female friends. Chris claimed that he felt heartaches and missed hanging out with his friends.

Posts by Chris

Only has five friends

After a four-month hiatus, Chris started to become active on Facebook with only five friends.

11 January 2012

Upon remembering that my facebook account only has 5 friends, and I have in reality met them all in person beforehand, and that ONLY my friends can read my wall, I have been missing out on communicating you all.

Anna McLerran then posted:

Yeah! It's about time! How are you doing, buddy?

Dana Mahri posted:

hey christian!

ONLY for my Real-Life friends

11 January 2012

And with that, I would like to my first good post in a verry long time ONLY for my Real-Life friends.

Still am single

I require the greatest of local help within the Charlottesville and Ruckersville, VA areas, in meeting women to find my Sweetheart among her or them.

Chris posted about needing help for his sweetheart search.

11 January 2012

I still am single, and I require the greatest of local help within the Charlottesville and Ruckersville, VA areas, in meeting women to find my Sweetheart among her or them.

In a nutshell

Chris posted about the qualities he wanted for his sweetheart.

11 January 2012

In a nutshell, she has to be between 5 feet and 5 feet 10, between 21 and 29-years old, white, sweet and caring, honest, and most definitely smoke-free. Also, skinny, slender or average body type.

Anna McLerran then posted:

That's a big nutshell!

Hell of a life

Chris posted about his life after his dad's death.

11 January 2012

In any case, it HAS been a hell of a life since my father's passing, and I can only last so long, emotionally, with my mother to keep me in check or sane.

MEETING her in person right off the bat

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Oh, and when referring the woman to me, I would really appreciate MEETING her in person right off the bat. You may contact me on my cell of 434-760-0848 to schedule a meeting.

The Final Post of 11 January

11 January 2012

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and have a good day.

FreakyForms-Created Sonichu

Chris posted a FreakyForms style of Sonichu. FreakyForms is a game on Nintendo 3DS where you can make your own creations.

14 January 2012

FreakyForms-Created Sonichu


3DS Mii F.C.

Chris posted about his 3DS Mii Friend Code to his 5 friends.

14 January 2012

My 3DS Mii F.C.: 2836-0121-9073 Name: Christian


30th Birthday

This is Chris's heart level at that time.

With Chris's 30th birthday coming up, Chris complained about his adult life:

19 January 2012

My 30th is coming up on 2-24; I feel sad about it. I feel like I've had more bad than good come to me in the past decade, thanks to certain bad people (on the internet), among other individuals in real life.

My adult life sucks

19 January 2012

My adult life sucks. My High Schools Years were WAAAAAY Better. I wish I could go back to 1999 and redo my Seinor Year Better. I would ask Tiffany out on dates. I wish Kellie DID NOT have a boyfriend; I know better now than what I was naïve about then.


19 January 2012

Where the HELL was the Class of 2000 Manchester High School Reunion in 2010?!!! I was Seriously Looking forward to it since the Seinor Prom; IT WAS PROMISED!!!

Lonely and depressed

19 January 2012

I feel lonely and depressed.

Blank and with a loss of purpose

19 January 2012

And I feel Blank and with a loss of purpose.

Die sooner

An artist's depiction of Chris 30 years later, if he haven't died yet without a sweetheart according to him.
19 January 2012

Without a Girlfriend/Sweetheart, I'll probably, Naturally, die sooner. :_(

Lonely and Very Depressed

20 January 2012

I feel Lonely and Very Depressed.

Reply Or Comment On A Private Profile

As the last time anyone replying or commenting on Chris's private profile (with only 5 friends, again) was 10 days ago, Chris posted about whether anyone is going to do so.

21 January 2012

Is anyone going to reply or Comment on any of my recent Wall Posts at all?

Falling Apart

22 January 2012

Ugh. I feel like I am falling apart.

I Feel Blank

22 January 2012

I Feel Blank.

Back To 1999 Again

Chris again posted about his high school years.

25 January 2012

What I really need are a few real good friends Around Here to hang out with. Sadly most people my age are busy with Their Blessings of romance, marriage and work. And I really wish I could hang with Tiffany Gowen, Molly Quarles, Miranda Mitchel, Sarah Bevel and Kellie Andes; my High School circle of friends. And the Y2K Class Reunion PROMISED for 2010 flopped out.

I Wish I could go back to 1999 and redo my Seinor Year at Manchester RIGHT. I'd date Tiffany with hopeful results. I'd encourage my mom and dad to stay in Midlothian instead of moving back to the one-horse Ruckersville with a bunch of Downhill results.

"The Cwcville Library"

Chris posted how he disliked "The Cwcville Library" YouTube channel (the channel which had reuploads of videos posted by Chris himself) for what they have done and how they have misportrayed him. Needless to say, he still brought it up to his friends.

