January 2012

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Chris in January 2012.
Chris's Mii.

January 2012 began the new year with relatively little action. Following the events 28 October 2011, Chris and Barb attended a hearing, only for it to be postponed until later. That, and a fat guy jiggled naked on camera in response to Chris Chan's Calling Out videos. In the second half of the month, however, Chris started to post regularly on Facebook, which he would continue to do without interruption for the next four years.


  • 1 January - Chris starts this new year by changing the message on his PSN account to "I am Chris Chan."
  • 2 January - Chris re-opens his Facebook account and uploads a single profile pic.
  • 5 January - Chris and Barb face hearings over both criminal and civil trials. Their case is continued until 5 April.
  • 5 January - Trollsta's Paradise: A True and Honest Tribute to Christian & The Hedgehog Boys is released.
  • 11 January - Chris makes his first Facebook post since the reactivation of his account, saying that he misses talking to his friends and that he still needs a sweetheart.
  • 13 January - A Sega "Free Stuff Friday" video references Sonichu.
  • 14 January - Chris posts a "FreakyForms" version of Sonichu on Facebook.
  • 14 January - Chris is called out by Alec Benson Leary in "CWC is a dumb ass."
  • 19 January - Chris makes a series of Facebook posts saying he is lonely and hates his life.
  • 20 January - Chris comments on Facebook that he is lonely and depressed.
  • 21 January - Chris complains that none of his Facebook friends are paying attention to him.
  • 22 January - Chris says on Facebook that he is "falling apart."
  • 23 January - Chris begins posting a barrage of new profile pics to his Facebook account. His friend Anna suggests that he see a therapist.
  • 25 January - Chris again posts that he is lonely, and asks people to nominate his Autism Tutorial for a contest.
  • 26 January - Chris expresses his hatred for Michael Snyder on Facebook. His friend Kim tells him to cheer up.
  • 29 January - On Facebook, Chris expresses bafflement that he is still a virgin, given how handsome he is.
  • 30 January - Chris makes a series of posts saying that he is depressed, lonely, angry, etc.
  • 31 January - Chris asks his Facebook friends to share his photo with single women and to tell them not to Google his name.