25 January 2012

**I do not condone "The Cwcville Library" and what they have done and how they have misportrayed me. I am ONLY quoting them just to bring up an immediate reminiscence.

Autism Tutorial

Chris then mentioned about his Autism Tutorial animations.

25 January 2012

**The FULL Autism Tutorial is BEST enjoyed through a PlayStation 3 Console with a copy of LittleBiGPlanet 2 and internet connection.

Nominate my Autism Tutorial Animation

25 January 2012

**Please nominate my Autism Tutorial Animation, and Please spread this good word.

Thank you.

The Hatred For Michael Snyder On Facebook Begins, Part 1

For the first time ever on Facebook, Chris complained about Michael Snyder due to the 28 October 2011 incident:

26 January 2012

To preface the Following Post, I was a Volunteer for the Pokemon TCG League at the Game & Hobby PLace for Years up to May, 2008. But the Cold-Hearted "Owner", Michael Snyder, Banned me from there. Now, thanks to His Trap there, my mother and I are in an ongoing Court Dispute with that S.O.B.

The Hatred For Michael Snyder On Facebook Begins, Part 2

26 January 2012

I just am really Pissed Off with that Snyder advertising the PLace (NOT of "C'Ville", as misrepresented in the PLace's renaming) during this Court Crap mom and I are having versus that b***ard. And in Two Pages of this years NBC 29 Check Us Out mailing. It is soo offensive to me, he may as well be going against His Own Restraining Order by standing on my own doorstep, with a video player, showing his Cheap TV ad, waving a Blown-Up copy of his 10% off Coupon like the U.S. Flag and chucking a mud pie in my face. |:(

The Hatred For Michael Snyder On Facebook Begins, Part 3

Chris ignores life changing advice from Anna, with much more coming soon.
26 January 2012

The PLace is Nothing but a Meeting Place And Breeding Ground for the Perverted Trolls and Cyber-Bullies that have been Torturing me the past greater than Four Freakin' Years!

I want to see That PLace BURNED to the Ground!!!

Anna McLerran then gave him some advice:

You should be careful about saying things like that when there's a court case going on...I know you'd never burn it down but even saying things like that could hurt your case if anybody bad found out.

Dana Mahri then gave some support:

yes, be careful christian. take care!

Needless to say, Chris brushed off the advice and continued to post more about Michael Snyder in later posts.

Am I Good Looking or handsome?

Chris asked an open question (again, to his 5 friends) on Facebook:

29 January 2012

Open Question; Please Answer.

Am I Good Looking or handsome?

Kim Wilson later replied:

When it comes to how attractive others are, there's no right or wrong answer, per say. My opinion on attractive significant others are the typical tall, dark, and handsome.

But I'm sure there are plenty of women you find you handsome. You just haven't found them yet. I can assure you when you find that special one, you'll know. :)


29 January 2012

Because, if I'm soo handsome or good looking, WHY DO I NOT HAVE ANY WOMEN NOTICING ME IN REAL LIFE AND IN PERSON?!!! |:(

February is coming up

Chris complained about being a virgin with rage and revealed when his parents lost their virginities:

29 January 2012

February is coming up... My birthday's on the 24th... I'll be 30... Still A Virgin.

I mean, MOST people lose their Virgin Marys BEFORE 21. My mother lost hers in her High School years. My father lost his at the age of 27. "THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN"!!!


Abstinence is a Very Crappy Joke! It only leads to Growing, GROWing, GROWING EMOTIONAL PAIN over the extended time.

Not looking forward to turning 30

30 January 2012

I am Not looking forward to turning 30. [:_(

At the F.Sq Mall

An artist's depiction of Chris in his sweetheart search.

Chris posted about his sweetheart search in Fashion Square Mall, and he now had zero respect for the "soo-called 'Officers of the Badge'":

30 January 2012

At the F.Sq Mall; population: mild to medium.

Enduring Sweetheart Search

30 January 2012

It reminds me once again of the countless times I hung out there from '05 to '07 in the early days of my enduring Sweetheart Search. During most of which, I resorted to a method of attraction that I learned later "made me look retarded"; having a sign by my side stating, "##-Year Old, Single Male, searching for an 18 - ##-year old Single Woman".

Back to Complaining about the Jerkops

30 January 2012

During a time of which, "Pacing" with said sign stuck onto original DS played the role. I was considered "Crazy", but my actions were greatly misunderstood by the people. "Soliciting"?!! I had no understanding or awareness of that term until after I was handcuffed Twice; Recorded on File once. I had little respect to the Jerkops in colors other than blue or black. After October 28, 2011; I now have TOTAL Disrespect and Miscontent of the soo-called "Officers of the Badge."

Very Little Success in Attracrion

30 January 2012

Time and Time again, I saw Very Little Success in Attracrion. If "Good Looks" attract the opposite gender, and if I have such a good-looking, kind face that may be even considered Remotely Attractive, I would have attracted my woman right away and I would not feel soo crappy and miserable today.

The Charlottesville "Community"

Chris then posted about the Charlottesville community with some hypocrisy:

30 January 2012

This Charlottesville "Community" is FULL of Ignorant, Uncaring, Snooty, Snobish, Corrupted People.


After looking through his past, Chris posted:

30 January 2012

It REALLY makes me feel soo sad, lonely and disappointed to feel soo INVISIBLE IN PUBLIC. I could just Stand in Walking Traffic, and I would ONLY be overlooked and walked through like a ghost of sad, lonely pasts.

Dana Mahri posted:

sorry you feel that way christian. :(
Yes, you feel sorry for me. But let me ask you, Are you going to do anything about it?
Thank you for your apology.
i said sorry you felt that way not that i feel sorry for you. i don't know what to do for you. i just wish you could find happiness.
also if i saw you i wouldn't ignore you.
Can you tell me where in Charlottesville can I find any caring, pretty, smart women who are single?
Thank you for not ignoring me.
i don't know. i don't live in charlottesville. what about a church or some other sort of social get together.
Yeah, Socials have NOT done it for me, and I HAVE attended a few. Plus, there are not that many Single Female Peers in my church.

Another thing that makes me sad

Chris posted a post in response to Dana Mahri:

30 January 2012

I mean, ANYONE can feel sorry for somebody who is worse off, but do THEY actually do ANYTHING for that person?

The Answer is No. Another thing that makes me sad.

Profile Photo

Chris posted another question about his profile photo:

30 January 2012

Well, still an open question, do I look attractive in my most current photograph, featured Profile Photo?

Kim Wilson posted:

You're the spitting image of one of my favorite actors! :)


That guy has an ugly mug.
Also, that image does not make me feel any better.
BTW, that guy had better NOT have worn glasses, or I'll feel worse.
Long Hair does NOT do any justice on that dude; the only other dude it does no justice is the fat man who works in Electronics at Wal-Mart in Charlottesville.

Kim Wilson then gave him some advice:

Chris, please don't be so negative. When you're negative like that, especially to people you don't even know, it radiates to those around you. It makes you seem unfriendly and unapproachable, whether you intend for it or not. If you're happy, friendly, and have an open mind people can tell(it's like a type of 6th sense) and are more likely to approach you. :)
Yes, but it is hard for me to be happy or smiley when I don't Feel happy.
Even if it's hard, you should definitely try!

Share my Profile Photo to your female friends

Chris asks his friends for help on his sweetheart search again:

31 January 2012

Here is a Suggestion, and it would really be appreciated.

Download (to your phone or handheld), or Preferably (color) Print, my Profile Photo. Share me with as many of y'all's female friends. Ask them each if they think I look cute, good, attractive or not. And if they ask, tell them I am single. And if they ask How am I still single; DO NOT HESITATE to inform them, "He is very shy and high-functionally autistic." TELL THEM NOT TO GOOGLE MY NAME, or just leave my name out of the conversation.

Only one friend did so which is Kim Wilson, and she posted:

I showed a couple of girlfriends your picture and they said they recognized you from the mall. You'd probably have more success if you approached girls at the mall. Remember, girls can be shy too!
Well, that is very good to hear. But ME approaching? I am just too damn shy to even do that.
Here's my new catchphrase, "If you like me, Please tell me.""


31 January 2012

I am feeling heartaches. It hurts.

I miss hanging out with my friends too

31 January 2012

I miss hanging out with my friends too.

Posts by his friends

Seeing a therapist?

On 23 January 2012, Anna McLerran posted:

Hey Christian. Sorry I didn't see any of your updates, they weren't showing up on my newsfeed because I didn't have my subscription settings set right. I'm sorry you're feeling so awful, have you thought about going to see a therapist?

Hope you're feeling better!

On 26 January 2012, Kim Wilson posted 2 posts to Chris, giving him some support:

Hey! I hope you're feeling better! :)

Things will get better!

I know that things seem terrible now, but with a little bit of optimism things will get better!

Facebook Shares and Likes

Likes Link Date
4 Nintendo eShop pages including Lock'N Chase and Mutant Mudds. Unknown 6 January 2012 to 29 January 2012
27 Years Later http://www.nintendo.com/3ds/nintendo-video/detail/du8SWR4nViCYLTENI5BNzmOkK_SRehQI 21 January 2012
Autism Tutorial Extra http://lbp.me/v/xsy7ww‎ 25 January 2012
Nominate your favourite levels of the year for a Sackie Award 2011 - LittleBigPlanet™ http://www.littlebigplanet.com/news/nominate-your-favourite-levels-for-a-sackie-award 25 January 2012